Gattuso Headbutts Joe Jordan, Tottenham Assistant Manager: Video

AC Milan’s Gennaro Gattuso grabbed the throat of Tottenham assistant manager Joe Jordan and headbutted the Scotsman during Tuesday night’s Champions League match at the San Siro.

Gattuso became incensed during the match after Tottenham players and staff complained about an over-the-top tackle by former Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini on Vedran Corluka. The referee gave Flamini a yellow card but the bad tempers flared up alongside the touchline when Gattuso and Jordan got into a verbal discussion which ended in Gattuso grabbing the throat of Jordan.

After the match was over, Gattuso again got in the face of Jordan. But instead of grabbing Jordan’s throat, Gattuso headbutted the Scot.

The disgraceful behavior by both Gattuso and Flamini was appalling. Gattuso later apologized but the damage had been done.

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  1. I was amazed Gattuso was not red carded when he shoved Jordan the first time, it happened right in front of the assistant referee who actually broke it up.

    However I can also assume Joe Jordan really got him going knowing his track record :)

    1. Fully agree – if you shove an opposing player in that manner, you generally get sent off (see Diaby vs Barton), or at least a yellow card. But Gattuso got neither??

      And then the post-match headbutt in itself should have been a straight red (despite being after the final whistle, you can still be officially red-carded). He really ought to get some severe punishment. The ref should also get punishment for not sending Gattuso off after the first incident.

  2. I don’t know Joe Jordan’s story so can someone fill me in.

    Gattuso is the old guy trying to play in a game that has passed him by. Just like I see when I used to play rec hoops…old dudes acting like bad asses.

    1. You’ve pretty much hit the nail right on the head re: Gattuso, with one exception – he doesn’t play that way because he’s old…he’s been like that his entire career. Although to be honest I kind of respect him for his honesty – everything from his pirate beard and his unkempt hair, to his brawling style of play and lack of football skills just screams “I’m the vaudeville/pantomime villain”, and he doesn’t try to hide it.

      Joe Jordan was supposed to be a hard man in his own right back in the day.

  3. Once again, FSC’s audio and video for this match were not in sync. I suspect it could be an issue with the feed they are getting rather than their own error but it is yet another area where their presentation falls short of ESPN’s.

    1. Not sure what you are talking about. I did not have any audio or video problems and never do with FSC. Maybe it’s your cable company.

    2. Indeed – not massively annoying this time, but definitely noticeable. If it is the stream they’re bringing in – they can simply delay the video stream and extra 300ms to sync them up. Come to think of it I really should apply for a job at FSC…

    3. I have Fios and it is almost unwatchable outside match play… Always out of sync. I’ve called and asked why and no one can give an answer…. But I’m told the new HD offering is soon. I’m not holding my breathe.

    4. I think it was a feed problem. I watched it online from Al-Jezera (sp?) 3, who had the iTV feed. they were delayed too. at first i wrote it off as the normal delay when i watch online via a 3rd party, but after i got to a place with FSCHD, i concluded it was the feed from UEFA themselves. For once, FSC didn’t completely butcher it…

      As long as they have it right for tomorrow, i can handle it

  4. Someone needs to lay off the snow. Gattuso was out of control. I don’t know why it seems that half of the players from Italy are on coke, Balotelli acted that way in his first game or two for Man City. Maybe it’s the competition and not drugs.

  5. Gattuso is a freakin nut. You got to love his style of play. Although he was a bit out of hand today. Glad Spurs won. They deserved it. Hopefully they will be at full strength at home. Meaning Bale is back and Modric and VDV are fully healthy. It is going to be a great game and I see Spurs winning in a 4-3 thriller.

  6. Gattuso is a thug. Should have been sent off.
    Flamini is a flying thug. Should have been sent off.
    Gattuso. A child’s tantrum with a beard. Embarrassing.
    So glad Spurs overcame thuggery to get a deserved win in one of the most exciting matches I’ve seen in a long time.

    1. I love that Spurs won, but did you really find that entire match exciting? Milan barely played in the first half, and Spurs missed half-chance after half-chance until that breakthrough in the 80th. I can think of a half dozen games this year that have been more exciting, despite the great outcome.

