FA Cup Semi-Final Draw Announced: Who Do You Think Will Be In The Final?

The draw for the semi-finals of the 2010-11 FA Cup have been announced. The TV money men may be disappointed since there will be no Manchester derby in the FA Cup Final. Instead, the two Manchester clubs will face each other in the semi-final on the weekend of April 16-17.

In the other semi-final, one of the Manchester teams will face either Bolton Wanderers or Stoke City. The Potters will be hoping to make it to their first FA Cup Final in their 128-year history. Bolton will be romanticizing with a return to Wembley to see if they can do what they did in 1958 when they beat Manchester United with two goals by Nat Lofthouse to win the FA Cup.

Who do you want to see in the FA Cup? Vote below.

43 thoughts on “FA Cup Semi-Final Draw Announced: Who Do You Think Will Be In The Final?”

  1. i really wished i could support city for the games they play vs united but their uber defensive antifootball they play with all the money they have just turns me off. I honestly can’t watch a game by manchester city because they play boring and it is a crime againts football to do it when you have attacking superstars like teveza dn silva at your disposal. I hope Bolton win it all just because of holden.

  2. Tim, were you watching the last Manchester derby where City outplayed United at Old Trafford. Seems odd timing to be leveling that charge at City following that display.

      1. Your response actually caused me to laugh out loud.

        outplay [a?t?ple?]
        vb (tr)
        (General Sporting Terms) to perform better than one’s opponent in a sport or game

        1. If being outplayed means we will end up with a 2:1 scoreline and a goal of the season contender, I hereby invite all our PL opponents to outplay us.

          35 YEARS

          1. i bet your looking forward to your first home derby in the semi final, although i doubt you’ll be going u plastic rag…Cmon Norwich Hate Utd Love Glazer

  3. Manchester City vs Stoke or Bolton….guess who is not mentioned :-)

    Also, I think the results today will mean that 6th place in the Premier Leauge will not get a Europa League spot next year. That will go to the Stoke/Bolton winner now.

  4. I apologize in advance for this rather American-centric question, but why don’t they do the draw for the FA Cup all in advance? In other words, set it up like the College BBall Tournament here in the States? If there’s one thing American sports fans love, it’s their brackets. The brackets themselves have 4 days worth of coverage on ESPN here before the Tournament even starts.

    1. first off, it’s not american, so they don’t care about relating to the american sports fan. second, part of the excitement is not knowing the draw or opponent for the next round, until the previous round is near completion. third, it’s tradition and dates back way before there was march madness, nfl, etc. if you want playoffs and a bracket then the mls is perfect for you.

      1. the guy was being modest, no need to be rude in ur response, ur prob a brit who hates life because england is like seattle and its always raining and the depression rates r high which causes a person to be rude and stupid for no reason

      1. tough task considering you’re at home in the semi final ..how longs it been since u went to a game..35/6 years?

      2. Pre-season ones like New York Football Challenge don’t count.
        And this billion dollar squad can’t even sell out the modest Red Bull Arena last summer.
        You know, their Abu Dhabi overlords bought the team not out of the passion for football but as a business opportunity. They are going to bail if Man City fails to become a global brand bringing in the funds justifying their expenses. When’s the last time you saw someone wearing a Man City jersey? For crying out loud I’ve seen more Championship jerseys here in NYC.

  5. ” but why don’t they do the draw for the FA Cup all in advance? In other words, set it up like the College BBall Tournament here in the States?”

    A. because this is not college basketball
    B. teams are not seeded and the unpredictability of the draw is what makes the FA Cup exciting.

    I think this year’s FA Cup final will not have a heavy favorite despite one of the Manchester teams in it. Bolton or Stoke are capable of beating either of the Manchester teams. Looking forward to the semis and the final.

  6. As a City fan, the “XX years” stuff we hear from United always makes me laugh for two reasons:

    1. If that really bothered us, we would’ve found something else to do or another club to support. I chose City as my club back in 2006 knowing full well they hadn’t won anything in my lifetime. I actually liked that about being a City fan. And in the five years since I signed on with City, it’s not like Arsenal or The Most Storied Football Club in England have won a damn thing either.

    2. You’d think that United fans wouldn’t put so much into something that can be changed so quickly and easily. If Adebayor had scored that late chance at Old Trafford in the second leg of the Carling Cup semifinal, City would’ve been 90 minutes away from rendering all of that moot. Now they’re 180 minutes. With everything United have won, wouldn’t the discrepancy in honors be a much more intelligent thing to highlight than some streak that figured to be ended in the very near future — if not this spring, then you’d think almost certainly next.

    But here’s a tip: If you really want to get under City fans’ skin, ask us about those three stars on the crest.

