Nani’s Horrific Injury From Jamie Carragher’s Tackle [PHOTO]

In Sunday’s massive match between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield, Jamie Carragher committed a high tackle against Nani in the 44th minute that resulted in the Portugese player going to ground and Carragher being awarded a yellow card.

But in images published in the last hour, we can now take a closer look at how damaging the tackle was.

The second of the images is the most graphic of the two showing a close-up presumably taken from a TV still. In the first image, you can see his blood trickling down his leg.

These images definitely shine a new light on the incident. While I still believe that Jamie Carragher didn’t intentionally injure Nani but instead missed a 50/50 bouncing ball and clobbered Nani instead, he should have received a straight red such was the horrific damage he caused.

When Nani initially went down, he was obviously in pain. But he may not have realized the extent of his injury until he got up and tried to show referee Phil Dowd the blood that was trickling down his leg. It’s possible that only when his sock was removed by the Liverpool medical staff member did Nani realize how horrific the injury was. And it was at this time that you saw Nani crying, understandably so given the mixture of shock, pain and realization that he’ll be out presumably for the rest of the season.

Best wishes to Nani for a speedy recovery.

380 thoughts on “Nani’s Horrific Injury From Jamie Carragher’s Tackle [PHOTO]”

    1. Really? Are you that petty that you would actually be happy for having a horrific injury happen to someone? I would suggest growing up a little and remember that its just a game and someone simulating injury is not the same as having your leg sliced open. I feel sorry that someone like you has a warped a mind as you do.

      1. He managed to get up and run over to the ref (and put his hands on him) after the tackle. Its that sort of thing that makes it hard to feel sorry for him. My personal view was that it was a strong yellow. Could have been ref for sure but I’d have given a yellow.

        Also in that clip, not only is he simulating, he tries to CAUSE injury with the headbutt.

        I’ve a lot of time for Scholes and Giggs but very little for Nani.

        1. Epic fail there sir a STRONG yellow?

          The tackle has made Nani get stitches for god’s sake and Carragher was no where near the ball so yes it is a red.

          1. i can certainly see your point of view. Remember the damage caused is never criteria for a yellow or red but I do agree it was a poor tackle. Red though? Maybe.

          2. Yeah it that was a red so was rafaels tackle on lucas.. dont see know one complaning about that…. also he got up to try and fight with the ref and gerrard pushed him in the chest and he went down holidng his face he deserved all of the injury :) if you going to cheat dont look like a divvy

          3. EPIC-er fail there sir. NO WHERE NEAR THE BALL?

            no where near the ball means he’s at the bench or probably out of the stadium. Of course he was near the ball and trying to get to the ball.

        2. That has nothing to do with a shameful tackle which has put him out of a number of games. Ive had my leg broken and driven myself to the hospital on pure adrenalin (where the ER almost had a fit and told me how stupid I was), sometimes you dont realize how bad they are until later on.

          BTW, theres no such thing as a strong yellow, studs up and blood showing is red every time unless you want paraplegics in the premier league.

          1. Just becos there’s blood showing its a red card , total crap !!!, It’s a red card becos the tackle was high and over the ball. not becos there was blood.

          2. Calm down you numbscull. If nani had been wearing proper shin pads there would be no injury. Nani is a cheating little portugese wanker who got what he deserved for all the times he has dived and cheated in the past.

        3. Obviously you’re a Brit who’s typically prejudiced against players from the continent. I love the Scouse fans booing him as he was stretchered off; lots of class there but what else do you expect from Heysel hooligans?

          1. heysal hooligans? think you need to get your facts right before spouting utter drivel , going back to a crawly fan singing songs about munich that was prosecuted !!!!

          2. Not a nice comment. The tackle by Carragher, while it was high I dont believe it merited a Red card, on the other hand I think the antics of Nani and that French ponce Evra leave a lot to be desired. I watched Wayne Rooney walking past Nani lying crying on the ground, he was shaking his head and laughing. I wonder what it was that he thought funny.
            I have to say that United were noticable by their silence over the Rooney assualt. But thats United, dont do as we do, do as we say.

          3. As per your Heysel comment, out of order, totally uncalled for. Its idiots like yourself that caust the bitter hatered as it stands today. Get your head out your arse and think you idiot.

          4. ROB, you disgust me Heysel was shown the the reds wewre protecting themselves from rocks raining down on them what would you have done stand there and took it, i don’t think so.
            And who were the Original Football houligans Man U.
            I am in a wheelchair and was at Crewe station waiting for a change in train, I was on my way home from Training with The Great Britain Wheelchair basketball team, and i had my Lpool scalf on it was bloody cold. And I was set on by about 10 Man U fans, the verbally abused me, then tried to push me off the platform into the coming train, lucky a lot of people came tomy rescue, so you dare talk about houligans. united invented it

          5. Rob, that was a very sad, comment, I am sure issues like Heysel and Hillsboro are not on the same planet as this incident, or are you that ignorant?

          6. hooligans realy it was a bad tackle yes but nanni has cryed s wolf once to often he was able to get up and run to the ref though thats how badly injured he is so what he gets stitches etc as do thousands of people every day

        4. You sir are nothing more than a filthy hate filled dirtbag! How dare you you both say it’s nothing more than a strong yellow as well you don’t feel sorry for him. The moment it happened Neil Warnock on TalkSport said he thought his leg was broken & the adrenaline from the pain pushed him through. The moment he put full weight on the leg he goes down like he was shot & that’s the reason. Ask any doctor or trainer (like myself) & you would know that. IDIOT LIVERPOOL YOB!

          1. Dirtbag, idiot, Liverpool yob, mmmmmm. Not quite what I would expect from a doctor. Had you have looked you would have seen Nancy, sorry Nani, run a couple of steps to the Ref to show him the blood. Unfortunately a sniper in the stand shot him and he collapsed before he could convince the Ref to send off Jamie. Typical of United, we are being played off the park so lets get someone sent off. Seriously, it was a bad tackle but I dont hear anyone complaining about the tackle by Rafael which was worse. Seriously man get a grip your a doctor get control of yourself its a game and Ferguson is not God.

          2. Dr Mike, write yourself a prescription and take a couple of tablets. Your a Dr man get a grip of yourself, or better still write Nancy, sorry Nani, a prescription for an Oscar and some tissues.

          3. that what we call football u idiot… if u dont want to get contact play netball.. nani also good in netball wearing skirt.. u moron….

        5. Simon, you must know that when nani was struck by carragher, he would not be able to feel the pain instantly because of adrenaline still pumping.

          1. get off nanis back.all u scouse would love to hav him in your avarage team.garrager shd hav seen red but as per norm he got away with it like countless handballs and fouls in the penalty area over the result doesnt make a season.keep living in the past scousers cause title 19 is coming our way.mufc4ever

          2. Firstly, no we would not want the cheating, crying welp in our team.
            Secondly, as are you therefore saying that you were turned over by an average team then what does that make the Manc?
            Thirdly, please try using spell check, or better still get a grown up to help you with the hard words.

        6. Maybe, is that not to say that it may have ended his best season? This is his career, is him walking a sign of him beeing able to play? Use your brain. And if thats not a clear mind in your head I recommend you watch something else

        7. Maybe, is that not to say that it may have ended his best season? This is his career, is him walking a sign of him beeing able to play? Use your brain. And if thats not a clear red in in your mind I recommend you watch something else

        8. what about when craig fagan got up after he broke his leg its the adrenalin at the moment it takes a while for the pain to sink trough and its a strong red not a yellow dose the leg have to be in 2 for a red

        9. Simon, I really can’t get over how well your surname serves you, I mean we all know where the surnames Baker and Butcher originate from and having read your comments I think maybe the origin of yours shares the same, self explanatory back ground.

          No matter what your opinions on Nani or Manchester United, Carragher blatantly went in knee height studs first, and under the rules of the beautiful game, its a straight red card all day long, fact!! You should all really look at yourselves, you would quite rightly be disgusted if this had happened to one of you players.

          The funny thing is, every time Fergie talks out at the refs (rightly or wrongly) for a few months after, we seem to get reds when they should be yellows or the refs miraculously don’t see challenges 6 feet away. There were 2 instances in The United Chelsea game and a number in the Liverpool game. Its blatant cheating and quite frankly its out of order.

        10. Nani brought it on himself not getting Jamie sent off. His histrionics all season make him candidate for “boy crying wolf” this season so even a poor challenge like this one (which, as an LFC fan I would have to say would have been deserving of a red) is likely to be viewed askance by refs around the league. If he had just stayed down Carra was probably looking at a sending off, but Nani, who just can’t help himself, has to take center stage and make his best Liza Minelli impersonation which I’m sure Dowd noticed and gave thumbs down.

      2. it’s not really an “horrific” injury or having your leg sliced open so please stop flaming and crying over nani’s superb acting skills. He didn’t actually go to ground until he realised the ref was not going to give red. if thats what you call a “horrific” injury then i think you need to grow up not the person you replied too.

      3. Look at the two photos – the first one shows the blood trickling down his left leg – the second photo is of his right leg – wonder how that happened?

    2. the Carra tackle was mistimed and not premeditated, he missed a bouncing ball, but as an LFC fan I could not have complained had he been red carded – that said where were nani’s shin pads, how can you make a gash like that through a decent pad? Or is he so tough he doesn’t wear them? If Lucas had not jumped out the way of kamikaze rafael it would have been 2 broken legs, he too was lucky to stay on the park!! I said Liverpool would destroy man oo and I was right, just wait for a fully fit Carroll alongside Suarez next season

        1. shut up phillip you mong. go and research liverpool vs untd title wins then go crawl back into your council flat

          1. You can’t compare the old first division and the EPL! How many EPL titles have Liverpool got? Nil, Zero, Nada!!!

            Stop spouting off about your history and try looking to the future! Cause at the moment history is all you’ve got. If you were involvde in the title race you may actually have something else to talk about.

          2. Terry: How many leagues did United win before Liverpool imploded after the heysel and hillsborough disaster? 27 years after their own munich disaster. It is something that happens to every team, and to say that the EPL is different than the First division that used to be is utter bollocks! Grow up Terry!

          3. Why is the premier league THAT different?!?! You seem to forget that United had made 27 years to win a league! And it was the ‘inferior’ division one according to you muppet!

      1. That’s what I was wondering about the shin pads. It’s like he was wearing a lucky pair of shin pads that he wore ever since he was 13 and never bought new ones.

        Nonetheless, it was a bad tackle deserving of red.

        1. The trend seems to be to wear slim fit shin pads , for every team I’ve played for I’ve always been advised to wear full size shin pads with ankle guards . Nani obv thinks he’s above that :L

      2. A bouncing ball – are you seeing things?? Watch it again andd then try and tell me you didnt just loose your argument prick. It was dirty, scouse and he should have been straignt red. as far as this Raffa being off -erm if someone just snapped at my thigh i think i’d go quite hard into my next tackle too. but Raffa doesnt go hard into anything – he cant!
        Who was the one that pulled his hair? Poncy scouse bitches

        1. It’s a bounce that Nani himself loses track of. So yes – a bouncing ball. If nani controls the ball then the tackle’s getting the ball. The fact that the ball was bumbled out of bounds is why it looks like worse of a tackle than it is.

      3. where were Nani’s shin pads?

        If you watch the slow-mo replay, the foul actually catches him above the shin-pad, and Carragher’s studs rake down his shin, pushing the pad loose as they do so.

    3. Amen to that! All those theatrical histrionics were an attempt to show the crowd and his mates that he’d taken one for the team in a valiant effort to atone for his own-assist goal. Here in the USA, where men are men and women are prone, the unwritten rule is that you NEVER let an opponent know he’s hurt you. Baseball players barely grimace when a pitched ball hits them, and football players . . . well, you know. I love watching big-league soccer but all the dives sicken me. Any player who goes down for any reason should be required to spend five minutes on the sidelines, with perhaps a temporary substitution allowed? I’m guessing the dive problem is being addressed by the soccer moguls. Just look at how they solved the ball-passing-the-goal-line issue!

      1. ??? Clearly you’ve never had a kick of the ball in your life. Stop making Americans look so stupid – you’re making the rest of us look like fools.

