Who’s Your Favorite Premier League Footballer, And Why?

Most fans of either a Premier League club or the Premier League in general are very team focused. Meet a new soccer friend, and usually the first question out of his mouth is “Who do you support?” Listen to most podcasts, too, and all you’ll hear is this team name against that team name, and how team name X is doing in the table.

So, for today, I thought it’d be interesting to focus on the individuals who make teams possible… the footballers themselves.

Out of the current players in the Premier League, who’s your favorite and why? Post your answers in the comments section below.

Since I don’t support any Premier League clubs, it’s harder for me to narrow it down to one player (you may find you’ll have the same difficulty too). Of those players who I admire, and it’s a long list, some include Joe Hart, Darren Bent, Mikel Arteta, Ryan Giggs, Cesc Fabregas, Jack Wilshere, Charlie Adam, Jonas Gutierrez, Rafael van der Vaart, David Luiz, Luis Suarez, Clint Dempsey, Lee Chung-Yong, Asamoah Gyan, Kenwyne Jones, Christopher Samba, Nikola Zigic, Jamie O’Hara, Carlton Cole, Peter Odemwingie and Jordi Gomez.

Now that I’ve named one player from each Premier League club that I admire, you can see how difficult it is to name just one. If I had to name just two, however, it would be between Adam Johnson (who unfortunately is out injured until late April) and Gareth Bale (who is also injured). The reasons why I like watching these players is simple. They remind me of classic wingers who take players on, which is so rare to see in modern English football. These are two players who create something out of nothing. A quick surge down the left or right wing, beating a player or two and all of a sudden they have the whole world in front of them with several options to choose from. Should they cut inside and go towards goal? Should they cross the ball in to the box for an approaching striker to bang the ball into the back of the net, or should they dart toward the byline to pull the ball back across to the edge of the box for a striker to shoot and score?

If I had to narrow it down to one, though, it would have to be Gareth Bale. This is a player I’ve watched for years from his time at Southampton, to his dark days at Tottenham where he was laughed at. During those times I remember watching him play for Wales and seeing him rip up opposition such as Russia as he ran down the wings and created havoc. So when he finally regained his form at Tottenham, I was more happy than most (even though I don’t support Spurs). He is currently my favorite Premier League footballer, which is saying a lot especially when you consider how much world-class competition there is with hundreds of other talented players in the league.

Don’t forget. Out of the current players in the Premier League, who’s your favorite and why? Post your answers in the comments section below.

97 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favorite Premier League Footballer, And Why?”

  1. Javier hernandez is one of the most exciting prospects along side of jack wilshere and chris smalling. In terms of players with years of experience I would have to say ryan giggs. Best player of all time after Pele, Best

  2. As a diehard Man United supporter Ryan Giggs has dazzled and entertained me for so many years that I just sit there amazed at how he can continue to produce at the highest level. Charlie Adams gets my vote though as a classy player who has a great work ethic and the talent and vision to play for a top 4 team.

  3. Luis Suarez??? you put Luis Suarez on a list of your favorites? WOW.

    and even as a West Ham supporter I’m puzzled by Charlton Cole.

    Scott Parker is an easy one for me, but outside my club, Essien is one the players I love watching. Wilshire is going up that list. Charlie Adam, Carlos Tevez. Hard workers, that give 110% to the team.

    Cole and Suarez( at least from my limited exposure) are both lazy players that will go missing. Any of the five I’ve listed will still be running their socks off even down 3 goals.

    1. You’re off on Suarez. The guy runs down balls, chases players, passes, and works hard. Perhaps I was jaded be Torres’ pouting, but I think Suarez is anything but lazy. That being said, he’s only played in a few matches and it’s too early to call him a favorite or a great player.

      I’m awfully fond of Kuyt although he’s only good for 10 goals and often has a horrible first touch. But you know you’re going to get everything he’s got to give every time he’s on the pitch.

      When Agger’s healthy, I think he’s fun to watch and Kelly’s been good, too. I also enjoy watching Nasri, Dempsey, Bale, Chicharito, and Tevez.

      1. I saw him play in the WC, and against West Ham… He had one good strike, and James Tomkins held him. JAMES TOMKINS.

        I know he took a knock early, but there was much of the game where at least I never noticed him. Score line was really him his favor v a team bottom of the table.

