With No Forethought, Malicious Or Otherwise: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast

subscribe-to-podcast1Major League Soccer is still a few weeks off, but Major League Soccer’s teams have started. Real Salt Lake got a result in Columbus against the Crew, but how much of an advantage do they have, taking a 0-0 back to Rio Tinto?

On this episode of the Major League Soccer Talk podcast, myself and Christopher Riordan talk about Tuesday’s match in Ohio, the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals for MLS’s two surviving participants. How surprising was it to see Columbus, a team that dismantled this in the offseason, hold one of the league’s best at arm’s length?

Then we talk about the week’s other big piece of news, and while Chris is sanguine about expanding the playoffs to 10 teams, Richard is borderline despondent. We talk about MLS’s decision to add a wild card round and two spots to the league’s post season tournament.

4 thoughts on “With No Forethought, Malicious Or Otherwise: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast”

  1. In our season preview, it’s likely we’ll pick up some of the discussion that Richard and Chris touch on about the playoff format. I tend to agree with Richard, basically that it’s tough to tell what they’re driving towards with these changes…or better who they’re appeasing.

  2. Enjoyed the podcast guys. The problem with a 2 game first round to the play-offs is that other teams would have two weeks of bye and get stale. They should have just stayed at 8 teams, but if they had to expand I wish they’d gone to 12. Then, they could do all 1 game series. Teams 1-8 would get a home game (5-8 in the first round, 1-4 in the second). Yeah, the 12th place team would probably be lousy, but they’d have a hard road with all away games to the final.

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