Another Dire Arsenal Performance As United Advance in FA Cup

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Another day has passed and another dream title for Arsenal is over. After Saturday’s tepid performance against Manchester United at Old Trafford in the FA Cup, the only hope of silverware for the Gunners is the Premier League title. And judging by the spineless performance by Arsenal against Manchester United today, the Red Devils will have nothing to fear when the two sides meet in the league on May 1 at Emirates Stadium.

While Arsenal are still suffering injury problems with Cesc Fabregas, Laurent Szczesny, Thomas Vermaelen and Alex Song out, the issue was worsened Saturday by the shoulder injury to Johan Djourou. The defender will now be out for the rest of the season. On the other side, Manchester United welcomed back Antonio Valencia from injury but Sir Alex Ferguson decided to rest several first-team players including Dimitar Berbatov, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand. Giggs and Scholes came on later in the game as substitutes, with Scholes lucky not to be red carded for a harsh tackle near the end of the match.

While this was mostly a walk in the park for Manchester United as they cruised to the semi-finals of the FA Cup after a 2-0 victory, there were a few isolated scares for the Red Devils. In the first half, Robin van Persie had a shot that went past the far post. And right before the half-time whistle was blown, Samir Nasri had a near post shot that was scooped up by Edwin van der Sar. In the second half, after the entry of Marouane Chamakh, the Moroccan footballer created a couple of attempts on goal that were pushed away by van der Sar.

At the other end of the pitch, Manchester United had several chances to widen the scoreline but Manuel Almunia had his second impressive performance in a row to keep the scoreline respectable.

For me, the moment in the match that symbolized Arsenal’s mentality right now was the cross by Bacary Sagna that was fluffed by Tomas Rosicky. The Czech attacking midfielder had a perfect opportunity to score a goal to pull Arsenal back in the match, but he completely miskicked the shot and the ball sailed under his foot. Coupled with Nicklas Bendtner’s poor first touch earlier this week when Arsenal had a perfect scoring chance against Barcelona, and you have to wonder whether the calibre of players that Arsenal has right now are good enough or not.

Yes, they’re suffering from massive under-confidence, but players such as Andrey Arshavin, Nicklas Bendtner and Tomas Rosicky are simply not good enough to be playing at the level of what Arsenal needs to be at. At the same time, Arsenal finds itself in dire need of recruits to help fill the two positions that have been lacking in the team for so long, namely a centre back and goalkeeper. While Almunia is impressing with his recent performances, Arsenal has been in a dire need of a world-class goalkeeper for several seasons. The same applies to the centre back position especially now that both Djourou and Vermaelen are out.

Given Arsenal’s performance today against Manchester United, the North London club has given us no confidence that they’ll be able to mount a serious challenge for the Premier League title. Sure, clubs have poor games now and again, but consistently Arsenal under-perform when it matters most about top class opposition. It’s as if the team doesn’t know what to do when their leader Cesc Fabregas is not on the pitch. In previous seasons, Liverpool has suffered similar issues when Steven Gerrard wasn’t there to save the Reds. And the same applies to Fabregas. While Nasri is a decent footballer, he’s not in the class of Fabregas and doesn’t instill the same level of confidence that the Spaniard does.

After today’s performance, you have to wonder whether Arsenal will ever be good enough to contest for a league title in the near future. For several seasons now, Arsene Wenger’s sides have shown that they are almost there. But the Frenchman can never quite commit himself to purchasing the players that need to take Arsenal to the next level. The question is whether he’ll ever get it right. These must be depressing times for those who are Arsenal supporters despite their second place position in the Premier League.

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    1. Me? No, but I reworded the last sentence a little to make it more clear that I don’t support Arsenal (I support Swansea City, who had an equally depressing performance today too).

      The Gaffer

  1. Thanks for hitting the nail on the head! Rosicky, Bendtner, Arshavin, and Denilson are not good enough to be on Arsenal. It’s sad. Arsenal are such a great team at full strength, and if one, ONE player is out we can’t get it done. Teams like United, obviously, can have multiple first teamers out and still get the job done, today and in the league. Arsenal’s top players are made of glass so it’s important to have good back up. Today is a great example, as was the 0-0 draw to Sunderland. If any one of Cesc, RVP, Walcott, Nasri, Song, or Wilshere is out, the others simply can’t get it done. Bendtner and Rosicky are the anti-goal.

    1. “Rosicky, Bendtner, Arshavin, and Denilson are not good enough to be on Arsenal.”