  4. Kenwyne Jones is my favorite player. I do understand he tends to get lazy at times during games but when he plays with aggresion he cant be stoped. he’s faster than given credit for (he has clocked in times faster than lennon or aggy when ready), he’s stronger and can jump higher than most other players in the league maybe 4 or 5 players can jump higher and another 4 or 5 players are stronger but none have both over him. Also he has decent ball control, is a better dribbler than credited can cross the ball and also release players with through balls, flick ons, backheels or a little cheeky pass here and there. but once again at timews he does seem lazy and also i’ve noticed if he doesn’t recieve a pass when he’s in on goal or he feels a player hasn’t put him through when he’s ready, then he drifts out of the game. but with good service he will put away goals. great great player

  5. A couple that I’d like to mention:

    Scott Parker – I agree with a previous comment, if you’re going to pick someone to applaud from the Hammers, I think he’s the best choice.

    Kevin Nolan/Joey Barton – I think both of these guys have been instrumental in Newcastle United’s ability to withstand the loss of Andy Carroll. They have both played excellent football this season. And I know Barton can be dirty…I guess his passion for the match impresses me, regardless of the way it manifests in his antics.

    Kevin Davies – The skipper has been the one constant for Bolton this year. His presence as the primary target man for Owen Coyle’s team draws lots of attention from the opponent’s largest defenders. He not only takes the abuse, but levels it, as evidenced by his lapping the field when it comes to fouls committed.

    1. Glad to see Joey Barton getting some recognition. He has been vital for NUFC this season He does, obviously, have a past history of being a dirty player, but aside from one incident this year, he has been very level headed and has not been baited into reverting to his old self. Hopefully if he keeps maturing, and keeps up his form, he will shed those past demons that many people still want to bring up.

  6. Easy one. Robbie Keane. I grew up watching him break through at Wolves and it was so clear that he was going to be a star. He may be a little past his best now but will always be a legend in my eyes

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Robbie Keane is true class and his love for scoring goals is something that he shared with the supporters. There is only one Keano!

  7. Gareth Bale. He has all the skills that could make him one of the greatest footballers seen in the EPL for years – so long as he stays healthy.

    1. I agree with Gareth Bale. I really can be tremendous to watch. I’ll definitely watch a Tottenham game if he is playing. But he has started to dive a lot in games. I hope he stops that quick. If he becomes a Ronadlo or Nani type diver, i will have to rethink my manlove for gareth bale.

  8. My fav player is Ryan Giggs… He is the best winger ever… My fav team is Man utd..he’s been at united for almost 21 yrs…. Whole life for 1 club is just awesome… He has won everything n still is so humble… And he has continuously performed at the highest level for over 20 years now… And the way he plays football is delightful… He can dribble through defenses easily… His freekicks n corners are awesome… n passes n composure is very good n his shooting is wonderful as well….

    1. You’re forgetting the most amazing thing–he’s 37! That’s like 115 in footballing years for outfield players. Fat Ronaldo just retired and he’s 3 years younger and has been crap the past 5.

  9. Being a Liverpool supporter my first answer to this is Gerrard. That one’s easy.

    But when I remove my Liverpool goggles, and this one really hurts to admit, I really enjoy watching Nani play now. He’s cleaned up his act this year and has seemed to ditch a lot of the superfluous crap that’s weighed him down. Now he’s just a deadly winger who I think turns into a top 5 player very quickly.

  10. Spurs goalkeeper Gomez is someone I love to watch. He can be absolutely brilliant at times and at other times he can be mistake-prone. Never a dull moment with him.

  11. Ryan Giggs is my favourite Premier League player. There is so much to say about him. I see a natural born humble leader who carries himself upon the pitch with quiet yet intense strength. He is a consistent performer and I recall when he adopted a more central position in midfield or just off the main striker as the Reds retained the title during the 2008 and 2009 season, he was so outstanding.

    The calibre of this man and what he has accomplished in his career and for Manchester United Football Club thus so far is Ryan was awarded the OBE (Order of the British Empire) for his services to football and ” He was named BBC Sports Personality of the Year – on 30 November, the day after his 36th birthday”. A PRICELESS TREASURE…and he’s GORGEOUS TO LOOK AT AS WELL…HIS LUCKY WIFE :)

  12. My favorite footballer in EPL has to be Dirk Kuyt. I can’t imagine anyone is as hard-working as him. He’s one of the few players that to me are really earning their wages and not just assume that someone else will do the work for you (e.g. Drogba).

    1. as a dutch fan, i couldn’t agree more even though it pains me to see him in a liverpool shirt as a united supporter. he’s a true professional on and off the pitch.

  13. Jamie Carragher is my club man.

    Outside of Liverpool, I think Luka Modri? and Cheik Tioté are two of the un-sung heroes of their sides. I love watching the both of them for different reasons.

