Get A Free 7 Day Trial to is offering a free 7-day trial of their service this week, just in time for the Round of 16 games in the Champions League as well as several important Premier League and FA Cup matches. is Fox’s broadband subscription site that allows you to watch live games on your computer. Plus, if you have an iPhone, you can download the free FoxSoccer iPhone app and watch live games on your mobile phone (using your login). In addition to all of the live games on, you can also watch highlights in several different versions

  • 2 minute highlight package,
  • 45 minute of highlights (condensed down from 90 minutes), or
  • the entire 90 minute match.

If you sign up for today, here are the games you could watch during the free trial (depending on what day you sign up on):

Tuesday, February 15:

  • Valencia v Schalke, 2:45pm ET
  • Birmingham v Newcastle, 2:45pm ET
  • AC Milan v Tottenham (available after 5pm ET)

Wednesday, February 16:

  • Roma v Shakhtar Donetsk, 2:45pm ET
  • Arsenal v Barcelona (available after 5pm ET)

Saturday, February 19:

  • Stoke City v Brighton [FA Cup], 10am ET
  • Chelsea v Everton [FA Cup replay] (available after 9:30am ET)
  • Manchester United v Crawley [FA Cup] (available after 2:15pm ET)

Sunday, February 20:

  • West Brom v Wolves, 7am ET
  • Manchester City v Notts County [FA Cup replay], 9am ET
  • Fulham v Bolton/Wigan [FA Cup], 10am ET

Tuesday, February 22:

  • Lyon v Real Madrid, 2:45pm ET
  • Blackpool v Tottenham, 3pm ET
  • Copenhagen v Chelsea (available after 5pm ET)

In addition to the above games, you can also access rugby matches, the crunch Championship match between Nottingham Forest and Cardiff, and more.

The 7-day free trial will come down on Wednesday, February 23. If you’ve never used before, or you’ve used it before but want to give it another try, sign up today for the free 7-day trial.

If you live in the United States, is a must-have technology to make sure you don’t miss any major games. Despite some hiccups in the past, the service has greatly improved and it’s the only way you can assure that you’ll have access to all of the live Premier League matches shown if you also get ESPN2, and Fox Soccer Channel.

If you’re happy with the trial, you’ll get for $14.99/month after the trial ends.

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  1. On the TV Schedule page it says the Champions League replays will be available after 5pm instead of the usual midnight. Is this no longer the case? I will be traveling while the game is on so I was really hoping the 5pm time was true!

    1. DC Gunner, excellent catch. I’m so used to the Premier League games on Fox Soccer Channel being delayed until midnight on that I wrote down the wrong on-demand times for the Champions League and FA Cup matches. The post has now been updated. Thank you!

      The Gaffer

  2. Given that has barely been able to keep their system running over the past three weekends, it doesn’t bode well that their response is to delay the good matches until after midnight and pile on a bunch of trial subscribers.

    That said, their rather limited, and premium-priced service is probably the best thing going for those of us willing to pay.

    Here’s hoping they use this opportunity to boost the reliability of their systems.

    1. Bob, I didn’t experience any issues this past weekend with, but I know some people did the weekend prior. Since it’s a free trial, what do people have to lose?

      The Gaffer

    1. Madschester, okay, but the trial period comes down on 2/23 so if you wait until early next week to sign up, you’ll only get a couple of days instead of the full seven.

      The Gaffer

      1. Ahhhhh… I see. I thought you get a week from when you sign up! Thanks for clearing it up. I’ll sign up now :)

  3. I have subscribed to Fox Soccer.Tv since August. It is a necessity for me because I don’t get cable/satellite. I watch about two games a week on average. The service is good but could be better. The organization of their content could be improved (take some pointers from Espn3). The quality during the game varies from HD to blurred figures on the pitch (I have a powerful PC hardwired to the Internet and my quality is usually inbetween). I will say that the quality is often better than Espn3. However, why can’t we get HD like Netflix? Also, it would be pretty cool to get a few minutes before kickoff. I would easily give up the half time filler for 10 minutes of pre game commentary. Finally, the 11:59 pm delayed showings are becoming excessive. They were rare occurrences in the past. Lately EVERY big game is delayed.

    1. Nelson, thanks for sharing your experiences with Regarding the matches that are delayed to 11.59pm ET, these are typically ones that are shown live on Fox Soccer Channel.

      The Gaffer

      1. If that is true then why is it that I didn’t see delayed matches before Christmas. If it’s because they are just now offering the televised games on FoxSoccerTv then that is a plus!!!!

  4. Their payment system/forms are a bit archaic… Netbanx sounds very much like a phishing company more than an actual bank.

    They charged me 1 dollar on my card via SecureCode verification… will that go away?

    1. The payment processing is, I believe, based in the UK which is why they use Netbanx, which is a legit company and very popular worldwide, especially in England. I believe the dollar charge will go away (they probably do that to make sure the credit card is working), but you can always e-mail Fox’s customer support to make sure if you like.

      The Gaffer

    1. Madschester, good question. I know that Fox is continually improving its service so it may be like Google’s Gmail, where it was beta for a very long run as they continually enhanced it.

      The Gaffer

      1. Maybe I’m too cynical, but I always interpret beta to mean “this isn’t a final product, so don’t blame us if it doesn’t work properly.” You’d think for $15 a month the product would be a little better. If not for the ability to watch Champions League on delay I would consider canceling this service today. The quality of the feeds is never more than equal to and sometimes worse than bootleg ones I can find for free.

