What Would Be Your Dream Cup Final, And Why?

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There’s something magical about a Cup Final. On any given day, any team can win even if it’s a David against Goliath. The nerves are tensing, the butterflies are racing and the sweaty palms are in full bloom. Then you have the atmosphere at the stadium, the team colors flying and waving in the ground and the sheer noise of tens of thousands of supporters screaming blue murder.

But what, for you, would be your dream Cup Final? Which match between two opponents would you love to see and in which tournament? A potential Champions League Final featuring your team against a hated opponent? A FA Cup Final? Or a Playoff Final to qualify for the Premier League? You name it. Think about it and share your best answer in the comments section below.

For me, it would have to be my team Swansea City against Cardiff City in the Championship Play-Off Final this May at Wembley. The winner would be in the Premier League this season. The loser would have to start all over again next season.

Even though this would be a dream final for me, I would probably hate it. I would hate the prospect of my team losing. I would hate the emotional rollercoaster the game would put me through. And I would hate the wishing… the wishing to see the ball float into the net from a free kick when I have no influence or control of what was going to happen.

At the same time, that hate would morph into sheer ecstasy if and when Swansea would beat our hated rivals at Wembley. But the nerves would be too much for me. I would much prefer to see Swansea qualify in second place and remove the pressure of what a Cup Final entails.

Share your story of what your dream Cup Final would be in the comments section below. I look forward to reading your stories.

Thanks to Jesse Chula for the story idea.

33 thoughts on “What Would Be Your Dream Cup Final, And Why?”

  1. Clearly, as a Spurs fan, I would love nothing better than to see a cup final against the Arse.

    I’d say that’s true for most fans — you’ll take a cup final against anyone, but you REALLY want the cup final against your rival.

    1. Yeah I would agree on this one. It would have been unreal to have a Spurs/Arsenal CL final at Wembly this year. But looks like Arsenal will have to watch on tv as Spurs beat Barca in the final! Hahaha… a red card for Messi and a four goal haul for Bale.

      I’m sorry Messi, I actually love you a lot.

      I would also love to see an Everton Liverpool final in any capacity. I think that would hit an extreme boiling point as well.

  2. While it would not be my dream final, I would LOVE to see two sides from the Football Conference in the FA Cup Final.

    I am not even talking about clubs from the Football Conference proper here. I am talking about two sides from the Football Conference North and Football Conference South making the final just to see the s*** fit the FA has when it realizes that the final will feature Redditch United, St Albans City and a whole lot of empty seats.

  3. Wolves v West Brom with Wolves coming out on top!

    I agree with the FC United v Manchester United. Would be unbelievable if FC could win that one!

  4. Gaffer,

    On another note, I was browsing your ‘about the writers’ section and noticed that one of them was a fellow Arizona Wildcat! Imagine the chances of that – what a small world indeed, especially Tucson. Thought I was the only football crazed supporter in this town. I play in an indoor league here at a pretty decent new facility that opened up and pretty much know all of my football friends here simply from playing. Tucson also just hosted Sporting Kansas and the NY Red Bulls for a pre-season friendly, which was a great spectacle and overall turn out for Tucson. I had an all access pass and was about 10 ft. away from Henry during their warm up training. Even as a die hard United supporter, that was a great moment for me just as a true lover of the game.


  5. I’m sorry to say that the magic of the FA Cup has just gone for me and I really don’t care. As a MUFC fan in the 70’s it was the highlight of the year, the giant killing, the semi final’s etc. but this year the FA Cup weekends have been so annoying and in the way of the exciting Premier League. I tend to be a traditionalist but the FA Cup aura is gone.

    I wonder how Man Utd will setup this weekend. Arsenal have the post Barca issues and United have a big game next week.

    On an unrelated subject Gaffer, I sent an email to the Info@ link about a story I’d like to write for you. If you did not get it please check or replay back to me. Thx.