    If I were a top-flight manager, I’d go about signing these two right away. You’d have your creativity and solidity right there in the center of the park to build a team around.

  14. Luka Modric, definitely.

    He’s so brilliant, so hard-working for a player of his size, and his vision is incredible. He’s just so incredibly likable. My favourite footballer.

  15. Anyone who puts on the black and white. I think if you were to ask me this question in a years time Ben Arfa will have stolen my heart and eye more than the rest of the team.

    Outside of Newcastle, Matt Jarvis has been my player crush this season. Terrific wide player who largely plays under the radar for an ‘unfashionable’ club (no offense). If he opts for a Summer move I pray that Pardew and company are paying attention.

    Notable mentions on their day: Drogba, Essien, Ashley Cole, Gallas, Modric, Saha, Huddlestone, Nasri, Agbonglahor, Silva, and Milner for me.

  16. VDV, Jordan Henderson, James McCarthy, Seamus Coleman, Charlie Adam, Barton, Jose Enrique, Roger Johnson are all fine fine players. With the exception of VDV these players don’t get the recognition that they deserve.

  17. As a Chelsea supporter, I must say that Frank Lampard has to be top of my list. Excepting this year, having scored 20+ goals in each of the past 5 seasons from midfield is quite an accomplishment. Some strikers would love to have that consistency. Apart from Lamps, Michael Essien is another that catches the eye. He seems to geniunely enjoy playing football as a broad smile is always plastered across his face. Josh McEachran is one to watch for the future.

    Outside the Blues, players like Dirk Kuyt, Scott Parker, Ryan Giggs, Kevin Davies, Luka Modric, and Charlie Adam all show the type of hunger and desire that makes them attractive footballers, and being model professionals off the field is an added benefit.

  18. Not a Man Utd supporter, but my favorite player to watch right now is the Little Pea, Javier Hernandez. He plays hard at both ends, has wonderful instincts and his on field demeanor seems to be one of pure joy in playing the game. If his early achievements are a sign of more to come then we are going to get to watch a young man grow into a phenom….and SAF will be rated more of a genius than he already is, if that’s possible. Time will tell.

  19. Clint Dempsey, Scott Parker and Timmy Cahill.

    They all play the game with such an intensity and energy its hard not to enjoy every game you see them play in. If you compare them to the lackadaisical and sometimes theatrical displays of other players the three of them will come out on top every time.

  20. Has to be Ryan Shawcross. Head and shoulders above every other defender in the Premier League. Alert, intelligent, hard, fair (despite what know-nothing gloryhunters, especially those who believe they are Arsenal fans, think.

    1. got to agree Aitch, For Me it’s Super Ryan Shawcross. For all there bleating Arsenal would have won the League cup yesterday if they had 1 Defender in the same class as Ryan. Closely followed by the most underated winger in the country in Matty Etherington.

    2. You’re obviously entitled to your own opinion, but I disagree and would argue that Leighton Baines is superior ( and also happens to be one of my favorites).

      1. Baines is a wingback, Etherington is not so that’s a poor comparison and argument to make

        Shawcross hasn’t been as good as what he was last season but he’s still a future top four club centre back. Like Scanner said, if Arsenal had a defender like him yesterday they would’ve ended their five (it’ll be six soon..) year wait for a trophy

        Favourite player? Ricardo Fuller. Exciting, unpredictable, powerful and such a handful for the opposition. He isn’t a goalscorer but a scorer of great goals. If he didn’t have injury problems early in his career and if he was slightly more consistent, he’d be at a top four club, definitely

        1. I wasn’t attempting to make a comparison; Aitch said “defender”, so Baines falls into that category. 75% of Everton’s goals originate from the left side of the pitch, so I’d say he’s one fantastic left back. Also, this isn’t an article about who we think is the best, but simply who our favorites are, but since Aitch started the superlatives…

  21. As far as United goes, it’s gotta be Giggsy (nothing needs to be said). However, I fancy myself a bit of Vidic (a brick wall and leader by example) and Valencia (tireless worker, non-diver) as well.

    As far as other clubs, Tim Howard is amazing and I really enjoy watching Charlie Adam and Peter Odemwingie.

    1. a tackling dummy could tackle better than the Ole Ginger Assassin! the Guy has a knack for pin point passing followed by a horrible tackle! lol

  22. Joey Barton

    He has an incredible football IQ, provides great service, and works his tail off. Plus, he gives a great interview, speaks his mind, and is quite funny. Obviously, he has anger issues, but he has manned up about them, apologized, served his time, and is now working to be a better person.