    4. Speedy recovery from which photo? Haven’t got time to read all 185 posts but question has to be asked if it wasnt already, Carra went in one foot and caught nani left leg as per pic 1, that axe wound in pic 2 is on somebody’s right leg and I suspect it’s not nanis unless he was chopping wood after the heartbreaking loss and wanted a nice fire to cry beside, sore loser mank propaganda twatology methinks. I can’t wait to see fergies interview

    5. Simon Burke you’ve had a mare here mate!
      straight red, career ending challenge, you’re lucky I found you to let you know before you go get a yellow card in your ross kemp matches at the weekend you numbnut

    6. You reap what you sow in this life. After years of vile Vidic kicking lumps and wrestling and people like Keane hell bent on “taking people out” all seemingly endorsed by Ferguson it hurts when the boot is on the other foot. Crying about it as well ! I am afraid the disgusting Man U culture has come back to haunt them big style and the endless cheating no longer guarantees them a win. Man up you girl .Steve (Brentford Fan)

      1. Couldn’t agree more.Man utd have bullied and hasseled referees for years. They act like a bunch of school kids. And please crying on the pitch what next. Lucky we were not playing with Nani’s ball or else he would have taken it home on the stretcher with him. Biggest problem in the EPL which didn’t exsist 25 years ago DIVERS AND CHEATS and that all comes from the foreign invasion of players. Yeah sure they make the league more skillful but take your cheating ways with you and piss of we dont need your skills if thats the price we have to pay.

    7. its a bit of blood get over it you great girls blouse , my kids get worse from playin with there skipping ropes and fallin , he cant be that badly hurt he ran over to moan fast enough before re-fallin in agony with his little drip of blood ffs wat a fairy

    8. Simon, your comments are distasteful.

      Anyone with a brain knows that was a red card offense, blood or no blood.

      I hope the FA goes after these players instead of the managers that complain about the horrible calls.

    9. Thats a disgusting thing to say. No doubt you’re a Liverpool fan. Just shows how mature you are saying something as disgusting as that. No doubt you chant about the Munich disaster like the rest of your scum. We dont cheer the Hillsborough disaster but then thats the difference between class and scum.

      1. Don’t forget knob, it was that Scum that loaned players to UTD after the crash, and your own manager loved Liverpool, as our ex Captain.
        and was gutted when Liverpool offered him the managers job because he had just accepted Man U, and he was a man of honour and couldn’t back out. where would your crap be now without Sir Matt (ex Liverpool) when you make statements like that you should read history books before you open your Big Fat Gob

      2. Are you messing!!! Have you heard and seen some of the disgusting chant from your rabble. I doubt it as you are probably from Devon or somewhere like that and have never been the match. Your chants are sick and always sung first. The munich chants are always in retaliation! Fact. And first hand knowledge!

    10. Oh,that must be a red card Carragher.Anyway,Nani is already heal,and I hope that he will be more careful when having a situatian like this.Thank god,because not a very heavy injury.And one more thing,”nice performance Nani.” 😉

  1. If ur in real pain, you will not able to be stand up lol. but he did, which means he was crying for red card which carra didnt get.

    1. Che, I disagree. Sometimes with the adrenalin pumping, players can play through injuries or not realize how badly they’re hurt until they see the injury for themselves. Nani may have been trying to get Carragher red carded, I’m sure, but I don’t believe he realized the extent of his injury until it was down on the ground the second time.

      Nani’s reputation as a faker definitely came into play today. We’ve seen Nani pretend to be more injured than he is on many occasions previously, that it was a case of the Boy Who Cried Wolf today. When he got really injured, not everyone (myself included) believed the full extent of his injury until we see the pictures ourselves.

      The Gaffer

      1. So, let me get this straight, Nani has the presence of mind to hop around, rush over to Phil Dowd, feign like Steven Gerrard pushed him with the power of ten men, roll around and only then shock set in?


        Moreover, that photo makes the cut look worse than it really is. What looks like a huge gash is actually just a build-up of blood.

        If Djibril Cissé could go through this: and this: without crying, I am pretty sure Nani could survive Carragher’s reckless challenge without crying.

        1. the reason for some of the boos was Nani taken a swipe at the medical team trying to help him. The fact Nani is a divin see ya next Tuesday doesn’t help his cause with any way fans.

      2. Has anyone verified the pictures of the injury. THey are doing the rounds on twitter but have they been proven real. I’ve no reason to believe they arent but its unusual to see them posted.

        Nani’s history of faking made me think he was just trying to avoid the Fergie hairdryer. He falls down under that ‘push’ from Gerrard … he’s always at it.

        1. The first picture with blood in it is doctored. That sorry excuse for a shadow going down Nani’s left leg is a really bad Photoshop edit. It’s a SOLID black line… The second image? Could be real but with the first one an obvious fake…hard to say.

          1. FYI the black line on Nani’s leg is that silly tape players wear these days along the muscles, not an attempt at a shadow

          2. Hey dumbass…. that is not a doctored black photoshop edit! It’s black heat athletic tape. The same damn tape that’s used by athletes all around the world. It was on his leg underneath his sock. It costs about $15 a roll & you can find it at good sports stores. Maybe you can get some to fix your brain you idiot!

      3. good call. nani’s got a bad rep for that kind of thing. if its giggs who takes that tackle it’s probably red. all that being said, nani was garbage all game ferguson was probably ok with it. red or not, liverpool were clearly the better team.

    2. Tell that to my 17 year old self, when I played the second half of an american football game with a broken leg. You’d be amazed what you can do with enough adrenaline in your system…

    3. in response to your initial comment – not true, i shattered my knee in a motorcycle accident, got up and continued to ride my bike for several minutes – in shock, adrenaline is a powerful chemical. nani easily could have gotten up with an injury like that – and protested as he did.

      1. It’s a cut for goodness sake – it’s barely an injury. If the idiot had been wearing shinpads, he’d have been fine (maybe a little bruise). I don’t think you really know the meaning of horrific if you use it to describe that cut.

        Having said that – Carra should have seen red. But then so should that disgraceful Rafael whose two footed, off the ground lunge was FAR more dangerous than Carra’s high boot. Not the first time he’s got away with it against us either.


    5. Adrenalin doesn’t run out in 30 seconds. I’m sorry but this line is BS. As someone who was severely injured playing a sport (water polo in HS) you’re either hurting like mad right away or eventually the pain comes on. It doesn’t come on all at once when you are trying to get the other guy carded. Sorry. That was acting.

  2. Carragher’s challenge was not premeditated so regardless of how bad the injury you cannot say it deserved a red card. It was reckless but a 50-50 challenge and he got a deserving yellow card. Same for Rafael’s challenge on Lucas which was more out of frustration and because it didn’t result in an injury to Lucas connot be regarded as a lesser foul.

    I hope Nani’s injury won’t keep him out too long as United will need him since he has been one of their more consistent and better perfromers this season. His diving antics aside, he is a very good player with lots of skill and United will need him for the remainder of the season.

    1. I have to disagree with you when you states, “Carragher’s challenge was not premeditated so regardless of how bad the injury you cannot say it deserved a red card.” A challenge does not have to be premeditated for it to be deemed worthy of a red card.

      1. i assume you are a man u fan,? typical, has to resort to foul and abusive language, imo as a ‘ dirty scouser’ carra should of been red carded, but i dont think it was premdeitated, mistimed yes, and if you are capable of a decent discussion, without the foul language, it would make a nice change

  3. Given nani’s history I can understand the hate..but carragher is a pure goon. That sort of tackle doesn’t have a place in the game.

    1. Bad tackle, high and nowhere near the ball. Should have been a red Card. End of story.Guess what goes round comes round with ref’s though, he could’nt see it properly. As a whole he ref’d the game well to be honest.

    1. the last picture isnt doctored, i paused the tv when i saw how close up it showed the injury and got a near enough identical shot to believe it is real, but it is a lot more zoomed in than it appears, so the injury wound looks bigger. Don’t believe me if you don’t want to, but that’s the truth:)

    2. You cant prove he did or he didnt until we know his injury. How did carragher cut both his legs with a one footed challenge? Both of the other pics show Carra caught nannies left leg, that last pic looks like the right foot, unless Carra has knocked both of his feet backwards. I’m 99% sure that last pic isn’t nanis leg

  4. Great, now United can spend all week whining about how unfair Dowd was instead of focusing on the ass-kicking they received from the Reds.

    1. Rooney shouldn’t be playing at all after that elbow last week that 82 million people saw !!! Real champions DO NOT get hammered like they did today.Arrogance with cost you the league again !!!!!!

    2. Whatever u Manu fan.match is over stop argueing about it.why are u pointing out the goal was offside when the debate here is about nanis injury?btw go learn your math right,11-1 is 10 not 9.

      1. Because you should have had 2 sent off, not just for the Nani tackle, you were dirty all day long. I’ll give you one thing – not as bad as Chelsea but still..

    3. Talking complete arse there, reina ran down only to pull his players away from trouble, united got spanked by the pool that is a fair comment even my intelligent united fan friends think so

    4. regarding you 4th the replay…your defender plays him onside #12…so no, Kuyt was not offside, even the announcers mention this numerous times during the replay. As far as van der sar getting a yellow…he comes 3/4 of the way down the pitch..reina came about 20 yards…big difference. What tackle on Raf? maxi went for the ball at thigh level and barely nicks rafael…then raf clearly goes in hard against luca ..had lucas not jumped, he would have gotten his legs broken. Was Carra’s challenge a hard one ….yes….but it is what it is. As for nani, as many times as he has dived…and the fact that he cried..really…..ive seen worse scrapes on children..grow lost..stop crying

      1. well done u hardman you(not).i`d like to see how youd react if youd been hacked down like nani for that slow,clumbsy,classless muppet carrager,what goes around comes around.let the scousers have their one day of glory and we`ll celebrate in may when trophies r handed out,mufc 4 ever……..

    5. offside you muppet! When the freekick was taken your fat useless right back was playing all the Liverpool players on side. you need to learn the rules idiot.

    1. When exactly did I defend Rooney? I didn’t, but thanks for putting words in my mouth. Rooney’s elbow was as much a red card as Carragher’s “tackle”.

  5. Out for the season? With a gash on his leg? Come on. The call was correct, as was the call on Rafael. I think we’re getting a little carried away with our use of “horrific”.

    1. Indeed, Ian Smith’s injury was horrific – as a sporting injury goes. If your foot is pointing the wrong direction that can be considered horrific.

      1. +1, agreed, to call this horrific seems more than a bit overboard. I know you’re just trying to get page views…but come on…

        …well, on second thought I guess you did your journalistic job well…I actually commented on the article

          1. if it’s just pooled blood, as opposed to the “open gash of torn flesh” that some may see then no, it’s not a horrific injury. We’ll the the Portugese dive champ soon enough if I’m not mistaken…

            And yes – his “cry wolf” diving, rolling around until he see’s a card produced has indeed come back to haunt him.

            PS – is it just me, or when Arsenal drop 2 points (and the media calls them out for not being capable of winning the title) Man U obliges by dropping 3 and lets us gain 1 pt on em? (NUFC, this one) – if so… here’s to a bunch more draws for the Gunners 😛

      1. ZOMG! the bone!! it’s like…… 1mm from the surface of the shin!!! OMG a 1mm cut!!!

        In all seriousness it’s a bad tackle, and a cut that’ll need stitches. But to call foul for reaching the bone? not really much to that :)

    2. In an accident on the road, if somebody says I did’nt mean to crash into your car though mr…does that mean its ok then and the punishment should be less severe?? NO! -(Point)
      The carragher call was wrong and he should have seen a straight red regardless if he meant it or not.
      The rafael call was correct because he hardly got near the guy, he was booked because of the intent.

      1. Chris what are you on the Carragher call was wrong I honestly initially thought it wasn’t that bad but when you see it again it’s a red card. But don’t try defending Rafael he lunged dangerously at Lucas who had to jump to avoid the lunge it’s red as well it should not matter a jot whether he connected or not the tackle was dangerous and premediatated. If a player has to jump to avoid a horrific tackle there is no way the player commiting the tackle should be viewed less guility. I would remind you of the red card Bergkampgot for his lunge on Carragher in 2002 which hardly caught Carragher because he jumped to avoid it. Bad tackles are bad tackles and should be dealt with but the problem we have is club loyalties are rearing their ugly heads again and people are being hypocritical.

