How Far Are You Willing to Drive To See a Premier League Team This Summer?

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Despite the monotony of the international matches during the past 10 days, we soccer fans in the United States have been excited by the announcements of three Premier League teams heading to the country this summer. And more are expected to announce their plans soon.

If you’re like me, you’ve been checking your calendar and trying to figure out which games are do-able to attend. After all, it’s not every day that a Premier League club comes to the United States to play in a friendly. And summer is the perfect time to get away and create a soccer vacation to combine a game and holiday time.

Here are the cities which will feature friendlies featuring Premier League teams (as of writing):

  • Boston (New England v Manchester United),
  • Seattle (Seattle Sounders v Manchester United),
  • Chicago (Chicago Fire v Manchester United),
  • New Jersey (MLS All-Star team v Manchester United),
  • Washington DC (Barcelona v Manchester United. and D.C. United v Everton),
  • Kansas City (Sporting Kansas City v Newcastle United).

Living in Florida, the dilemma for me is that the nearest city to watch any of the games above is Washington DC, which is 1,000 miles away from my home. That’s a 17 hour car trip (34 hours round-trip). Or, I can purchase a round-trip ticket from my local airport to D.C., which will cost me $350. Decisions decisions.

I plan on waiting to see if any other Premier League clubs will plan on coming to the southeast United States before making a final decision. But I hope those tours will be announced soon. The earlier I can make the decision, the better.

What about you? Are you planning on attending any of the above-mentioned matches? And how far are you willing to drive to see a Premier League team in person? Share your insight in the comments section below.

74 thoughts on “How Far Are You Willing to Drive To See a Premier League Team This Summer?”

  1. I can stomach going into DC, even though I don’t like the city. But, being about 70 miles away it’s not so bad. That’s probably the extent I’d be willing to go, unless Blackburn were to come over and then I’d consider something a little further out.

    I’m more interested in the Barcelona v. Man. United match than DC United v. Everton.

  2. last year i road tripped it with a buddy of mine to houston from arizona for man utd. v. mls all stars and it took us about 15 hrs. each way. to say the least it was draining since we left tuesday and returned fri. due to our work schedules, etc., but when we finally got there we were on pure adrenaline at that point. i’ll definitely be flying this time. i’m still debating as to which united match i will be attending, either seattle, new york or d.c. as i have friends who i can stay with in all three cities.

    i’m leaning towards seattle at this point since i have two aunts who have i haven’t seen in awhile who live there and would love to see and i was just in nyc about 3 weeks ago. d.c. would be great as they’re playing barca, but the timing of the match is bad as i’ll be going to a bachelor party in vegas the following week and can’t take that much vacation time back-to-back. anyone been to qwest or seattle recently? for the states, it looks about the best footballing atmosphere as any.

    1. How much are tickets and OneUnited membership… I just can’t justify 100 dollars per tickets…

      1. I’ve emailed the OneUnited people and they haven’t got back to me yet. From what I can gather, the USA supporters pack is a supplement to the full OU membership. And while OU is still taking discounted memberships for the 10/11 season, you cannot get the USA pack for the current season. The current membership runs through the end of May which makes me think that in order to get the exclusive deals on tickets and events, you would need to sign up for the 11/12 membership.

        I asked in the email I sent when that new membership will be going on sale a few days ago, but like I said, I haven’t heard back. However, I could be totally wrong. I’m just guessing.

        1. I do know that the tickets are included in the Sounders season ticket package for this season and they are being sold as part of a three-match pack right now. Tickets for just the game itself, however, don’t go on sale until June 1, I believe.

      2. Last year I paid about $60 for really good seats in the One United section for the MLS All-Star game, which was a good deal in my opinion. The One United membership didn’t include a ticket to the match, that was sold separately, but it did include an exclusive pass to their open training session where you could get pictures/autographs/meet the team. Tickets aren’t on sale yet, but keep checking their website for updates. If you go to their facebook page there are always updates on there as to what’s going on.

    1. Barcelona announced it on their website back in December, but we’ve heard nothing concrete since then. I’m guessing it’ll be part of the unannounced World Football Challenge matches, but we won’t know for sure until the announcement is made.

      The Gaffer

  3. im in san diego and would drive to new york or dc if united sign Sneijder, my favorite player moving to my favorite team, well worth it!