    1. I agree that the FA is third in the ranks of priority for Fergie and the club. The league and Champions League come way ahead of the FA Cup in terms of priority and I think we’ll mostly field a ‘b’ squad for Saturday with Rooney not playing. I wouldn’t be surprised with a draw or a loss to be honest with Arsenal having much more to play for since so desperate for something this year.

  6. Gaffer can you PLEASE get the attention of FSC and get them to fix the commentary feed for Champions League games!!!!!!!!
    I ended up watching the ITV feed online because it was so poor AGAIN today….the commentary was nearly 2 seconds AHEAD of the action

    1. yeah and tell them to change their commercials from pro-activ, capital one and vip talk, i’ve memorized them all. plus who are they marketing to w/pro-activ anyway? no women sit there and watch that channel.

    2. DaveG, I spoke to one of the top executives at Fox Soccer Channel this evening and asked about the issue of the audio being out of sync with the video images during Champions League matches. He says that they’re aware of the issue, and that the root cause seems to be on the side of the TV providers (cable and satellite companies). The issue is intermittent. They’re working with the TV providers to fix it.

      The Gaffer

  7. My dream is to just see the Man Utd/Arsenal winner lose in the Semis. Especially if it is against Man City.

    I would love to see Man City, Birmingham, Stoke, Reading, or Fulham win the FA Cup this year. No to Man Utd, Arsenal or West Ham Utd.

  8. Being far far away (Australia) and only watching on TV – the most enjoyable games have been the playoff games for promotion. Blackpool’s run last year and have to say Scunthorpe promotion the other year (3-2) from memory. Both cracking games. May be missing some of the big names but atmosphere seemed fantastic.
    Who know Gaffer maybe this is the year for the mighty Swansea.

  9. real madrid vs barcelona champions league final, real madrid and the special one prevail on a ronaldo free kick and show that even having the refs cheat for you can’t stop the greatest manager ever

  10. lets go with Sheffield United V West Ham in some near future FA Cup final… and West Ham win 7-nil & Neymar nets 4 for the Irons.

    1. Why do you feel hard done by in the Tevez scandal? Sheff United got relegated and have been distracted by ongoings so much they are now going down to league one if there not careful. Plus they still haven’t recieved all the payments. For me a dream final would be Sheffield Wednesday v Manchester United with Wednesday just edging it 7-0!

  11. Well Birmingham beating Villa in the the quarter finals and going on to beat Arsenal 2-1 in the League Cup works for me. Please tell me it wasn’t a dream tho’!

  12. It’s got to be Arsenal/Sp*rs for me, watching my beloved side taking on our rivals would be great. It would also be interesting to see which supporters make more of an impact at Wembley, considering both sides are from London- it would reveal a lot about the fans of the respective clubs.

  13. Man United vs Real Madrid
    Time to finally win one over on Ronaldo since he left, and what better stage to do it on?

  14. Most any other time, I’d say Spurs vs. Arsenal. Seeing as that can’t happen in any competition this season, though, I’m going to have to say Spurs vs. Barca in the CL Final. We face domestic competition enough times during the year, I’d like to play more foreign competition (we haven’t been half-bad thus far).

  15. Would love to see Barcelona vs. Manchester United in the CL final. And I can guarantee it will settle that Barca is the best team in the world right now. I told all the Arsenal fans way back when you posted the article about if Arsenal could beat Barca that they were all just pipe dreaming. Well this would be the same guarantee. Barcelona will beat Manchester U, badly if Nani is out. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Tottenham or Chelsea vs. Inter/Barca. I’d take any of those since we are technically dreaming.

  16. Champions League Final: Chelsea vs Manchester United. Chelsea to stop United from winning the treble (United wins the EPL title and FA Cup). Also revenge for Chelsea for their CL loss a couple of seasons ago. Torres to bag the winner in the 90th minute (his first goal for Chelsea) after coming on as a sub in the 80th minute.

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