      2. Rafael hardly got near the guy because Lucas jumped 2 ft in the air to avoid the contact, it doesn’t make his attempted 2 footed lunge any less reckless. Both tackles deserved red cards but the fact Rafael’s was two footed as apposed to Carraghers one footed challenge actually makes it more of a red, when applying the laws of the game.
        Only Carragher will know if he meant to hurt Nani, but it was plain to see that Rafael went in with the intention to hurt Lucas.

        Red cards for both.

  6. The last photo has been photoshopped for a start. He’s got a gash and won’t be out for the rest of the season at all. Carragher sought him out after the game to apologise for the tackle , which was mis-timed and in no way malicious. The severity of an injury doesn’t and shouldn’t have any impact on the punishment a player receives for a challenge. A player can end up badly injured as a result of an innocuous tackle, whilst others can come away unhurt from the most vicious of challenges. I’d say Nani was unlucky to get injured, except it looks like he’s not wearing shin pads (I could be wrong, he may have discarded them after the tackle), in which case he’s an absolute idiot in the first place. He was also well enough to go chasing after the Liverpool players and the referee immediately following the challenge, his first priority, as always, being to try and get an opposition player in trouble. Poor challenge by Carragher, mis-timed rather than malicious though as I said.

    1. Carragher has got rocks for brains – his team are 2-0 up and he gets himself a straight red needlessly for no reason – he was not to know the ref would be so incompetent. It was a straight red offence and thats not even close, how anyone can claim to be a mind-reader and therefore state it was not ‘pre-meditated’ is beyond me. Learn the rules

    2. Rubbish! Carraghers foul on Nani was premeditated. After the incident he was patted on the head by Gerard, and Carragher smiled. These two planned to take out a key United player in this game, just like they both planned to lose against Chelsea at the end of last season, when Gerard made a backpass gift to Drogba. Also, Carragher pretended to suddenly hurt his leg and stopped running when a cross came over from the right side. Both plots resulted in giving the game away to chelsea. These two are die-hard liverfool players who will stop at nothing so that United don’t win the PL. And Rooney is no better. Ever noticed how he always plays sh*t when we face Loserpool?

  7. Not that I liked what happened …
    But Man United have given out there fairshare of horrific injuries in the past …
    So lets move on with this one … :)

  8. Man. Utd deserved that. They paid to all referees, they are always lucky and I am happy for them to be in pain. Hope, he is out for season. Go Gunners!

    1. And now the nuts have really decided to pipe up and comment on this thing. gunner forever, i really hope that you’re trolling and don’t actually mean any of what you just said.

    2. You prat Gunner forever. Typical statement from a opposition team who havent had the success Utd have…sour grapes my friend…more succesful than Arsenal FACT

    3. I think some people here are sick,didnt feel d passion 4 humanity..united or no united player is he not a human like you,think of d pain he’ll be now,do u wish it 4 urself? I wish Luis nani a quick recovery..GGMU!!

  9. People justifying this tackle are hypocrites! There is no excuse! If it was a tackle on a player from their own team, they would call for a 10 match suspension for the perpetrator…

    I despise Nani, but moronic comments like some of the above makes me even more sick… There is enough hatred in this world!

  10. If those pictures are real that is unfortunate for Nani, however, the injury doesn’t relieve him from being a greasy jackass. Anyone see him take a swing at the medic from the stretcher? That type of behavior should be punished regardless of pain. Nani has been and will continue to be a whining poof, of course the ref wont buy into his theatrics. The boy who cried wolf was a great way to put it. Could Carra have picked up a red, sure it was dangerous, but not malicious. How about Suarez? Man U played like aids today. Fergie is a prick. Go Liverpool.

        1. Only because the stud caught ABOVE the shinguard and went downward, pushing the shinguard ASIDE, and causing the injury.

  11. Are we really calling this horrific? Sure, it sucks that his leg got gashed. But he probably had some local anesthesia, 15-20 stitches, and he’ll be playing in 3 weeks. Just an unfortunate side-effect of playing with metal-tipped studs. Now if he cracked something, that would be a little more “horrific”.

    Oh, and YNWA.

  12. I’m confused by the photoshop claims by some of the commenters. It’s clearly the same shape wound in both pictures. The only difference is that the second picture is from an angle where you can see how deep the wound goes…

      1. Um, really? That’s a piece of tape.

        Maybe it is shopped and maybe it isn’t, but regardless, the tape he’s wearing isn’t a shadow.

      2. the solid black line is tape that Nani’s been wearing, i presume to support his muscles, the likes of Gareth Bale also use tape

      3. Thats strapping for his leg muscles Jay. numerous players wear them. not sure what exactly they do but its not a “fake shadow” anyway. iv seen gareth bale wear them on a few occasions aswell.


  14. The day this world becomes an ‘eye for an eye’ will be when society completely falters. Some of the opinions on this topic are ridiculous and amount to homophobic remarks and sheers viciousness.

    Whether it is Man United and Nani or any other team/player. Laughing at them for what is a terrible injury shows the character of some so called football fans. The game would be a better place if all these absolute idiots would clear off out of the sport and stop bringing such vileness to what should be the beautiful game. Carraghers tackle was bad but most likely not intended. The most horrific thing about this article are some of the commentators. Grow up and develop a rounded opinion you are a disgrace.

  15. This is what really pisses me off about carragher, he always tries to impose himself on a game but he’s so limited as a player that his only way of accomplishing that is by being a hack. No doubt he was 100% intending on trying to lay one on nani and not just win the ball.  Granted he probably didn’t mean to injure him but he definitely had intent to hit him and leave his “mark”.  Unfortunately he did leave a mark characteristic of his limited character.  He’s quite lucky that Liverpool have already played at united this year and aren’t in any of the top tier cup competitions where he would have to face united again.  I guess we will have to wait till next year to see if he gets his, but I guess that all depends on if Liverpool can get another washed up year out of him.

    1. If Liverpool did have to face Man U again I’m sure Liverpool would come up tops. They played well it was a fantastic game and result, well diserved… Carragher didn’t injure him intentionally, and is man enough to apologise for the ‘ACCIDENT’. Man U are dirty players, always have been and always will be. Man U fans are only going on about the injury because they are ashamed of the result………

    2. oh yeah and carragher goes around at night setting fire to childrens hospitals and steals money of elderly women! And he was screaming “I´ll f´in break your leg you ugly POrtugese baastard”
      That´s what he´s like yknow.

      I think your mixing him up with Joey Barton

      1. Simply but yes, nani does over act and dive at times, and yes this is annoying (even to me a Man United fan). Now is your turn, just admit carragher is a limited hack that only has notoriety because he’s a scouser, his only appeal to the fans is his locality, by no means is it his lack of skill that they love, but a limited scouse mind loves a limited scouse lad

    3. Three things:

      (1) Carragher, in probably the most important game of the year, intended to commit a red card-worthy foul on a Man U player? If you really believe that, you’re a fool.

      (2) Why wasn’t Nani wearing shin guards? This is exactly what they’re intended for.

      (3) I’m sorry this happened to Nani, I certainly don’t wish injury on anyone, but he’s cried wolf so many times that there should be no wonder that this is being pooh-poohed by commenters and the media.

  16. err, the close up photo of Nani’s leg……have you not noticed that it is actually a fake…you know a photoshopped one.

    Now unless Nani has either a) turned a shade of Michael Jackson, b)his injury has moved a bit down his leg, then someone has pulled your legs on here.

  17. Yes, it was a bad tackle and yes, Nani has a history of someone who goes down with a slight gust of wind.
    Considering the time at which it happened (right before half) it was very reckless on Carra’s part. However, I’ve seen players get away with more “horrific” tackles than this one, so the fact that only a yellow was shown doesn’t surprise me.
    The fact is that United’s lack of depth and CM creativity is really starting to show in the run-up. They got their *sses kicked by L’Pool today pure and simple.
    There’s no amount of blaming the ref that would save them from this embarrassment. The amount of mental mistakes was mindboggling (nani’s errant header and no one following up on suarez’s free kick, for example) and it could cost them the title if they can’t find a way to take some points at the Emirates and when Chels comes to town.

  18. ‘These images definitely shine a new light on the incident. While I still believe that Jamie Carragher didn’t intentionally injure Nani but instead missed a 50/50 bouncing ball and clobbered Nani instead, he should have received a straight red such was the horrific damage he caused.’

    Completely wrong. Nowhere in the rules does is say ‘if a player tackles and it causes serious injury then it should be a red card’. Carragher’s was a bad tackle and if Dowd deemed it a red card, then no complaints as it was late. However, if Phil Dowd believed Carragher was going for a 50/50 and was slightly late, thus thinking a yellow was enough, then Nani’s injury is irrelevant in that case. The offence is the tackle, not the result of the tackle – that’s why a two footed tackle that doesn’t make contact can be a red card offence, and if you make a perfectly good tackle where the opponent then gets injured from, it’s not a sending off.

  19. As far as we call Nani a faker we ought to realise the damage it has to his career & club as well. The tackle can not be justified coming from someone with experience like jamie carriger

  20. Some people are just utter tw*ts. The majority of those are Liverpool supports. Booing a player that’s being stretchered off, yeah best fans in the world my arse.

  21. hahahaha made my day this….. couldnt have happened to a better person, cheats never prosper. stop crying united!!

    1. “Hahahaha made my day this….. couldnt have happened to a better person, cheats never prosper. stop crying united!”

      Anon you are a d**khead, I hope it happens to you, see if your still laughing. Pathetic.

      1. Anon – I’ve seen a girl once break her leg in 6 places. The entire crowd and players on the field heard when the bone snapped (in fact I have it on DVD as well as a friend of mine was recording) and she did not cry. All she was saying when Ambulance came “Please don’t touch my legs because I forgot to shave them, they’re disgusting”, which made us all laugh.
        Now, back to Nani subject – it is just a scratch, whatever you want to call it. The worst that could happen to Nani is a couple of stitches and next week he will be playing against Bayern. So don’t be a pussy, how much could it hurt? Valencia broke his leg and all he did is signal for the medics. Same thing Cisse, broke both legs and did not cry like this little bi**h.

        1. Anon – I’ve seen a girl once break her leg in 6 places. The entire crowd and players on the field heard when the bone snapped (in fact I have it on DVD as well as a friend of mine was recording) and she did not cry. All she was saying when Ambulance came “Please don’t touch my legs because I forgot to shave them, they’re disgusting”, which made us all laugh.

          Most made up story ever!!! Regardless of Nani’s reaction, it was a sending off. as was Rafael’s challenge on Lucas, however Maxi’s challenge on Rafael in the moments before is possibly a red too…..

          also can i just say, although Nani is a despicable player (doesn’t mean he deserves injury) Liverpool now have their own in Suarez, everyone remembers his cheating at the world cup and his snide hair pull and nut grabbing on Rafael shows he is equally a horrible despicable cheat

      2. let’s get serious, anon hasn’t got his fat a$$ off the couch to move in a while. definitely not going to happen to him.

        Wishing injury on other team, got love the internet, brings out the worst in the world.

  22. I actually had one similar to this on the inside of my knee (not as bad) but the thing is you don’t really feel it until you see it funnily enough. Of course he cheats and quite often, but clearly nobody deserves this. Best wishes to him.

  23. By the way, am I the only one that thinks Nani is now secretly hoping he has some sort of semi-significant injury?

    I say that because, unless he does, he might lose a lot of respect from his teammates.

  24. the injuries don’t match!!!! which one is the real one!?

    Regardless though… Nani is a little girl

    Shame on you Carragher shouldn’t abuse females!

  25. The last pic isn’t photoshopped. Number 7 (don’t know who that is) is standing over Nani thus blocking his foot and Nani is lying on the floor but the pic only shows his leg. If you don’t believe me look at the picture more closely

  26. I can´t fell sorry for him, he got up again, and you can´t tell me its the adrenaline that stops him feeling the pain, he theatrically fell to the floor again as Gerrard touched him on the shoulder.
    Don´t feel sorry, that´s what you get being a diving cheat.