      Well, since Arsenal has not won a trophy since 2005, they seem to be more than good enough to be on Arsenal,.

      1. Everyone else has grown and become good enough to win trophies. Cesc, Walcott, RVP, Song, Nasri, Wilshere, Clichy, etc have all gone from too young to win, to capable of winning. As I said, the difference lies in when one or more of those players is out, and we rely on the non-quality players to fill their spot and merely put in a decent performance to get some points and they fail.

        My point is I’m putting the blame on the non-Arsenal-quality players this year. Maybe in the past you could say Arsenal isn’t good enough, or they’re too young. But I believe this year the first 11 is good enough, and the others are shooting em down.

  2. Pretty much every thing you’ve said. Arsenal just can’t get it done w/ the players we have, and we NEED to but a good gk and a good
    center back. I’d like to have hope for winning the league, but right now it’s pretty hard. It is a depressing time to be a gooner.

  3. I (still) resent the overall consensus about the Bendtner’s touch at Barca.It wasn’t “a perfect scoring chance”. I’ve watched it like 30 times in slow mo on my dvr. Yes it was doable but it wasn’t an easy chance by any stretch as much as people want it to be to make various points about that game. It has nothing to do with today’s shit performance by Arsenal especially given he was in bed sick in London.

    Most of what you say is true but I feel you leave out critical points. One how very young this team is. Almunia is the oldest member on the team currently at 33. This is a very young team and many are world class players but only Cesc and RvP seem to be hitting their prime and fitness is hurting them- as it has for many of the WC players this season.

    Secondly I only liked David Luiz for any of the transfered players that I feel Arsenal should have been in on. Bent, Carrol, Torres, Suarez et all were very over priced and not what the team needed. And Luiz wasn’t on a lot of team’s radars so hats off to CFC.

    The point is you and most of the media constantly imply that Wenger should have gotten more from the market as if there were difference makers out there he passed on. Merely saying they need “a world class keeper and center back” doesn’t make them available unless you are overpaying. And as far as I remember up until the window he was trying to get Shay Given and MCFC wouldn’t budge. Who else was available? And let MUFC know too because they’ve been looking as well.

    The fact is this Arsenal team is a young team learning its lessons and taking some serious lumps and has fought fitness all season. Vermaelen’s absence has been a huge hole and his setbacks have been awful especially timing wise (his last setback right at the January transfer window).

    In my opinion everyone is roasting a team that will be dominating the league in the next few years. So write them off at your own peril. Do you spend money now for a world class player for a few years or retain people like Nasri and let them grow into it? I say the latter. Samir Nasri and theo Walcott will be dominant players in the coming seasons. I know it. Nasri could still win best player this season! And Chamakh will find form again I’m sure. Everyone was hailing him most of the fall and winter.

    What I do agree on and not many say is the team is in need of veteran leadership as they’ve sodl their veterans or let them leave the last few seasons. Someone like Theirry Henry who doesn’t even nessisarily have to play but be there to help them grow and mature into world class players and most importantly show them how to win.

    If arsenal were to break out the checkbook I’d say buy him from NY Red Bulls. But that’s my opinion.

    And don’t worry I have a feeling a lot of players you mention like Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky and Arshavin might find themselves on other teams next season.

    But the inexperience, fitness and lack of veteran leadership to me are Arsenal’s two biggest problems.

    PS- can we stop with they haven’t won silverware in the last 5 years crap? There’s teams that would kill to trade places with us and be in CL every year and at least be in the running. Being a big club doesn’t make you entitled to win trophies. We can all learn something from BCFC’s league cup. 6 years is a lot shorter than the majority of clubs in the BPL. Perspective people.

    1. Agree on the Bendtner chance. That was a big ask, especially considering he had barely had a touch previously.

      It’s one of those situations where a player who is already in the doghouse gets more stick than he otherwise deserves. If it’s Bendtner making the pass to Wilshere who had failed to score, you would have barely heard a peep.

      That’s not to say Bendtner’s mouth hasn’t played a role in how his play is judged, but the fact is the chance wasn’t easy.

      1. What happened to Arshavin? Back in 2008, he was the break-out star of the Euros, and every top team wanted to sign him. Now he’s just some fat waster that even his own team’s fans don’t like.

    2. “The point is you and most of the media constantly imply that Wenger should have gotten more from the market as if there were difference makers out there he passed on.”

      I think you are missing the point. Pretty much everyone for years has been pointing out these issues for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger has not addressed these problem areas. These are not issues that have only been brought up since the last transfer window.

