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Michael Jackson Statue Unveiled at Fulham’s Craven Cottage: Video

szólj hozzá: Michael Jackson szobor

The surreal scenes of a statue erected in tribute of Michael Jackson materialized at Fulham’s Craven Cottage today before the match against Blackpool. Fulham owner Mohamed Al Fayed was a close friend of the pop star. And Jackson himself had visited Craven Cottage before as a guest of Al Fayed.

The statue is nestled in the corner of the ground between the the Hammersmith End and Riverside Stand. The statue overlooks the River Thames. Thankfully Al Fayed decided to locate the statue there instead of near the Johnny Haynes statue which is behind the Johnny Haynes Stand along Stevenage Road.

Careful observers during the Sunday match between Fulham and Blackpool will have noticed the fat Michael Jackson impersonator running up and down the steps of one of the stands at Craven Cottage.

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65 Responses to Michael Jackson Statue Unveiled at Fulham’s Craven Cottage: Video

  1. Jaime says:

    Please tell me this is a belated April fools joke…

  2. paul says:

    what will Fullham do if the nose falls off?? lol couldn’t help it.

    on a sidenote: adding color to the statue just made more ridiculous.

    • Adriana says:

      many people would still like it because they loved him.

    • tracy says:

      lol that was very funny i think a little to dark for micheal he should of been a bit lighter being that hes went through a few facials sorry micheal fans lol

      • Donna says:

        unfortunately even if his color was green people would like it they loved him for what he gave not his physical appearance

        • Patrick says:

          I Think Its great Most People understood Michael Jackson and some didnt He do alot Of Good for people Give him His Do.Hows it go? judge not lest yea be Judged First…. RiP Michael. Dodi and diana Too

          • Matt says:

            Patrick, thank you for continuing the long tradition of completely misapplying Matthew 7:1. To hide behind an objection that we are not to judge to avoid moral responsibility in both our own lives, and that of others, is simply to avoid the whole purpose of God’s moral teachings in the first place. Moreover, you’ve attributed “good” to his actions, which is itself a judgement (just a positive one). The point of Matthew 7 (if you would read the rest of the chapter) isn’t that judgement is wrong; rather the point is that we are to judge properly.

      • Jay says:

        Well done!! am glad someone has got a mind of there own and not following the mass of people who follow like sheep. The fact is Michael Jackson was a Christian manwho cared for people so much he gave and was a noted humaniterian. Instead of buy loads of large boats and Jets and having lots of parties indulging inself like most of people with money. He did what God wanted him to do and to help hurting people. So what if he had a not job who asn’t and as for his skin he had vitiligo a skin condition.

        The truth is the world hates anyone that his too good and does what God wants them to do because it makes them look bad then. It say’s in the bible the world hated Jesus and those that follow him the world will also hate, because although we are in the world we are not of it. if he were of it the world would love him. Selah.

  3. trickybrkn says:

    What they need to do next is theme the exit stairways… A nice Egyptian motif, with a Lady Di and Dodi memorial just like at Harrods.

    sometimes the rich just astound me with their lack of taste…

    • donna says:

      I guess almost the whole world would disagree with lack of style or taste. Many people loved and admired the king of Pop for his many contributions humanitarily and with music. We need more kind people why not a statue for this great fellow.

      • trickybrkn says:

        Donna I loved MJ. But a football stadium is not the proper venue.

        would have worked better at Harrod’s. When you think Fulham, do you EVER think of MJ? no.

        • donna says:

          thats true but its a nice rememberance for his fans . I wasnt even a very huge fan unfortanately till he pasted I liked his music but he seemed to offer alot with money to charities and music to this world so I think a statue isnt much of a big deal just my personal opinion. thanks.

          • trickybrkn says:

            I have no problem with a statue… but at a football club? did MJ like football? probably not. He went to one game… if your gonna put statues of everyplace was at once, you’ll have a lot of statues.

  4. lindsey says:

    i love this statue of michael jackson

  5. Adriana says:

    i think its nice! Michaels fans will love it. We should be proud of THE WORLDS KING OF POP! Noone could probably come close maybe for awhile or ever unfortantely. He conributed alot as well.

  6. donna says:

    it surprises me after someone that was so great to the world how the world (some people) are still harsh. even after they are past away. a statue is a good rememberance of someone who seemed to be very humble and nice. May god bless these people and the people who are and or try or want to be good.

