MLS All-Star Game Press Conference: Sir Alex Ferguson

As everyone already knows, Manchester United has accepted the invitation once again as the opponents for the MLS All-Star’s. They held the press conference at Red Bull Arena and making the trip was Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Man Utd. Answered questions from the media and gave plenty of praise to MLS and the American player.

12 thoughts on “MLS All-Star Game Press Conference: Sir Alex Ferguson”

  1. Don’t show the parts where he is praising MLS players and the improvements in the league to the trolls. I’m sure he was just being nice anyways. :)

  2. In real soccer news… Portland beat Chivas last night 2-0 for the “start” of the US Open Cup.

    I sit down to eat my morning apple and read about soccer…what do I find today….EVERYWHERE. Man U is going to play meaningless games all summer.
    I have to wade through it to find a soccer news that matters.

    I realize it is only a Tuesday, but
    Please stop with the Man U friendly talk….please…..PLEASE.
    Lord, don’t let this go on all summer. PLLLLEEEEEAAASE.

    1. I concur. Man U will either come in with their reserves and lose, or will show up with 1/3rd of their starters and win. Meanwhile, USMNT had a game and the US Open is happening. I understand the attention, but this –to me– ranks below a friendly in terms of meaning.

      1. I watched the friendly last night, but I am assuming that the US Open Cup was not aired? Its hard to even find news about this cup. Its a shame.

      2. alaboston:
        At first I thought you were trolling, then I realized you were making fun of them…pretty funny.

        But, how can the ManU games be below the friendlies in meaning, when they ARE friendlies ?

        Not aired, which is a shame, the Sounders don’t air their games (USOC) locally either, instead they stream them. Shame because I get the PDX games and I would have watched last night.

  3. Please Please Please Please Please stop with pointless friendlies during the middle of important matches in a season that actually matters. I do not care about seeing Manchester United reserves during their preseason……….

    1. versus the MLS reserves none-the-less. Last game I went with they were playing guys I didn’t know were on the Sounder’s roster.

      Plus my friend reminded me….I have already been to this friendly, why would I pay $75 for it again:

      1982 – Seattle Sounders 3 Manchester United 0

      1. charles its 2011, get your head out of 1980. for someone who praises mls for not being like NASL you sure advocate alot the NASL sounders. besides alaboston is right (whether joking or not) either Man U comes with their reserves and lose slightly or comes with 1/3 of their starters and wipe the floor with the best mls has got.

        what im sick of is MLS/SUM and the media putting these meaningless friendlies up there while a US friendly and the USOC is being played and no one gives a hoot. USOC happens to be the oldest soccer tournament in the country with the incentive of prize money (which isnt much considering mls will just spread it around) and a ticket to the CCL which also is a legitamite tournament. but i dont really care if MLS wins against Man U and garber says “see see?! i told you were are sorta good” or man u beats mls. either way its pointless and no one cares. unfortuantley no one cares about real soccer either.

        1. plus seeing the soccer pyramid open up alittle and watching lower league clubs taking on MLS clubs in something other than a friendly is pretty cool

        2. hey I agree, that is why I passed on the Sounders Man U game, but
          I must have touched a nerve there.

          That and a KC win have the trollers getting very defensive…..

          Starting versus KC:

          Manchester United (4-4-2): Ben Amos; Rafael, Chris Smalling, Jonny Evans, Ritchie De Laet; Nani, Paul Scholes, Darron Gibson, Ryan Giggs(c); Dimitar Berbatov, Mame Biram Diouf

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