Manchester United Add Massachusetts to U.S. Summer Tour, Says Report

Man United training in Chicago last summer. Photo by Christian Doellner.

The Boston Globe is reporting that Manchester United is planning on adding one match to their 2011 summer tour of the United States when they will play New England Revolution on July 14 at Foxborough Stadium. EPL Talk confirmed with sources on Friday that while the deal has not been officially signed, it looks likely that the July 14th date will be first of five matches that Manchester United will play in the United States this summer.

The tour will feature:

  • July 14 versus New England Revolution, Foxborough Stadium, Massachusetts
  • July 20 or 21 versus Seattle Sounders, Qwest Field, Washington state
  • July 23 versus Chicago Fire, Soldier Field, Illinois
  • July 27 versus MLS All-Star Team, Red Bull Arena, New Jersey
  • July 30 versus Barcelona, Washington D.C.

Another piece of exclusive news is that EPL Talk can confirm that Manchester United’s game against Chicago Fire will be played at Soldier Field.

Manchester United and the Major League Soccer clubs involved in the tour are scheduled to make an official press announcement regarding the tour on Saturday, March 29. At that time, ticket information should be announced.

14 thoughts on “Manchester United Add Massachusetts to U.S. Summer Tour, Says Report”

    1. Ohh be careful what you wish for… If CFC play in the swamp, it will be 350 to 65 for seats. and the 65 being nose bleeds.
      Wouldn’t you rather pay 200 for a seat at Red Bull Arena on stub hub where every seat is good?

      These preseason matches are a rip off… B team then C team for A team price. Better to just spend a tad bit more and take a long weekend to London.

      1. That is very true. I was looking up tickets for the USA vs Argentina games and row 3 field level corner seats were $350 a piece. I would be fine with it at Red Bull Arena. I want to go to London to see a real match. Last time Chelsea came to the States I got lucky and saw them play in Baltimore and both Chelsea and AC Milan played there starters the whole match.

  1. Gaffer, thanks for the update. I had a feeling they would be playing at soldier field. Especially since the AON building is in the background looking to the north from the south end of the stadium. I will deffinately be attending this match but I am nervous to book hotel yet not knowing if the date will be confirmed. Anyway… Thanx again, love the site, keep up the good work. Cheers!

  2. What is the information regarding ticket sales? You states march 29th, Saturday, but that does not make sense, as the 29th is a Tuesday.

    I can’t find information anywhere.

    1. My bad. 29th is a Tuesday. The announcement should be that day.

      You can’t find information anywhere because it’s an exclusive to us, EPL Talk, courtesy of unnamed sources.

      The Gaffer

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