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Mike Summerbee Defends Man City’s Derby Performance: Video

Manchester City legend Mike Summerbee got into a heated debate Saturday after his side lost 2-1 to Manchester United at Old Trafford. The discussion was aired on Sky Sports where Summerbee, sitting alongside Manchester United legend Dwight Yorke and Jamie Redknapp defended City’s performance by arguing that they had more of the possession, created more chances and the only difference between the two sides was a spectacular goal.

Depending on side of the fence you sit on, you may agree or disagree with Summerbee. But nevertheless, it made for good television and a fiery debate rather than many pundits who often tend to agree with another.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with Summerbee regarding Manchester City’s performance on Saturday?

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28 Responses to Mike Summerbee Defends Man City’s Derby Performance: Video

  1. Robbo says:

    Buzzer was spot on. It’s ridiculous really. They were waxing lyrical but United were pretty one dimensional and Rooney was rather abject other than that goal. Don’t get me wrong, as a blue it is frustrating that we didn’t turn our superiority (for periods at least) into more clear cut chances and dominating a game doesnt necessarily win it. But… the way their performance was ignored in the sight of (what was admittedly) a bloody brilliant goal and the way our strong performance was overlooked (by that horrible little man Yorke… where’s your kid you little idiot!) was distressing.

    I wish he had been a little more composed though!

  2. tony says:

    mike summerbee is a true blue and a city legend…………..he was spot on , city were the better team and if it wasn’t for the fluke by rooney would probably have gone on to win the game.

    • Troy says:

      You’re right, because I’m sure Dzeko’s intention from the beginning was to hit Silva in the arse and have it deflect in. Fluky goals indeed…

    • Jason says:

      Did you watch the match tony? 50/50 posession and two fluke goals. One by each team. Take away the flukes and you have a fairly even match with 1-0 to Man U.

      ManU shut down Tevez and therefor even with 50% posession they didn’t do anything hence why ManU had 5 shots on target compared to 3 for ManU.

      In what way were City the better team? Seriously…

  3. tonyspeed says:

    Completely untrue. Wow they had great possession, but their lack of finishing ability was horrible. In fact, the goal they did get was not created by skill, but by chance. No doubt, their isolation of tevez was their downfall.

  4. Bala says:

    Say what you want … 2-1 end of story. Good luck for Europa league next year.

  5. DP3 says:

    I like the part where he says Man City controlled possession and then he was shown the possession stat and he was like “I don’t believe in stats.”

    Honestly, you can say all you want, Man City’s finishing was terrible and they needed a fluke goal to stay in the game.

  6. Bishopville Red says:

    You people have clearly never watched United play much before. If you had, you would have seen this M.O. a hundred times before:

    1) let opponents burn off enthusiasm for first 20 minutes.
    2) close vice.
    3) catch on transition.
    4) squeeze them out.

    After the third minute, City did SFA. Smalling was massive. Tevez was nonexistent.

    Love how SUmmerbee wants to talk stats until the stats refuse to support his claim. Then it’s “I don’t believe in stats.” Especially when they prove you wrong.

    Even better was the pre/post match responses. Before? “The city is ours!” We’re going to win the title!” Then it was “Yeah, but you’re scared of us!”

    No we’re not. City were second best. Period.

  7. Why? says:

    Mike is blue through and though, in his day he was used to thumping Utd home and away and still hear how great they were even when they got releagated.
    You have missed out the previous 5-10 mins they were up Utd’s arse. I suppose it could get a bit tedious seeing as City had the shaded the play in most of the game and all they go on about is Utd but they did the same when Utd’s Team had cost them £200m and City’s £12m and the heroic Utd won but not always ;). City are more than a match for Utd now and will only get better as new players settle and gel this has been achieved in 2 full seasons it will only get better. The future is bright for them.

    DP3 he doesn’t believe in stats as they are full of s**t and manipulated to suit twxt‘s like Richard Keys, don’t believe me here SKY’s stats on the game half a hour later, did the game get replayed?,19764,11065_3349329,00.html

    or how about the bbc’s,

    Now you know why he thinks stats are nonesene. You shoud do the same.
    Unless one of you lot here can explain the differences of course then Mike‘s right, good luck.

    • Bishopville Red says:

      Just little advice,

      If you don’t buy into stats, don’t make some up to try to validate your “we were good too!” rant after you lost. Especially if your so-called stats are thoroughly and easily refuted, making you look a bitter old fool.

      • Why? says:

        He never made anything up? What did he make up? All he said was there were two teams out there not just Utd, do you think that’s out of order? Maybe they should just make everyone follow Utd and make sure they win every week and ignore anyone who wants otherwise if they do you could throw rotten tomatoes at them to if they didn’t agree with u, would that suit u? and most teams haven‘t won anything for years why not just get rid of them cos we don’t want to hear about them do we now, my god the arrogance is astounding. The only proof of anything being made up or wrong are SKY’s stats. That why I put this up as people are saying look at the stats after what Mike said, but those stats are wrong and yet not one person has said that’s not right is it how can that be?.

        • Bishopville Red says:

          “60% possession! 60% possession!”

          Actually, 46% possession, Mike. Tricky new math.

          • Duke Nukem says:

            Actually 51% possession, Rag.

            Boy, these stats really ARE difficult to work with aren’t they. 8D Ne’mind eh!? Everyone is allowed to make ONE mistake, unless you’re Mike Summerbee it seems…..

