Will Wales Pose a Threat to England?

Gary Speed’s first competitive game in charge of Wales will provide an immediate chance for him to go down in Welsh managerial folklore. The locals will love nothing more than getting one over on their English counterparts and after the rugby team couldn’t send the English back over the border with their tails between their legs, it falls to Speed’s men to right the wrongs. The big question is can they actually pull off the unthinkable and beat the English?

The last two competitive meetings between the sides were in qualifying games for the 2006 World Cup. On those occasions England came out on top, winning 1-0 in Wales and 2-0 at Old Trafford. Form and history certainly are not on the Welsh side, but this is a derby after all. Wales have won just three of their last nine home games and have so far lost all three of their European Championship qualifiers. The odds were stacked even higher against them when Gareth Bale was ruled out through injury on Thursday, just a day after declaring himself fit to line up on Saturday afternoon. A full house at the Millennium Stadium will do no harm to Welsh chances, and after Gary Speed ordered the whole side to learn the national anthem, expect passions to be running high well before kick-off. The inclusion of Aaron Ramsey as captain may be a sign of intent by Speed, the future of Welsh football very much lies with him and Gareth Bale. Craig Bellamy will thrive on the atmosphere on Saturday afternoon and he could well be the key to unlock the English door in Cardiff.

England come into the game with the usual media circus, this time surrounding the reinstatement of John Terry as captain. Fabio Capello will be hoping that debacle is all forgotten about by 5pm tomorrow and England are crossing the border with all three points. If that doesn’t happen, Capello may well be on the next flight back to Italy. A defeat against their local rivals is simply unthinkable to the English especially after the events in South Africa in the summer.

The Welsh would love nothing more than to put the final nail in Fabio Capello’s coffin, but his record in qualifying campaigns is pretty impressive, and that is the reason why Wales will have to live in the English shadow for a little bit longer.

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10 thoughts on “Will Wales Pose a Threat to England?”

  1. I think they could have posed a problem for England, players like Bale, Ramsey and Bellamy are always dangerous. The Welsh will get right behind their team and the players will be give it everything they have got.
    The loss of Bale for them his huge though, he is the one player that make England fans sh*t themselves and now he is not playing I expect England to win and win well.

  2. No way does Wales have a chance without the GREATEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD Gareth Bale. Seriously I like the lad but the hyperbole lavished on him is too much.

    As an Arsenal fan I just want no more players hurt in theses stupid international fixtures. After Vermaelen and Walcott I’d just assume Ramsey and Wilshere sit this one out.

    Well except Rosicky, he can sprain an ankle or something…

    1. I can see Wales being up for it and even nicking a goal, but ultimatly England will win. They have far too much class for a team ranked 116th in the world and even though the Millennium Stadium will be rocking, class will prevail in the end.
      On the point of injuries, I’m an Everton fan so it couldn’t get any worse on the injury front I don’t think

    2. Your assuming that Ramsey & Wilshere will sit the game out. On the contrary Wilshere will have a starting place in midfield and Ramsey will be the Wales CAPTAIN!

      Do your facts before spouting rubbish please.

      1. I was saying I want them to sit it out dude. Arsenal need no more injuries from internationals. And if England u21 want to use Wilshere in the summer they can stick it.

  3. As an Arsenal fan I just want no more players hurt in theses stupid international fixtures. After Vermaelen and Walcott I’d just assume Ramsey and Wilshere sit this one out.

    What about denilson 😉 surely you wouldnt want him getting hurt lol.

    Please, Gareth Bale is in no way proven hes the Best/Greatest player in the world, so i think all you welsh/spurs fans should get of your high horse and be a little more realistic, and when he plays against the likes of City, Chelsea, United and Arsenal he looks pretty average. The real test is when he plays against Barca and Madrid then he will look pretty “poo” compared to some of the players around i.e. ronaldo, kaka, messi, iniesta, xavi.

  4. With Bale in the lineup Wales might have been able to get a draw. Without Bale I cannot see anything but a loss for Wales. England aren’t that good but they always get up for any game against Wales, Scotland or Ireland. My prediction is a 2-0 win for England.

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