FA Cup Saturday, Open Thread: 4th Round Replays and 5th Round Action

It’s a different type of weekend in English football these next two days. There’s one Premier League match being played tomorrow (West Brom vs Wolves), while some of the other Premier League teams are competing in the FA Cup. Those FA Cup matches kick off today with Chelsea playing Everton, Manchester United against non-league Crawley Town, Birmingham City against Sheffield Wednesday and Stoke against Brighton.

The opportunity for a FA Cup upset in today’s matches is slim. But that’s what FA Cup upsets are all about… when you least expect them, sometimes a team from lower down the table can beat a Premier League side. So best of luck to Sheffield Wednesday, Crawly and Brighton today. Even if they lose, let’s hope they keep it interesting and close.

As always, before, after or during matches, feel free to use the comments section below as an open thread. May you enjoy your Saturday full of English soccer!

12 thoughts on “FA Cup Saturday, Open Thread: 4th Round Replays and 5th Round Action”

  1. No pressure Chelsea, but a Champions League title now is their only hope for silverware this season. If they fail to achieve that, their season will be seen as a failure.

    The Gaffer

  2. Are their many non-league teams with Puma jerseys? Just curious. Crawley Town seems to be in decent financial shape(100,000 pound player purchases mentioned).

  3. As a neutral observer, I felt like both teams played almost equally. Everton had a bunch of chances from baines on the left side with the crosses, and Chelsea had several shots saved by the amazing Tim Howard. However, it’s pretty clear Chelsea were the better team and probably should have won. I guess Everton has Nicolas Anelka to thank for his lazy penalty taking that loses cup ties for them.

  4. 370 – Crawley made more passes tonight than six of the 14 sides to play against Man Utd at Old Trafford in the PL this season. Credit.

  5. For the love of god, fix your EPL TV schedule link. Three people now have asked me why Fox Soccer Plus dropped Fulham vs Bolton tomorrow and when I explain they haven’t, I get something like “Well, EPL Talk doesn’t have it listed”

    Apparently you hold much power and you’re confusing folks. Fulham vs Bolton is LIVE on FoxSoccer.tv & Delayed by an hour on Fox Soccer Plus.

    1. I just found out that FoxSoccer.tv has added Fulham v Bolton to their schedule, which will be shown live tomorrow, so I’ve updated the schedule at http://epltalk.com/premier-league-tv-schedule The game will also be shown on delay at 11am on Fox Soccer Plus.

      Schedules change all the time, but feel free to let me know if you see things that have changed that haven’t been updated on the schedule.

      The Gaffer

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