      “In my opinion everyone is roasting a team that will be dominating the league in the next few years. So write them off at your own peril.”

      No offence, but that has been the same line trotted out ever since 2005.

      “can we stop with they haven’t won silverware in the last 5 years crap? There’s teams that would kill to trade places with us and be in CL every year and at least be in the running. Being a big club doesn’t make you entitled to win trophies.”

      While most sides would be envious of being in the Champions League, a club that is as big as Arsenal with supporters that continually think their side is on the verge should not be content with merely competing. Trophies are the measuring stick by which great sides are judged by.

  4. I agree. What a poor performance!!! I am not sure if the players know the season lasts in may. year after year they play good until february and then get flat the following months. Wenger is building a seven month team. annoying

  5. I just see a lack of passion with the Arsenal players (especially the attackers). Wilshere actually looks like he wants to be on the field (Walcott is another one who always looks like he wants to be there), the other players just seem to be going through the motions. But I do have to say that for some reason Arsenal is having a hell of a time with opposing goalkeepers the last few games, excluding the Barcelona game, the opposing goalkeepers have been putting in man of the match performances, saves on shots that on any other day would have been goals. It is disheartening to watch so I can’t believe how it would be to play with nothing going your way. As an Arsenal fan I hope that someone steps forward with leadership to pull everyone together for the final push. While I want Arsenal to win the title, if they can’t, I hope they make sure that Man Utd have to win it instead of Arsenal losing it.

    1. Seriously. The League Cup and today were prime examples of a goalkeeper putting a team on his back. VdS had a career game as did Ben Foster at the CC Final.

      1. Yet on the other hand, Almunia had several crucial saves today which could have made it 4-0 or 5-0 to Manchester United if he hadn’t stopped them. Van der Sar’s performance today doesn’t excuse Rosicky’s mis-hit.

        The Gaffer

        1. Agreed, I’m not saying all teams don’t have chances (Alumnia was spectacular), but sometimes a splash of luck and the whole dynamic changes (and we get the headline of “Arsenal dominates woeful Man Utd”). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to use this as an excuse for Arsenal’s weaknesses (they have plenty). What I’m saying that on any given day a whole game can rest on a single touch, a single gust of wind, or a single lucky bounce. It’s why I love the game.

        2. Or it could have easily been 3-3 or 4-4. I mean the speculation goes both ways.

          i also admit had as they say in basketball Arsenal crashed the boards more following shots in they may have got more chances on a few deflected shots like both of Man Us scores.

          Make no mistake Gaffer Arsenal had a bad game and I’m not refuting your assessment of it and they look to be in a slump as most teams would be given the situation. But you can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. This is a young team with a lot of upside for a top club that hasn’t won a trophy in 5 years. Were it 46 like BCFC before the Carling Cup I’d bet this would all be part of a build up of a dynasty in the making. the hard pieces are there. This summer Wenger should tweak the roster with a veteran or two and shore up the defense or get Djourou and Vermaelen healthy.

  6. One line in this article sums it all up: “spineless performance by Arsenal against Manchester United today,” What is the point of being a top five finisher if you never win anything? I believe the saying is “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride”?

    How long before the fans turn on Wenger and the owners demanding changes, and how long before the chairman decides Wenger has had his chance and its time to someone else a go at winning trophies – which is the only measure of a winning team, not the number of top five finishes you have.

  7. Arsenal’s biggest problem is they don’t have the toughness in the back and that’s why teams know they can always score against them. Until that problem is solved Arsenal won’t win many or any trophies. After today’s dire performance I just cannot see them winning the league title. Arshavin has been shockingly bad this season. Rosicky has not been the same since coming back from injury. Chamach has been a disappointment up front. I cannot see Arsenal going anywhere with the present squad. Unless they do a major overhaul I cannot see them winning anything.

    1. you are totally right unless they get a solid back up n a clinical finisher plus a rugged leader we are always finishing second best there needs to be a clean out in d summer I want a fighting team not a gutless one look at the carling cup finale we were superrior to birmingham but they fougth with all they had this is the downfall with this team always ball watching ,barca showed us what beautiful football is wenger they closed us down immediately no space to play or pass if only those players would learn from them we would be different class like i said cleanout the time wasters for a fan its depressing watching a defender let a striker pass by as if he expects the goalie to save the team ,i hate to say that but give me vidic n co anytime over that sorry bunch of losers with no heart,wenger is so stubbord he rather eat shit than accept he made a mistake with a few of those morons diaby,denilson,rosiccki,arshavin,gibbs,eboue,squid ,bentner,chamakh,must go get out the check book wenger n stop looking for bargains like in a supermarket ,n accept this team ain,t gonna win anything stop saying excuses each time you lose blah,blah i,m sick of it.