    • Carmello says:

      Nothing surprises me about this. They did the same to Jesus. Although, I am in NO way comparing Michael Jackson to be anywhere near as great as Jesus hahahaha.

      In other news – this statue looks so cheap.

      • donna says:

        Im surprised how it seems to bother some people so much how the statue looks (his face looks cheap or weird they probably just want to make fun of michael). we live in a sad world but luckily there was good people Michael one and maybe when everyone learns to love life and have peace will america be better morally at least. these stories shouldnt have any negativity except its a little weird to have the statue there but who cares really. give fayed a break hes done good and the worlds (our ) legacy of michael.

  7. YANKEE says:

    WTF…Even the folks at the WAX MUSEUM are laughing…SMH

  8. MNUfan1991 says:

    As if parents needed another reason NOT to send their kids to the Fulham academy.

  9. Adriana says:

    It might be weird or out of place but its a nice idea and nice gesture for his friend and its his money so .

  10. Jason says:

    Most Fulham fans did not want the statue at the stadium and the owner responded by saying he doesn’t care. He was a very close friend of Jackson and feels it is his right to put up the statue whereever he wants to. He has a point. This is the reason why I think all soccer clubs should have some public ownership so that the fans can have a say in how the club is run. Until that happens owners, especially rich ones, will do whatever they want with their club. The only thing fans can do is not buy tickets or merchandise in which case they no longer would be considered fans.

  11. donna says:

    why would he care. first its his money and second the owner understands how ridiculous it could be if he listened to his fans instead of what he wants its just a statue. if they were really his fans it wouldnt be a big deal have it there.

  12. donna says:

    Michael did alot of good so i think people shouldnt be so upset over the statue being there esp as far as making or doing a protest.

  13. Matt says:

    just lost a lot of respect for that club. Not the supporters though, because at least they see how tacky and catastrophically absurd this is. I guarantee Michael jackson could not have named one fulham player while he was alive. No, actually, i am guessing he would not have known what fulham was at all!

    Even the glazers aren’t this mentally incapacitated…

    • donna says:

      like you would know

    • donna says:

      Maybe he did or didnt how and why would you know

    • Matt says:

      From The Fiver: “It reminds me of the time Mohamed Al Fayed, Michael Jackson and Kevin Keegan were having dinner together. The waiter brought the bill asking, ‘cash or plastic’, to which Kevin Keegan replied, ‘No guys, I’ll get this one’.”

      Donna, go back to the Yahoo message boards

      • donna says:

        whats that mean? If you mean to use that messaging board on the internet I didnt even know there was one at yahoo and get over it i was interested in this dumb story i didnt know you owned this message board.

      • donna says:

        if thats what you mean making another assumption or judgement call.

        • donna says:

          matt get over urself please.

          • Troy says:

            Donna, is it possible for you complete a thought in three posts or less because you’re spamming this board with your 90 posts and horrific spelling right now.

          • donna says:

            troy you mean to complete a thought. you forgot the word to. I guess your sentence structure needs help. yes it is possible for me to complete a thought in one post. I have in one post and in many.

          • Troy says:

            Oh dear, pardon me. However, I’m astonished that you were able to point that out in only one post. Now as Matt mentioned above, you’re free to head back to the yahoo boards where you can tell the world of your undying love for Michael Jackson. Good thing is, unless Everton decides to construct a statue of Snooki, we probably won’t be hearing from you again and can actually talk about football without being subjected to your incessant rambling.

          • donna says:

            troy dont even respond back to me im not interested.

  14. Mitchum says:

    It would have been much better if it would have been done in just a simple bronze rather than making it full colour. Muche more elegant and classy that way. It looks cheap and tacky all painted up though. Almost like (or ‘exactly’ like) a waxwork dummy or a cheap hollow plastic doll. What’s it made out of anyway?

    • donna says:

      Who knos and or really cares it seems to serve its main purpose unfortunatly at a stadium.

    • donna says:

      Maybe its plastic but his body is ok not sure why the face looks plastic and cheap at least on the computer.

    • donna says:

      I think his face looks plastic but the statue is made to resemble and or look like michael thats why its painted. to capture him essentially i think it looks great and the platform where hes standing looks elegant and or nice. it doesnt look cheap. im not sure in person how it really might b

  15. Mike says:

    If it wasn’t for Al Fayed sinking his money into this team, Fulham would still be a 2-bit 3rd division side drawing 5000 a week.

