Premier League Heats Up: EPL Talk Podcast Weekend Review

It was a weekend at the top, middle and bottom of the Premier League where results may have huge ramifications on the destiny of club’s in the coming weeks to months. Wigan won, Arsenal almost lost, Chelsea could be on a surge to battle for the Premier League top spot, Manchester City crumbled, Everton remembered how to win, Aston Villa plummeted to defeat in a Midlands derby, West Ham gained a crucial point. And these are just a few of the many talking points from two days of football.

Discussing the developments from the weekend are Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer. Richard Farley was away on business.

We welcome your feedback or your thoughts regarding the points discussed. Please post them in the comments section below.

As a programming note, while we’re now going into an international break, the EPL Talk Podcast crew will be taking this opportunity to bring you quality Premier League coverage featuring exclusive interviews with Arsenal legend Michael Thomas, Robbie Earle, Tommy Smyth and Shaka Hislop. Watch this site and EPL Talk’s iTunes feed in the coming days.

5 thoughts on “Premier League Heats Up: EPL Talk Podcast Weekend Review”

  1. That last paragraph = !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Would rather have club football, of course, but in the absence of, can’t wait for the interviews, especially with Tommy & Shaka – Press Pass is so much fun with those two bickering!

  2. Gooner here, and actually I agree w/Kartik Arsenal was awful & were only saved by Arshavin & RVP.

    I didn’t have much hope that we were going to win the last trophy we were in the running for, but now I have even less hope.

  3. Hi All
    Personally I am finding the movements at the bottom of the table more exciting than the top. To have so many teams within the bottom 3 and with the recent form of West Ham and Wolves. It will be interesting seeing how these teams comes out of the international break.
    Having a softspot for Blackpool hopefully that can snag a couple of wins to put them into safety.
    In regards to the top half. Man U proves just how professional they are in grinding out these results when they have to….as opposed to Arsenal who also seems to find a way to trip over a jam tin.

  4. Kartik was somewhat defensive with his opinion about Arsenal/WBA. No need to be, really. I think most Gooners are resigned to another trophy-less season, unfortunately. But I won’t give up hope yet!

    I do think on balance of play the game wasn’t THAT much in WBA’s favor. Thought it was fairly even, with both teams having chances that could have killed off the match. Almunia’s blunder was just shambolic. Not sure what he was thinking there. I agree with Alan Hansen, Arsenal desperately need leadership at the back. Does anyone think Wenger will put Lehmann in?

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