      1. Really dude? Do you know what a good football game is? that was an amazing game- spurs pressed them the whole first half- yes they missed chances but you can’t slot them all in. chances are what makes the game beautiful! dull is 0 chances.

        milan woke up at end of first half and second half and that just added to the sheer excitement! gattuso is nuts- 3 incidents could have been sent off for- shove on jordan, shove on crouch and then his reaction to his yellow (and his general demenour around the pitch the rest of the time)

        That being said, crouchie (and all of our players) were lucky not to get carded.

          1. You must all be yanks who want 6-3 scorelines or something like that.

            My old man was a Spurs fan way back in the day, he passed it on to me when I was a kid. Some of the best games I have seen in my life have been 0-0 draws, 1-1 draws, 1-0 games. You have to remember that the goalies play an important part- Gomes stopped 3/4 goals for AC Milan. Yes Spurs were all over AC, but they weren’t putting chances away- coming close yes.

          2. Yeah, that totally must be it, not that you’re just a Spurs fan who is overjoyed at a big result that’s clouding you from looking at a half decent match properly. It was far far from a classic, Spurs had that against Inter and Chelsea, this wasn’t one of em.

      2. You english fans are very tame compared to us Italians. And also alot like the general public of the world you tend to believe everything every governing body reports and mentions. Also I give no marks to the reporter of any article I have seen so far prosecuting Gattuso in english without getting the full story.

        I have it on very good authority that nothing was reported on what was said because everything that was said was in Scottish, so we will never know what was really said and I suspect that Joe Jordan thought it would be smart to come to the edge of the Technical Area and start speaking Scottish about Gattuso’s wife and throw him off his game. Joe Jordan clearly was jealous that Rino’s style of play made him look like a pussy cat back in his day. No way Joe Jordan could stop Christiano Ronaldo in his prime like Gattuso, or anyone else in the world for that matter.

        No one can get close to these italian club players at all you all realise? Any reporter that writes stuff on the net bases themselves on pure speculation. You might aswell all head to and believe everything they say because its more of an interesting read.

        If there is any news reguarding players and incidents, trust your clubs websites and its own press releases only. Because all you are going to get from websites like this is pure speculation and fantasy.

  7. Good on Joey for winding him up, showed Gattuso for what he really is…a complete knobhead. Would have been good to see Joe turn it on & deck the rat though.

  8. hmmm, so Italian journalists use wikipedia too. Flamini should have been given a straight red. The more Gattuso ages,the less cute his whole enfant terrible act gets; why he wasn’t yellow carded for assaulting Joe Jordan the 1st time is beyond me.

  9. I remember a Scottish friend of mine once giving me a sage piece of advice. “If you decide to put the head in, and the other guy doesn’t even move, then you know you’ve made a mistake.” That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this. Milan were embarassing, turning to thuggish behaviour because they couldn’t deal with Spurs’ pace.

  10. OK. Gattuso had already exchanged kits… so he wasn’t THAT wound up at match end. If you look at the video Jordan is already being pulled away before the head butt… and you wonder how are they even communicating. Gattuso spent a year in Scotland… so he knows elementary English… Yet Jordan played for Milan for a few seasons… So its likely that Jordan’s role was to wind up the Milan players in Italian, English, whatever…. Its not uncommon for a Harry squad. So while Gattuso will face the ban, Its just another example of ‘Arry being the class gent he is, win by any means… and yeah Gattuso should have known better… But this is a Materazzi moment…

    So I hope all you Spurs fans are happy with the tactic… PURE CLASS.

    1. Gattuso played for Rangers and has a Scottish wife. After the game he said him and Jordan were jawing at each other in Scottish and what they said “is between them.”

      1. So you are saying that Jordan’s role was to wind him up… Its a classic Harry tactic. and why I hate the bastard. I just count the days till he is placed in jail. A cockney thief. end of.

      2. Yes I read that as well… Clearly Harry set his job as to wind him up…

        Gatusso took the bait and will be punished… But what a sick negative tactic that Harry ALWAYS uses.