    1. +1000! i’ll buy everything of his if they can sign him. being a huge dutch and united fan it would be a dream come true. i don’t think it’ll happen though as he’ll cost a fortune. rumor has it that we’re really pushing for ashley young and jack rodwell and that nani could be on his way out.

    2. by the way, just fly man that’s an insane amount of driving with gas prices that will go up even more in the summer and would cost you way much more.

      1. true bout gas, i guess ill fly to any game except maybe seattle(west coast road trip). inter is hurting for money aswell and if the glazers told rooney the truth i can see Sneijder in the number 7 next year, I think nani will stay if we win the double or treble. I also like the rumor of a swap deal: Berbatov and cash for De Rossi.

        1. don’t want de rossi, i’d be gutted if we offloaded berba. i was thinking/praying for the same, sneijder in the #7 shirt, it just sounds right. being that it’s my favorite number and that he’s probably my favorite player at the moment and dutch, wow i’d be in heaven!

        2. Sneijder is being linked with United again in the papers (I think the Daily Mail) but we’ll see. I would love to see him wearing red. However, I think someone like Rodwell or Charlie Adam is much more likely. I too would also hate to see the Berb go.

          ….and they still have to get the GK situation figured out. Crossing my fingers for Neuer, Alder or Stekelenburg.

          1. i want stekelenburg. replace a dutchie with a fellow dutchie. i agree on the mf situation as i think both rodwell and adam are more within our budget, if you can call it that.

  4. I’m set on driving to Dallas to see America vs. Barca on Aug. 6th! As my budget will not allow me to see Man Utd. vs. Barca in our nation’s capitol, unless I hit the Lotto!! However, I don’t think we’ll see Chicharito or Messi since they would be busy with the CONCACAF games, not sure, will have to check the schedules.

    1. I highly doubt Messi will be playing for Barcelona this summer. Copa America is in July. Chicharito will be playing in the Gold Cup in June. I would imagine he will get some time to rest afterward and miss the July friendlies.

  5. Kansas city is about the closest to me (I’m in dallas) but that sucks considering I’m a manchester united fan but to see a premier team in person would still be pretty cool on some level.

  6. I live in SLC but I’ll be making the trip to DC to see United and Barcelona. I’m not even going to think of the costs because it’s not every year you get to see the two biggest teams in the world. If you really love football, you’ll try to make it there.

  7. Living in Central NY I would go to the United vs Revolution match. But since I can’t fathom giving any of my money to the Glazers I won’t be attending the match.

      1. In 2004 my wife and I drove to Philadelphia to see United vs Celtic. Sitting behind the goal I got a great picture of Alan Smith’s hearder that tied the match. Sat next to the Celtic supporters section who stood and sang the whole match, while I got yelled at for standing by the man a few rows behind me.

    1. ya, that’s the hard part and i hear ya. i didn’t join/pay for one united membership for last year’s tour because of the same reason, but i couldn’t pass up seeing united live since i didn’t have the means before as a college student to make it to england and after this year i don’t see them coming back to the states for some time. i have to see fergie, giggs, scholes, etc. before they’re gone. i don’t buy any new shirts or merchandise for the same reason.

  8. With the cost of gas, your decision shall be easy young Jedi…

    I am in Raleigh, (give or take 6 hours) but I will probably fly.

  9. I would only drive a great distance to watch Chelsea, the club I support. Since all thee games are friendlies and Chelsea have played in Seattle twice recently, the farthest I would drive would be the Bay Area or Vancouver. For the right match up I’d be tempted to fly.

    I will drive the two miles to watch Man U.

    I am considering the 3 hour drive to watch the Timbers play Ajax.

    MY QUESTION- How far would people be willing to go to watch England if they played in America? I have yet to see them play live so I’d go anywhere.

  10. KC doesn’t make any sense. The Southeast(Alanta,Miami,Dallas and Houston) can generate more fans and revenue. I’m wondering if this is the complete list.

  11. I live in western Montana and I have already requested a week off to see United in Seattle. It’s about nine hours away, but considering I do the drive at least once every year it goes by real quick. The cool thing is that three days after the match we’re planning on hanging around and catching the Sounders/Union match as well.

    King Eric, if you head to Seattle, we should catch a pint or two down on Occidental or SoDo.

