Fox Soccer Channel Sets New Record For Chelsea vs Liverpool Telecast


Fox Soccer Channel’s live broadcast of the clash between Chelsea and Liverpool on Sunday, February 6 broke the network’s record for their most-watched broadcast of all time.

The telecast attracted 418,000 average viewers and 285,000 households, which are both network-records according to Nielsen Media Research which has been measuring Fox Soccer Channel since October 2008. The previous record was 403,000 who watched the Chelsea versus Arsenal match on Super Bowl Sunday in 2010.

Fox Soccer Channel kicked off their coverage of the Chelsea versus Liverpool match with a special edition of its weekly pre-match show, Super Sunday +, live from the set of Fox NFL Sunday.  The show was hosted by Christian Miles, with analysts Keith Costigan, Eric Wynalda, Warren Barton, Kyle Martino.  They were joined in studio by Temryss Lane and a studio audience featuring supporters from both clubs.

How does Fox Soccer Channel’s record ratings compare to ESPN2’s ratings for its Premier League matches? The December 27, 2010 broadcast of Arsenal versus Chelsea was ESPN2’s most-watched Premier League game ever with a viewing audience of 610,000. Prior to that, ESPN’s next best audience for a Premier League match on U.S. television was the 570,000 who watched Manchester United against Arsenal.

In comparison, the 2010 MLS Cup Final between Colorado Rapids and FC Dallas earned a 0.4 rating and a viewing audience of 748,000, which was down 44% from the 2009 final. Meanwhile, season viewership was down 12% on ESPN for the 2010 MLS season.

This Saturday at 7:30a.m. ET, Fox Soccer Channel features another match with tremendous Premier League implications: The Battle for Manchester: Manchester United vs. Manchester City.

15 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel Sets New Record For Chelsea vs Liverpool Telecast”

  1. Good news! I am sure there are even more people if you include people who watching streams from non-fox sources (aka illegal-ish) :)

    PS: Imagine if big games like these were on national Fox channel, like the Champions League final last year… then surely, we’d break the 1,000,000 mark!

  2. Gaffer, did you record the pre-game show? If so – what were your thoughts? I thought the use of FOX’s NFL set made a huge difference. I do not mind the live audience for now; other posters did.

  3. The pre-game show and post-game show were excellent. They even had a live audience of Chelsea and Liverpool fans. I hope FSC got the message and do this more often.

  4. off topic (sorry) – Gaffer, Newcastle looks close to signing Kuqi who apparently left Swansea recently. What are we getting ourselves into by signing him?

    1. John, not a good move for Newcastle I’m afraid. Kuqi is a decent striker, but well past his prime and couldn’t make it into the Swansea side in the Championship.

      We won’t miss him at Swansea. He’s more of a lower Championship or League One striker.

      The Gaffer

    1. I was wondering that myself.

      Fox probably told ESPN that enough was enough since ESPN has been getting all the big games it seems. Stinks though, I was looking foward to watching the game in HD. Maybe Comcast will get their act together now that the ratings are increasing.

      By the way, those ratings are great.

  5. i must say i really appreciate that you don’t have a spurs jersey in the banner!

    great website by the way.

    a gooner from london living in vancouver canada. wishing he had skysports.

  6. Rogman, and anyone else that is interested
    If you are missing SKYSports and BBC/ITV etc I can hook you up with some live streams for free
    And, if you go to there are always great streams of SKY Sports matches on there….quality is unreal and like the budgie, its cheeep! (FREE!!!)

  7. I am sorry but the coverage was a complete joke.

    Everyone was on Chelski’s payroll and seemed embarrassed to be there counting the minutes until the super bowl. Most ridiculous part was how half the fans switched to liverpool jerseys after the game.

    My local cable 5 people strong studio can do better then this ffs. If theres still any genuine people left in the broadcasting business heres some ideas… send the pretty lady to a sports bar next time instead of showing me spoiled british food and fake fans.

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