Jose Mourinho Wants to Return to England, But Where Will He Go?

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Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho has announced that his next job will be in England. And he is hoping to form a dynasty at whichever club he takes over rather than the shorter stints he has been known for throughout his career. Mourinho also went on to say that Real Madrid is the “most difficult club in the world.” Whether Mourinho will negotiate an early exit from Madrid is unknown as of yet.

The Special One spoke in length about a possible return to the Premier League stating, “I miss England and my next job will be in England. There is unfinished business. And I think England wants me back, no? It was the most enjoyable time of my career. My Chelsea time was amazing as a football manager and family man. My family and I enjoyed it so much. We made so many friends here. We still keep in touch. We still come back. In football there are a few victories here I would like to repeat. I will talk to my agent and get a project for my career.

“I still have three years at Real Madrid. It is the biggest club in the world but it is also the most difficult club in the world. They came to me for the third time and I could not say no to them for the third time – I had to go. And I had to go to Italy, that was important for me because I wanted to try there. Everyone said it was the home of tactics so I said let me try there.

“But it is not England, England is special. People in Italy, Spain and Portugal ask me why I love England so much and I can’t explain – I just do. I want to be happy in my work. I want to be happy with my football.”

Where Jose will go and when he will return is not known right now, but I for one cannot wait to see where he ends up.

Which club do you think Jose Mourinho will end up managing in England? And will he be as successful as his time at Chelsea? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

42 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho Wants to Return to England, But Where Will He Go?”

  1. Chelsea most likely, bcos he has not win champions league. anyway he is coming to make more history for the blues. All Chelsea fans still love him. The Special one pls come back home.

      1. Mohammed, please, shut it. If you cannot get behind Carlo and what he has accomplished and what he will accomplish then you are not true blue. Carlo is better for this team in every aspect and represents us better than Mr. Ego.

  2. He will go to Chelsea or Manchester City (provided they are in the Champions League). He won’t be able to turn down the big money City will give him or that he will be able to spend almost any amount he wants at City to bring in the players he wants. Mourinho prefers to go to a club that has top players and not one that is rebuilding. United are a possibility but unless they start spending to bring in new players with the likes of Giggs, Scholes and company close to retirement I’m not sure Mourinho will go there. With United’s financial debts no one knows how much will be avialable for transfers. City will get stronger in the next couple of years and the future looks better there than at United. Unless United are sold to a billionaire who will be able to compete against City.

    1. Great comment and I agree 100%. As a City fan I would welcome him with open arms. The United point is a good one, they are very much in transition and I doubt Jose likes that very much. The money issue is a big one too.

    2. “he will be able to spend almost any amount he wants at City to bring in the players he wants.”

      He will not be able to do that under UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations.

    3. Man.u have 50million if you had your facts right but other than that as a Man.u fan I love sir Alex but he can’t go on forever and he’s one of the greatest managers ever so why not bring the special one to the red side of manchester

  3. What, you didn’t know the Special One also has a real estate license? If ManUtd earns hardware, Jose will personally take Fergie to open houses in coastal retirement villas.

  4. It’s between the top six clubs (at best). This guy isn’t going to Aston Villa or Sunderland without even mentioning clubs like Wigan or the like. Also, it’s hard to be critical of such a great manager but he’s not exactly the type to join a club that isn’t willing to give him cash to splash at problems.

    Couple that with the fact that most of those clubs wouldn’t fire their current manager and the choices are Chelsea or City (Liverpool as a long shot too if Kenny Dalglish willingly steps down).

  5. Unless Sir Alex gets a 300 match ban by the FA, retires or Dalglish melts into the earth’s core the next two years, Jose will probably go to Man City.

  6. Hasn’t Mourinho already said clear as day that one of his dreams is to take over for Fergie? I think if you look at what he did at Inter, rebuilding isn’t a concern for Mourinho, he relishes the chance to put a permanent stamp on the squad. I think Mourinho will return after Fergie retires, which I think will happen possibly this season if United wins their 19th title and can win the Champions League

  7. Harry will leave spurs in 2012 to manage England. Jose will come in and take over Spurs and show the Russian what a mistake he made.

    1. Yeah I totally agree. I think by the time Harry moves on to England, Spurs will have more solidity and Jose will feel like he can do great things with Spurs. I would love Jose at Spurs.

      The only other real possibility is United, I believe. His relationship with Sir Alex is telling.

      1. My God, YES. However, I think the odds of it actually happening are slim to none. Spurs just don’t have the Parnassus-like pedigree that clubs like United, Arsenal, or Chelsea have.

        But, oh, the possibilities! And I can already hear Phil Cornwell’s “Special One” impersonation.

  8. “I will talk to my agent and get a project for my career.”

    ESPN added, “he has spoken of his desire to build a dynasty in a longer-term project than the short stints he has been known for taking on.” If this is true then it effects where I think he’ll end up.

    CHELSEA- As a Blue I want the Special One back, but only if Ancelloti can’t hack it. Chelsea is still Jose’s “project”, as we build the foundation and brought us two titles.

