Chelsea vs Man United: The Biggest Match of The Season?

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Many will argue that today’s match between Chelsea and Manchester United is the biggest of the season. It’s certainly will have a lot of implications depending on the result. But is it the biggest match of the season? It depends a lot on what Chelsea does today.

A win for Chelsea will keep the race for the Premier League title open, not so much for Chelsea who would then be 12 points behind Manchester United but with a game in hand, but more so for Arsenal which would remain four points behind United with a game in hand, albeit against arch-rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

There’s a chance that Manchester City or Tottenham Hotspur could go on a run between now and the end of the season to narrow the 10 point and 13 point gap respectively, but at this stage of the season with Manchester United in the form that they’re currently in, I don’t see it happening.

For the sake of competition, and being a neutral fan following the league on a daily basis, the best thing that could happen today is a win for Chelsea to keep the Premier League title race open. A draw will satisfactory to Manchester United. And a win for United would push them seven points clear at the top essentially cementing their Premier League title.

But clubs don’t play for the neutral fan of the Premier League. So whatever happens today at Stamford Bridge will happen on its own merits with two teams who haven’t been themselves this season battling it out for the 90 minutes. Whatever happens, I hope it’s much more exciting than the prediction I gave for the match last week (0-0).

What do you think? Vote below who you think will win in the Clash of The Giants today between Chelsea and Manchester United (2:45pm ET, Fox Soccer Channel).

29 thoughts on “Chelsea vs Man United: The Biggest Match of The Season?”

  1. Every match seems to be the biggest match of the season….they play again yet and I bet that will also get the tag….Gaffer Sky are calling you :)

    1. I’m excited about today’s match, but it’ll only be the biggest game of the season if both teams turn up and decide to actually play rather than playing a game of chess instead.

      The Gaffer

  2. the biggest match will be when united play arsenal at the emirates since they are the only two front runners for the title. united will probably play rooney as a lone striker for most of the match today and w/their poor record at the bridge, i’m going to predict another away draw. chelsea are just trying to keep pace w/spurs at this point for a champions league spot and will probably be satisfied with a point against united given their recent dip in form.

    1. I agree King Eric that Arsenal versus Manchester United will be the biggest match of the season, but only if Chelsea can do Arsenal a favor by beating Man United today!

      The Gaffer

  3. Chelsea have zero chance of winning the league this year – unless (1) they get their act together and go on a 10 game winning streak, and (2) United and Arsenal have blow-outs of Chelsea level proportions. Which I don’t see happening.

    As a Liverpool fan, I’m torn. On the one hand, I hate United with a passion and can’t stand that they might win the league for the 19th time, and therefore, I’m kinda pulling for Arsenal. So, United dropping points would be great.

    On the other hand, I hate Chelsea with a passion. Dropping points against United would farther demoralize them and keep Liverpool’s chances of finishing fourth still marginally alive (extremely slim already, I know, but crazier things have happened). If Liverpool can at least finish 5th, with Chelsea finishing 6th (or lower), it would make my life – especially if 6th doesn’t even qualify for Europa League next season.

    So, all things considered, I guess….oh god….deep breaths….I guess I’ll pull for United. Ugh. I hate this game sometimes.

  4. Also, one interesting tid-bit I heard James Richardson mention on the Guardian’s Football Weekly podcast yesterday: If Chelsea lose to United today, they will be 18 points off the table of the table AND 18 points off the bottom.

  5. Seeing this game from a non biased point of view, im predicting a draw, These fixtures have had the tendency to be pretty bland stalemates in the last few seasons, but every now and then a very great game will become of them, and im hoping this year to be one of them, 2-2 draw is what im thinking! with a late equalizer from one of the teams! Cheers! COME ON CITY!

  6. How can anyone be a “neutral fan of the Premier League”? It takes commitment mate! lol (preferably to Manchester United)

  7. I don’t hav 2 speak dat much, 2day match is absolutely 4 chelsea. But i can’t predict about d goal… D gav is ours

  8. This was a big game. Man u took the game to Chelsea and had they taken their chances in the second half, with Rooney’s misses, they would have won. Chelsea were very sloppy and gave the ball away easily in the first half. Credit to Chelsea for playing better in the second half and they deserved their first goal. As a neutral I have to say a draw would have been the better result. Chelsea got the penalty from a sloppy play from Smalling. Some referees give a penalty while others don’t. Luiz should have seen his second yellow and Vidic deserved his second yellow. Man U’s game against Liverpool will be a big game as well especially with Vidic suspended and Ferdinand having a 50-50 chance of playing. Still think Man U should have enough to beat Liverpool.

    This result makes for a very interesting run up to the end of the season with Arsenal capable of winning the title if they get the results. Not sure if Sunday’s loss to B’ham in the CC will prove to be Arsenal’s undoing. Can they overcome their deamons? That is the question.

  9. So, Chelsea have just defeated Manchester United 2-1! The way is now open for Arsenal to close the gap between themselves and MU to just one point. Will or can Arsenal seize the chance….? Read my post ‘The Way Is Now Open..”

  10. This was an amazing game. No where near as boring as most people thought it was going to be. I find it hilarious that Luiz scored for Chelsea before Torres. Keep it up Blues we can still win the Champions League and easily stay in the top four.

    PS I think Luiz should have been sent off.

    Up the Chels! KTBFFH!

      1. “PS I think Luiz should have been sent off”

        So should have been Rooney on Saturday. What goes around comes around.

  11. A very tantalizing match today. United had their 20-25 minutes of domination, which netted them the opening goal, seemed like all the pressure by the Red Devils lulled the Blues to sleep on the Rooney shot. Chelsea took a long time to look comfortable in the middle of the pitch, and Torres is still a frustrating player to watch on the pitch.

    As much as I’m not a fan of ManUtd, I do feel sympathetic towards them in this game. There was little difference in the maneuvers by Luiz and Smalling; Luiz’s obstruction was not seen by the referee, while Smalling’s was deemed strong enough to warrant a penalty. It was the same knee to the thigh.

    The difference for me was that the midfield of ManUtd was strong and forced Ramires, Essien, and Lampard into a ton of giveaways in the first 30 minutes. It seemed like ManUtd’s midfield line began to retreat as soon as they gained the lead, looking to stifle movement between the center stripe and their own box. That allowed Luiz and Ivanovic to find passing lanes in the ManUtd midfield, and thus Ramires/Essien/Lampard received the ball in more dangerous positions. And once Chelsea equalized, Scholes had been subbed out for Giggs, and Giggs/Carrick weren’t as influential as Scholes/Carrick.

    1. I agree with your midfield assessment. I thought this match would have been perfect for someone with Anderson’s pace. Look at how Nani and Evra were carving Chelsea up for a while on the left. It’s just too bad that Ando’s hurt because right after the goal, Utd sat back and Chelsea took the match to them. Ando would have been bombing from box to box.

      Oh well, no point in bemoaning a loss. Gotta look forward and get ready for the next one.

  12. i think CheLSeA WILL win…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    b’coz the world’s strongest foOtball CLub IS cHelSeA………..!!!!
    NOOOOO dougt………

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