The Heads Of The Packs (Season Preview, Part III): Major League Soccer Talk Podcast

subscribe-to-podcast1It’s the third and final part of the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast, where myself and co-host Christopher Riordan talk about the teams in each conference we see finishing in the top three. In both the Eastern and Western circuits we agree on the top two, the third spots are points of contention. We discuss our differences as well as consider the implications of the fourth of the West’s big four potentially be shipped East at season’s end.

3 thoughts on “The Heads Of The Packs (Season Preview, Part III): Major League Soccer Talk Podcast”

  1. Good discussion as always gentleman. Your knowledge about the rosters of all the squads are very good. I have one issue though: Why so much emhapsis on the East-West debate? Its a balanced schdule this year. We might as well keep a single table. Its pointless to talk east-west. I know MLS officialy has conferences but the rest of us will surely ignore it and just keep track using a single table. How about MLS Talk post a weekly single table standings for us to look at.

    1. Thanks, Jason. The reason is, unfortunately, it matters. In each of the last two years, the eventual MLS Cup winners got the benefit of an easy route through the East to the championship. This year, the talent divide looks as great (if not greater), with the drop-off of Columbus. It’s important to talk about how this will effect the season, particularly given each conference is now guaranteed three spots.

      I don’t think there’s anything other than fun in talking about who will finish fourth in the West. We’re not clairvoyants. But the #4 finisher in the West is going to have an advantage. They’ll likely have the best record of the “play-in” teams. They’ll likely get to go East and avoid the mine field that is the Western Conference playoffs.

  2. I think you guys are sleeping a little too much on the galaxy. especially richard who has them coming in 5th. The end of the year performance wasnt nearly as bad as you make it out to be. They did beat seattle and dallas at the end of the season. as much as people want to talk about the loss of buddle the galaxy live and die with landon donovan who is still the best player in the league. part of the dip came after the world cup trying to integrate those two back into the team. I am not saying they will repeat as supporters shield champs but i think they are one of the top 3 at the end of the year.

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