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Tell Fox Soccer Channel Which Clash Of The Giants You Want to Watch

arsenal liverpool 1971 fa cup final programme Tell Fox Soccer Channel Which Clash Of The Giants You Want to Watch

Hidden near the end of a Fox Soccer Channel press release last week about their upcoming “Clash of Giants” games on its network was a small mention of a poll. To me, it was the most newsworthy item of the entire press release since we die-hard Premier League fans already knew about the rest of the announcement. Not only was the mention newsworthy, but it was also possibly a potential sign of good things to come from Fox. The section read:

“Beginning Sunday, Feb. 27, fans can go online and vote to watch one of the following matches on FOX Soccer Channel on Friday, March 4 at 8 p.m. ET – the Chelsea-Liverpool Premier League match from Feb. 6, 2011, the 1971 FA Cup final between Arsenal and Liverpool, and the 1994 FA Cup final between Manchester United and Chelsea.”

Many readers to EPL Talk have been suggesting that Fox Soccer Channel delves more into the archives of great English football matches from the past. For some, it’s a trip down memory lane. For others, it’s an introduction to some of the monumental matches played in previous decades that stand the test of time. So for Fox to ask its viewers what great game of the past that should feature is a positive step in the right direction. One, to engage more with its viewers to get their input. But two, to feature more classic matches. If the poll is successful, who knows? Maybe Fox Soccer Channel can make this a regular weekly or monthly feature.

The three matches in question to vote on are:

  1. Chelsea versus Liverpool [Premier League], Feb 6, 2011
  2. Manchester United versus Chelsea [FA Cup Final], 1994
  3. Arsenal versus Liverpool [FA Cup Final], 1971

Which one would you pick? And where can you add your vote? Read on to find out.

Based on those three choices, I know which one I’d pick. It wouldn’t be Chelsea against Liverpool from a few weeks ago. Fox may have decided to offer that one as a choice because it’s the most-watched game in Fox Soccer Channel history. The 1994 FA Cup Final between Manchester United and Chelsea was too much of a one-sided affair in my opinion. However, it would be great to see some of the Manchester United and Chelsea legends in action. The third match, the 1971 FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Liverpool would be my obvious choice as the match that deserves to be selected. I’ve never seen the match on television (only highlights). And it features one of the most iconic goals in the history of the FA Cup.

I’m purposefully trying not to give away too much regarding what happened in these games so I don’t ruin the experience for those of you who want to enjoy it as-is. But consider some of the legends of the game who played that day for Liverpool against Arsenal:

  • Liverpool: Ray Clemence, Emlyn Hughes, Ian Callaghan, Steve Heighway and John Toshack.
  • Arsenal: Bob Wilson, Pat Rice, Peter Storey, Frank McLintock, George Graham, John Radford, Ray Kennedy and Charlie George.

Plus, consider the managers in charge of those two clubs. Arsenal had Bertie Mee while Liverpool had Bill Shankly.

Vote now (scroll down the page until you see the poll) and tell Fox Soccer Channel which of the three matches you’d most like to see:

vote now Tell Fox Soccer Channel Which Clash Of The Giants You Want to Watch

But feel free to vote for whichever game you would love to see. And then tune in to Fox Soccer Channel on Friday, March 4th at 8pm ET to watch the game on telly.

One more thing. If you love watching games from the past, Fox Soccer Channel broadcasts games from its Premier League Archives most weeknights from 7-8pm ET. In that hour, Fox shows highlights from two matches. If you haven’t caught an episode yet, it’s highly recommended.

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5 Responses to Tell Fox Soccer Channel Which Clash Of The Giants You Want to Watch

  1. hunterjinx says:

    yeah, I couldn’t agree more.

    voted…and sadly, the numbers aren’t favourable at the moment

  2. brn442 says:

    71′ ‘s ending was a classic – Charlie George – the double and all that but it’s a bit tedious to watch. The most viewer friendly maybe, is the 94′ Chelsea/Manchester final – one sided yes, but it contrasted an emerging power in Chelsea vs a newly established dynasty – poor Frank St. Clair

  3. SeminoleGunner says:

    I voted for the 71 Cup Final. YouTube highlights and the match report in “Fever Pitch” are my only exposure to that game and I’d love to see it. But it would be nice if FSC ran both games at some point. It’s not like their schedule is crammed full of must see programming.

  4. Ethan says:

    The ’71 Final is now tied with the Chelsea/Liverpool match, and I really, really hope that we get to see it. Why would anyone want to see a match that just happened- it would be much more interesting, at least for a Premier League diehard, to watch an older match with much more history.

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