JP Dellacamera Leaves ESPN for Fox Soccer Channel, Say Reports

JP Dellacamera (pictured on right)

JP Dellacamera, one of the most veteran U.S. soccer commentators, has left ESPN and moved to Fox Soccer Channel to become the network’s lead MLS commentator, say reports.

Dellacamera is synonymous with the rise in popularity of soccer in the United States during the past couple of decades. He is best known for calling the game between the United States and Trinidad & Tobago in 1989, where Paul Caligiuri scored the only goal to send the U.S. to the 1990 World Cup. He was also the lead announcer for the 1999 Women’s World Cup on ESPN and ABC.

With Dellacamera leaving ESPN, Adrian Healey will become the lead MLS commentator for the network.

According to reports, Dellacamera has signed a one-year deal and will announce MLS games for Fox Soccer Channel on Friday nights.

The decision by Fox Soccer Channel to hire Dellacamera is a smart one in my opinion. He adds instant credibility to any broadcast he’s attached to because of his experience and very recognizable voice. Whether MLS fans will adapt as well to Healey is yet to be determined. Some MLS fans may feel that ESPN should have commentators with American accents.

27 thoughts on “JP Dellacamera Leaves ESPN for Fox Soccer Channel, Say Reports”

    1. Very true Kevin. Adrian Healy is one of my favorite announcers and has respect for MLS. Former Revs TV announcer as well.

      1. So anyone who disagrees with your assessment of quality is a bigot… Thank you for being an example of intellectual insecurity.

  1. In all honesty, it’s a good move by FSC to bring J.P. over. ESPN has screwed him way too many times. He was never appreciated that much by ESPN big wigs and he showed them loyalty.

  2. Adrian Healey used to call Revs matches and was great.He took over from Derek Rae which is pressure and he was not english centric and that is saying something especially he was announcing some very poor Revs teams. I look forward to hearing him call the matches. Plus, he used to be a great DJ at WFNX in Boston and was my favorite because he seemed to love the Pixies as much as I do.

    1. Chris, that’s interesting. I had no idea that Healey used to be a DJ and is a Pixies fan. They’re one of my favorite bands too. Saw them in concert a few years ago. Love everything about ’em.

      The Gaffer

      1. I love their records, but good lord one of the most boring live bands I’ve ever seen. Can Frank Black move from a single spot or at least engage the audience between songs?

        I like this move. JP is very good, and as someone else pointed out, he has given a lot to American soccer.

  3. this is good news considering FSC has never had a capable play-play man for soccer

    i wonder if JP will do the gold cup?

  4. JP is the home play-by-play voice for the Philadelphia Union at the moment. I think he is a trusted voice in the American soccer community, and will be a major step up from Christian Miles, Mark Rogandino, or whoever else they had prior to this season.

  5. jp is a great annoncer and during the world cup i would listen to him and tommy smyth on the radio whenever possible during usa games and turn the volume on the tv down , hope he doesn’t give up the union job

  6. Oh I hope Ian Darke or Healey start calling MLS on ESPN and I hope JP is good, i cant remember what he sounds like. The current FSC MLS announcers are HORRIBLE!

  7. “Some MLS fans may feel that ESPN should have commentators with American accents.”

    and some MLS fans are moron hicks as well

  8. I will be bold and will speak for MLS fans. We want commentators that are knowledgeable about the game, players, and League. The type of knowledge that you can only amass by watching the MLS and USMNT over time. We do not care about accents.

  9. Not surprising and frankly this is win-win. Healey is better than JP and JP is better than all of FSC’s “lineup” combined.

    And since Healey can’t be there all the time you’ll almost certainly hear Max Bretos calling games on ESPN. This sounds like a switcheroo to me!

  10. With JP only signing a 1 year contract he might be planning on following MLS where ever it goes. Maybe he will go to Versus or whatever NBC/Comcast will call it next year if they decide to buy the rights to the Friday night games.

  11. I like to see Glenn Davis out there. He is a good play by play guy, but it usually doesnt work out well because he always knows so much more than the colorman. It creates some awkward moments. In my opinion Glenn knows the most of about North American soccer, from Canada to Mexico he knows the current players and the history of the leagues.

  12. My two cents on FSC announcers. Clearly in the minority, I think the current FSC announcers do a pretty good job. Throughout FSC’s World Cup analysis programming and during CCL coverage, Christopher Sullivan has been very effective at providing insight die-hard fans expect while relating the game to the casual fan. The play-by-play announcers, particularly during CCL coverage, have also done a good job at providing a sense of tempo to games, even when they are not well played, and developing relevant conversation.

  13. Nice to hear the good comments about JP. It seems all I usually hear is abuse about his call matches. He will do a great job for Fox. Maybe this is a start to FSC putting a little more effort into MLS coverage. Maybe JP could do a weekly wrap-up show?

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