Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 30: Open Thread

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It’s been a very Champions League-centric week, so I’m glad to see the return of the Premier League this weekend, so we can return back to normalcy, which is typically filled with excitement and plenty of goals.

Today, we have several enticing games. The London derby between Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United kicks off the action at 8:45am ET (the Brits still haven’t turned their clocks forward) on ESPN2. Both teams desperately need a win for completely different reasons. Spurs want to try to get closer to fourth place (or higher). West Ham are trying to avoid relegation. Desperation breeds excitement (and mistakes), so there should be plenty of goals in this one.

Then we have six games being played simultaneously beginning at 11am ET. The derby between Aston Villa and Wolves sees both teams trying to avoid the relegation zone. The same applies to Blackburn against Blackpool. Add Wigan versus Birmingham to that list, while you’re at it.

In the other matches, West Bromwich Albion play at home against Arsenal. This match reminds me a lot of Spurs against West Ham. Two teams fighting for completely different goals, so it should be a tense affair. Stoke against Newcastle should be an interesting test for both sides in a match which should be quite entertaining.

And last but not least you have Manchester United in a duel against Bolton Wanderers. The Red Devils are suffering an injury crisis. Bolton are on form after qualifying for the FA Cup Semi-Final. Expect Owen Coyle’s side to go for it against a weakened United side. We’ll see what United are made of in this one.

Rounding out the coverage on Saturday is a game that has draw written all over it. Everton against Fulham.

Before, during and after the games today, use the comments section below to vent, rant, or ask questions or make observations. Here’s hoping your team does well today (although I can’t promise that everyone will be happy)!

48 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 30: Open Thread”

  1. Looking forward to the ManU vs Bolton tie. I wish United get the three points. It’s all down to Fergie’s selection.
    View my ideal starting eleven

    Goal Keeper
    Edwin Van Der Sar


    Brown- Right Back
    Smalling- Full Back
    Evans – Centre Half
    Evra – Letf Back


    Carrick- Defending Midfield
    Valencia- Right Midfield
    Rooney- Playmaker
    Nani- Left Midfield



    With this team, I think we should defeat Bolton. For me Giggs, Park, Gibson, Hargreaves and whoever is deemed fit should be on the bench.

    1. You cleary don’t know what a full back is do you?

      A full back is the same as your right/left back. You need two centre halves in defence!

      1. didn’t see that I wrote that. Smalling and Evans are my centre halves and that as what Fergie did. Errors do happen.

  2. Today is an important match for Spurs and I am reminded how much I hate people saying you cant be a true heart aching, gut wrenching fan of an EPL team if you American.

    For anyone reading this I am Tottenham_USA81 on twitter….and one thing that pisses me off is these ass clowns that say you cant truly support a team from another country. I see these comments on EPTTalk when Americans talk about their adopted club. Well I think its mostly other Americans saying it because all my English friends are stoked to find us Americans loving our shared club.

    Now here are a few things the twats say. If you havent been to a game your not a true fan of the club, if your not born where your club plays then your not a true fan, and many other slanderous comments.

    Here is why its horsesh*t. Most of these people saying this would rather we be a supporter of our nearest Major League Soccer club which I am a fan of the league but America is F-in HUGE! Its just as easy for me to root for Tottenham than it is for say the Chicago Fire which is a 5 hour drive away and never on tv. Second alot of the english fans of a club havent been to a game cause its to expensive, yeah they were born there, but just like here their in the pub with their mates waiting on the edge of their seats with each run a player for their squad makes.

    Ive never been to Tottenham, I was born and raised in Detroit, but my heart is with the Spurs. A bad result makes my whole week shat and a good one makes going to work each day a bit easier to do.

    You can take every team I was born and raised with and get rid of um for all I care because I am SPURS UNTIL I DIE!

    1. I completely agree sir. Spurs make or break my day. Fortunately for me, I am going to the NY Red Bulls season opener tonight, so if Spurs don’t get the 3 points today at least I’ll have another chance in about 10 hours.

      1. im gonna try the pic in pic on mlslive to watch the red bull and dc united games. Curious to see how Davies does. COYS 0-0 halftime and need points against sides like WH

    2. just by your use of “ass clown” makes you sound like a Spurs supporter.