  27. For those who said he wouldn’t be able to walk or run to ref after such an injury, i had a double fracture in my shin after a tackle and managed to run 50 yards after the player before i realised the damage that had been done, it was a shocking tackle again. Probably are own fault for slating refs but they all seem to be going against us at the moment but anyone in there right mind can see the last two games have gone against all down to ref decisions.

  28. As opposed to being fake – isn’t it just zoomed in?

    It was a bad tackle, luckily he doesn’t seem to be seriously injured – but the size of the cut in that picture is huge. If you compare it to the other picture the cut is no where near that size.

    Just seems like the 2nd picture is being misunderstood, fairly sure it’s just zoomed in.

  29. Ok, I’m a Liverpool supporter and I wouldn’t have complained one iota if Carra had been shown red. It was a poor tackle and he flat out missed the ball. I don’t believe he meant to hurt Nani…I know I’m biased, but I sincerely don’t believe he would do it.

    For those saying Nani should of been wearing shin guards…if you look at the first photo you’ll see that Carra made contact at the very top, if not above, the socks, so it would have been higher than the guards if Nani was wearing them. So, the no shin guards is irrelevant.

    I’m not sure the final photo is legit…something about it just doesn’t look right. Maybe it is, but it doesn’t look right imo. I’m also wondering why none of the big media outlets (print/tv) have picked these shots up yet?? I’m only finding these images on twitter & various blogs. You’d think something like this would’ve been picked up by the major outlets by now.

    All that being said…as much as I hate ManUre, I hope Nani is ok and is back playing soon. I don’t wish anyone injury.


    1. red cards are not based on intent. they are based on what you actually did. incompetence is just as red-cardable as anger.

  30. First, the pictures. The second one is fake. It’s a right leg. Nani hurt his left. Where is Nani’s tape running up the inside of the leg in the second pic? To top it off, check video or pictures of the game today. Man U had solid balck numbers, not black then outlined in black like the second picture.

    Second, I’m a Liverpool fan. Tackle was high and Carra probably should have gone off. Having said that you can say that about a lot of tackles in this league. I have a lot of respect for Man U. I feel embarrassed for them today with that display from Nani. If you’re hurt stay down. They have tough players like Rooney, Vidic, and Ferdinand, to name a few. Nani looked like my four year old crying when they realize that they’re bleeding. Great win by ‘pool today. Will be an exciting finish between Man U and Arsenal…let’s get back to the football.

    1. Definitely not a fake, it’s just zoomed in. It is a left leg, as you can see by the way the calf is positioned, no calf muscles have their main mass on the outside of the leg, and also just by the shaping of the leg, though it is leaning inwards toward the ground, presumably because he’s putting most of his weight on his right leg. You can see the exact same bit of exposed bone just above the gash, the black tape is clearly visible though in shadow, and if you watch any video of the incident you can clearly see Carrick (in this photo with his back to camera) standing immediately behind the physio (in grey, pictured too) treating Nani’s leg. It isn’t photoshopped, but the zooming in makes the whole cut look bigger and longer than it is in relation to the size of Nani’s leg, that’s why it looks dodgy. Why the vitriol that’s being directed towards Nani, I don’t know, but I don’t think you understand the notion of adrenalin, or the fact that you could sprint with a cut like that and it would hurt only as much as if you were lying down – weight-bearing has no impact on the pain level – but it must still be an exceptionally sore wound. It looks about an inch in length but probably two or three inches deep. If you’d like to test out the pain, I suggest you take a sharp object to your shin and carve out a 2 inch deep cut.

  31. Well done Liverpool. We hope this memory will keep you occupied for the next one year, when maybe Liverpool can try and qualify for a CL spot. Until then, with no trophies to challenge for this should be something nice to cherish.

    In the meantime, we have three trophies to look forward to. I have to get back to the edge of my seat now. Speak to you next season when we meet again in :) Oh and good luck qualifying for Europa, I still think you can do it ahead of Bolton.

  32. Timothy Burke, shut up. Clearly a red, any injury such as that is uncalled for on any player. Stop being juvenile and accept the facts.

  33. Grow up Mancs.

    Second pic is just a close up of the first. The first pic shows a superficial wound with a trickle of blood each end. The small (sideways) trickle of blood at the top of the wound, in the close up, looks like a tear. It clearly isn’t, it’s a trickle, look at the first pic.

    In the fast paced Prem, every player going to make a dodgy tackle from time to time. Carra certainly isn’t seen, to the discerning supporter, as a dirty player. However Nani is well known as a melodramatic, cheat. The reputations definitely played their part here.

    You always get yours. Nani got his today. Simples.

    Can’t wait until Rooney next need the benefit of the doubt.

  34. “Mis-timed challenge,” that would be funny if it weren’t such a transparently obvious lie. Carragher has spent 1000’s of hours practicing his sport. He’s reached the #1 elite league in the world. You can sell that “accidental challenge” bulls*** to the tourists, because I’m not buying it.

    Saying it was a “mis-timed challenge” is an exact analogy to an MLB pitcher throwing at a hitter’s head after one of his own players has been plunked…then after the game he says “I don’t know, that one just got away from me.”

    Hey, I’m worried: the phony-tough Carragher, the hair-pulling, biting little girl Suarez and all rest of the honorable lot from Anfield have closed the gap on United…to just a slim 18 point lead. I’m biting my nails, for sure.

    1. Well done Jason, dontthink i could h ave said that better myself.
      Obvisously your either once of the very very very rare exceptions – a decent scouser, or your a United fan – i choose the latter too!!

        1. And i would choose someone who knew the difference between a comma and an appostrophe…………

          ………. can you taste the delicious irony!!!

    2. Oh listen to yourself. How does spending hours in practice make you a defender with a perfect tackling record? No one has a 100% record in anything. Accidental or not, only carragher himself would know.

      imo, carra was trying to sidefoot the ball away. Nani receives the ball from evra on his left and the ball bounced up into the air. He sees carra coming in for a tackle and he takes one touch to push it to his left foot. Carra goes in, mistimes it and takes out nani.

      My conclusion:
      Horrible mistimed tackle, no intention to cause harm.
      red/yellow i’m undecided on this one. In the ref’s pov, he was probably trying to keep the 11 players of both sides on the pitch and stop emotions from rising. So if it was a normal match, red. Derby, yellow. Rafael’s tackle was a red in any match diving in with both feet off the ground and stud’s showing, but the ref couldn’t show red because it would seem like he’s taking sides. So since he’s made the decision on carra’s tackle as a yellow card offence, so is rafael’s.

  35. I just find it amazing how some people have no remorce, weather or not the guy has previously dived or know for diving, Its still only a game… And being a sports person myself never want to see another professional get injured…..
    Lets just hope the talented player recovers and isnt affected that bad by that horrible tackle

  36. At least Nani was saved from Fergie’s wrath at halftime for his gifting Liverpool their second goal.

    In real time it did not look as bad a tackle as it looked on replay. One has to accept that the referee also did not think it was that bad of a tackle as he saw it the same way most neutrals did. Until Nani is checked out on Monday we won’t know how bad his injury is. It doesn’t appear to be very bad as there’s no word that he had to be hospitalized. let’s hope the injury isn’t season ending. That would be a blow to United.

    In any event, Manchester United lost to a better team today. I don’t believe that had Carragher been sent off that United would have gone on to win. Liverpool have twice played with ten men, once against Arsenal and once in the FA Cup against Manchester United and in both games played well. I’m sure some United fans would disagree but I just don’t think United had any cutting edge to their play today that they would have gone on to get a result even if Liverpool had been reduced to ten men.

  37. To call the injury a horrific one when no one knows the exact nature of the injury is plain sensationalism and irresponsible. Gaffer, do you know something we don’t know? What are your sources that this was a horrific injury? Any medical news you would like to share?

    1. Man United released a statement saying the injury was “a deep gash.” The ‘horrific’ description comes from me based on the alleged photo.

      The Gaffer

  38. Poor tackle..Maybe people dont feel sorry for Nani because of the reputation he has built up in the Past for Simulating…To be honest I thought he was making a big deal, and when he got up and went towards the ref I was thinking why o why you need to that Nani, Adrelinin is pumping so probs dont notice it. Then he Drops and realises that hes actualy injured himself badly.

    And thats why some people dislike him cause of the reputation, now when hes really hurt no one feels sorrry.
    Hope he plays soon.

  39. A horrific injury to a Manchester United player means he will miss a couple of games. A horrific injury to a player of any other team means he will be out for many months.

    Gaffer, do you know the exact injury that Nani suffered and if so why not mention it in the post?

    1. Cause this sort of post gets people to post…

      He does it all the time. knee jerk reactionary posts to get comments.
      at least ill thought out

  40. The second photo is definitely photoshopped. Even if it not, you can’t cry over a scratch like that. I mean, come on, players break their legs and don’t cry like Nani did.

  41. To those of you who insist the pictures are photoshopped because of the ‘shadow’ on Nani’s leg, take a look at the images of Nani when he’s on the stretcher being carried off. The same black line is visible on his leg.
    I don’t know what it is, maybe some kind of support, maybe a really crap tattoo, but it is definitely there, it is NOT photoshopping. If you have it on sky plus, take a look.

  42. Sir Alex’s medical staffs will probably give Nani some magic healing juice and he will be up and running within a week.

    Football medicals are the best, any injury is healed at least twice faster then us normal folks.

  43. it was a red card, the tackle was knee high and had the potential to seriously, reminds me of roy keanes infamous foul. hated the liverpool fans for booing, and nani was on adrenaline, you rarely notice the severity of an injury until you examine it, regardless united played horribly for most of the game, but i think will still win the league (losing league cup hurt arsenal too much), but liverpool, enjoy the europa league next year.

  44. How about we talk about Rafael’s challenge on Lucas?

    If Lucas did not jump out of the way, he would have been worse off than Nani.

  45. I would take an injury like that for £100,000 a weak any day so good riddence, injury is part of the game so stop crying about it you pussies, its a friggin cut which will need a few stitches big deal, soldiers get shot and get next to nothing in comparison. Well done Carra, united are sore loosers and whenever it turns against you you throw a hissy fit and act like girls.

  46. I do think this seems to be a case of the boy who cried wolf.

    I wonder about the authenticity of the images, the fact that they didn’t strap the leg down when taking him off the field, etcetera.

    If it were any other player (one that doesn’t regularly dive, roll around, and complain all game), I would probably have more sympathy. I feel a little bad about it but I think Nani has done this to me.

    Anyway, here’s hoping it isn’t too bad.

  47. To the Gaffer:
    To call the injury “Horrific” by looking on a magnified picture without knowing the true extent of his injuries is not very profesional and if you are a impartial why not mention Rafaels attempted two footed lunge at Lucas in the title as well not very good reporting your clearly a united supporter

      1. yes but you continue a very worrying pattern of shock journalism.. Throw out the worst case scenarios with a shocking title and welcome a slew of comments…

        you did the same thing a few weeks back with the Spuds piece…

  48. Maybe if he had been wearing a proper set of shin guards to properly protect his WHOLE shin and not half of it, he wouldnt have such a graze on it in the first place.
    Honestly, the guy got up and RAN to the referee to summon his attention and then what followed just sums the player up im afraid. Bags of skill and talent but nothing but a greeting face coward, i hope he managed to get his dummy back after he spat it out.
    Carragher made a harsh tackle, but if he deserved red then so did that other little twat for his TWO FOOTED LUNGE where BOTH feet were 2ft off the surface with no intention of winning the ball.
    Rant over, at end of the day Man U fans, your team were absolutely outclassed by a better team on the day. It happens sometimes, you have to be big enough to man up and take it.

    1. I don’t think I’ve seen a single person try to argue that United were the better team today. I think most of the discussion has been regarding Carra’s challenge, which I think both sides should be allowed to discuss.

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    By the way it was a Red card & I am a Reds fan!

  50. Bad tackle, obvious red card. Anyone seeking to defend it is being one-eyed. Rafael also lucky to escape red. Rodriguez also. The general tone of these comments is pretty disturbing really. Is hate really an acceptable emotion for someone who after all is just a sportsman? Ok so Nani dives a bit. He’s hardly in an exclusive club there is he? All teams have at least one faker. Gerrard likes a dive too. But then he also likes to attack people in bars when he has his mates with him.

