MLS ’11 Round Two Open Thread

After Seattle and Houston kicked off the week’s action last night, we have a full slate of matches today that will mostly be regionally broadcast.  Even this early in the season, there are some interesting story lines.

In Canada, Toronto looks to put their embarrassing first match behind them and hosts a Portland team that looked like an expansion team against Colorado.  Columbus looks to get on track against a New York team that is suffering from depth issues; the intriguing storyline for the Crew is whether Robbie Rogers starts or how much he plays today.

Out West, two MLS Cup favorites square off as LA visits RSL.  Both teams are suffering from players on international duty and injuries, but it still looks to be a good match.  In one of the more intriguing matchups, FC Dallas and San Jose might be the best game of the night.

And of course, there’s a small friendly being played in New Jersey.

Use the comments section below to share your thoughts, observations, and reports about the action happening on the pitch in your area or on your TV.  Also feel free to post rants, raves, points of view, and thoughtful analysis.  Share with the community what your favorite team is doing or how they look this weekend.

23 thoughts on “MLS ’11 Round Two Open Thread”

    1. Seattle will “sell out” every game this year. They have all the luxury boxes sold out too.

      Seattle needs to focus on find a way to score. It is rediculous….we are going on two years now of….”Well we are creating chances, so the goals will come”
      Find someone that can put in the net. I am not sure what to believe, but I am starting to really believe it is desire and agressiveness. Can we get Conor Casey ? Or someone else that looks like they would give their left ball for a goal ?

      1. u sure Charles?
        I hope Seattle and every team sells out every game but how long will the fans keep coming when they keep losing? I think it’s time to find a new manager

        1. Yeah, they made a mistake with Sigi when they already had the best in Schmetzer ( Mr Sounder himself ).

          pretty sure the stadium is already sold out for the season. Season tickets are 32k of that.

        2. Seattle announced that they will not CAP the NY and San Jose games attendance. NY is NY and San Jose will be a Keller collectable give away night for the first 40k.

          They are being rediculous with the TRIVALRY. Should be opened to as many as they can sell for those two games too.

  1. Houston had the right idea last night and really tried, but they have a long ways to go. Seattle needs to do something. They are not impressing me too much so far this year. At least it was light on longball play (which I HATE). That is the biggest problem in MLS at the moment IMHO. At least both teams tried to pass and possess the ball, with missed success. I am looking forward to see what the weekend holds.

  2. saturday and MLS has no national game of the week.

    the schedule is all over the place.

    MLS should go to an NFL style schedule. All games on at 1 and 4 on a saturday. They could market saturday as match day. It gets pretty hot in texas in the summer so you could make exceptions have a couple night games. But the general idea should be to have matches all on at the same time with a game of the week, and a half time show to give highlights and updates of other games.

    1. Drew, NFL style is not the way the rest of the world does it.

      Please retract your comment or be flamed by the non-MLS watching trolls.

      1. The trolls will use baseball and NFL when they think it helps their point, and they will tell you how you can’t compare soccer to those sports when it doesn’t. You’re screwed either way. The 3 major MLS blog trolls (we know who they are) will get you no matter what you do.

        I agree that MLS needs to do something about their schedule. It is terrible so far.

      2. you can’t compare soccer to those sports. That’s not what I was doing. I was suggesting that MLS go to a weekend schedule where games are consistently on at the same time, 1pm and 4pm for example. I very well could have called this “EPL style” or “La Liga style” since those leagues do this.

    2. ugh

      actually yes the rest of the world does have the kind of schedule i’m suggesting.

      the epl has their games on at the same time every weekend.

      i refrained from using “epl style” so I didn’t offend MLS-snobs.

      1. I was joking. I have been watching NFL games the same time every weekend since the early 70s. It is the way it should be done.

        1. Have to agree. MLS needs to stop rotating schedule along with start times. Sat/Sun need the same start time every single week and one Sun night game that starts no later than 5pm Pacific time. Friday night games need to go.

  3. Watching the Red Bulls vs Crew game yesterday was painful. You could clearly see all the quality players were away on international duty. It was like watching a reserves game. I watched the first 14mins of the match then had to go out so I DVRed the rest which was a pain because DirecTV didn’t say the game was on MSG+ it said it was women’s gymnastics and horse racing, but anyways I watched most of the game in fast forward.

    I have to give it to the Red Bulls fans that took a bus to the match to watch a reserves game when they could have went and saw USA vs Argentina.

      1. US, Argentina and Brazil didn’t stop their leagues.

        I don’t think they are right either. Just pointing that the US are not alone.

      2. As long as it’s a summer schedule I am ok with it. A winter schedule would keep me from buying season tickets. I think that we can keep a summer schedule and work around international frieldlies.

        1. Sweden, Norway, Finland play on Summer schedule.

          In South America, excepting Uruguay and Argentina, season runs form February to November.

  4. I said it before, but it was proven correct. LA is an injury or two away from being one of the non playoff teams. They are not deep at all.

    They got crushed by Salt Lake, the best team sure, but crushed none the less.

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