    1. I’d be down for sure as I would most likely be going solo. However it’s still up in the air for me as tickets aren’t on sale yet and a bunch of my buddies will be going to Barca/United in D.C., so I might make that trip instead. As more details come out w/newer posts we’ll be in touch.

  12. I would think Newcastle will be playing other games since this one is in the middle of the US.

    I’m in Alabama and a redneckgeordie so I’ll be going to a nufc game even if I have to fly to kansas city(driving trips that long are a big no lol)

      1. Gaffer would have to be a member to see the trainings. Also when will you know more info about it. How can I get tickets to go to the training

  13. I’ll make the 13 hour one way trip to Boston from Nova Scotia
    hopefully there is another Football at Fenway this year

    1. Celtic – Sporting at Fenway was a blast. I’d do that again but I have no interest in heading out to Foxborough to see United play the Revs.

      I wish they’d stop trying to cram MLS down my throat. It sucks and it always will.

  14. I drove to New Jersey with 2 friends from Chapel Hill, NC and stayed with a mutual friend in NJ last summer to watch Spurs in the New York Football Challenge. We took the time to go to New York where we tried to meet Ossie, but the bar kicked us out (only now are we turning 21). To answer your question.. I’m willing to drive to New Jersey to watch Spurs. Of course, the games featured (and every game across nations) more squad players and position tweaking than EPL-level play, but the joy of being at an actual game (closer than many people will ever get to be) was worth the >9 hour drive.

  15. I drove from Colorado Springs to Kansas City last year for the ManU game. I will be flying to D.C. this year with the whole family to see the Barca game if I can get tickets. I love United and I would drive/fly anywhere in the States to see them play. My 3 year old has already told me he is going to wear his ManU jersey for the first half and his Barca one for the second half :)

  16. I’ll drive the 2 hours to KC so see Newcastle. Drove that distance to see MUFC and I don’t like them at all.

  17. Let’s talk ticket prices: Can anybody give me a “ballpark” on any matches. I am interested in MANU v Barc. in DC. If another match is cheaper and closer I may consider. Are we talking hundreds of dollars per ticket? Am I going to have to do a club membership or can I find tickets on stubhub or ebay?

    1. No, not hundreds. You can purchase them through their supporter’s club site when they go on sale. Last year I spent $50-60 for per ticket for pretty good seats, but this year who knows as it’s a marquee match up between two European powers, not MLS.

      1. Eric, how much was membership to One United? When I asked One United last year, I was quoted $115 per ticket (I still have the email).

        1. for membership ya it’s around there, but it’s not just for the match ticket it includes a bunch of other stuff. check out their website. last year i just bought the match ticket separate w/out the membership via ticket master and used their seating code on the one united website to sit in a designated united section.

    2. If you thinking of coming to Chicago you can still buy a Fire season ticket for $200.00 which includes a ticket to the Man U game. Any seat in Toyota Park to see the Fire is a good one and the Gaffer will tell you what a good time the Fire games are. So if you purchase it now you well get to see LA and David Beckham when he comes to town in 2 weeks.

  18. Gaffer:

    Happy to host a EPL Talk fan get together for those fans of the website coming to Chicago for the Man U game. Tailgating along Lake Michigan on a summer’s evening is heaven.

    Frankly, I may not travel but living in Chicago spoils me. For instance this will be my second chance to see Man U. and I have seen Everton, Real Madrid and David Beckham, and just last year AC Milan. I have taken in national team games including Mexico, England, Poland, Brazil, Canada, and Honduras including World Cup qualifiers. Lucky to be in a big city. What all of the summer touring of the US has done has created more interest in the MLS and the USMNT. Thank you Old World.

    1. I love this idea. Gaffer, as the dates approach would you consider posting some kind of a thread for each venue of each of the club’s tours, so that way fellow supporters from this site can plan to congregate/celebrate together if desired? Cheers!

      1. Definitely. As we get closer to the tour, feel free to remind me, just in case I forget. But excellent idea and a wonderful way for like-minded EPL Talk readers to meet up in each city.

        The Gaffer

    2. EPLNFL, thanks for the excellent suggestion! Chicago in the summertime sure sounds better than balmy and wet Florida at that time of the year.

      The Gaffer

  19. Driving from Central Pennsylvania to see my Premier League club, Everton, face DC United.

    Hell of a lot easier than getting to Liverpool.