      1. you my friend are exactly right bringing up the lack of defense Arsenal plays. It was made so crystal clear in the Barca game. Sure the Catalans should hold the ball for a while when they have it… but Arsenal should too! That’s what they’re known for for god’s sake! But what happened? The HUGE glaring difference between the two teams was how hard Barca played in defense; in closing the Gunners down immediately when possession changed. Pitiful week and a half. Argh!

  8. Arsenal proved themselves to be inferior, no doubt, but calling them “spineless” is a bit much. It’s not like they walked off the pitch in the middle of the second half. Also, Bendtner didn’t play, why is he being bagged in this piece?

    Regardless, United matches up well against the Gunners. Unlike Chelsea, who can push United around with their size, Arsenal looks like they have trouble with Rooney and Hernandez. Heck, even the De Silva twins can stand toe to toe with them. :)

    Still, I’m not writing off their chances in the league just yet. Call it wishful thinking on the part of a neutral.

    As for United, the return of Valencia makes them a different team. He’s the type of player, with his speed and skill, that can make the difference against a team like Chelsea….and whoever they face in the CL (assuming they advance, of course).

    1. I should add, “a neutral who doesn’t necessarily want to see Arsenal win, but who does want to see the league remain contested until the two clubs match up again in a few weeks”.

  9. I think there is a real tendency to do two things in the media (and not just about this match):

    (a) Assume too much from single matches.
    (b) Overemphasize the difference between sides.

    The first applies more to the comments than to the Gaffer’s piece, so I’ll focus on (b). United did their job well today. They marshalled their defense and created a number of scoring opportunities on the break. Without Fabregas, Arsenal tends to struggle against teams playing defensively, and United used that to their advantage. They fully deserved the win on the day.

    Yet, Arsenal also had more shots, and more shots on goal, with a very solid 11. If van der Saar misses even one of the saves he made, it’s a very different match. (I don’t want to say this is “bad luck,” since keepers are every bit a part of the team – but it does not reflect on Arsenal’s performance). While Arsenal was certainly not at its best (Fabregas is obviously the big loss, but Walcott’s performances have made them much more dangerous on the break), it still came down to a thin edge in this match – van der Saar making a few key saves, United with a few hustle goals (Rooney’s was particularly well taken).

    I see no reason why these need to be blown up into “Arsenal don’t know how to finish” and “United are too clinical.” These are oversimplifications that tend to overemphasize the differences between the clubs. The reason that the league is such a prize is that it takes success over a large sample of games, which shows us much more than a single game. Over that long haul, Arsenal has found itself 3 back with a match in hand on United. The margins in soccer are often so razor thin, especially as it is a sport in which single goals have such monumental import. We ought to be careful about reading too much out of single performances.

  10. One other thought on the “depressing times” bit. As an Arsenal supporter, the past two weeks have obviously been depressing, Yet, I don’t find the “no trophies in 5 years” thing all that depressing, and I don’t wonder if Wenger will “ever” get it right.

    Under Wenger, Arsenal have been one of the most successful clubs in the world. As a fan of many teams (across various sports that is), Arsenal are easily the most consistently competitive, entertaining and exciting. Five years is nothing. It’s insignificant as a title drought. It only garners so much attention because of the excellence of Arsenal under Wenger. I’m pretty happy to support a team that can set such utterly unreasonable expectations.

  11. One more thought about today’s Arsenal performance. They were missing a leader today. Think back to the first leg of the Arsenal against Barcelona performance, and it was Fabregas’s clenched fist and him pushing his side on that helped Arsenal to come back and win that game.

    Nasri, while a gifted player, let’s his emotions get the better of him too much. Instead of focusing that energy on the opposition, he should be using it to rally his troops.

    The Gaffer

    1. Clenching fists is obviously an under appreciated skill. I would gladly offer my services as a fist clencher in return for 50k per week. Too bad the rest of my football skills are a little lacking.

  12. That was also one of the better performances from United this season, they were a little tepid in the first half, but the moment they got that goal they became a totally different side in the 2nd half, as well as the changes helping.