  51. Carra came over the top of the ball tagged Nani, and could have been much worse. Pretty solid red card in my opinion, but as mentioned mistiming a bouncing ball throws a little bit of a wrench in there, but could have been a red. Nani jumping up and running after Dowd reaaaally made him come across as faking, and the boo’s were to that notion I’m sure. If Nani had suffered a severe (read horrific) break, certainly few in the crowd would have boo’d. Sure seeing the injury can have a pyschological effect. The injury the pictures may not suggest the fullest extent of what occured, prossible fractures etc. BUT if the cut on nani’s leg is the only thing wrong with him, I’m not really overly concerned. A few stitches and a cool scar and a few weeks down the road, he’ll be diving all over the place. again. There have been far worse inuries particularly to the face from elbows and other collisions that have simply been taped up and sent back on the field looking like Terry Butcher. I am interested to see what the full extent of the injuries are.

    1. Are you saying Liverpool fans wouldn’t have booed if they thought it was a real injury? You mean like Alan Smith?

  52. You don”t even need a slow-motion to see that this is a clear red card – it’s as clear as day.
    More importantly: I cannot believe what level some people here will stoop to. I mean, there’s rooting for your team and then there’s down right idiocy. I want the Gunners to win the title, but I want it fair and square – I would never wish injuries upon the competition. What gets me angry is that people like Carragher or Flamini (a week or two ago) get away with tackles that threaten the health of other players.

    1. You’ve got some balls whining about non-red card calls considering you’ve the likes of Wilshire and Song getting away with murder week in and out.

  53. Funny how Rooney elbowing McCarthy in the face isnt in Utds memories, or Nanis headbutt. It was a bad tackle, but hey, lets be real about this. Go back over the history off dirty tackles and Manure will always be in the top 10 ie Keane against Leeds, Cantona(he didnt even do it on the pitch), Scholes every 2nd game lol, Neville (who wasnt even booked) etc etc etc etc. The worm has turned and it stinks lol. Take your oil and get on with it, but you cant can you?? ;-p

    1. Noel, I think you’re missing the point. The general idea should be that NONE of these actions have a place in the game (regardless of what team they are on), and when they do happen they should be punished accordingly. Cantona, for example, served his time and dealt with his punishment. Every player on every club makes poor challenges at times, but that’s why the refs have cards and it’s up to them to stamp it out.

  54. Well, clear to see a lot of Liverpool apologists / xenophobic “EPL Brits” on the site!

    Carragher never tried for the ball. He did the only thing he could do if he were to have any chance against Nani all day; get rid of him.

    Clearly, people have no problem separating the injury from the penalty, but can’t get past a player’s reputation when determining if the damage is legit, let alone an indicator of a clear, ejectionable foul.

    Two things to clear up, Gaffer:
    (1) The pics are legit
    (2) These pics were all over the internet before the final whistle. Your late to the game and this article doesn’t cover for your willingness to downplay the foul and question the injury in your previous article.

  55. What is all the fuss about? Liverpool 3 – ManUre 1. Liverpool 3 points in the bag and everybody move on. Trust me, Nani will be playing in the next game if not against Marseille.

  56. I couldn’t help but notice that the two pictures tell two different stories. In the 1st one, Nani is bleeding on his left leg, also note the black sticker along the side of his leg.
    In the 2nd picture, the gash seem to be from the right leg and if you see the left leg in this pic, there is no sign of blood or the black thing on the side of his leg. Also, it looks like this was a picture taken on the field with other players around..
    It doesn’t look entirely clear to me… unless I am missing something.

  57. While it was a hard foul, lets take a step back from calling it a “HORRIFIC” injury. When I hear horrific, my thoughts go to injuries like Eduardo, Aaron Ramsey, Cisse, and others. With respect to Nani, he needs to put on some shin guards! It’s a simple cut that probably hurt like crazy, but not enough to be wailing on the ground crying. He was going for the red card at all costs, and I do not like that. At least the ref was consistent and didn’t send anyone off for the bad tackles.

  58. Could it have been a red? Sure. It was a dangerous tackle, period. Was it malicious? NO. The injury was unfortunate, however it is a dangerous game, and this isn’t the worst injury in recent years. (Eduardo’s leg) Did Nani act like a girl? YES. His antics and theatrics made him look foolish.

    Further more, what about the swing he took at the medic from the stretcher? Regardless of the injury this is absolutely uncalled for and shows his true colors as a greasy lowlife. He should be looking at fines and suspension for his actions.

    Also, Sir Alex is a real piece of work, not speaking with the media after the loss is outrageous. As a manager he should act more responsible instead of like a spoiled-child. He abuses the use of the media to play mind games with opponents and when things don’t go his way he refuses to speak with them. What a class-less idiot. You would never see that from Dalglish, or probably not from most managers. Regardless of a loss managers should speak with the media, it is expected and in their contract.

    If I was a Man U supporter (thank god i’m not) I would be extremely embarrassed. Who does Fergie think he is?

    I have no problem with Man U coming un-ravelled, with personalities like they have they don’t deserve the title. They played like crap today and I hope that continues. You suck Fergie, and you suck United. Dalglish is a legend, Go Reds.

    1. The decision not to talk to the media was made before the game.

      Yeah Fergie sucks…..most succesful manager in english football history!!! Not like a scouser to let facts get in the way though!!!

      1. Let what facts get in the way, was I wrong when I said Faggy acts like a spoiled bitch? Or abuses the media? Was I wrong when I said Dalglish wouldn’t do that? When I ask if you are imbred is that also not true?

  59. with him hopping around like a B-movie actor in a cheap horror film, and crying those sad little tears, you’d almost think that he was Portuguese…

    ..wait, he is Portuguese??
    OK then, this is all normal. Not sure what all the fuss is about.

  60. The big problem for the referee in this game and all other games is that certain players often go to ground writhing in agony as if they have just stepped on a land mine. Nani is one of them players, so it is more the players fault for crying wolf too often. Besides players come away from games with gashes and cuts every week, it’s part of playing a contact sport that involves players wearing studs and having to make tackles at high speed.
    Carragher did not deliberately go into the tackle to injure Nani he simply misjudged the bounce of the ball. Fouls like Rooney’s elbow, Rafaels tackle on Lucas, or any headbutts, punches etc should be automatic Red cards not well intentioned 1 footed misjudged tackles.

  61. When you cry wolf too many times, fate becomes a bitch and delivers to you what you always cried about.

    It’s like making up for lost time.

    Good one Carragher. I would gladly go in 2-footed and take that red just to see him cry.

  62. Ha – funny you all are. Probably too fat and lazy to ever kick it about anymore, but are all experts on injury and adrenal glands. Forget about the jersey for a minute and just think about the the lack of control one player had that led to the injury of another. Along with the studs showing. You can’t argue against a red at that point so get over the United obsession. The better team won today and that is how it goes, but to continue to make it a Utd issue makes every single one of you look like jealous school boys as I walk away with your girl.

  63. A win is a win and a loss is a loss….it was Liverpool put 3 goals into the net of Man Utd….what the f**k arguing nonsense here. If Carraghar have to been shown red the same applies to Rafael.

  64. This post is a real eye opener, because it was difficult to tell during the game how serious it was – horrible stuff, and I hope Nani’s OK. I agree with the Gaffer that Nani has a bit of a rep as a diver and a diva, and my first reaction was that was what was happening – when they stretchered him off, though, I knew it was bad. I really don’t like Nani at all because of his antics, but antics or not no one deserves that.

  65. [horrific: grossly offensive to decency or morality; causing horror; “subjected to outrageous cruelty]

    This is shock journalism. Nani’s injury is nowhere near being “horrific”. It could be a bad injury, we’ll have to wait and see what is reported about it when he is examined tomorrow. Eduardo’s injury a couple of seasons ago could be labelled a horrific injury. Some of his teammates were in tears at the time the injury occurred because it looked horrific at the time it happened and it was widely reported immediately after the game as well.

    Gaffer, not too long ago you wrote a piece about which English media were most trustworthy. Why is it that none of those you listed have said anything about this “horrific” injury? Looking at a photo and deciding that the injury is “horrific” when even you aren’t sure about the authenticity of the photos is very irresponsible journalism. Based on what anyone knows at this moment no responsible person can make any claim about the severity of the injury. Even if it turns out that after x-rays and tests that this was a very bad injury or a horrific one does not absolve you of your comments right now.

    1. Liam, the match happened on a Sunday morning, a day when most of the journalists in the UK are off (the papers have small crews working over a weekend). I’m expecting that you’ll begin to read some pieces about the foul and tackle beginning today in the UK broadsheets especially after we learn more about the severity of Nani’s injury.

      The Gaffer

      1. Gaffer,

        You couldnt be more wrong about newspapers having less journalists at the weekend…what a stupid thing to say

        1. Why do you say that? How many stories did you see published yesterday compared to an average weekday? Sundays are typically a very slow day from the British newspapers in terms of numbers of articles published.

          The Gaffer

  66. I think Nani is an insufferable prick! That being said it was a horrific injury and I hope he recovers quickly. Carragher went for a bouncing ball and missed. That does not excuse his tackle and even though I was pulling for LFC, he should have received a red. Rafael’s tackle was just as wicked and he should have also been sent off.

  67. Yeah Carragher should have been sent off for that tackle.

    But seeing Nani cried just makes him a softy. When Alan Smith broke his ankle a couple of seasons ago, did he cried? No… When Antonio Valencia broke his ankle in the beginning of the season, did he cried? No…

    Its just a deep cut for goodness sake!! Its nothing more than just a stinging pain. Stitch it up, patch it up, you’re good to go. But laying down on the floor crying and throwing tantrum?? And its Liverpool vs Man Utd for goodness sake! These kind of things happen in THIS kind of game, you guys shouldn’t expect anything less…

  68. Whoever wrote this… Its a HORRIFIC TACKLE not a HORRIFIC INJURY… Players break their legs or ankle.. now THAT is a HORRIFIC INJURY

  69. The last photo was photoshopped by a fan in a man united fan forum. Not real. It is a scratch on the shin, big deal, idiot should be wearing real shinguards.

  70. Basically, Liverpool die hard fans are questioning most on Rafael’s tackle against Lucas. But the exact question is, will Rafael tackle Lucas if Carrangher was red-carded ? It’s so obvious that Rafael strongly thinks that if Carrangher can get over such a tackle with a yellow, he should be able to do it also.

  71. It’s one of them magic cuts that jumps legs, sore loser hoax folks, it was a one footed tackle from Carra, sometimes yellow sometimes red

  72. I cant believe most of the comments on here. This wonderful game is not for ballerinas! yes it was a bad challenge! and was 50/50 red. Rafael’s tackle was worse! typical of United’s supporters (and Fergie) to create uproar when things dont go their way. If he had proper shin pads on, we’d be saying that was a badly timed Charagher tackle and deserved a yellow, thats it!! get OVER it! that tackle happens all the time. Also to the dills bagging Liverpool and its supporters…. Go to your filthy Man U forums and bitch to your hearts content. I hope you lose the title race, not due to the fact that “I” hate Man U, but due to you having no ‘class’. $hit happens, deal with it.

  73. You cannot begin red carding players based on the injuries resultant from their challenges. The offenses themselves need to be taken at face value, not based on whatever the damage they happen to cause.

    I feel sorry for not believing nani was actually injured, I’ve been conditioned to think that he’s a bit of a ham. I hope he’s ok, as long as it’s not a bone fracture he should be good as new soon enough.

  74. I have to say, as hard as it is to see a player get seriously injured, one has to think that the soccer (football) gods were exacting revenge for Nani being an embarrassment to the sport (diving, whining, complaining, acting, just being a plain bitch).

  75. Those pics are CLEARLY photoshopped!!! Get real! Nani is a 10 year old girl who embarrassed himself and the club! Wear shin pads you idiot!!

  76. Out for the rest of the season!! It’s a flesh wound for heaven’s sake, not a broken bone! He didn’t even require crutches to walk. Unfortunately for Nani, he’s cried wolf one too many times, so when he really gets injured, no-one believes him or really cares. In the interest’s of fairness, can we also over-dramatize about Fabio’s two-footed, studs-up, challenge?

  77. I love how badly the mancs are taking yesterdays mauling! If Gerrard had been on the other end of that tackle we would hear nothing but ‘hope he’s out for the season… deserves it… wish he’d broke his leg. Now the boots on the other foot, as usual, the mancs can’t take it even though they dish it out easily enough.

