EPL Talk Podcast Live Show, Open Thread: The League Cup Edition

EPL Talk Podcast Logo draftThe first piece of silverware handed out in 2011 goes to Birmingham City, the Blues pulling the upset of Arsenal on Sunday, defeating the Gunners 2-1 in the League Cup final. For the Blues, it’s only the second major trophy in the club’s history. For the Gunners, it’s a bitter end to a competition Arsene Wenger had targeted from its onset.

On today’s edition of the EPL Talk podcast, myself as well as co-hosts Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer will discuss the League Cup final, with relegation-embattled Brum earning a ticket into 2011-12 Europa League qualifying. What does the win mean to Brum, and what does the loss tell us about Arsenal?

That as well as a look at the weekend league action, where Manchester United restored their four point lead atop the table while Manchester City and Liverpool stumbled. Well also look to mid-week, when Chelsea and United will finally face-off, meeting at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday.

But as with every live show (yes, we are back to live review shows, starting today), the key will be your feedback. If you’re a frequent listener to the show, you know the program is much better with your input. Use the comments (below), the UStream chat room (also below), email or Twitter to give us your thoughts, questions, critiques and concerns from anything in the football world, and we are likely to find a place for them in today’s show.

Start time will be 10 p.m. GMT, 5 p.m. EST, 2 p.m. PST, though we usually start the music and chat 30 minutes before the show. After the jump, the UStream audio/video player as well as the chat room.

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16 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast Live Show, Open Thread: The League Cup Edition”

  1. So, my reservations turned out justifed. Arsenal failed to win the League Cup. Whereto now Arsenal? Even though I am an Arsenal suppoter, I must say that Arsenal deserved to lose. Have just posted ‘Whereto Now Arsenal?” Click on my icon or name jinhuangdi to read.

  2. Even as a Spurs fan, I feel for Arsenal today. To lose like that, in a Cup that wouldn’t have even given that much joy to win, but now gives so much heartache to lose…wow. But Congrats Birmingham, looking forward to seeing them in Europe next year, even if they don’t make it to the group stage.

    1. If they even make it that far. They’ll enter at the third round, where they’ll likely to paired off against a Rapin Wien-type team. We’ve seen other clubs from Birmingham struggle with similar challenges.

    1. Last year, the three of us gushed about how Wolves closed the season. Sometimes, I think that gushing carried over into this season, as we have tended to be pretty pro-Wolves.

      All the same, I don’t know that nay of us saw a 4-0 in them. But I suppose we can thank DJ Campbell for that.

  3. As a Bluenose I am absolutely over the moon about the way Birmingham played today. I take my hat off to McLeish. He needed to accomplish 2 things:
    1) Play five in the middle to constantly harry & prevent Arsenal settling into their possession football
    2) Use Zigic to capitalise on Arsenal’s only real (relative) weakness in central defence.
    But when Blues have played that way this season, particularly with Zigic as their loan striker, he has always been too isolated (Zigic can’t hold the ball up well and is not very mobile). The simple solution was to have Bowyer run his socks off in mid field and, together with Gardner get forward alongside Zigic everytime Blues picked up the ball. I couldn’t believe it, but every time the ball went into Zigic – Bowyer (and/or Gardner and Fahey) were there in support. This was truly exhausting but incredibly effective until about 70 mins in when Blues started to run out of steam and Arsenal were able to apply relentless pressure. But then McLeish brought in Beausejour to freshen the legs in midfield and Martins to give some pace up front, and the strategy began to work again.
    I had been wrestling all week with how Blues would resolve this tactical conundrum, but they did it superbly well.
    I also think Blues were less confused about their task today than Arsenal. Blues went to Wembley with a (perhaps) once in a lifetime chance to win, do or die, and leave nothing in the tank at the end. Arsenal went to Wembley to win, of course, but hopefully by not having to get out of third gear, keep plenty in the tank for maintaining the title challenge, don’t pick up any injuries ahead of the Barca game, and by the way, is this a real trophy or just a mickey mouse one? Hopefully for Arsenal they will be less confused about the task against Barca and do England proud.

    1. Great analysis – well said.

      I was only a Bluenose this Sunday, but I can see Birmingham making it to another final. They are one of the most rested teams playing in the FA Cup.

    2. The thing that made me mad though was Bowyer’s head push on Kos while he sat there in disbelief at the Blues celebrated their gifted goal. I’m sort of surprised no major media outlets have picked up on it nor made a bigger deal about it. Even Larsson on his twitter said it was unsportsman like of him and that he confronted him and told him so. Not cool.

        1. I always love when people try to one up another person with the “but what about when so and so did it?” What are you twelve? One has nothing to do with the other moron. And yeah they’re both wrong. Now go crawl back under the bridge.

  4. At the next “break,” we’ll be able to take a closer look. We’re in the middle of the second segment right now.

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