    1. Bwhaha! Never will an England Manager choose Shawcross for a real match. He’s 23 and has 2 caps. He won’t get one minute at the Euros next year. If he really did have quality would SAF have traded him? Captain? I need some of whatever you’re drinking!

  23. Jonas Gutierrez and Tevez. Gutierrez is a bit awkward, but always looks like he’s trying to involve the team and create something. Also like the fullback behind him, Jose Enrique. Tevez can be whiny, but he works harder than any other forward in the EPL, never ever stops, and that really gets my respect. So basically the exact opposite of Balotelli.
    And Dempsey I guess, just because he’s the best American player there is, and he’s one hard mother-f@cker.

  24. Place mine in 3 categories:

    1) favorite American player in the EPL: Dempsey – best American outfield player plying his trade on the European continent

    2) favorite player on the club I support: Jack Wilshere – amazing how much progress he has made this year. Should have a fantastic career ahead of him.

    3) favorite EPL player overall – Ryan Giggs – pure class and still performing at a high level. Wish I had been a fan of the EPL when he was in his prime.

  25. I am follower the Manchester United clan, but here are some of my fave EPL players (i.e. whom I wouldn’t mind United to have — mainly creative pacey players are my fancy):
    Arsenal — van Persie has a wonder lefty, and creative super star Nasri
    Aston Villa — Young with his pace, dribbling and can finishing skills
    Birmingham — Obafemi Martins with his thunder thighs :)
    Blackburn — Chris Samba and his ability to play as forward
    Blackpool — Charlie Adam by universal conclusions
    Bolton — Cahill is a solid young defender
    Chelsea — Essien, the only player I wish United had outbid Chelsea on
    Everton — young Rodwell and his ability to go forward at pace
    Fulham — Dempsey and his creative influence in attack
    Liverpool — no one! (maybe Reina, but for sub-10 million only)
    City — Adam Johnson or Joe Hart. Everyone else — mercenaries, bah!
    United — VIDIC, EPL player of the year thus far! Immense! Love watching Chicharito and Nani play but Vidic is just so amazing that he deserves more recognition.
    Newcastle — young Ben Arfa and his pacy skills
    Stoke — ex-United defender Shawcross
    Sunderland — Wellbeck (United player, of course!) with the world at his feet
    Tottenham — Gareth Bale or Van der Vaart, pace vs. creativity! Top class talents
    West Brom — Odemwingie is very creative and can do it at pace
    West Ham — Demba Ba – Football Manager 09 influence, don’t ask!
    Wigan — Cleverly (United of course) looks ready when he comes back!!
    Wolves — no one really, but I like the determination of Elokobi.

    What you say?

    1. Overall EPL (since EPL’s inception in 1992), I will go with Giggsy. The above are purely based on this season and current form + personal leanings :)

    2. Definitely Gareth Bale. It’s not just his speed since others can match (or beat) it, but his stamina to sprint the whole game, rather than sporadically. He also brings plenty of skill and a nice balance of unselfishness with passing and a confidence in taking defenders on. I’d also add that rather than him diving (per above comment) he’s more targeted now as he’s a more feared winger.

      Following Bale I’d list Van der Vaart, Baines, and Holden (not a star maybe — which is a plus(?) — but better defensive stats than most defenders and quality passing/attacking to go along with that).

      Similar to this topic, I’ve lately wondered what the best team you could assemble would be (cohesive, balanced team, rather than just a group of stars) taking no more than 1 player from each team. My attempt:


        1. I went with Dzeko based on long-term outlook — even though that’s not really applicable here. Tevez’s future is always in doubt (rumor’s he’s leaving) while Dzeko is young and did extremely well in Germany.
          Also, as a Spur’s supporter (and not City — although they have some great talent) I’m a little jealous we didn’t get Dzeko as he’d be ideal for the squad they have — great midfield with classic wingers but NO classic forward who could play alone up front.

  26. Ryan Shawcross – Even though I should dislike the guy, I find it hard to. Top quality defender, soon to be the best in England IMO.

  27. Ryan Shawcross. Great steady defender that rarely puts a foot wrong, can grab a few goals too.. And when he played away against Arsenal and was booed all the way through, it didnt affect his performance at all. Quality young player.

