Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 30: Open Thread

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Following Saturday’s action, we have two big matches in the Premier League today, on Sunday. The first one kicks off between Sunderland and Liverpool at the Stadium Of Light.

The prospect of this match still instantly reminds me of floating red beach balls. But after Tottenham’s slip-up Saturday morning, Liverpool will be seeing this as a golden opportunity to narrow the number of points between themselves and Spurs, as they attempt to move into fifth place. Sunderland will be hoping to move back into the top half of the league after Everton leapfrogged them yesterday.

Chelsea isn’t that far ahead right now in fourth place, so the match later this morning between the Blues and Manchester City, in third place, is one of incredible importance to both sides. There’s a lot on the line to play for. Sometimes that can mean a tense match with both teams afraid of making mistakes. But, if we get an early goal from either side, it’ll force the opposition to change their tactics and we could then have a game on our hands.

Arsenal, right now, remind me of a wounded animal (despite their late comeback on Saturday), so Manchester City has a prime opportunity to narrow the gap with the Gunners and make a statement in the Premier League. Chelsea has too much history (of late), pride and world-class players to let that happen. But let’s see what happens on the pitch!

Before, during or after the games today, feel free to post your rants, raves, observations or questions in the comments section below.

22 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 30: Open Thread”

  1. It’ll be interesting to see where Chelsea’s current form stands, and City should offer a good test given their recent success against the Blues. I’m not wholly convinced that Carlo has righted the ship just yet — putting zero goals past a lowly Copenhagen side at home mid-week hardly helped his case — and today’s game should help gauge how serious both teams are about playing in Europe next season. As a United supporter I’ll be hoping for a scintillating nil-nil draw :), but in truth I am looking to see if Mancini will come out of his defensive-mined shell and if his team can play the type of football they showed at Old Trafford a few weeks ago. Now THAT would be refreshing, and should be entertaining for the neutrals to watch.

  2. Whack penalty in an exciting match at the stadium of light. Gyan is awesome. Carroll dominates in the air.
    I too hope for a nil draw in City v Chelsea but I think City will win and Torres will continue not to bag a goal.

    1. It’s a perfect example of how TV replays are always going to be better than the human eye. When I first saw the incident, I too thought the foul had occurred inside the box. But after we saw about 4 or 5 different camera angles of the incident, it’s clear that the foul was made outside the area.

      The Gaffer

  3. Based on Chelsea’s formation of Torress up front by himself. This may be the match that starts Chelsea’s new era. Drogba and Anelka are now officially redundant.

    1. I’m not sure they’re redundant until Torres actually starts scoring. You can have all the high-quality strikers you want, but if none of them can find the back of the net, do you really have any strikers at all?

      1. Fair point maybee. It would be perfect if Dogba and Anelka would stick around to be Chelsea’s plan B the last 30 mins of every match, I suspect otherwise.

  4. Arsenal are more than a wounded animal. Their season may fast be unravelling. But MU are not exactly impressive themselves. They have just been lucky. Chelsea and Man City each have somthing to fight. Liverpool? A sad story. This year no one team deserves the premiership.

    1. There is no such a thing as “deserves the premiership”. The team that get the most points wins it. It is as simple as that. Anything else is just sentiments coming for the fan dream land.

  5. Torres actually played quite well for Chelsea today but never got the service needed. Lampard, Malouda and Kalou seemed not to want to pass to Torres. I wonder if there is a split in the dressing room? The crowd booed when Torres was taken off. As soon as Drogba and Anelka came on Chelsea seemed to play more uninhibited soccer and were rewarded with 2 goals and a deserved win.

    Chelsea have a better chance of catching Man United than Arsenal. This win by Chelsea is going to make for a very interesting end to the season. Can’t wait for the league to resume in 2 weeks.

    1. I’m not sure if it is a sustainable situation long-term but at the moment it gives Chelsea an option to bring fresh Drogba and Anelka in the second half against tired defenders. Overall it was impressive performance by Chelsea. I think they will finish ahead of Arsenal but fall short to catch United. The final score is a bit flattering for City though. They were clearly out of their depth against Chelsea today.

  6. Just heard that Liverpool are interested in bringing back Torres next season. As a backup striker to Suarez and Carroll. Becuase he’s not English they are willing to pay 10-15 million pounds for him. Sources say they are interested in him becuase he knows his way around Anfield and knows the system so he can jump right back into the squad. On the bench that is :) .

  7. Nice one mate. I wonder if he’ll score for Chelsea this season? Suarez might end up getting more goals than Torres come end of the season. Now that would be something.

  8. I thought the moment of silence observed by the European leagues in honor of those who have died in Japan and in support of the Japanese people in these trying times was absolutely brilliant. That you could hear a pin drop at the EPL matches during the moment of silence shows us all how the fans of this beautiful game can come together in times of tragedy.

    In Spain, Valencia took to the field with the player names on their jerseys in Japanese. Pure class.

  9. Agreed, Cricketlover. It was heartwarming to see it on TV. I’m surprised no one here has written a story about this. Deserves a writeup in my opinion. Gaffer, anybody?

    1. Jason and Cricketlover, definitely very touching moments both in the Premier League and Champions League. Shows what class there is in English football.

      The Gaffer

  10. So that’s what that was on the Valencia’s players backs, their names in Japanese. Wow! what a gesture. Kudos to Valencia for doing it.

    I had the sound off while watching the Valencia-Sevilla game as I cannot stand Phil Schoen who has to be the worst announcer in soccer . Never stops talking and when he does it’s embarassing. Anyway, I’m glad I now know that it wasn’t some ad on their backs but their names in Japanese. Wonderful tribute. Makes you proud to be a member of the soccer fraternity.

      1. I have been thanking Brazil since Sideshow Bob put on the blue. Even though I really should be thanking Benfica.

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