            And the Untied fans call HIM the bitter one? XD


    i totally agree with mike summerbee`s comments about the game and i am fed up also with the pundits only seeing what man u have done and not looking at what city contributed to a great game of football. our time will come and it is getting closer and closer and man u fans and the club know this.

  9. Nick says:

    A lot of folks commenting I’m not sure if they even saw the buildup and Sky’s presentation. Mike Summerbee was just the old man whining about everything. He basically threw a 5 minute trantrum about the results of a United’s best poll because Giggsy beat out Best. Not only that but in that time he slagged of Giggsy skill compared to Best in the process.

    Summerbee didn’t even comment on the game, what players did well, tactics, he was there for nothing else than that he was a legendary Blue but he was terrible as an analyst. Rooney scored one of the goals of the decade, one that will be repeated forever and talked about time and time again. This is naturally what Sky is gonna talk about, it was only the first half of their post-time as well. Then he was wrong on the stats where he said City were better by stats and then said he didn’t care about stats when the stats didn’t prove that.

    Summerbee offered nothing but the bitter rantings of a once great player.

  10. Thomas says:

    “1) let opponents burn off enthusiasm for first 20 minutes.
    2) close vice.
    3) catch on transition.
    4) squeeze them out.”

    Spot on.

    I dont nessecarily disagree with some of what Sommerbee had to say. City played rather well. But again, their reliance on Tevez came to hurt them against a better side.

    I think looking at this match in a vacuum is silly. Sure City lost, and I think it’s quite clear United are the class of the Prem this season. But what you have to look at, and Sommerbee pointed this out rather well, is the progress City is making.

    People were quick to write off City last year when they finished 5th. I think barring a major collapse they will be in the Champions League next year, which means they’ll be even more competitive in terms of signing talent.

    I don’t think a 2 year transition period to move into the CL and for real league contention is all that bad.

    Additionally, I think they’ve also made some quality signings, and I don’t just mean the big names, but also the younger players they got on potential. If Balotelli lives up to the hype, or a player like Boateng, then they’ve built a solid infrastructure.

    I don’t like City by any means, but I think they will be quite a force over the next few years. Especially as they start to establish themselves on the pitch, and mix it with their impressive financial clout off of it.

    • Bishopville Red says:

      Last season, after 27 games, City were on 49 points.
      This season, after 27 games, City are on 49 points.

      More pesky stats!

  11. RedMD says:

    Must say, Summerbee came off as no different from the chip-on-the-shoulder bitter on the MEN message boards. His whole point was “look at us, we can give United a game now, that should be the message for today” when a) most of the league is starting to give anyone a game on a given day, and b) City still couldn’t finish off some decent possession (at most an equal half the possession of the match) or prevent United from turning their chances into a result, despite the hundreds of millions of pounds outlay in just 2 short years. Suggesting on one hand “goals are goals” (Dzeko) but United’s winner was just “lucky” just smacks of desperation. Pity.

  12. freddy says:

    You could see in the face and body language of Ferguson he was scared and he knows that city are there knocking and will continue to get stronger

    City were the better team but that is football maybe next time we play less and win more but thats the name of the game

  13. Duke Nukem says:

    Lots of Untied fans taing the 60% Possession claim literally…and to heart! ?

    Have you ever heard anyone say, for example, “Look, there must be HUNDREDS of birds on that roof!!” Are United fans the sort of sadacts who would spend hours counting them then come out with “actually i think you’ll find your claim of ‘hundreds’ is wholly inaccurate and greatly exaggerated! To my eyes, i count precisely 37 birds, a great difference to the ludicrous claim you made. You sir are an embarrassment to bird watching and any other opinions you have on the matter can be disregarded!”

    If Buzzer had stated “City had 63% possession” THEN i’d understand the criticism, but he felt the pundits were NOT giving credt to City’s performance and making out they had been dominated, so he gave an opposing view. 60% is more than 50%. 50% usually means even, so by saying 60% he was saying City had a greater dominance.

    As it turns out City had 51%. Not exactly 60%, but CERTAINLTY MORE than the 46% that Sky (and Untied fans) claim. Sky themselves made the incorrect stat of Untied having 54% possession. Yet nobody is criticising THEM of ‘lying to the public’.

    Buzzer…..was right. ?

    • Troy says:

      Seriously, who cares? A team could have 99% possession, but if they have fewer goals than the opposition it doesn’t mean a damn thing. This argument about some flubbed, or not-flubbed possession statistic is absolutely ridiculous. City fans are just grasping at straws trying to find something to take away from this match, considering they didn’t take away any points.

  14. Tbhh says:

    Not sure what you city fans have been smoking, you got a lucky goal, we got 2 class ones. So don’t give me all this crap about flukes, you were beaten fairly. Just like when united came to city you were non existent too.

  15. Tbhh says:

    And don’t give me all that about stats when they came up Summerbee was speechless, ‘I don’t buy into stats’. 54% to 46% to united. What did he say? Dominated at least 60 %… No.

    • Why? says:

      So let me get this straight you think Mike has a computer installed in his brain and worked out 60%? If only u know how fxxkin stupid that sounds, do u think he counted every second each team was in possession cos I’ll tell you that SKY did and they do have a computer and strangely it was way out, yes total bollocks the stats they put up on that board in the Vid the proof’s above. You don’t think he was just getting over a point that City had the ball the more than Utd away do you?

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