Fox Soccer Plus HD to Debut on AT&T U-verse Monday, Feb. 21

Photo by Geoff Smith

Fox Soccer Plus HD will launch on AT&T U-verse TV beginning Monday, February 21, 2011.

In the above image, you can see a screenshot of the AT&T U-verse TV guide which shows that Fox Soccer Plus HD will be available on channel 1653. If you try tuning to the channel, it says “Service is currently not available in your area. Coming soon…” As of press time, we were unable to confirm the price details but it appears the new channel will be available at $15 per month. There is also a rumor that the channel will be available on a free preview for the first week (February 21-27) on U-verse.

Word from Uverse reps is that is will be a $15 per month fee (same as Setanta) although price is not listed on the web.  There is also unconfirmed word that it will be available as a free preview for one week at launch (2/21-2/27).

In the meantime, there is no word regarding if and when Fox Soccer Channel HD will be added to U-verse. Currently, U-verse customers have access to Fox Soccer Channel in SD.

Thanks to EPL Talk readers Geoff Smith and Scot Bennett for sharing their news tips regarding the above story.

If your TV provider doesn’t carry Fox Soccer Channel HD, Fox Soccer Plus or Fox Soccer Plus HD, find out how to demand your TV provider adds Fox Soccer Plus or FSCHD.

20 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Plus HD to Debut on AT&T U-verse Monday, Feb. 21”

  1. I appreciate that they’ve made some progress, but as a U-verse subscriber, I really only care about FSC in HD. $15 a month is a little steep for the content they offer, as I can usually catch the EPL matches on and I’d rather watch the Spanish, Italian, or German leagues through GolTV or ESPN3 than Ligue 1 or rugby.

  2. This had me all excited then I saw it was FS+ in HD and not FSC. I don’t care about FS+ Hd or not im not paying 15 a month for that channel. Why can’t we just get FSCHD??????????????????? ughhhhhhhhhh so frustrating

  3. i posted this on the u-verse u-talk forum..

    “i am under the full belief that FSC HD will launch along with FS+ HD, it wouldn’t make sense to only have the hd signal for FS+ if its supposed to be a secondary or supplemental to its main channel FSC . It would be like only offering espn in sd but espn2 in sd and hd. i know fs+ is a “premium” service but im sure you catch my drift.”

  4. I noticed yesterday that FS+ showed up on the channel guide. I’m uncertain as to whether I will subscribe. I already pay $15 per month for Fox Soccer tv. I’ll make my decision after the free preview week. Nevertheless I’m pleased that I’ll have the opportunity to make a choice. I have a feeling that FSC in HD will come shortly. I’m also pleased that I have so many options. We’ve come a long way in America when in comes to soccer viewing. I can remember watching English First Division highlights and Soccer Made in Germany on PBS in the 1970’s.

  5. U-verse would like to have FSC in HD only; Fox Cable Networks won’t do that deal because they want the license fee on the larger universe (SD).

    When the next FSC deal comes up, it will be HD only or get dropped.

  6. I rang up comcast and again, they had no idea about FS+. But they DID get me in touch with this website!!! In addition, the lad on the phone did seem to be impressed with all the comments that were directed to comcast getting FS+. Hopefully they get it soon

  7. Fox soccer is available with U-Verse for $15, but there is an additional charge of $10 for HD on top of that (there is no SD option.). Being that I am a DISH Network customer and employee I can tell you that although Fox Soccer Plus costs $15 with DISH and HD is free. Why pay more for TV?

  8. Hi All,

    I apologize for not knowing where to post this. I currently have Comcast, and I’m thinking of switching to u-verse to save money and get fs+ but wanted to make sure that they now offered Fox Soccer HD as well.

    Also, just wanted to get some feedback from those who’ve had both Comcast and u-verse

    Would you recommend switching?

    If there is a better thread for this, please point me in the right direction.


    1. Mahlon, you may want to post it in this thread too. I don’t have u-Verse, so I can’t answer your questions, but hopefully one of the readers who does have it can.

      The Gaffer

      1. Thanks Gaffer,

        I did end up signing up with them last night, I figured saving $100 a month AND getting FS+ was too good a deal to pass up, I hope I did the right thing. What system do you have? Now if only FS2go would drop their price, I could have it all :)

        I used to get an email every time someone replied to one of my posts, I didn’t for this one, is there a box I need to check?


  9. I’m moving soon and this seems a good time to switch to U-verse, if and only IF, they now Carry both FSC and FS+. Does anyone have an update? Not having FSC in HD is a deal breaker for me.

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