Week in Review, March 28 – April 1 2011

Photo by MikeWhite/George Whitaker

Real Salt Lake established itself as the Supporters Shield front runner, Seattle is still struggling to score goals but New York shows how to gain points without them, and are the Union the East team to beat?  The national team members return from Team Bradley while some of the youth team players are still out of MLS action.  Tonight’s Fox Soccer Match of the Week is the Columbus Crew hosting FC Dallas, a match where the visiting team may be favored but the home team wants to try and steal three points.

Here’s what else happened this week:

  • One of the hot new things in MLS this week is Dallas DP Fabian Castillo.  Schellas Hyndman was impressed with the skill he showed in his debut, especially since he was coming off youth team action for Columbia that same week.  He looks to be a special player at only 18.
  • Toronto added some depth this week with the signing of Jamaican international Dicoy Williams.  Besides his wonderfully punny name, Williams brings a warm body into a back line which has allowed four goals so far this year.
  • Steve Goff, one of the best soccer writers in the country, broke that news that by the end of the month Andy Najar will have announced which nation he will represent in international play.  Check out the article for Goff’s predictions, which I think are accurate.
  • For those American soccer traditionalists, Drew over at WV Hooligan notes that the 2011 World Football Challenge spells the end of SuperLiga.  I know some people feel passionately about this, but I simply don’t.  I like the WFC format.
  • If your rage still boils over the U.S. not receiving the 2022 World Cup, or you simply hate FIFA, check out this article by Grant Wahl on the FIFA executive committee’s compensation.

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4 thoughts on “Week in Review, March 28 – April 1 2011”

  1. Thanks for the post every Friday…right on time, unlike Montero and the Sounders announcing Montero ( my fantasy captain ) might not play from an injury a week ago, RIGHT AFTER ESPN LOCKED MY FANTASY TEAM FOR THE WEEK.

    I don’t get why you say for the soccer traditionalist and then talk about Super Liga and WFC, two new creations with ZERO tradition, whose only purpose is money making. Maybe I am mis-understanding ?

  2. I do not get what the WFC is. 4 random teams from the world are chosen to play 6 meaningless games in the summer?

    Why not at least make it structured, like the #5 teams from the US vs the #5 team from mexico vs 2 of the top english, spanish, german, or italian teams. The winner gets something special?

  3. WFC and such competitions are the admission that many of the futbol-heads (the few that there are in the country) go for brand names. How many times have America CF always been part of one or the other such tournaments? Same with Man U? It’s a chance for locally-based brand-name futbol-heads to come out to the stadia every summer, which represents $$$$ for SUM.

    Let’s face it: SUM needs every penny that it can get.

    1. On second thought, disregard the reply above. S.U.M. has nothing to do with the WFC. I suspect, though, that S.U.M. gets a cut of the $$$$ from CAA Sports (I think that’s the name).

      Having said that, I would like to see some good teams that are not necessarily “brand” but are good clubs with winning traditions, like Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Benfica, Flamengo, Napoli, Internacional, Gremio, Olympique Lyonnais or AS Roma.

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