    Carragher’s challenge was awful, that can’t be denied. He deserved a red card. However, I think it is very hard to feel sorry for a player who costantly goes to ground, rolling round in agony after being lightly touched, it’s like the boy who cried wolf. If he got on with the game instead of play acting all the time, the reaction from Liverpool fans would be different. If it were a respected professional like Giggs, then he would not get this reaction. As it is though, I feel no pity for the fella.

    It’s pretty ironic that just a week after Rooney’s assault on a Wigan player that the mancs are screaming blue murder over a challenge to one of their own. Karma is a funny thing!

  78. A total embarrassment. Just think if roles were reversed. Could you ever see Carragher being stretchered off with a cut on his leg ….. in tears !!! It has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen for a long time!’

  79. fadaboebala liverpool bakarin..its a deserved red..kuhthaa doesnt have to foul like that…caraggher bakari should be off the field…nagoobalhu fa only sees man utd’s fault only..fadaboebala fa kuhthaa maari thah..this is a very serious matter and this should be taken seriously frm tha fa

  80. Nani has not done himself any favours with referees as he spins like a spinning top when anyone is even near him. So the ref sees his usual tricks after this tackle and obviously thinks here we go again, yes it could have been red but no problems with yellow it was a marginal decision. Incidentally Nani himself could have been sent off for handling the Ref! Just because someone is injured doesn’t make it a sending off by the way. The Ref takes time to replay the incident over in his head and makes a yellow card decision. I thought this ref had a good game and was consistent in a big game, yes he could have sent Carragher off but the same could have happened to Rafael the difference being Nani didn‘t jump and the pool player did that’s all. I don’t think either were sending’s off and why? Because the ref said so end of and what the Ref says in how it is. What a waste of time these respect campaign are eh.

    The second photo is doctored as it is heavily zoomed in on one part, if you zoom in on a dust mite it will also look horrific. What stopped whoever did this from tweaking it more as it’s definitely not official. Nani will be playing if not next week the week after. It’s just one of those things that happen in football (always have, always will) neither side were angels.

    The Ref did well in a total inferno of game. Liverpool were the much better team on this occasion. Nani will be back very soon rolling around like he’s been shot again (don’t think he’ll miss much if anything). All in all a good hour and a half of entertainment.

  81. The first image is legit.. The second is also legit but magnified intentionally to look much worse.. Its simply a bad scratch/graze.. I’d suspect most of the united fans had the second image in mind when they posted..

    Heres a more realistic picture of the injury..

    Its looks like quite a painful cut but I don’t think it warranted such a reaction (Crying, Throwing himself on the floor, hitting medical staff).
    Painful I’m sure but this is not a “horrific injury” as this piece suggests..

    So putting aside the extent of Nani’s injury we have to look at the challenge from Carragher. A reckless challenge that imo deserved either a red OR a yellow.. I wouldn’t have been surprised either way. Some ref’s would have gave a red some a yellow.. Again a reckless challenge but far from horrific..

    Tbh, I think Rafael’s challenge was more of a clear red card. Feet off the floor AND his tackle had intention to hurt. The ref clearly saw this but opted for a yellow..

  82. Its about time when a player of any team gets injured the player who has injured him should also miss the same amount of time and pay towards his wages, season after season we are seeing players from other teams influencing the prem title by injuring players etc.

    It`s time we stopped this.

    Football is becoming dirty.

  83. whatever dude,united are on their way for 19th PL tittle,u scouser should be embrassed by ur team,look at that tackle,what a piece of shyt

  84. Definite solid red. Worst “tackle” suffered by a United player this season. Yet again Carragher escapes censure.

    The tackle was aimed at intimidating and injuring the opponent. What is it with Liverpool and their cowardly studs up challenges designed to cause maximum damage to the opposition and minimum risk to themselves? With Gerrard a couple of weeks ago, Carragher and then Maxi coming in with his studs on Rafael it seems like they have a systemic problem.

    These challenges will force talented players out the game in this country.

    I don’t expect Liverpool fans to agree but then they have little ability to appreciate the game. Maybe when their talented players like Suarez are on the receiving they will begin to appreciate the problem. But I’m not holding my breath.

  85. 1ST why was he playing without chin pads 2 I remember Dalglish getting his chin broke by moran of united these things happen 3 Cantona drop kicking a palace fan and in the reply a palace fan died in a fight with united fans they cetainly are not white than white

  86. have you man utd fans forgot what MR ROONEY did just the other week. he could have broke a players jaw i several places…knocked him out cold.. and the ball was no where near at least carra can say he attempted to get the ball. but as for rafeal he should have gone aswell and 100% agree carra should have seen red but as the law states he has received his punishment which was YELLOW.

  87. Easy All…let’s not get carried away here. Yes it was a bad tackle. Yes BOTH Carragher and Rafael should have gotten straight reds and the referee lost the plot a bit. But it is Nani after all…and Nani is the BIGGEST lady-boy C**T in the Country now that the biggest lady-boy C**T has F**KED off to Real Madrid….so let’s really not waste any tears over this. If he’d stayed motionless in proper agony maybe I would have laughed less….but to see him run around like a plonker and trying to get the ref’s attention is just sad. And annoying as F**K. It’s a bloody paper cut…it makes me shiver to think what Mark Hughes and Bryan Robson would have done…that’s merely a paper cut for them. F**K OFF NANI YOU GREAT BIG POOF!!!

  88. It was a foul at best. A yellow card is fair enough. This is football people get injured all the time. Rafael should have been sent off too. The important thing is that Nani made a meal of it as he always does and that’s what annoys most pure football fans.

  89. Horrific injury? Get a grip ladies. I’ve had worse scrapes falling off my BMX as a kid. If you want to see a horrific injury, google David Busst. That injury by the way was caused by 2 Man Utd players. As usual United fans only too eager to cement their reputation as footballs worst hypocritical losers.

  90. For all these Liverpool supporters….this will happen to Gerrad / Suarez in their next match and then lets see your reaction?! Lets hope one of Bruce’s boys evens things out!

  91. The severity of the injury shouldn’t be considered in the card. Carragher made a reckless tackle but it wasn’t a red. He should certainly have gotten a yellow however. My question is where was his shinguard?

    The adrenaline line is crap, sorry. Nobody has adrenaline pump into them from an injury and then have it leave 30 seconds later. And the timing of it isn’t coincidental. The “pain” became unbearable only after Carragher wasn’t red carded. If he was hurt badly he wouldn’t have gotten up and fought for a card. I believe it hurt, don’t get me wrong, but he didn’t shatter his leg. And NO you can’t see the bone.

  92. I like it when folks just try to justify a bad decision by saying what about this or what about that. OK so what about them, all it shows is that the there were many bad decisions, not absolve the culprit of his wrongdoing!

  93. erm sorry but nani if you didnt wear shin pads ov a 5 yrs old ya shin would of been covered, alot ov footballers wear these shin pads and its always the ones trying to look good instead of being safe!!! yes ok it was bad tackle nani didnt help with the 5 meter dash then going down again!!! if carra wud ov been sent off so shud rafael so cancels each other out!!!!!

  94. What a sad list of comments from people who would be better learning the language before they commit fingers to keyboard. As a Man U fan I believe we were well beaten ON THE DAY by a Liverpool team that played well. Yes, Carragher should have been sent off whether he meant it or not. I believe Rafael’s was a yellow given there was no contact. As a former footballer I can say that any gash to the shin is bloody painful – end of story.
    Liverpool have recovered well from their dreadful start to the season. Man United need to steady the ship and focus. Nobody is that much better than anybody else in the league at the present time.
    As for all the venom – grow up the lot of you.

  95. Is it just me or is the final photo a total hoax? The shape and muscle tone in his calf in the 3rd picture denotes it was his right leg injured, when it was clearly his left leg that suffered the injury. Regardless, the cheating little tw*t has had that coming for a while…KING KENNY!

    1. It was edited by Man United fans in Red Cafe to make the injury look worse than it is, if the editor of this blog had any integrity he would remove it.

        1. Gaffer a give away to it being fake is that none of the British media are using it. Here’s a link any way. I had seen it yesterday, Utd fans are themselves calling it fake on many sites.

          Funny enough the poster puts ‘Video Editing’ as one of his interests not much of a give away there then. Probably the same guy who puts really bad Champions league winners tattoos on fake City fans.

          1. Shel, “Jamie Carragher was refused entry to the Manchester United dressing-room on Sunday after attempting to apologise for the challenge which left Nani with a gash so deep that the winger’s shin bone was visible through the open wound.” Source:

            The Gaffer

          2. Gaffer the image you have used is not in this article and the only quote accredited to any Man Utd source in this piece are the words “very deep gash” which is there for anybody to see on Utd’s website no mention of anything else. That’s not to say the bone wasn’t uncovered as there is no muscle protecting the front of the tibia just a couple of millimetres of skin (feel yourself) so this is likely even on a light contact. The rest is what Tim Ogden has wrote himself, he has not spoken to any one from Utd as they have put in place a total media black out even on MUTV! But Carragher may have said they refused him who knows he hasn’t quoted him. Your Tim Ogden quote is that of a person who cannot possibly know this, maybe he is picking up on the Chinese whispers that are flying about (IMO).
            Utd have taken there ball home like spoilt children and have refused to speak to the media full stop as they obviously feel that they should have a different set of rules to every body else. Surely they can‘t keep it up though as the SKY TV money may be affected?

  96. hmmmm for me it’s a real disgrace….i feel very sad for NANI and of course the Manchester United team…The foul from carragher was intentional..has has Liverpool blood in him and dont want man united to get the 19th it would be difficult without NANI…..But remember Liverpool sucks and will always sucks!!!!

  97. At the end of the day, “Zombie Michael Jackson in Thriller Video”-Nanny is a POS faker. I laughed my arse off when I saw Nanny get up from the tackle, run over to the ref and get shot from the sniper in the stands. I laughed even harder when I saw Gerrard tell him to get the F*** up with an utter look of disgust on his face. Nanny deserves to be in the Italian league, or Broadway, where acting is paid big bucks. If it were Ronaldo, not only would Carra been given a red card, but he would have been charged immediately and taken away in cuffs. THEN, the a spokesman for the Academy would have rushed onto the field and given him an Oscar for one of the best acting jobs this year in any form of entertainment. But it was Nanny, his understudy, who just couldn’t produce REAL tears and hence his lack of an Oscar for that performance.

    Carra deserved nothing more than a yellow. ManUre played like shyte. End of story. Hope Nanny is out for the rest of the season just for being a girl.

    1. Scouser69, replay and pictures don’t lie. It was a red card offense and should not tolerated in the PL. Your comments reflect that same kind of hooliganism that should be stripped from English football. Celebrating a player’s injury is distasteful and dishonorable for both players and fans. Good riddance!

  98. Yes it was a bad tackle and jamie was lucky not to see Red considereing the ref we had, But maybe Nani’s cheating reputation in the past has worked against him, he is a known diver.
    if he wasn’t a cheat he may have got the decision the injury and foul deserved.

  99. Carre hit Nani… that… light???
    And the poor Portuguese hurt THAT much?
    Hahaha… Obviously, ManU sc*ms aren’t born for MEN’s sports! They can always choose… ping-pong or horce-riding, because from what I saw last noon they are good to getting themselves… “riding” – specially if that rider is a DUTCH!
    Of course, Nani is from PORTUGAL! Not English/British!…
    And as far as I can remember, EVEN the (pathetic) Greek National Team RAPE THEM TWICE in their own ground!… So, Nani – and rest ManU “fags”, you can always start playing in WOMEN League!
    To me… our boys didn’t HURT them ENOUGHT!
    Next time, ManU sc*ms! Next time!

    1. I don’t think you made your point well enough, maybe you need a couple more exclamation points. And this time, make sure to keep the caps lock button down the whole time.

  100. How was rafaels’ tackle anywhere near as bad as carraghers? Rafael didn’t even touch the man? The tackle on Rafael before he commited the foul was a yellow and so was rafaels’ challenge. But Carragher not getting a red is terrible he hit hi standing leg at almost knee height, lucky not to break his leg!