    MAN U- Taking over for Fergie is just too easy for him. Sure, he could join and win trophies but the team would never really be his alone. Jose is looking to create a legacy and I doubt he wants that to be in Fergie’s shadow. Much like Fergie’s goal was to catch Liverpool in trophies, the Special One will try to do the same.

    MAN City- The most likely option. Tons of money, but no trophies in a long time. Jose is notorious for joining a solid club and taking them to the next level.

    QPR- Billionaire owner, London club. If they get promoted and stay up for three years, he could definitely cement his name in history by winning a title with Rangers.

  9. Outside of City (who are always in play for everyone because of their wealth), I don’t believe it will be this summer, but it will happen, and it will only happen for one of the bigger London Clubs.

    Arsenal, Spurs or Chelsea is where he’ll land if I had to put money down. And if Ancelotti is unable to continue to push for the league this year, and crashes out of the CL to United – then I’m giving 2-1 odds Roman sucks up his pride and hands the keys back over to Jose for one or two more runs at winning Europe, with the squad he helped build.

    You have to remember that the front office looks a lot different now than it did in 07′ when he quit the team. Butting heads with the owner is one thing, but having influence over the decisions made at the club is ultimately what Jose desires in his position. And it seems – as the article implies – that that is currently not the case at Real.

  10. If Mourinho wants a challenge he should stop going to big clubs. If he is as good as he and everyone else says he is he should join a smaller club. It is ok going to Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City cuz they all have money and top class players already there. Any one could go to any top class club and do well. If he wants to challenge himself he should join a club like Aston Villa, Bolton, Wigan etc and see how good he is then. If he can turn a very poor side like Villa into a Champions league team then he really is the special one. Until he does something with a smaller club Mourinho is no more special than anyone else.

  11. He’ll be taking over England’s biggest team when a certain Mr. Capello is ousted. Lest we forget this man’s confidence and ambition…

    1. He has said that he will never coach England because he believes that the national team should be truly representative of a country and therefore the manager should be the same nationality as the team. He has said that as a cap to his career when he’s older he wants to coach Portugal.

      (Although he recently gave an interview to Sports Illustrated where he talked about wanting to move to the US when he children go to college here. He said he would manage an MSL team or maybe the US national team. I think he was just blowing smoke because he was talking to an American outlet, but if not, he daughter should be going to college in 4-5 years. So, his time in England might be short lived.)

  12. Personally, I would love it if he would go to down to the Championship and built a team up from there to win the Championship League. THAT would make him a legend. (well, an even bigger one anyway)

    What is the challenge in “rebuilding” Manchester United? Granted, the team needs work, reinvestment, (new owners), etc, but that is comparatively easily to rebuild a team already considered one of the best in the world and at the pinnacle of English football, rather that to build one up from relative nothing. The biggest drawback to that idea, however, is it would definitely require much more than a two year commitment to the club, which he doesn’t see to like.

  13. He says a lot. I think he just humors the media…

    Mourinho’s children have attended the American Schools in London, Milan and Madrid. He expects they will go to college in the U.S. And therein lies an opportunity for soccer in America. “We want to be close to our kids the maximum we can,” he says. “So in a few years when they go in that direction, me and my wife are going to go in the same direction. I see myself coaching a [club] team, coaching the national team or helping develop soccer in the U.S. When I’m tired of winning things in Europe, it’s something I want to do. I want to coach the Portuguese national team, and I want to work in the United States.”

    Read more:

  14. I’m not saying he would definitely go to Spurs, but over the years he has had nothing but good things to say. Enough so that I’ve noticed. Seems to have a soft spot.

  15. Pls help me tell jose not 2 come 2 united plz cuz we love seeing d young bois playin but wit him in mufc its wil b ova

  16. City is most likely. He would always be in Fergie’s shadow if he went to United. He has already done what he wants to do at Chelsea. Spurs likely won’t be in the Champions League for some time again and that is a requirement for him–he won’t waste a year qualifying for the CL. City is his kind of team. Has all the money in the world and none of the prestige. If he really wants a long term project he gets to take the richest team in the world to the top of European football and keep them there for as long as he wants.

    My prediction: Assuming City is able to stay in 4th place and qualify for CL this year, he replaces Mancini in May. Only way Mancini stays in that scenario is if they win the FA Cup. If that happens Mancini becomes untouchable because of fan support.

  17. I hop As a Blue want the Special One back, but only if Ancelloti can’t hack itpe, the madrid manager Jose Mourinho will come back to coach Chelsea fc Again. Outside of City (who are always in play for everyone because of their wealth), I don’t believe it will be this summer, but it will happen, and it will only happen for one of the bigger London Clubs.

  18. i think he will absolutely not go to man utd since he said that he will never play against chelsea’s rival. thats 0 % for man utd and maybe 25% for chelsea that is if roman agrees to bring back jose mourinho probably he is going to man city and thats about 75 %

  19. i think he will go to manutd because alex is getting old and will retire and i would also love him to go there knowing he is one of the worlds top managers

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