    1. it does bother them, especially those who have waited 35+ yrs. supporting their club since ’76 or even before, not since 2006. five yrs. vs. 35 is quite different. there are a lot of ‘ifs’ in football and yes part of what makes each subsequent year w/out a trophy great is that there is that little bit of hope and getting so close every season, especially recently, that just seems to faulter at the end. for any rival teams, the team that has been consistenty inferior for so long will definitely be reminded of that until the day that they prove otherwise and break the streak/curse.

      1. And every time a City fan hears about the trophy drought from a United fan, we wonder which club you’d be supporting right about now if the shoe were on the other foot.

        1. i agree actually, but any winning team in history for any sport will always have the band wagon/fair weather fans during successfull spells, everyone knows that. when the day comes that we do stop winning, i’ll still be right there, but you’re right because i can’t say the same for many of the so called united “supporters,” which sickens me all the time. when that day does come though, many of the glory hunters will be weeded out and go away.

          my favorite player growing up as a boy was cantona, so i was hooked ever since and have fully embraced the club and their history. i remember crying as a kid when he retired so early. many of the old die hards and locals have gone to fc united or boycotted because of the glazers. when ownerships changes and when we struggle after sir alex retires, then i think they’ll come back.

  7. This table shows the longest time each club in the league has gone without winning something

    Liverpool……………..24 years
    Everton………………24 years
    Tottenham…………..30 years
    Man City……………..35 years
    Aston Villa……………37 years
    Sunderland…………..37 years
    Man Utd………………37 years
    Newcastle……………41 years
    Wolves……………….41 years
    West Brom…………..42 years
    Arsenal……………….44 years
    Bolton………………..49 years
    Chelsea………………50 years
    Blackpool…………….66 years
    Blackburn…………….67 years
    West Ham……………69 years
    Wigan………………..78 years
    Birmingham…………..88 years
    Stoke………………..109 years
    Fulham……………….131 years
    It’s a bit hypocritical to laugh at 35 years, isn’t it?

    1. nope, because plenty were laughing when we were at that mark i’m sure, so we have to enjoy the ride. plus that was so long ago (from like the early 1900’s until about the 40’s i think?) and not in recent memory as city’s current streak is, especially with the loads of cash they’ve spent in a few short years.

      1. No, City supporters were not laughing at all. The laughing you mention seems to be a Utd trait as most of their fans and supporters are band wagon jumpers who follow them just so they can laugh and can say we are better then you. Most of these couldn’t even point Manchester out on a map sad isn’t it.
        City let Utd use and keep the gate receipts at Maine Rd during the 37 years you mention as Old Trafford had suffered bomb damage in 1941. Tens of thousands of City fans paid to watched both teams giving Utd a much higher crowd and income than they were used to in turn helping with their ground redevelopment as well as boosting their own support levels.
        Indecently when a fire destroyed Man City’s Main Stand at the Hyde Road ground in 1923 the capacity was much reduced. When City approached their neighbours regarding a ground share until the building work was completed they asked for most of the gate receipts, which was obviously refused. These two stories say a lot about the two clubs don’t you think.

        The present is the past being made that’s all lad nothing more. What ‘that was so long ago’ is suposed to mean god only knows, did it not happen if you say this? Because if the past didn’t mater your club would not be where it is now! City have spent big amounts for two full pre-seasons do you think two mangers teams should have gelled by this time and they should have won the league? How many years were Utd doing this in the 80’s? Your obviously another one that thinks football only really started in 1992/93 season and that nothing else matters, typical of a Utd fan.

        1. first off not saying it doesn’t take time to gel a team, obviously it does. but it also takes putting the right players with each other that can gel, which i don’t think city quite has yet, but are pretty close. second, you have some facts mixed up. they asked for a large portion of the gates receipts because city kept a huge portion and charged a lump sum fee for using maine road when we were rebuilding old trafford, so basically we offered the same kind of deal in return, which was refused. of course history matters and makes up what there is today, but my point was that now since the rivalry is much older and more heated because city have the money and can genuinely challenge, that it’s brought up much more for simple banter. united fans show much more respect to city, than they do to liverpool supporters because of the history they share, so it’s not forgotten.

          and no, football didn’t start for me during the prem’s inception, that’s just around the time that i began to follow united because of resources and barely being old enough to understand and do so (around 11). football began for me when my first word was ball or when my father would put me on his lap as a baby while watching football, or when i began to walk and chase after a ball and started playing from a young age. don’t generalize me or question my knowledge or loyalty to my club w/out knowing me. if you want to talk about when football really started for your club (not saying you personally, but for many of your supporters), where were half the supporters that couldn’t even fill your ground before the money was being poured in to buy a team that could challenge for trophies?

          it just recently hit 35 yrs. from the exact date that they won their last trophy, that’s why, so actually it’s more precise than rounding to the completion of the season. also remember that for most on the list that had long spells back in the 30’s/40’s, 5-6 of those yrs. was due to the fact that there was no football because of the war.

