Chelsea vs Man United: The Biggest Match of The Season?

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Many will argue that today’s match between Chelsea and Manchester United is the biggest of the season. It’s certainly will have a lot of implications depending on the result. But is it the biggest match of the season? It depends a lot on what Chelsea does today.

A win for Chelsea will keep the race for the Premier League title open, not so much for Chelsea who would then be 12 points behind Manchester United but with a game in hand, but more so for Arsenal which would remain four points behind United with a game in hand, albeit against arch-rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

There’s a chance that Manchester City or Tottenham Hotspur could go on a run between now and the end of the season to narrow the 10 point and 13 point gap respectively, but at this stage of the season with Manchester United in the form that they’re currently in, I don’t see it happening.

For the sake of competition, and being a neutral fan following the league on a daily basis, the best thing that could happen today is a win for Chelsea to keep the Premier League title race open. A draw will satisfactory to Manchester United. And a win for United would push them seven points clear at the top essentially cementing their Premier League title.

But clubs don’t play for the neutral fan of the Premier League. So whatever happens today at Stamford Bridge will happen on its own merits with two teams who haven’t been themselves this season battling it out for the 90 minutes. Whatever happens, I hope it’s much more exciting than the prediction I gave for the match last week (0-0).

What do you think? Vote below who you think will win in the Clash of The Giants today between Chelsea and Manchester United (2:45pm ET, Fox Soccer Channel).


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