The MLS Talk Fantasy League, Plus the Rest of the Preview Schedule

mls talk The MLS Talk Fantasy League, Plus the Rest of the Preview ScheduleWe are exactly one week away from the Sounders and Galaxy kicking off the beginning of the 2011 MLS Season, and over the next week I wanted to share the exciting content you will be able to read on this site.

Of course over the next few days we will be wrapping up the team previews, with the San Jose ‘Quakes on today’s schedule.  If you have not read your favorite team’s preview yet, I highly recommend you take a look and share anything we overlooked or you think we got wrong.  Of course the MLS Talk podcast will continue its preview this week when Richard and Chris share who they think are the playoff teams in 2011, as well as Feuerstein’s Fire’s in-depth preview with soccer journalists and supporters’ groups.  Make sure you check us out on Monday, March 14.  On that day, the four preview writers (Daniel, Earl, Kristan, and yours truly) will give their predictions for the season: who will win what, as well as major award predictions.  Come ready to refute us.

And on Tuesday, March 15, join me on this site during the Sounders-Galaxy match for a live chat of the match.  Share your tactical thoughts, personnel disagreements, and best Beckham jokes (sorry Galaxy fans).

Finally, we listened and The Orginal Tom and Chris Riordan have created the MLS Talk FC Manager group.  Appropriately entitled “MLS Talk” (motto: Endless Banter), it is your chance to spend $100 (fake) on 15 players.  Most points wins.  Winner receives bragging rights.  Come join the league through the FC Manager link, and search for the group MLS Talk.  I look forward to a competitive fantasy season.

2 thoughts on “The MLS Talk Fantasy League, Plus the Rest of the Preview Schedule”

  1. Don’t bother with the MLS Fantasy, not because it is not worth it, it is.
    It was a lot of fun getting a team together.

    Don’t bother because…my son and I entered !


  2. The teams are easy to create and you can be as active, or passive, about managing them as the the season goes.

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