Chelsea Home Shirt for 2011-2012 Season: Leaked Photo

A photo has been leaked on the Internet showing what looks like Chelsea’s new jersey for the 2011-2012 season. We’ll have to wait and see whether this is the actual one when we get official confirmation in the coming months.

But, in the meantime, we can take a look at the above image. The design features a classic Adidas template with the blue shirt and white trim, and white piping down the side of the shirt.

What do you think about the new shirt? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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71 thoughts on “Chelsea Home Shirt for 2011-2012 Season: Leaked Photo”

  1. Congratulations Adidas, yet again you put out another boring shirt. Can we please make the switch to Puma, Umbro or Under Armour?

      1. Yeah I’ve noticed that teams are changing home shirts every year now, as opposed to changing home shirts and away shirts in alternating years. It’s a shame, because I thought both Sunderland and Chelsea’s shirts were pretty cool.

        Still, if some mugs are gonna buy them every year then who am I to argue.

  2. Congratulations Adidas, you put out another classic shirt. The red has gone those silly panelled shirts of 90/10 gone. A simple classic Adidas shirt.

  3. There is nothing boring about the design – simplicity is key here. Nick can any of those companies you mention offer a deal worth over 150 M pounds? Which is the top team sponsored by any of those manufacturers. Chelsea in 2010 extended a contract signed in 2005 until 2018 so “switching” as you term it is but a far fetched dream.

    Long live the Chelsea and Adidas partnership.

  4. peter I understand your dislike of the red on the chelsea jersey but red is actually on the chelsea logo/crest

    1. Yeah I like the red trimmings too. I guess many people aren’t old enough to remember that red trimmings were a staple of Chelsea shirts up to around the early Ruud Gullit era, when red became replaced by yellow.

      1. You are correct Dave and i also like the red trimming,The red trimming got introduced when our first sponsor signed us/or we signed them,either way its a bit of heritage behind the kit.This 2011/2012 kit will get some getting used to but i dont thing its an average shirt,i kind of like it.guess it comes down to opinions.

  5. Wow…another great design! Looks just like every other Chelsea shirt! So much creativity…so much originality…so much zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  6. Nice, simple albeit unecessary shirt. Chelsea has worn red as an away colour before, I thought they would have done so again this season based on the red on the home shirt collar.

  7. I hope it’s not as tight as the current home shirt is. Really thought I would like that when I first saw it. I actually somewhat like wearing it, but it really makes some of the players look like they’re a lot smaller and weaker than they really are. Ramires, McEachran, Ash, Kalou and Bosingwa are some of the players that don’t fit in it. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like it.

    1. Chelsea looked to have worn blue shirts with white shorts from 1905-1964, but not since. While I agree that blue on blue is what I associate with Chelsea, white shorts would get back to their roots and woudl look great if they ever did a retro kit.

  8. That is a nice shirt

    I am not sure why anyone would find “boring” to be bad

    The “Exciting” shirts look generally like crap

  9. It’s BLUE with WHITE trimmings… that’s all that matters… and no RED – YIPPEE!!!!!! You CANNOT have RED on a CHELSEA shirt!!!!!

      1. Ha, I was just gonna post that link too. Chelsea have had some SHOCKING away shirts down the years. My favourite was the red and white diamond pattern of the early 90s (because my little junior team wore the same shirts at that time). They seemed to be wearing Portugal shirts in the early 70s…wonder what that was about?

        The grey-organge coors shirt must be the worst?

        1. Gaffer, I think the short duration of the average Chelski fan’s support combined the general glory hunting nature of their support inhibits them from understanding the history of the team.

          1. Ha – Matt, most Chelsea “fans” wouldn’t know Ken Bates if he offered them a free helicopter ride to their face or get that joke.

            Dave – That Grey away shirt was probably the worst kit of the PL era. The lace up collar one with the red pin stripes from the mid 90’s was class.

  10. isn’t this almost identical to the shirt they had last year? can’t remember though really as i don’t support chelsea. maybe it just didn’t have the 3 stripes on the sleeves?

  11. This is one of the Chelsea’s greatest shirts ever !! Why? Simple as this: It is what we are, it is our color BLUE ! The actual shirt is awesome as always but whats the point of having RED in our shirt? Our biggest rivals were it ; Arsenal, Gaychester United, Looserpool, Gaycelona, etc., etc. So i say this shirt is perfect for us just blue with white trimmings.
    CFC <3 for Life !

    1. Red may be in the crest , and yes we have had red away kits,but we’ve also had almost every other colour as well. I think you’ll find that home kits that included red were from the 80’s ,90’s era when our shirt sponsor Commodore then Amiga requested that it be included as red white and blue were the compay colours, for nearly 80 years we’ve had blue and white kits some of us would like it to stay that way.

    1. That was hilarious, I’m all for it if he gets us some goals.

      Best away kit was deifinitly mid 90’s yellow on blue with Coors as a sponsor. I still have my Vialli poster, which was my first introduction to Chelsea.

  12. Cant see it myself. There has always been a touch of red in our shirts. Usual internet bowlocks, methinks.

  13. 28 Comments so far about the Chelsea jersey. Who would have thought that soccer fashion was so important????

    It will look so much sweeter with a gold star above the emblem.

    1. merchandise is a large portion of the club’s revenue, so yeah, it’s important. they have to come out with new kits every year to keep the money flowing.

