Sunderland Home Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Revealed (Photo)


Sunderland’s new home shirt for the 2011-12 season has been unveiled by Umbro.

The classic Sunderland strip, featuring the red and white stripes, is accentuated by a black V-neck and black cuffs. This makes for a markedly different appearance for the home Sunderland jersey. The current one features a red trim instead of black (i.e. a red collar and red trim).

What do you think of the new Sunderland home shirt design? Share your critique in the comments section below.

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8 thoughts on “Sunderland Home Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Revealed (Photo)”

  1. Perfect shirt – from the front. Gaffer – you should have shown pics of the back – that’s where the potential problems start.

  2. This new design is cool. And like brn442 said, it would have been great to show us the back. I hope it brings with it good luck for the guys who are playing very good games this season(my opinion)

  3. Not a Sunderland supporter but I like the kit a lot, definitely digging the black collar and cuffs, if the back is as nice than the Sunderland supporters should be pleased

  4. Just an observation:

    Is it just me, or do kits sporting V-neck style collars rip far too easily. I know a friend who owned two LPool home shirts from two seasons ago and both v-neck collars ripped. I have this season’s Chelsea home and I daresay if I were to take it off too quickly, my investment would be torn. Dunno if Umbro have reinforced this collar, but this is just an observation.

  5. I’m so pleased Everton’s shirts are no longer supplied by Umbro. Our last few were very very similar. Such is the same for this offering to Black Cats fans. No huge difference to the current season. I’d be disappointed.

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