  101. Horrific?
    Come on, nasty at best, but Nani’s injuries were hardly horrific.

    This article was written by a Man U fan, or a sycophant.

    Or both.

  102. One word Cowardly, would Cowardly Carrugher have done this tackle on Vidic, I dont think so, he would have been eaten alive, no he chose to do it to a ball player like Nani who never tackes hard like that, Carrugher you have never been a real man, just a Coward

  103. A one-footed challenge that managed to put a gash on both of Nani’s legs. Impressive or a miracle? Clearly the pic with the fallujah type shrapnel wound on his RIGHT leg is doctored. Clearly Carra caught Nani’s LEFT leg.

  104. Erm the last picture is a fake. Compare it to the first with the injury, where contact was with knee and shin. Unless he split his own calf getting up to complain to Dowd, it is clearly a fake. The first just shows a small graze ffs, that you wouldn’t cry about even as a kid. Poor tackle, probably a red, but it’s his own fault as he dives and overeacts to the slightest of touches and has the lowest pain threshold of an adult human male ever observed.

  105. So Nani actually wasn’t faking an injury for a change? While I don’t condone the tackle, it was hard to gauge how injured he was given how overdramatic he is every time he believes he is fouled.

  106. wow, i don’t think i’ve ever seen so many comments before, a lot of them pretty unnecessary to be honest. it was plain and simple really, a red card for carragher and a red for rafael. regardless of a person’s reputation, a foul is a foul and there was nothing about carragher’s tackle on nani that could have been misconceived as simulation when we all saw how high it was and studs up. rafael’s was more emotional, as he has a tendency to get that way in these kinds of heated situations, sign of his youth, but a red nonetheless.

  107. Well isn’t this just a typical scouse reaction. Tell me how jamie’s tackle differs any from the one that broke eduardo’s leg in heinousness. His foot was shin high. Any foot that high can end someone’s career.

  108. i never heard united fans, talking about red cards last week when for no reason and nowhere near the ball rooney elbowed a wigan player. i suppose that was ok ,then again rafa was right fergie has his own rules.

  109. I am a Newcastle fan so impartial. Personally thought it was a disgraceful tackle. The FA should ban Carragher but wont. There was no need for it as Liverpool were coasting at the time yet had a red card been correctly issued, then the whole complexion of the game could have changed. These are career finishing tackles so the authorities need to be coming down hard on the culprits. Shame on you Carragher

  110. You fans are a disgrace, all of you.
    1: Nani exaggerated the issue to get the attention off him because of the gifted goal for Kuyt
    2: To Liverpool fans forget about Manchester United and think football. Was it right what Carrgaher did? If Gerrard was tackled that way how would you react? Could have been bad for Lucas had he not jumped at Raphael tackle.Yes the way Nani throws antics and has gotten away with it crazy but that is down to the FA allowing it to happen over and over without punishing a player. Look what Rooney got away with. Players will always cheat if its allowed
    3:To Man United fans, you have absolutely nothing to defend Nani for because what happened to him is football, blaming ref for incorrect decisions is football. Each team will get its turn. If you disagree with everything I said you don’t know football, you know Manchester United

  111. red card all day long.nani may play act at times but he cant pretend to have a horrific gash in his leg caused by the clumbsy,classless carrager.if that was rooney on gerrard the papers would want him banned for months or worse.well done the scousers who clapped and jeered nani off,just remember what goes around comes around.title 19 coming our way.ducky mufc

  112. To hear Manchester United fans refer to this incident as a horrific one makes me laugh. You people obviously don’t know what the word horrific means. This site is fast becoming the Fox News of soccer. Shame on you. There is a reason why none of the reputable news media in England haven’t said much about the injury. No one knows for sure. So why not reserve judgement until all the facts are in. A bad tackle does not make a horrific injury necessarily.

    I’m wondering when someone is going to write about Ferguson’s order to his players and staff to not talk to the media. Even his own MUTV. That is disgraceful. It’s one thing to not talk to the media you don’t like but to not talk to your own fans is absolutely disgraceful. It goes to show you that the man believes he is bigger than the club. I’m proud that my team’s manager, Mark Hughes, doesn’t take after Ferguson.

    Finally, Man united fans should be more concerned about their team’s performance and how bad they were yesterday. Even if they had a two-man advantage they would have struggled to win.

    1. Anthony, another reason why “none of the reputable news media in England haven’t said much about the injury” is because Man United have imposed a ban on its player and manager speaking to the press. However, The Guardian covered the injury tonight and said:

      “Jamie Carragher was refused entry to the Manchester United dressing-room on Sunday after attempting to apologise for the challenge which left Nani with a gash so deep that the winger’s shin bone was visible through the open wound.” Source:

      The Gaffer

  113. As an LFC fan and one who particularly hates Nani, I can’t pretend to be impartial on the subject. Still, I have some doubts that the more gruesome of the two pictures presented is legit. I don’t doubt that Nani has suffered a severe cut, but I have a hard time believing that players are standing and watching so matter of factly if the guy’s been cut so bad that his bone is exposed. Those of you in the US may be old enough to remember the horrific injury that took place when Joe Theisman was taken out by Lawrence Taylor, and you saw players running away from that sight. Now a severe cut is not the same as breaking a leg and having the bone sticking out…no doubt. But, I still find it hard to believe that a flap of skin has been cut away from a guy’s leg, his shin bone is showing, and you’re just standing there watching with hands on your hips.

  114. The only reason you manc scum r complaining about this tackle is because you got beat by a far better side on the day and and you cant stand it so you have to complaining about anything for why you lost. It was a late tackle and he did catch nani the fanny but there wasnt any hate in the tackle none the less he should have gone. now on the other hand rafael tackle was damn right dirty and he had both feet in the air and is it wasnt for the player jumping over him it would have been far worse than nani injury. Rafael was just lucky not to catch him. so before you come to use scousers complaining, why dont you start looking at what your players have done wrong and comment on that. your not so innocent yourselves. take a loss like a true supporter and shut the F**K up.

  115. Carragher should’ve been shown red. His tackle was dangerous, reckless and showed little intent on the ball. Anyone who questions this needs a Laws refresher.

  116. The BPL is the ‘best league in the world,’ really…? Bloodiest, yes I’ll give you that. Best, No way. This is evidenced by the talent drain to Spain. If I where Fabregas I’d be in Barca already…Between the horrible referees and the horrific tackles, something has to change. And now some old time thug is going to chime in and say hard tackles are the English way….yaawwn. Yes, and you used to have an empire too. Times change, but why can’t the BPL? The spineless FA much change course quickly or lose it’s stature in the world of Football.

  117. Well said, Anthony. It’s too bad that the gaffer has used this space to arouse emotions about this injury. Using a couple of photos that may or may not represent the full extent of the injury, not to metion the authenticity of the photos, and then taking liberties to call it “horrific” shows a lack of integrity. We are all entitled to our opinions but it behooves those who write the subject matter in this forum to act responsibly.

    1. Terry, I didn’t use this space to arouse emotions. I wrote the piece based on images that were available. Only one of them is questionable whether it is legit or not, and I’m yet to find any evidence that purports it as being fake. I called it horrific because that’s what it was, to me.

      The Gaffer

  118. Carragher ( thug ), Gerrard ( thug ), Rooney ( thug ) all coincedentally from Liverpool!!! I have never mistimed a tackle like that, and I don’t play for England. Gerard’s reaction was disgraceful and reeked of pure thuggery! It is no wonder England stunk at the world cup, if that is not a red card what is!!

  119. maaaaanchestrer the best onr e of all was ahamed by wahtever the dum dudes name was broke nanis leg that harsh crap stuuuupiiiid an hiis and he hes maaan

  120. 1. It’s not an horrific injury. It’s not a broken leg it’s a cut which happens all the time.

    2. Out for the rest of the season? Get real. He MIGHT miss the cup game against Arsenal.

    3. The severity of the injury can be measured by the Man Utd physios reaction when he gets to Nani on the pitch. He puts his hand up and waves. In these circumstances if the injury is obviously really bad they signal immeadiately that a change needs to be made.

    4. The media reports surrounding this are absolutely shocking. One paper claims he left Anfield on crutches (he didn’t, he walked out), another paper claims the injury was to his Right Calf. Try left shin! Some terrible journalism!

    5. When it’s a horrific injury you can see the devestation on the faces of both sets of players. Not even the Utd players are looking traumatised by it.

    6. This is the type of injury that 20 years ago players would have played on through. Got 2 words to round this nicely off – Terry Butcher!

  121. Seems like a lot of you have issues with name calling.

    There is no excuse for a tackle like that. Straight red, no matter what team, or what player.

    Get your collective heads out of your collective arses.

    Instead of talking about the tackle, the injury and/or a speedy recovery, you bring your trivial homerisms and insults – all of which seem to make you feel better about yourselves – and seem to validate your misaligned feelings.

    People are so quick to pass judgment, and/or blame that they forget that this is an injury – and should it happen to one of you, methinks you wouldn’t have a completely different take on things. There is no reason to bring up hooligan issues – this is not about team pride or lack thereof. And yet, it seems, that’s all you revel in – like it’s some long, drawn out soap opera or wank fest. It’s not. Get over yourselves.

    The schadenfreude here is beyond disgusting. There is nothing to be gained by saying so and so is a loser, or such and such a club sucks. We get it. You’re a ‘fan’ getting his jollies by talking trash. If it makes you feel like a man, then by all means, have at it. But, deep down inside, you know it’s your insecurity escaping the ether – and I see right through the shyte. And you wonder why people still look at ‘fans’ on the other side of the pond with a bit of horror and disdain.

    Go to school. Get some class.

  122. Oh for gods sake. I’m a doctor, an ortho for that matter. Do you know how many times an injury looks far worse than it is just because people are not used to seeing this and the overall impression is blood and gore. You can see by the picture, the skin is pulled to the dermal and there is blood. Likely will need maybe 3 staples to close up just to be safe, it is a minor situation, especially for his antics of running around like a crazy man to the ref and then hitting the stretcher bearer. The guy is a head case. I am no United or scouse fan and have a hard time digesting the gaffers remarks much of the time, but at least can respect that he has his right to opinion.

    1. TWS, thanks for the insight regarding his medical condition. For someone such as myself, who is a layman when it comes to bodily injuries, that’s reassuring to hear that the injury may not be quite as bad as I, and others, first feared.

      The Gaffer

  123. According to the Guardian:
    [Carragher tried to apologise to Nani after the game but it is understood the Portuguese was unwilling to engage with the defender, who was denied access by United’s players to their dressing room. He then waited outside with the intention of saying sorry but Nani is understood to have walked by.

    Nani does not expect his injury to sideline him for long. “I would like to thank supporters for their good wishes and I hope to be back really soon,” he said.]

    How the injury could be viewed as being horrific is beyond me. The writer obviously doesn’t know what the word means. And I thought the English spoke and wrote proper english.

  124. OMG….after 2 matches of being victimize, ManUtd are still branded as divers and cheats.
    1 thing I learn, you’re desparate.
    I feel sorry for you liverpool and chelsea fans.
    Yes, manutd are cheats but we’re still on top of the league looking at you.

  125. It’s sickening to see people rejoice over Nani’s cry.
    Take a knife, cut through your skin UNTIL you see your bone. That’s how painful it is.
    If you think justice is served for Nani, justice will be served for you soon.

  126. carragher on nani = 1 leg miss-timing challenge, left a small gash on the shin (i think when 2 heads clashed, the gash would be bigger, and theres more blood)

    rafael on lucas = 2 leg retaliation challenge, straight red

    manures, just stop being kids and moaning over ref decisions, u guys got lots on your side through out these years already.
    if currently SAF not in FA trouble, he will bark and affect the next ref of their game to be soft on them, stop the trick and play clean, ur reputation and image are at stake as the game is been watched WORLD-WIDE, its shameful.

  127. True Nani fell, true he over exaggerated and of course booing him off the pitch was not really very mature. however can you blame them. also this whole thing could be avoided if he wore shin pads or maybe if Phil Dowd or any official actually bothered to check. this shows you how important basic safety is in a league like this and that it should not be taken lightly. all EPL players should take this as a learning point.

  128. ESPN is reporting this morning that Nani will be out of action for Manchester United for up to a month due to the injury he sustained against Liverpool.