      Funny story, there was a local bar near my old apartment in Brooklyn, that was adopted by some new found Tottenham supporters. They used to chant Yid Army etc. Well you can imagine the outrage as its not a term you just toss about, especially in Brooklyn. They where told off in no uncertain terms. I just sat and laughed as they tried to explain it to the outraged man who was just having brunch….

      so while you can be a fan in the States, just understand what your saying…

      1. Are you talking about Floyd’s on Atlantic Avenue? I keep meaning to get down there for a game. Maybe when the start time is later than 8:30 AM.

        1. Floyd’s it is… with a brunch served by the ever famous Chip Shop. Although this argument took place at that newish bar on Henry by the Hospital. Great brunch served while they have football on several big screens. The name totally escapes me.. but they have big windows and you can’t miss it if Floyd is packed or my biggest fear filled with wanna be Spuds.

          1. When you watch and drink at Floyd, they’ll bring you food from Chip Shop. Best of both worlds. deep fried salmon and chips at 10am is a thing of beauty.

            There’s also Woodwork in Park Slope, which I never made it to…

    3. That’s pure nonsense. Anyone that says that is either anti-soccer or a radical MLS supporter (which is okay in its own right, except when you spew nonsense like that).

      I live in NYC and not only do I love Arsenal, but I know enough and care enough about them to consider myself a fan. I may not be as hardcore a fan as a man I met several months ago, an ex-pat, who told me he’s been a fan since he was 7 and grew up a block away from Highbury, but he was still kind enough to converse with me about OUR team when he saw that I had my shirt on. I mean, wow.. I never thought that someone who watches every Arsenal match on TV (because they don’t live in London, but instead in NYC) is considered ‘not a true fan’ or deserve (in their eyes) to be considered clueless bandwagoners, when there are many like me who are anything but.

      You can be an Arsenal fan, or a fan of any non-American team, soccer or not, anywhere in the world, and if anyone deserves to get slagged it’s the ones that don’t know sh*t about the team they claim to love, not the people who truly support and follow them despite not being ABLE to (not to be confused with “not WANTING to”) fly to London and go to the Emirates. It’s a sad logic and it’s a shame if those who say it actually mean it and really believe it.

    1. I’m assuming that it says “100 Goals” and he’s waiting to show it when he scores his 100th Premier League goal (he’s on 99 right now). He had a couple golden chances for it in the first half.

  3. Why is the commercial for “Red Stag by Jim Beam” about three times as loud as anything else in this game? I will never buy this liquor because of this.

        1. Any chance of starting a witch hunt against Johnny Evans a la Shawcross? No? Thought not. It’s alright because he’s a top four player and Holden shouldn’t have got in his way.

          1. I didn’t. Sometimes WordPress will automatically put a post into the “moderation” queue for me to review. Yours was one of them, but it’s now been approved by me.

            The Gaffer

  4. Horrible tackle by Evans. But United keep winning thanks to a gift by Jaskailainun (sp.). Bolton could have won this but they just didn’t have the composure in the last third.

    Another horror show by Arsenal’s defense. When will Wenger realize that he’ll never win a trophy unless he gets a decent goalkeeper, a couple of good central defenders and a defensive midfielder. Arsenal blow it again!

    Wigan may have just given themselves a fighting chance to stay up. Good win for them especially after being down a goal.

    Newcastle may be in trouble with their perfromance today.

  5. I suppose I’m glad to see Arsenal come back, but when you know there will be no actual turning point to follow then 1 point might as well be 0.

    United gut out the win and show us how it’s done once again.

  6. Was Blackburn vs Blackpool available on I didn’t see it listed there nor is it available on replay. Gaffer, any clue?

  7. Gaffer,
    I’m beginning to see a lot more spam on this blog. For example, the jinhuangdi guy that just copied someone else’s comment and spams the board with a blog link. It’s already happened to one of my comments (about 3 weeks ago).

    The reason I like this site so much is because it’s fun to read people’s opinions. If I wanted to be inundated with spammed blog links on every post, I’ll go to yahoo sports so I can find out how to get an ipad for $20.

    1. My apologies about that Troy. I had my uncle and aunt over from Wales today, so I haven’t been able to keep as close an eye on the moderation as normally, but I’ll continue to weed these blokes out, have no fear. Thanks for mentioning it.

      The Gaffer

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