          1. Well Eric you are completely wrong regarding the ground share issue. How could City charge them first and Utd be retaliating? City requested ground share in 1921! Utd used Maine Road in the mid 40’s 20 odd years later!!! So I think it’s u who is mixed up! You will find City put a standard charge for the ground rental and did not try to rob them. Utd’s greed is still the same 70 years later it has never changed throughout history.

            As for this gem you really must stop reading nonsense as you clearly know little about it.

            ‘where were half the supporters that couldn’t even fill your ground before the money was being poured in to buy a team that could challenge for trophies?’ You are talking bubbles pal, here’s the proof-

            Maine Rd: 2002/03 avg attendance was 34,564 the ground held 35,150.
            Eastland’s: 2003/04 avg attendance 46,834 .
            2004/05 avg 45,192. ground holds 47,726
            Are these figures even near half full? what are u on about? All these were well before the kind of money we have now, you know the kind Utd have splashed about for years!
            City have always been one the better supported clubs in England even though they haven’t won anything for years they set records in div 3 and would have in Div 1 if not for ground size at that time, which by the way Sunderland hold the record for and not Utd even though they had a huge 80,000+ and later 60,000+ ground when they were down! In fact they could not fill it until the modern era when they started to win a lot, then along came the plastics in their droves. In fact the most Utd could get was 68,796 against man City of all the clubs and this was in a season that they avg 32,319 in a ground that held 80,000+ . Now to my math that’s less than half full alright!
            City hold the record for the biggest crowd in England by the way and it’s still unbeaten to this day.
            A game at the old Hyde Rd ground there was said to be in excess of 100,000 people but this is before records began so cannot be counted.

            How can it have ‘just recently hit 35 yrs’ If they win the F.A cup for instance its 34 years don’t you get it? A season is the year that you count 37 for Utd it wouldn’t have been 36 & a 1/2 if they won the league cup! Do you see how silly this is or are you just another red who cannot admit to being wrong whatever proof is shown? (with you made up ground share part this looks to be true) If there was no football how did Utd get beat in a cup final against Bolton? There were trophy’s to win and Utd did not although it was not full seasons there was still cup football which is irrelevant as it’s still 37 years!

    2. Where do you get 109 years for Stoke from? They won the League Cup in 1972, and have never won the FA cup or been champions of England, which would be a period of 141 or 123 years respectively.

  8. Good stuff Evan. So there are only 3 clubs in the in the top flight who have done better. City’s is 34 years though and not the 35 years Utd fans quote (they just can’t wait!)as the football season starts in August and ends in May. City won a trophy in 1975/76 season and this season is 2010/11 you do the math. If City win the F.A cup, League or Europa league it’s 34 years. It would be pretty funny if they did as not only would it be 3 years less than Utd but would also show their ’35 yrs’ fans to be a tad dumb. Might we see a 37 years banner at Eastlands?

      1. The years are seasons what don’t you get, it’s not that hard to understand surely? Why do you think the banner doesn’t say dead on 35? It’s in between 34 and 35. I will say again for the thickos though, when people talk about football years they talk about seasons hence if City win this season it will go down in History, the record books or officially (hopefully one of these will sink in!) that they went 34 years without winning a trophy and not 35. 1976/77 to 2009/10 are the seasons they didn‘t win anything, which is 34 for you dummies out there. At the end of the season if they don’t win it will be 35 not 35 years and a half!
        This may help you nuggets out there. If Utd win the league this year with 1 game to spare and then win it next year on the last day of the season it must mean they have won anything for over a year? Do you see how pathetic this is? It’ not rocket science is it? now back to school for extra math! Numpty.

  9. Well Mr man u fan 1991 …..u already have been outplayed by the mighty LIVERPOOL ………WAY WAY WAY WAY wot was that
    3 = 1 …….hahahaha LOL….u WANK LOL

    1. It depends on your motivation for following the game. If it’s to brag about past glories, then no. However, if you tend to be more forward-looking, there are a number of clubs in England with much brighter futures thanks to owners who haven’t saddled the club with massive debt and aren’t using it as their own PIK piggy bank and managers, goalkeepers, and top midfielders who aren’t on the verge of retirement.

  10. The ugly final will feature City vs Stoke. City will beat United in overtime and Stoke will beat Bolton on a last minute goal from a throw-in.

  11. I do hope its a MU v Bolton final, not just because i support bolton but because if we get City in the final, i think theres not a chance with winning it. i honestly think that we have a better chance winning it against united. if we can overcome stoke then i reckon we can win it but playing stoke a wembley and winning is going to be a hard challenge as there our bogey team and always seem to get the results against us. So fingers crossed for bolton becoming 2011 FA Cup winners :)

  12. i think the arrangement 4 the upcoming match to complicated….because they have to arrange o plan it carefully as fair n square…so tat all the fans can be satisfied….

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