    The Gaffer

  129. u would think he would have a decent pair of shin pads, but these professionals only seem to where small thin ones. Maybe some better protection would of helped?

  130. Are all you Manc lovers mad. What goes around comes around. It’s fine to elbow someone in the face one week and then moan about decisions not going your way the next as if the whole world is against you. Yes Carra should have gone but do you honestly think that game was going any other way. Liverpool would have won that with 8 men the Mancs were that poor. Scholes has been tackling people for about 25 years like that. And Ferguson keeps on showing his true colours every time that sore looser doesnt get his own way. 1 word Fergie – Karma. And as for the crying. Go and ask some proper United fans what they think about one of their players crying his eyes out at their arch-rivals ground!

  131. Yes nani takes it too far sometimes I know, any sane man united fan will agree with me their. As for the tackle…..absolute disgrace, whether nani was acting like a fairy or not that was an all out leg breaker. I respect Liverpool football club for their history and tradition and how passionate they are about football but come on you scousers tht was a horrible tackle even though nani must frustrate people, he doesnt deserve that. Some of the comments on here stink from both Liverpool and Man U fans. We all love football and it gets us roudy and passionate but why people get seriously personal I dont know. Yeah were Manc wankers and your scouse twats, its a laugh we want our teams to win, whats wrong with that? But no need for the low blows. Bit of banter to finish then…..we are top of the league and will go on to win the league, end of story…why? Because we are the best team in the best league in the world. As for the mickey mousers I notice your comments are during work hours, which means your all unemployed…..shock that is. Take care people enjoy the rest of the season!!!

  132. Please…horrific? Broken legs are horrific. It was certainly worthy of a red card, but if he could jump up to show the referee his shin it was nothing that should be keeping him out for a month. He will be back much sooner than that.

  133. A horrific injury does not rule out a player for a month. I guess if a Manchester United player were to be injured and missed two months then the author of this piece would call it life-threatening. Why people misuse words I’ll never know. Just as Manchester United play by a different set of rules, the same applies to those writing about them.

  134. Dear oh dear, there’s no need for that. On the anniversary of the Munich air disaster, LFC sent MUFC a message of support. Disasters of this sort should go beyond footballing rivalries.

    The bottom line on the incident is that Carra should have been sent off. And Rafael too for his two feet in the air against Lucas.

    Liverpool were by far the better team on the day, and won deservedly. While I don’t want MUFC to win the title, you’re still first and it’s yours to lose.

  135. The comments on here are ridiculous.
    How can anyone say that Carragher did not deserve a read when his studs went into Nani’s shin, it wasn’t even low, it was a high tackle as well. A straight red. Simple.

    What’s funny is Rooney’s elbow didn’t even hurt the player and everyone reacted as if he should have been hung, drawn and quartered, yet no one reacts like that here cos its not a united player.
    If it was Rooney, not carragher I guarantee everyone would be unanimous in demanding a straight red and a 3 match ban.

    As for Rafael, he should have a got a red as well but that incident would never even have happened if Carragher would have got a red, plus, Rafael never injured anyone as his studs did not sink into anyone’s shin.

    Lastly, Nani got up to show the ref, it doesnt mean he wasn’t injured and he didn’t dive again after that either, Gerrard pushed him but he fell backwards to stay on the floor as he couldn’t stand up on two feet. Why would he dive again when he’s injured and in need of medical care?

    Instead of treating this as “Manchester United” or “Nani”, think of it as any other player and any other team then say what you really think, some people are posting videos of a Nani headbutt from 3 years ago saying that he doesn’t deserve sympathy? In that case any player anywhere doesn’t deserve anything cos they’ve committed a foul in their lives.

    All we need is consistency. No United bias, nor ani-united bias.

  136. in the words of a very purple nosed person –

    “youse are all idiots”

    it’s a game.
    nani is an actor.
    he’s also a pretty good footballer.
    the tackle deserved a red.
    but the ball was on the bouce.
    carragher is rough man.
    carragher is also an idiot.
    carragher is also a pretty decent defender.
    rafael was fouled.
    rafael didnt dive.
    rafael raised his feet.
    it was a yellow.
    Liverpool played an excellent game while united were flailing around like idiots.
    Sir needs to sell carrick.

    in conclusion – liverpool 3 -1 manchester united. fair result. decent game. good drama.

    Stop it, the rest of you.

    we’ll still get that 19th title.


  137. You all seem to be forgetting one very important rule in football. The referees decision is final; arguing and abusing each other here isn’t going to change his decision.

  138. I agree that Nani is infact a diver, but one would argue that a spike in the shin cutting through to the bone is deserving of a far worse penalty than a simple yellow card. And the fact that carragher’s cleat was a foot and a half above the ground showed that there was no intention of going for ball. I’m sure he did not mean to put nani out for the season, but he certainly meant to stop him in his tracks

  139. Red card no question but why the OTT rantings on this site. I remember the WBA-Liverpool game 2008/9 season when Gerrard committed a bad foul. Jonas Olsson took care of it himself by flattening Gerrard off the ball behind the refs back. Gerrard showed no interest for the rest of the game. Sometimes there is a place for the hard men.

  140. Not nice, but lets be honest, this is just a minor cut on the leg and not the horrific injury the article alleged we were going to see.

  141. Bloody Hell, Kleenex would be quids in with Nani, if we still had in the game, Tommy Smith, Graeme Souness, Norman Hunter, Johnny Giles(loved going over the ball) Chopper Harris, Stuart Pearce, and many more REAL hard men

  142. Alf-Inge Håland a name that Man Utd fans probably choose to forget. You moan about Nani getting a cut when a past ‘Hero’ of your club ended a mans career. Double standards here methinks.

  143. This really puts into perspective what SAF said in the aftermath of Eduardo’s injury during the Arsenal v Birmingham game !

  144. Football’s a girls game anyway! Hee Hee…you should all kiss and make up. Be men play rugby. Nancy has a cut on his leg, whats all the fuss about?

  145. Absolute disgrace that carragher wasnt sent off. Anyone who thinks it should be a yellow doesnt understand the rules.

  146. how many people have said ‘you wouldnt like it if it happened to you’ or ‘you wouldnt be saying that if it happened to you’?… erm – I`ve had a little cut on my leg before, in fact, i broke my hand once and didnt notice until it was pointed out to me, I am a musician so my hands a valuable as part of my work, basically it could have affected my career – i`m not saying this because i have a high threshold of pain, i`m just a normal bloke – but the reactions to little taps week in week out from that stupid little wanker are the outcries of pain reserved only for woman givin birth naturally. Seriously United fans, I know from living in manchester that you are by rights a bunch of classless scumbags – but seriously you are defending someone who has cried like a whiny little bitch because he cut his leg – my 6 year old niece got a piece of glass embedded in her arm the other week and she didnt cry as much as that little tart.

    To clarify – it was a red card offence but I dont believe there was much malice in it. What makes me laugh though is you are calling carra a scumbag, at least he went for the ball and didnt just elbow Nani in the head eh?

    El Rojo

  147. It’s an awful injury from a bad tackle and I feel sorry for him as he is a great player. I’m a Liverpool fan by the way. I’m sure that we wouldn’t like to see Gerrard or Suarez injured like that.

    As for Carragher getting a red, I believe it was a geniune miss timed tackle. I’m sure he didn’t mean to do this, and he did apologise afterwards.

    Man Utd will miss Nani.

  148. What goes around comes around, nonce!

    Nani Are You OK?
    So, Nani Are You OK?
    Are You OK, Nani?
    You’ve Been Hit By?
    You’ve Been Struck By?
    A Smooth Carragher!

  149. Carragher and Rafael should’ve seen red, that much is obvious. In the end the ref did the right thing by only giving rafael a yellow, since carra only got yellow.

    Nani wasn’t doing himself any favours by getting up and attempting to coax a red card from the ref, but hey, heat of the moment. I dont think Carra is the type to go out to hurt players, most players aren’t the malicious type (Shawcross’ reaction anyone?)

    No one deserves to be injured, and the people that are saying he deserved it are sick, they’re stepping way beyond the game. Thats what it is, a game, you’re meant to enjoy the game, not turn it into war.

    As for the actual game, Liverpool deserved to win (Carragher’s challenge or not). They simply created more chances. Being a Man Utd fan, I am disappointed, but I’ll accept it. Despite liverpool’s last two goals being a bit fortunate, they were unlucky not to score other chances they had before. As for utd, I think we all can agree Carrick does NOT deserve that new 4 year deal on the back of his performances, I simply don’t think he offers enough to the team….

  150. Omfg… i never thought it was this bad… i was cussing nani the whole time, thought he was faking it. Sorry man u fans~

  151. I think it should have been a red card to Carragher. Not Because of blood, but because of high tackle. Even if there was no blood still it should have been a red card any day. Rafael’s tackle on Lucas was as bad and he should have been sent off. Only difference between both the tackles is that while Lucas jumped his way out of the tackle, Nani was very slow, rather still. But what Nani did after that was a disgrace to watch. I’ve been watching soccer for years now and have seen players getting injured but have never seen such a thing. It was so embarrassing. I remember Shawcross’s tackle on Ramsey which was much worse last season but Ramsey didnt do any buffoonery like Nani.

  152. I wish Gerrard had seen these videos….that idiot seemed to be hassling Nani for faking…is he now injured too…good for him…if the FA retroactively give Rooney a red card for his elbow smash, they should do the same to Carragher.

  153. Horrific injury my arse. Try watching a bit of rugby that real men play. He’d be laughed off the pitch for his oscar winning performances in the mans’ game.

  154. Horrific injury my arse. Try watching some real men on the rugby field, carry on playing with real injuries. I saw worse on the hockey field at school. Nan(c)i would be laughed off the pitch of any other sport with his Oscar winning performances. (PS, isn’t it the Barclays Premier League?)

  155. Some horrific injury that was. Nani is back in training and will possibly feature in the game against Marseille. Just goes to show you that the writer of this article has no clue about what a horrific injury is. People should think before using provocative words.

    1. Abe, I still contend it was horrific. The length of time a player is out injured is not a factor in determining whether a tackle was horrific or not. The tackle by Carragher was poor. The images of Nani’s leg were horrific to view.

      The Gaffer

      1. The images were perhaps “horrific” – but nothing I haven’t seen skateboarding with friends. Ramsey, Eduardo – those are horrific injuries and tackles. Even the one on Diaby from Dan Smith. Imagine if you’d have seen the wounds hidden beneath socks in the leg breakers? bones sticking out etc.

        As it is it was certainly a bad bad tackle unquestionable deserving of a red. And just to be a bit literal here – you’re calling the injury horrific in the title of this post, not the tackle. And it does make a difference. As we now see – the injury was not horrific, though the tackle certainly can be considered as such.

        Just my $0.02

        1. The injury was horrific to me, and I’m sure it was to others. It may have not been horrific to others especially if you’re used to seeing skateboarding injuries that are worse.

          The Gaffer

  156. It now turns out Nani is fit to play against Marseille and not injured at all. If Ferguson has any honour he will now take this oppertunity to apologise to Jamie Carragher and Liverpool Football Club for the outrageous behavior of the cheat Nani.

    1. NO! Surely not, they couldn’t have sown his leg back on in this short time let alone taken the stitches out of that horrific ‘very deep gash‘ (took the band aid off the scratch more like).
      I thought he would be out for months after some of the most pathetic behaviour I have ever witnessed on a football pitch but maybe it’s the adrenalin still kicking, he may well break down in the Marseille game then he can fall down theatrically again in pretend pain and cry! LOL.

  157. Be realistic liverpool fans, carraghers tackle was studs up, missed the ball by about 10 minutes and was a high tackle, straight red, its lucky it didnt snap his shin in half.
    And as for rafaels challenge, are you forgetting about what maxi done like 5 seconds before that which shouldve resulted in a red card?
    3 lucky goals and you think you outplayed man utd, you then loose to a pathetic Braga.

  158. It’s interesting to juxtapose Nani and Stuart Holden, and the amount of uproar there was about the Carragher tackle, and the subsequent calmness that seemed to permeate after Jonny Evans flayed the American’s knee in two.

    Hey, maybe Carragher should transfer to ManU, he’d then be lionized for such brave challenges!

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