  28. Ricardo Fuller. Exciting, unpredictable, powerful and such a handful for the opposition. He isn’t a goalscorer but a scorer of great goals. If he didn’t have injury problems early in his career and if he was slightly more consistent, he’d be at a top four club, definitely

  29. To pick a favorite player I’d want someone with a good personality on and off the pitch along with the obvious football skills. For this i choose Michael Essien:
    Powerful, can strike from 30+ yards if need be, never dives and shows respect to team mates and opponents, calm under pressure, always has a smile on his face and he comes from humble beginnings. I don’t think anyone can dislike the man honestly.

  30. Ryan Shawcross
    Solid defender who can score goals as well

    Loads of utter drivel written about him, but a future england captain for sure

    1. Would be interesting.

      For EPL and ECL All Star Game, how do you suppose they split the teams? North vs. South? Random selection of best 22 players??

  31. Goalie… Cant look past Van der Sar… Begovic close behind
    Defender ..1) Shawcross or2) Baines 1) Hard but fair, 2)Excellent distributor.
    Midfielder…. Jack Wilshere.. nasty odious little get… but quality.
    Attacker… Carlos Tevez great finisher & works his socks off

  32. Has to be Ryan Shawcross. One of the best defenders in the country. Future England star defender, much better than overrated Terry.

  33. Has anyone mentioned what an excellent defender that you man Ryan Shawcross is. I’ve always rated him, just wish i could sign him for my team as the back 4 i’ve got couldn’t get near the Stoke team

  34. Scott Parker, by a mile. Liked him at Charlton and Newcastle, but now that he plays for my club…wow. He does everything. Never stops running, never pulls out of a tackle, runs the midfield, has the skill to score goals like he did yesterday and does far more to lead the team than the alleged ‘Captain’ Upson. He’s the only thing keeping West Ham from threatening Derby’s lowest points record.

    1. Parker for me as well Steve. He puts in 110% each match for the team and supporters. Just look at sundays match. Injured at practice beforehand and played through it, with some help, and picked up yet another man of the match. Parker for Captain all day.
      Now that the Irons have a shorter injured list, there is no way we will come close to Derby’s record.

  35. Not counting the players on the club I support, I love the way Ashley Young plays. So much pace, great delivery and really creative. A few other shouts from this season – Charlie Adam has been a lot of fun to watch this season. Kompany is a fantastic defender. Scott Parker is class. Shockingly, I think Pennant has been pretty impressive since he got to Stoke. Love Gyan as well.

  36. I usually have irrational reasons for liking particular players, and I can’t explain why, but as an Arsenal supporter, I admire a guy like Bacary Sagna, a fairly quiet player who does his job each week with great precision- it often goes unmentioned what he means to this team, and I really admire him for that. Other Gunners I love are Fabregas (obviously), Nasri, and Alex Song. That fella Jack Wilshere ain’t too bad either.

    Outside of the Gunners, I really like Ashley Young- he’s immensely talented, and he’s still young with a great amount of promise- it’ll be nice to see him evolve into an even better player.

    1. As a fellow Arsenal fan, I will say there’s not an irrational reason for liking Bacary Sagna. He’s definitely one of my favorites. He’s just pure class and means more to the team than is mentioned. I like all the others you mentioned, too, plus Van Persie.

      Americans in Premiership – Tim Howard, Clint Dempsey and Stuart Holden

  37. Chelsea fan:

    My fav players are Frank Lampard, Tim Cahill, Ashley Young, van Persie, Bergkamp ( retired but huge fan, for me the best ever to play in EPL), Tchoyi, Hangeland,

  38. Even a STRONG and LOYAL “subject” of Liverpool’s “Reds”, I can’t vote for one of our own players, for this present season. Simply, I can’t, because I’m a FAIR man and I can’t let my love to “Reds”, say something not true…
    …For the present season, I like Tottenham’s Gareth Bale – and GENERALLY, I love this laddie!!!! I wish we could get ‘im!
    A marvelous player, the BEST British left-winger defender and one of the best in Europe!
    (And… left-foot wingers/backs, are RARE – not mention the GOOD ones!)

  39. But, if I wonna vote for ALL TIMES best EPL player, the answer is ONE:

    He named… “KING”! And he WAS/IS/WILL ALWAYS be!

    King Kenny DALGLISH! The Scotish “MERLIN”!

  40. Ashley Cole when he’s on top of his game. To be bad he’s such a prat off the field. Still, in games like Chelsea’s 6-0 win over West Brom there are few better.

    Also, love watching Nasri (like his amazing 1 on 3 against Birmingham last week), Walcott with his speed, Pjanic/Ozil (love that role), Di Maria when he plays on the right, and David Luiz (did you see his pass to Torres against Fulham?).

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