  20. Already planning a ManU/Barca trip, live in NC so it’s not too bad a drive. Really glad it’s at FedEx Field than RFK (no disrespect), b/c you can actually park at FedEx, and you basically have to take the subway to RFK. If Newcastle come to Columbus, would consider that trip, too.

  21. My Roommate will be driving 20 mins to see Manchester United in Landover, Maryland, not DC, even though the stadium is used by both the Washington Redskins and DC United, it is not in DC, shame on them! Anyway I might go with him, I am a chelsea fan but i doubt the blues will be in Maryland. Besides I get to see super stars, this is the closest they will ever be to use so hey I just might be there!

  22. I’ll try to go anywhere if Chelsea comes to the US! If they decide not to make the trip this year, I’ll probably try for Everton or Barca in DC.

    (but I hope Chelsea! please please please!!!)

  23. I hope to go to both the Everton game and Barcelona game in DC. Any idea how much tickets might be? I’m a little sticker shocked at the price for the 2011 MLS All-Star game.

  24. Last month I got on a plane in Fresno, CA flew via L.A. and Chicago, to Manchester, England and drove 60 miles down the M6 to watch Birmingham play Stoke at St Andrews. I am sure most of you now fear for my sanity, but reading the above posts I think you are all woosies 😉

  25. I’d drive 10 miles for the reserves playing cruddy MLS teams but a real EPL game? A lot more.

    Here’s a thought: a couple times a year you play a game in the US, a real one between top teams. if they are serious about expanding their brand they would. Of course you’d be kinda pissing in the MLS’ sandbox. But you’d be giving the US fans first hand top flight football which they don’t get except when they watch the World Cup. If the NFL can do it, why not the EPL? Their players fly across the world midweek for useless international games, right? Granted the west coast would probably have to take a hit but it’d be better than these lame summer tours.

    Times like now I miss the Concorde…

  26. why is everything american on this site, at least talk about something english considering its EPL talk. Im not aying dont have no american posts but come on its getting ridiculous now.

  27. Save your money, make a trip across the pond for a proper match.
    Well worth it!
    Pre season friendlies just are not the same.

    1. Your right and I love going across the pond but this is the next best thing. Come to Chicago and you will have a good time.

  28. Heading to the Revs vs United game in my backyard of course; I’ll be willing to head down to Jersey for the All-Star game. That’s about it for me.

  29. Just moved to NC and I’m a United fan so the DC game will be about as close as they’ll come to me. Do you happen to have an idea on when tickets to the general public will be up for sale?

  30. For those of us in Kansas City, this summer means the opening of our new stadium, a Gold Cup match featuring the US team, and a friendly with Newcastle United. That comes on the heels of Manchester United’s visit for a friendly last year. So at least for this year there is plenty to see locally. Not too bad for a market our size.

  31. I plan on attending the match in Seattle, but I will fly not drive to Seattle from the Detroit. I believe that Man U. will train at Nike’s world headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. In 2003 I saw United play in Seattle and train at Nike. Last year I saw Man City train at Nike. It helps to have a daughter living in Seattle and another daughter living in Beaverton. It’s a real pleasure for me to be able to see EPL teams play in America.

  32. I am Rhode Islander, Gillette Stadium is 45min away from my home. as long time United fan, I am very happy, only negative is 40 buck parking fee.
    BTW, anybody know if there is player fan interaction thing, I really want a get closer look at G11 & S18!

  33. I will be driving from So. California to Seattle for the July 20th Man U match this summer with a group of friends. Does anybody know training dates at the facility in Beaverton? It’d be great to stop off there on the way up.

  34. I’m looking at taking my 8 year old son to at least one of the matches. We’re in Ohio to it’s only 6 hours to Chicago but really want to do the longer trip to DC (about 9 hours) and see Barcelona. We’re Liverpool fans and would be willing to walk to DC to see them. Maybe they will still announce.
    I like the suggestion above about playing a few real matches in the states. Why not, the NFL went to London.

  35. Myself and a few buddies are considering heading to Dallas for Barca’s match on August 6th. We’d be willing to drive nearly anywhere in the southeast (we’re all in the New Orleans-area) for an EPL game, but so far nothing is close [not that i can blame them; too damn hot in the South mid-summer].

    1. TigerVoodoo, Newcastle United are playing a friendly in Orlando in July. Barcelona will be playing in Miami on August 3rd (against an opponent to be named).

      The Gaffer

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