        I’ve been following his ‘tactics’ since he came up with WHU…
        He is a Nicky Hunt.

        1. I don’t see the point of harping on Tottenham’s tactic. People (myself included) loathe negative tactics, but the Spurs lineup was less talented and play at the San Siro. For those reasons, I can well see why Redknapp had them retreat 8 back almost exclusively. If Bale and Modric were both available for 90 minutes, I think Jermain Defoe would have started at center forward and Spurs would have pushed forward in possession a lot more. Instead, they relied on Crouch’s size, as well as the occasional counterstrike on the break (where they eventually broke through).

    2. Also, you’re complaining about Redknapp/Jordan deliberately setting out to wind people up??? Gattuso has made a whole career of that, so my apologies if I don’t feel too much sympathy for him on this issue.

  11. Disgraceful behavior from Gattuso and Flamini tonight. Both should be banned.

    It should be noted that Drogba got 6 games for saying the F word on TV, and Bosingwa 4 for (fairly) ripping the official in a post-match interview. Given that Gattuso twice assaulted an opposing coach, I would hope that he gets something longer.

  12. and why to yell FIRE gaffer… Blame the Italians. Jordan and Redknapp are blameless in your world…. I guess the EPLTalk sideline reporter helped you with that one…

    Gaffer you have to stop the BNP tactics of blogging.

    1. Sorry, did Jordan physically assault a player on the pitch?

      Whatever he said, Gattuso is a “professional” and should be able to keep his composure and avoid physical confrontation on a field. I’m glad the bearded idiot will be watching the return leg on TV…

      1. Sure looked to me like a Tottenham somebody, ( player /coach) was pulling him away before the mild headbutt.

        I get I may be in the minority here, but actions have consequence. and its clear what Jordan’s role was if you know Harry and how he approaches matches.

        and I’m not saying that Guttuso is blameless, but that in any situation its never black and white… and I’m looking at the million shades of grey here.

          1. maybe… But I’ve seen Harry do it too many times, even when he was with us… He is a criminal. and ethics is a class you take at Oxford.

    2. He was getting between Jordan and Gattuso…who had already grabbed Jordan by the throat earlier in the match. You’re going to act like there’s something wrong with Redknapp stepping between his assistant coach and the frothing, infantile retard that is Gattuso? Jordan should have knocked him out cold.

      1. Speaking more of the antics that Redknapp will set a player or coach to wind up a player. Watch next time Spurs play Man U and Rooney.

  13. Milan got outclassed in the first half and Spurs were unlucky not to find the back of the net. In the second half, their solution was to mix more attacking play with childish antics and horrific fouls, which should have resulted in red cards for both Flamini and Gattuso.


  14. To people who say this game was not exciting:
    Great football does not always have to be attacking in my opinion. The defensive aspect of the game are beautiful. Spurs were organized well and Gomes came up big. In the last 20 minutes, Spurs killed off the game well and even managed a counter attacking goal from Lennon’s brilliance.

    Spurs = complete squad

  15. notice how their assistant manager didn’t fall to the ground holding his head. strange that these young players find it so painful yet this guy stood his ground. weird.

    1. agreed!

      to the comments above regarding jordan, who wouldn’t do that to try and get the edge over milan? what were the odds of spurs winning? someone tell me please.

      mr west ham united fan- you think your manager (can’t keep track of which manager you have this season) wouldn’t do the same thing to try and get an edge? jordan is a professional, so is gattuso. the players say things to each other all game long from both teams- the reactions (or non reactions) are what makes them professionals.

      gattuso is a thug and should have got sent off. 2 clear occasions- shove on jordan and shove on crouch.

      that being said, im not going to be blinded by my love for spurs here. our players were a bit guilty too and crouch probably should have got a card (started on gattuso before his shove) and also recklessly took shoved him from behind after losing the ball.

      all that being said, spurs won with a weakened team (no bale, no modric, vdv not 100%), and with a team that was a million miles from the experience of AC milan.


