Poll: How Much Do You Care About International Friendlies?

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It’s time to take a pulse on how excited or not you are about the international friendlies this week. England plays Denmark, Wales played Republic of Ireland last night. And then there are a ton of other friendlies including Brazil versus France, Germany against Italy, Spain vs Colombia, Holland v Austria, Northern Ireland against Scotland, and many more.

But where do these international friendlies rate on your anticipation and excitement level? Vote in the poll below and share your opinions in the comments section.

7 thoughts on “Poll: How Much Do You Care About International Friendlies?”

  1. In general, I don’t view international friendlies as “must see” TV. I’m more inclined to watch if the USMNT is playing just to see who’s playing well and who could represent USA in the World Cup or other international competitions.

    That said, if the USMNT plays a friendly within a reasonable distance to my house (Cleveland), I would try to go to the game regardless of the opponent.

  2. These friendlies are pointless and completely destructive. When a team is playing well, they shouldnt have to stop their training just to go play some b.s. game…furthermore too often players get hurt in these games and clubs lose them from mass amounts of time…thanks belgium, wish we had vermaelen in the squad

    1. I totally agree. I get my rotisserie team perfectly set, and then one of these ‘tweener dates comes up and either Fabergas or Nasri gets wounded in a pointless game I had no stake in. It’s B-S!

  3. People need to look at the other side of the coin. Portugal v Argentina in Switzerland is a classic example. The people of Geneva, especially the Portuguese ex-pats, are delighted their team is coming to visit. As a Portuguese person living in England, I wish Portugal could come to England every year, even if it’s a friendly. The same goes for the English ex-pats in Denmark.

  4. Friendlies have become a necessary evil to most clubs, managers and fans. Gone are the days when they were an opportunity to see how good the National squad was. Today, with all the changes at half-time, results and performances almost count for nothing. Rarely do we see a Best XI in anything other than tournament games and so the interest wanes fast.

    Managers and clubs hate them as they lose players through injury and fans are just plainly turned off. There are no common sense alternatives so we’re stuck with them but I wouldn’t waste my money on one of these games.

  5. I don’t believe friendlies are pointless by any means. How else are national team managers going to try out new players or pick a squad for a tournament without seeing the team play together? Warm up matches are necessary before tournaments such as the World Cup. Do people expect national teams just to play every 4 years in the World Cup or the Euros? I believe another factor for friendlies is money made for the federations from ticket sales and tv rights.

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