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Poll: Who Do You Want To See In The Champions League Final?

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The draw for the quarter-finals and semi-finals of the 2010-11 Champions League has been made. And we can now begin fantasizing about who we want to see in the final, which will be played at Wembley in May. With Chelsea playing against Manchester United in the quarter-final, we can ensure that one Premier League team, at minimum, will be in the semi-final and will be a step away from making it to the final.

But will Tottenham Hotspur be able to surpass Real Madrid?

Lots of questions are to be answered in the next few weeks. But in the meantime, go ahead and vote in the poll below and tell us, now that you know who will be playing who in the quarter-finals, who you want to see in the Champions League Final. And feel free to post comments below why you want to see those two teams play each other at Wembley.

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27 Responses to Poll: Who Do You Want To See In The Champions League Final?

  1. Martin d. says:

    Man. Utd vs Real Madrid so Ronaldo will finally realise that he did a mistake when he left Old Trafford

  2. hihi says:

    what abt shaktar vs shalke … you cant write off the underdogs yet

  3. vlad says:

    Real-Manchester, and winner Real

  4. Joe says:

    I know this is EPL talk, but I wish answering the poll question didn’t necessitate being an EPL homer. It is possible for someone to want to see a final with (shocker!) no English teams in it.

  5. Brian says:

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Inter make it to the final…seems like they have been involved in several of the year’s most memorable matches (v. Tottenham, the other day’s result in Munich, the 5-3 cracker v. Roma)

  6. Tuttle says:

    Schalke vs. Real; The Revenge of Raul!

  7. Lyle says:

    Auf Schalke and someone else.

  8. Andrei says:

    United vs Shakhtar. A little bit of a dream land here. Shakhtar would give any last 8 team run for their money but I’m sure they are good enough to go all the way. Barcelona will be the ultimate test for them. But there is hope though as for some reason Barcelona struggle against Eastern European teams. The last team to beat at Camp Nou was Rubin Kazan. Dynamo Kiev beat Barcelona 4-0 at Nou Camp as well but it was in late 90s.

    United have probably the worst match up on their hands. And I’m not looking forward to see United and Chelsea battle each other three times in the span of April and May. SAF is probably running a risk of getting banned again by FA this time for entire next season :)

  9. John says:

    Inter-Real Madrid. Man. U and Chelsea can go take a flying you-know-what at a rolling donut.

  10. Pakapala says:

    Barcelona vs Shalke/Inter would be my favorite final.

  11. zuqiu wang says:

    My team Arsenal is already out of the Champions League and I am afraid their season may unravel quickly now. See my post “Potentlal Hero To Zero?” at So now I am rooting for Tottenham and I hope they can pull off a spectaculr win over Real Madrid and go on to the finals with whichever team.

    • Carmello says:

      Spurs? Seriously? Bizarre. I would have thought any other team but Tottenham.

    • Kautzie says:

      You are obviously either new to the game or an idiot, you can’t be an Arsenal fan and ever want the spuds to win.

      • Joe says:

        I know I’d never root for Arsenal, but God forbid someone be smart and mature enough to not care about historical rivalries in which their personal life experience has played no part.

        If more people were like zuqui, there’d be less idiotic wars. You’re an idiot for suggesting otherwise.

        • Kautzie says:

          That’s an incredibly smug response, you don’t know me or anything about my life experiences so your the idiot for making those assumptions. I guess what my point should have been was that Zuqiu’s statement was incredibly naive given the amount of hate and vitriol spewed by your clubs supporters towards our players, coaches and fans over the years.

          Enjoy your two matches against Real Madrid, it will be your last in the champions league for a long, long time.

          • Joe says:

            Actually I was speaking about zuqui’s life experience, so now at least I know your life experience doesn’t involve much close reading. I will enjoy our matches against Real Madrid. Enjoy your season going down in flames while your whiny manager blames everyone else.

          • Joe says:

            I don’t care about your life experience. I do care that you call someone an idiot for simply being a fan of the game and not investing in the ugly hatred that poisons many fans (including myself sometimes!!). Calling some who’s above these petty rivalries an idiot is as clueless as a manger who calls UEFA a “dictatorship” at a time when a world leader is killing his own people en masse to avoid giving up his power.

  12. fergie says:

    i wanna play my portuguese boy who left a hole in my heart when he left. oh how i miss him.

  13. Ringo says:

    Spurs vs. United, because I don’t really feel like facing Inter again if we do make it. Spurs vs. Chelsea would be great as well, and Spurs vs. Schalke would certainly be interesting.

  14. Jason says:

    Real Madrid vs Chelsea. Mourinho against his old team will be very intersting. Good matchup and very little to separate these two teams. I just get the feeling real will get by Barcelona in the semis.

  15. NotTheNoob says:

    Spurs are going to shock the world by knocking out Real Madrid and Barcelona, and defeating ManU at Wembley

  16. Abel says:

    Chelsea vs Barcelona is my prediction for the final. Will be a very evenly matched game. Chelsea could just pull of a win if they contain Messi.

  17. Jason says:

    Real Madrid are playing well at the moment and with Mourinho at the helm I think they have the best chance to get to the final. Barcelona have not played that well recently and I fear they may struggle against Shaktar and even if they did win will find Real Madrid more difficult to beat than early in the season when they trounced them in the league. Spurs will give Real Madrid a go but I think they will just lose out to the more experienced team and manager.

    Chelsea have the best squad to get them to the final and their toughest test will be Manchester United. United have ridden their luck one too many times this season and I think Chelsea has what it takes to beat them.

  18. Harold says:

    I’d like to see Manchester United vs Real Madrid in the final. Fergie vs Jose and Ronaldo vs Rooney. A classic in the making. Who wins will depend on injuries and suspensions. If both teams are at full strength I’d pick Madrid because they have more playmakers and scorers.

  19. zuqiu wang says:

    @Joe, you are right. One can be a fan of a club, and yet be objective not fanatical like an idiot. As to whether or not Tottenham can beat Real Madrid is a different thing. I just hope they can that is why I said I hoped they can pull off a spectatular win over Real and go on from there. But of course it is unfortunate some people cannot or will not understand. Thanks.

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