        1. It’s been beta.foxsoc…. since the beginning. I’m cynical also and believe that Fox isn’t toally bought into this offering. Seems to a be “hobby” for them right now. Although I have admit the service and site have improved since it’s re-release (shift away from the Rayv catastrophe).

  5. I’ll pass cause they still want me to enter my credit card number and all that so I wont worry about it. I might still a monthly subscription in March though for the 2nd leg of the round of 16 and the quarters of the chmapions league.

  6. Some of the games this past weekend had problems, like the Birmingham vs Stoke game which had a number of freezes. I had no problems with the Blackpool vs Aston Villa game. The previous week I had problems with all the games they were streaming.

    Still it’s worth a punt if it’s free.

    1. I watched the Stoke City game with a one hour delay because I had chores to do. In the second half I either entered a time warp several times or the game was skipping 15 to 30 seconds… did it perhaps 8 times.

      Other times in the past, I’ve warped back in time, about 3 minutes, then back to the present… then back a few minutes. Really odd. I also will go from near Sat TV quality to blotches the size of grapes, back and forth through a match. The blotches don’t last too long.

      I have a 12 Mbps connection, so it isn’t me. I think I tried Chrome and maybe it seemed better. I’ll try Chrome instead of Firefox this weekend. Compared to last season, however, it is a ton better. And now they are separating the content unlike at the beginning of the season.

  7. I had FStv for the last 6-7 months. I have no problem with the $15 monthly fee.
    However the last few weeks I had so much agro I gave it the elbow.
    I will go back one day but the service needs improving.
    The picture quality leaves alot to be desired. My real issue the last few weeks has been the log in, I have had to email them over and over to get the games, disgraceful!

      1. And then they quickly delete them, giving subscribers about a 3 hour window in which to watch the game. Where is the the Chelsea Everton Cup game!? The match was delayed. This meant sheltering myself from all web activity so I would not see any spoilers. Then while on the road I notice that the game is in the replay section of Im all excited to watch the game when I get back to the house and to my frustration it is GONE! Im debating on canceling my subscription. As a Chelsea fan it has been very difficult. Most games are delayed and then erased for no apparent reason.

        1. The games that are shown on Fox Soccer Channel are not shown live on Those games are shown on delay on

 typically doesn’t show FA Cup matches, so the ones it showed this weekend were a rare treat. They may have had the rights to these games to show on for a very short period of time to encourage people to watch them on Fox Soccer Channel instead.

          The best combo is to have Fox Soccer Channel on TV and on your computer and iPhone.

          The Gaffer

  8. Gaffer,

    Do you know whether the ability to access FSCtv on the iPhone will last beyond the free trial? I recall at one point the iPhone video was an additional $8 per month. Has Fox decided to provide the iPhone video as part of the standard FSCtv subscription on a going forward basis?

    1. The FoxSoccer iPhone app is free from iTunes. If you have an active subscription, you can watch the live Premier League and Champions League games on your iPhone that are shown on This is how it works now and will continue to work in the future. For the updated TV schedule, including which games will be on the iPhone app (featuring Premier League teams), visit

      The Gaffer

        1. It wont accept my log in and password and I know I typed I right In my 5 attempts. Says it’s invalid. Must be a temporary bug.

  9. Okay, it’s tough to wait 24 hours to watch a game that has been delayed till 11:59 pm but it’s even more torture to find out it’s still not available! Where is the deb 14th Chelsea : Fulham game? In the process of posting this I accidentally saw the score line! Aggggggghhh!!

  10. I had a very good experience using the web viewing. Still not sure I’m going to be paying for it…

    One criticism: Where is the scoreboard/clock during the match. Seriously lacking.

    1. I did finally sign up just to be able to catch the Champions League. But I have the same question as Thomas–why do some games have the score/clock and others don’t (Swansea – Leeds did not and Everton – Sunderland did)? The other thing I’ve noticed is that when I launch it to full screen, sometimes the play/pause/volume menu just stays there regardless of where I keep the mouse while sometimes it fades away as it should. Maybe an article on EPLtalk already covered all these points when they first rolled out the service this past summer–if so–please post a link as it might take awhile to go through the last 6 months of posts.

  11. I have had fox on and off for the past 8 months. Really depends on when Spurs are shown on it. I don’t like that they only post 2 weeks of fixtures online so have to rely on EPLtalk for the info. So thanks for constantly updating the page on premiership teams on us tv!!!

    With foxsoccer I can catch all the action from the other games rather than being an uninformed, ignorant punk like many people are when commenting on these blogs. “my team is better, what proof do i have? none. but my team is better. hands down” Shut up!

    Quality has a lot to improve on. But yes, better than last season. I signed up for a few days last season and it was terrible!

    Also, their customer service is EXCEPTIONAL with refunds! I canceled my account at the end of the month but they still charged me for it. I emailed them to ask them to fix this and they did. Quality!

  12. About this delay thing…

    Let’s be clear, live is always better than delayed!!! When games are played in the early afternoon here in the States, getting access to Fox Soccer Channel is nearly impossible during the work day. However, internet access is readily available. As a consumer of Fox Soccer’s internet service, I would much prefer to watch games live on whatever format is available to me at the time – not wait until 5 p.m. or later to watch in on delay. With score updates flying around the internet at the speed of light, its impossible to keep from seeing a result before you are able to watch the delayed match. I sincerely hope that Fox Soccer will reconsider this method of doing business.

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