  16. adriana says:

    I hope people dont take it literally to think of this stadium differently or negatively because of a statue. I guess I could understand its like having a president lincoln statue at a football stadium its a little off. This statue isnt or doesnt look that big nor is it that bad. i dont think its meant to look really nice just a reminder and tribute unfortanately or fortunately (depending if you are a fan of mj) was put at this stadium.

  17. Terry says:

    Most Fulham fans don’t like the statue but are also aware that without Al Fayed’s money the club would not be in the EPL. He has put a lot of money in the club to keep it in the EPL. That matters more to fans than a statue.

    • donna says:

      Hopefully the fans appreciate Fayed by showing him they understand michael was his friend. hopefully there is no boycott or protest on this that would be dumb. I know people were considering it. that would show they dont appreciate him or what hes done and probably not Michael as well.

  18. arazis says:

    This is surreal but Fayed has always been eccentric, brought Fulham to the top flight from the 4th division and if anyone thinks they can tell the founder of Harrods what is and isn’t a good move when it comes to money making or publicity must be w world class genius, or moron!

  19. thriller says:

    “When Michael Jackson was a small boy growing up in Gary, Ind., he would spend a lot of time looking out the window at boys playing [soccer] and wishing he could go out and join them, but his father did not allow it. Michael always felt there was something lacking in his life because of it.”

    So later in life he created a place where he could watch little boys play…

    I think Michael did enjoy soccer – at least when guys in the free-kick wall grab their crotch.

  20. Howard says:

    Remember this is a bloke who claimed Prince Phillip had ordered the killing of Dodi and Lady Di? One thing football always needs is characters and Al Feyed is one. Who can ever forget his Fulham song “we’re not Barcelona…..etc etc. Today of a lesser extent; Ian Holloway, Harry Redknapp etc right back to the seventies when if you weren’t a character nobody trusted you. Charlie Cook of Chelsea fame (“looky looky looky there goes Cookie”) kept a chauffer’s hat in his car and wore it after many of his famed drinking sessions to fool the police. The game is richer for them.

  21. Ringo says:

    Makes no sense that this is outside of Craven Cottage. Also makes no sense that it’s painted.

  22. donna says:

    maybe he liked soccor. I dont know but many girls enjoyed looking at michael grab his crotch. he just did that too much.

    • Troy says:

      What is this soccor you speak of?

      • donna says:

        u pretty much talk garbage to someone you dont know why are you asking of soccor? your comments are just dumb and mean.

        • Flying Scotsman says:

          you can’t take it personally, donna. you’re entitled to your opinion, as always, but there will definitely be some people who think the idea of Jacko being immortalized outside of Craven Cottage to be fairly ridiculous. everybody here takes just about every posting seriously, so the arguments get very aggressive very very quickly. you’ve held your own quite well. But, if i was you, i would get off this thread sooner rather than later, because the offensive nature will only get ratcheted up.

          You should have seen the thread from the Suarez incident this summer. Now that one got downright insane!

          • donna says:

            thanks. Nice to hear something nice for a change. people get too mean its hard for it to not get annoying after awhile.

  23. Why? says:

    It looks like a toy you get with a McDonald’s kids meal, a big one at that. It’s cheap and nasty looking and has nothing what so ever to do with football and has made Fulham a bit of a laughing stock. Al Fayed is clearly losing it, what next? How about a 10 foot cheap statue of his pet dog at the main entrance.

  24. Yikes says:

    This whole post and thread is out of control hahhahaaha. I still can’t believe that there’s legitimately a statue of MICHAEL JACKSON in FRONT OF CRAVEN COTTAGE hahahahahahahaa. It’s just too good. You can’t make this stuff up.

  25. El Tri 2014 says:

    Why couldn’t Al-Feyed by a Stevie Nicks fan?

    But more to come, since Fullham fans can go to hell, check out the new kits for 2011/2012, yes, that’s rhinestones on a black and silver kit and yes again, that’s a white glove all players will be forced to wear, cept the goalkeeper who already wears one on each hand. Talk about Chic.

  26. Dan says:

    You HAVE to be kidding or on something. Deserves!!!!!!

  27. Marty, USA says:

    Simply outrageous show of wealth that has nothing to do with the proud heritage of the Cottage. All of Fulham FC should boycott!!

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