Feuerstein’s Fire Episoe #44

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Tuesday, February 15th 8:00PM EST – 5:00PM PST
Neil Morris of The Independent in the Triangle of North Carolina’s three cities outside of Charlotte discusses the Carolina Railhawks and the NASL
Warren Jones: Houston Dynamo supporter will discuss the official groundbreaking of their new downtown stadium that will be ready for the 2012 season.

2 thoughts on “Feuerstein’s Fire Episoe #44”

  1. Thanks for ripping Soccer Sam a new A-hole. I listen to that show (and every other radio podcast I can find) and they are a bunch of jackasses. I don’t care about NASL or USL Pro, I just want them to stay afloat! AND maybe, just maybe, they can find stability. At least NASL is trying to be better than the USL Division 1, which was a league of constant turnover. While USL Pro is sticking to the same shitty formula that has failed for years!

  2. I had enough of it myself. They want to call the NASL foreigners in an American league that doesn’t know what to do. They should look into their own USL Pro back yard and take a look at the Dayton Dutch Lions & Bermuda Hogges.

    They also forgot about that California Bay Area club that had part owners from Spain. The club Deportivo La Coruna

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