      1. Matt- You missed the point. We are a bunch of dudes who go to this site to talk about football. I find it funny that this post generated significantly more comments than most others.

  14. How has nobody else noticed that this is clearly a photoshopped mix of the current home strip and the one from a few seasons ago with the white piping?

    Look at the end of the sleeves for evidence of the bad erasing, then look at the colour for the horrible attempt at a white collar (clearly digital, not level….just terrible….same with the sleeve ends).

    I’m a lifelong CFC fan through and through and find two things particularly laughable here, firstly that all the supposed “fans” here can’t notice when a jersey is CLEARLY just a pretend one made of our CURRENT strip and one from only 4 seasons ago! Secondly the fact that so many “fans” give off about the red on our kit this season, do your homework kids red IS a chelsea colour and comes from the chelsea pensioner days and the club, knowing rightly that these pretend “fans” wouldn’t get the reference, they even tried to help you with the initial Adidas press release which has pictures of the chelsea penioners in the background.

    Yeah, fans indeed….

    1. this guy is clearly a bellend although hes a chelsea fan

      1, thinks hes chelsea’s no.1 fan which clearly he isnt cos he’s TRYING to offend every other chelsea fan and probably not been to more than 1 game at the bridge.

      2, we all know what the red stood for with the pensioners we just thought it wasnt a good idea seeing as the majority of clubs excluding tottenham etc that we absolutely hate wear red

      3, This is the actual kit so your’e just plain WRONG all you would have to do is look on the website and it’s all on their. This is the new kit and you have officially made yourself look like a douchebag

      NICE ONE MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anyone who thinks the COORS sponsorship made for a great jersey needs to do some homework. That brand embodies everything that is embarrassing about cowboy, redneck, conservative, rightwing America. As the proud holder of a dual U.S./British passport and lifelong follower of English football, I was appalled by this partnership when it happened. Among US “soccer” fans, it made Chelsea a laughing stock. (Not unlike the Torres deal, I suppose.)

    1. Beautiful South-

      Please tell us more about the evil empire that is COORS. It sounds like you have done your “homework” so I’d love to hear some specifics.

      How does being a dual citizen make you an authority on this subject?

      In the battle for who has the better jersey sponsor, BEER always wins.

      1. Nate,

        Sad but true. Coors is generally considered very pro-conservative, and has been accused of being anti-gay, anti-minority and anti-union (I’m sure the pensioners will especially appreciate that latter one). The info is out there, and the ultimate proof is evident in their decades of political contributions, which are a matter of public record. Wikipedia is the easy/obvious starting point: – click away!

        Aside from that, it was just a wierd fit for one of England’s great teams to be affiliated with a brand like that. Imagine travelling to the States and seeing the NY Yankees running around with a picture of Ian Edwards’ face on their jersey?

        Last but not least, as any Englishman will tell you, Coors is hardly what we’d consider “beer” LOL! Maybe good for watering the grass!

    2. whats wrong with america its a great country and im english… sure as hell like to see england beat them in a war so lets be a little kinder to our allies hey.. might keep you from dying in the future………sleep on it

  16. I’ve supported Chelsea since the late ’60s and I do not like red in the shirt. The odd touch (like on the badge) is fine but the current collar oversteps the mark. Our best kits were the early 70’s. Yellow, should be our second colour, despite Sexton introducing the red/white/green Hungary change kit.
    Say NO to red.

  17. If that is the real thing I am for it but my favorite home kit was the 08/09 shirt with the collar.

    I hope the away kit this coming year is a yellow shirt with blue trim and blue shorts just because of all the Brazilians in and coming into the squad.

    Then I hope the third kit is white not f*cking neon yellow.

  18. I like it. good to see a nice tradditional shirt instead of the fancy patterns and dodgy colours they are using nowadays.

  19. im not much of a chelsea fan but i really like this one. I cant tell if it has horizontal stripes on it or if thats just the photo. I hope it does have stripes cuz that would be a CLEAN looking shirt. I used to prefer Nike over Adidas when it came to kit design but after Madrid’s last season and this season kit set and chelsea’s compared to Barcelonas and Uniteds, I have fallen in love with Adidas all over. I do like Arsenal’s kits tho. Sorry guys!

  20. that kit is BANG TIDY love it one of the best ever in my point of view… to be honest cannot get much worse than man uniteds one this season and the leaked images of their one next season looks crap so at least we destroy gaychester united on one aspect… looking good

          1. well, pretty sure that didn’t make any sense but nice try

            just a quick question are both of you united fans???

        1. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD, no I’m not a Manure fan. I’m an Everton supporter. COYB

          And the joke was about your horrible punctuation, which lacks any use of periods.

  21. The last time Chelsea wore plain red as an away shirt that was the season Liverpool won the league. Yes rather a long time ago..

    So wearing red is a big no from me.

    As for traditional Chelsea colours blue shirt and shorts came in under Ted Drake who wanted Chelsea to have a distinctive look back in the 1950s – the white shorts/blue shirts was common. I don’t know how far some people are going on about classic white shorts – that was over 60 years ago.

    So white shorts are a no for me

    Only thing I would like is a return to the yellow shirts that we used to have in the 70s/80s . Not the dayglow ones that we have had recently . The current orange style ones just look too street cleaner to me. Decent classic shade of yellow that does not burn the eyes when looking at it

  22. I just bought this season kit few weeks ago now i am hearing there are changing it to a different one with no red stripes or anything but i still like addidas and climacool

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