Up and Running: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast

subscribe-to-podcast1With Richard Farley lost somewhere along the West Coast (yet still able to write this post), your regular co-host Christopher Riordan welcomes Kevin McCauley back to the show just in time for the upcoming Major League Soccer weekend. But before they can preview, they have to review: two weeks of MLS action, the first legs of the Champions League semifinals, and the recent slate of friendlies from the U.S. Men’s National Team.

5 thoughts on “Up and Running: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast”

    1. Thanks for your support, Kickit. It’s nice to know you take such an avid interest in something you seem to have such mixed feelings about.

      Just for anybody who is curious, I am currently both between jobs and relocating, and as such my home studio is in pieces. Kevin McCauley was kind enough to step into my place this week.

      If we didn’t care about getting a show out, we would have just skipped another week. I suppose, technically, everybody does podcasts when they “feel like it.” We felt like it this week because we knew that there is a segment of people who might not be that sympathetic about audio equipment being boxed up in the back of a Pathfinder.

      So this one was for you, Kickit!

      Seriously, though: Thanks for your support. All comments are good comments.

  1. I personally enjoyed the podcast and appreciate that you guys were able to get one out. I don’t get a ton of time to watch MLS games so this is a good way to stay informed about everything going on in the league. But I have to ask one thing: No love for the fire?

    They’re now 1-0-1 and have beat Sporting KC and tied Dallas as well as an impressive win in the Open cup against Colorado. If nothing else you should check out Anibaba’s goal from about 45 yards out in that last game. It’s a beauty! I’d also like to say their two new Uruguayan strikers, Puerari and Chaves, are brilliant up front. Puerari has the makings of a star.

    I think they might be a dark horse in the eastern conference this year and definitely a team to keep your eyes on. Only time will tell, but certainly this team has improved a ton from last year.

  2. Richard, Chris & Kevin,

    I love the podcast and appreciate you getting the show up despite some major personal transition. Like VCR, I find it a great way to keep up with the league and the national team since I can’t watch every game.

    From my perspective, since I don’t pay a dime for the podcast, I’m not going to complain about the break. But it’ll be great to have you all back at full strength!
    (No slight to Kevin – he did a great job.)

    Richard, all the best in your transitions. I hope this leads to bigger and better things. And thanks for sharing your love of the game.

    And, of course…. Vamos United!!!

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