Going Back In Time With Subbuteo Table Soccer: Video

As many of you, the regular readers know, I’ve got fond memories of playing Subbuteo as a child and still have a lot of respect and adoration for the popular table soccer game that was massive in the late 70s and early 80s, and is still played around the world.

So I was pleased to find a new Subbuteo video recently that I hadn’t seen before, which is the one above that I’d like to share with you.

Tim Lovejoy, who is one of the worst football pundits in Britain, actually had something intelligent to say in the above video where he mentions that while the game is fun, it was never as simple as it was shown on the television adverts.

7 thoughts on “Going Back In Time With Subbuteo Table Soccer: Video”

    1. It’s definitely night and day different than video games, that’s for sure. But there was still (and continues to be) a massive thrill with being more hands-on with a game and creating a match on the pitch. I’m sure there are some out there who prefer playing Subbuteo over video games.

      The Gaffer

  1. The game wasn’t s simple as shown in those ads, but my friends and I got pretty handy around the pitch!

    TITUS – Subbuteo still is cool. A great tool to pull out and show some different things to the kids too. Formations, overlapping runs, wall passes, offside rule, were all taught to me on a Subbuteo table back in the day.

    There’s a guy named Kristian Jack on TV in Canada who does a section called the formation geek which breaks down various teams; formations via Subbuteo. It’s still relevant.

  2. Never grew up with Subbuteo. My older brother got a game of “Striker” for Christmas once, and with the generous help of Evo-Stik, it lasted a full 10 years.

  3. That sounded like Wossy.

    It you haven’t seen it ,BBCAmerica’s six nations pre-game show uses Subbuteo rugby. Only part of it that’s worth watching though.

  4. Gotta disagree. It was BETTER than the ads. We actually used to cut down the metal rod type goals to the same height as the stretching goalies, as it was too easy to score!

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