    Valencia had quite an impressive return back into the side and while not a replacement for Nani should give United fans some reassurance while he’s out. The Da Silvas, as has been the case throughout the cup, have been a real inspiration and were brilliant today, likewise Smalling who with more experience should fill Ferdinand’s shoes just fine when he finally retires. It’s almost redundant to say but Vidic and Van Der Sar are essential to United’s defense and showed why again today, I hope Sir Alex can convince Van Der Sar to stay another season as I don’t think any keeper in the world could match him right now. And finally, yes, even Rooney seemed back in form, he did still have that missed opportunity on goal that almost paralleled Rosicky’s in the 2nd half, but his first touch most of the game was fantastic, as was his pass to Hernandez and his little dink on the ball into the net. It’s been said a lot this season, but maybe Rooney really is close to back now.

      1. I’ve been really really harsh on Gibson but yeah, good game today, some really solid crosses over to Rooney and Rafael

  13. I don’t think the Gunners need a world class goalkeeper. I’m content to have Szcz?sny be the #1 and Almunia be a back-up. I don’t rate Fabia?ski all that much.

    Imagine what it would be like to have Vermaelen and Djourou be healthy enough to play together. Of course, injuries seem to forever curse Arsenal. Koscielny might make the grade with a little more time in the EPL. Adding a player or two here would be welcome obviously.

    What Arsenal really need is someone who can replace Viera. Fabregas, to an extent does that, but they’ve never been the same since Viera left. Nasri can’t really fit in the Fab role. And they need guaranteed finisher. RvP, as good as he is…

    Arsene needs to sell Rosicky, Bendtner, Arshavin, Denilson, & Diaby. Too bad Clichy is out of contract, because he is the only player likely to leave that they could decent money for. Arshavin showed how great he can be last season, not sure what is going on there.

  14. Wenger is lucky he doesn’t manage in American sports. I can’t imagine he would have lasted this long if he was the manager of the Yankees and hadn’t met Steinbrenners expectations and given them at least one or two world championships with the talented pool of players he has.

    American fans and owners are a lot more impatient than their English counterparts.

    1. Duh – I guess you don’t follow the rest of English footy apart from Arsenal. Wenger’s situation is far from typical.

      1. While that is true, to say that American teams do not allow their coaches to go an extended period of time without winning anything is incorrect as well.

        For example, there is Andy Reid.

  15. Arsenal were poor today, and proved once again that they are an average team at best!
    United had no midfield to speak of and two young defenders running the wings, who between them had more drive and passion than the whole Arsenal team together.
    Considering this was all Arsenal had to go at this season I expected more from them.
    As a United fan though, it was pleasing to see Wengers crushed expression when the whistle went at 98mins!

  16. Arsenal dominated all the stats but for the goal tally… however I concede that they didnt get it done against a United side there for the taking. It mimicked a lot of the recent Arsenal United games where United sit back, let Arsenal play and then pick us off.
    Arsenal’s problems:
    Too many fringe players dont step up. Denilson, Arshavin (declining force) , Rosicky, bendtner.
    No leadership and someone to bollock them when they need to hear it.
    Formation wise Wenger hasnt a clue. We play 4-2-3-1 every single game. At home we shuold be playing 4-4-2. Wenger has ruined Chamakh – he was scoring for fun but then WEnger never tried a 4-4-2 when Van persie got back and worse he threw in Nicky B ahead of Chamakh. God only knows why.

    Sort this out and we’ll be fine but its easier said than done. I want to see murderers come into this team. Its far too timid. Gaffer once called us Flat track Bullies and he’s right.

    However – Arsenal HAVE mounted a title challenge. Its unfair to say we havent. Four teams effectively were in it till jan. A title challenge doesnt start in April and Arsenal with 3000 injuries are still in it. I personally dont believe we’ll do it but I know we’re in it.

  17. PS) Bendtner deserves all the shi* he’s had this week because of his mouth. It was a tricky chance no doubt but his first touch has been dire all year whether he’s just come on or played 70 minutes. He didnt control it and for a man of his self deluded talents (remember he taunted ORIENT fans after his hat trick) he needs to be able to control a ball.

  18. “Ah, yes – when a manager fails to build a team with the spine or focus needed to win the league, he can always fall back on the “hard done by” excuse ” – so said I, after the match against Sunderland. Spine, Focus.

    I would say however Gaffer, Arsenal weren’t dire but like the last 20 mins against Barca, they simply weren’t tenacious enough. Bendtner and Arshivin are good enough to play for Arsenal – start every match? Probably not.

