Kolo Toure Suspended By Manchester City After Testing Positive for a Specified Substance

Photo by Alfonso Jiménez

Kolo Toure has been suspended by Manchester City after testing positive for a specified substance.

“Manchester City confirm that the FA has informed Kolo Toure that an ‘A-sample’ provided by him has tested positive for a specified substance,” said a club statement. “As result of this, he has been suspended from participating in all first team and non-first team matches pending the outcome of the legal process.”

No additional information is available as of press time, and Manchester City has said it will provide no further comment at this stage. Toure, who was the former captain of Manchester City before manager Roberto Mancini handed the captain’s armband to Carlos Tevez, has been an important part of Manchester City’s 2010-11 season.

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15 thoughts on “Kolo Toure Suspended By Manchester City After Testing Positive for a Specified Substance”

  1. What news? His ‘A’ sample was found to contain ‘a specified substance’ it didn’t say he was caught at the airport with with 10kgs of Coccaine.

  2. “Hey guys….wha….wait, wha….oh, THERE it is…I’m so stoned…” – Kolo’s thoughts when that picture was taken…..

  3. A Specific yet unspecified substance – where is the substance in the unspecific allegations? Burning one is not a crime! Ya Ya Maaan.

  4. I bet Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood that Toure gets a lesser suspension than Rio Ferdinand who missed a test. That’s just the way the FA roll y’all :)

  5. All he has to do is claim that he unknowingly ate “tainted” meat, given to him from a friend, and they will let him off on appeal.

  6. According to Wenger, his former boss, Toure was obsessed with losing weight so he took his wife’s diet pills. Maybe she should get the ban :) .

  7. The epl and indeed so much racism in europe. How many years ban or what action was taken against ferdinand when he refuse to have a test? He just got a tap on the back! Too bad and stop the racism!

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