      1. We had a manager that used to wind up players and managers… He now manages in Newcastle. We have been blessed with two of the good guys in management of late with Zola then Grant.


        a fantastic result in the champions league last night, one of the most difficult places in europe to go and get a result, they dug in and got what they deserved… Well done

        hats off to Schalke 04

  16. First: Yes, the sound on my FSC match was also delayed by a couple of seconds. I am also very frustrated that Comcast in Chicago does not air these matches in HD! Even though the screen says “HD”, and I have an HD TV, I still receive the match in murky non-HD form. I hate it, and have tried to get Comcast to fix this. Any ideas anyone?

    The match was wonderful. Spurs showed real class, and maturity, ball-control, SKILL. And great stamina too. Many of them still looked remarkably fresh near the end of the game. Spurs have great depth too. I just hope they don’t go into the 2nd leg too over-confidenct, because there are so very fine players on Milan. They will be better without Gattuso.

    1. I have RCN in chicago and no hd for FSC either. The only places i have seen it is on dish network and im not getting dish. In addition to the terrible sound, i thought the camera work was terrible. More than a handful of times the player with the ball was not even on the screen. Absolutely terrible and very annoying. I have yet to check it out but i have heard there is a great Tottenham following at The Globe in chicago. i would hope they get the HD feed. Go Spurs.

  17. “I was nervous. We were both speaking Scottish, something that I learned when I played in his home city of Glasgow”. I’d be nervous as hell ‘speaking Scottish’ with Joe Jordan. That guy is as tough as nails. Also I agree that Jordan did well to get inside his head.

  18. Joe Jordan was frightening in his day. Totally wild look with his front teeth missing, he wasn’t nicknamed “Jaws” for no reason. Most defenders would tremble as he charged into the penalty area. Gattuso is a typical little boy Italian. Hot headed but ready to surrender at the first sign of trouble. He needed to put his toys back in the stroller last night and get pushed home.

    1. Joe Jordan is a legend. I watched him play in person many times for Scotland.

      He is a truly ” hard man” look closely at Gattusso after he ” nutted” Joe. He realised he had bitten off more than he could chew and was scared!

      Hey I like Gatusso. But he is not a tough guy like Joe. He is simply irritating.
      Joe will hold no grudges. He is pure class, a great and feared striker too.

  19. Gattuso is not blameless here. I get he should not do what he did and he will suffer the wrath. But I don’t understand why Jordan gets “credit” for winding up a player and Gattuso gets all the blame for “losing his head.” Jordan deserves a ban as well…not that it really matters.

  20. I think the most important thing missing on Gattuso’s assault on Joe Jordan is – This is an assault on a bloke in his fifties ( jordan isn’t any older is he? ) by a bearded ,extremely fit sportsman ( athlete ? lmao )…in his thirties (at the most .. how old is he?).
    If he did that where i live(Portsmouth UK) he would have been beaten ..and shamed. What a wanker.
    ps sorry i dont have their ages at hand

  21. The Jordan vs. Gattuso was intense. I actually liked seeing someone from AC Milan get hot under the collar after the way they played.

    My opinion: they both get fined for their school yard behavior even though it was fun to see some action on the pitch even though the game was already over.

  22. I blame the referee for letting this match get out of control. I saw more late tackles, tackles through the back of players, and elbows on 50/50s in the first 30 minutes than I’ve seen in some time. And the dude just waved play on. Of course something was bound to happen. The inconsistency of UEFA refereeing is shameful.

    1. I agree. Flamini should have received a straight red card for his tackle on Corluka. And Gattuso should have received two yellow cards before the first half ended.

      The Gaffer

  23. Gattuso has done this before. The reality is that he plays on the edge all the time. On his day, he was the best ball-winner in Serie A. As he’s gotten older his tackles are even more reckless and when he loses it (which he has done on more than a few “big matches”) he’s an absolute detriment to the team. Say what you will but I would say his play did more to cost his team the win than anything else. His constant bitching and poor tackles were indicative of how the team struggled with Spurs’ pace. Also, playing that slacker Robinho ahead of Cassano was inexcusable. I can’t believe the disallowed Ibra’s stoppage time goal. How often have we seen that type of push in the box not called at all? Not that Spurs didn’t deserve the victory…I’m just saying.

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