    Considering the Gunners are the only team that has control of winning the league, in their hands, it could be worse.

  19. Keeper: Don’t need new ones. Scz is good enough. Give him time.
    CB: When Tommy V and Djourou are fit, we should be gold. Koscielny makes a good backup.
    LB: This is becoming a bit of a problem for Arsenal. Both Clichy and Gibbs are pacy and good going forward but seem to get caught in their own momentum while defending. They are both equally horrible at defending headers. I can’t believe that one of the shortest players on the pitch yesterday – Fabio – kept beating Gibbs to headers in front of goal. Gibbs wasn’t even trying – absolutely alarming! Better LB training needed? Or a new LB? I would actually entertain the idea of playing Clichy or Gibbs up front as a winger – similar to how Gareth Bale transitioned up front from LB.

    Leadership: Is non-existent. Let’s not mistake brilliant mid-field play for leadership. Cesc can pull awesome performances from mid-field that create rhythm for the team. Cesc cannot, however, “marshal his troops” in the heat of battle – glaring example was the Barca game, 2nd leg. The only 2 with potential to be tough leaders psychologically are Thomas Vermaelen and Jack Wilshere – they should be groomed into this role fast.

    The misfits: Denilson – out! Rosicky – out! Diaby… very close to getting the boot.

    The remaining fringe players: Bendtner is a good backup striker, look at some of his goals this season, especially when he cuts back to the right and scores on a couple of occasions at least. The Barca goof was bad, yes, but the rest of the team, save Almunia, was shy8. Bendtner and Chamakh need to work on their positioning so that Arsenal can use them better. Bendtner over Chamakh in the pecking order, btw.

    Mid-field: Cesc/Nasri and Jack/Aaron are the options. No need to f*k around with this by putting Rosicky in the center or Diaby where they are horseshy8!

    Simple solutions, no spending, let’s git’rdun!! Up gunners!
    Oh, wait! AW has his own ego to get over first.

  20. A pretty torrid performance from Arsenal today and I think the blame falls squarely on Wenger’s shoulders. Only two weeks ago, his smug grin as Arshavin shot Barcelona out of the barrel, led us to believe better days lay ahead, but in true fashion, it’s all been a flash in the pan. They are one-dimensional and lack adventure. Compare today’s line-ups and see the difference in the approaches.

    They can still win the League but United have such a hex on them right now it’s difficult to see them beating them at all this year.

  21. pretty much everything which is wrong with arsenal has been said in the comment so i don’t have anything to add apart form that the picture ( above) is very nice.

  22. I think, Wenger has been comfortable in that seat for a long time. It’s time he was shown the door like coaches from Italy or Laliga where even if you win the league, your job is not guaranteed and still can be fired.

    For any organisation to make money they have to ensure that they employee the right human power and be read to spend hugely. Unfortunately,” if you put gabbage in, you expect gabage out”. As already alluded to by other commentators, players like, Rosncisky, Diaby, Arshavin,Denilson, Bendtener all deserve to play for teams like Birning Ham City, Blackpool, Wigan or even in the chapions league. I wish that the next season the owners will bring in a new manager like the likes of Morinou who will be able to influence the directors to open their cheque books unlike Wenger(Mr Bin) who is interested in sharing those bonuses.

    Infact french managers are stinge and want plays from their country to be developed. Its not surprising why the french national team is in disere.

    Mark Kumwenda, RSA

    1. Arsenal will never release Wenger. He makes them too much money but if he doesn’t change his ways, they will become a “talent farm” where young players develop and then want out through lack of trophies ( Fabregas ? )

  23. As a Manchester United supporter, me i think Arsenal’s problem is the managers thinking capabilities and skills. He should figure out the most necessary players to take him some where not just relying tiny talentless players expecting a miracle from them. Actually Arsenal players know soccer to the fullest but there are players who know genuine soccer to take the team forward not like Arsenals style… Generally they are good but they luck the potential just that!!!

  24. As a Manchester United supporter, me i think Arsenal’s problem is the managers thinking capabilities and skills. He should figure out the most necessary players to take him some where not just relying tiny talentless players expecting a miracle from them. Actually Arsenal players know soccer to the fullest but there are players who know genuine soccer to take the team forward not like Arsenals style… Generally they are good but they luck the potential just that!!! So let him look for players with the potential to take trophies just that. It isn’t that this Arseanl team doesn’t know soccer, no it’s good but just luck of potential. just that.

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