Poll: Who Will Win Sunday, Chelsea or Liverpool?

The stage is set Sunday for the Premier League’s version of the Super Bowl: Chelsea against Liverpool.

The main story line will be the debut of Fernando Torres in a blue shirt instead of him adorning the red of Liverpool. The Spaniard has been such a symbol of Liverpool Football Club that it may be hard for some Reds to stomach the sight of the striker in a club shirt other than Liverpool, but money talks and Torres made the decision. Whether it was the right move or not, we’ll have to wait and see.

There’ll be plenty of other questions Sunday such as what formation Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti plays with Torres in the team as well as whether Liverpool’s Luis Suarez will be able to make an immediate impact in a massive match like this one.

But, for now, the question I have for you is who will win the match. Vote in the poll below and share your opinions in the comments section.

21 thoughts on “Poll: Who Will Win Sunday, Chelsea or Liverpool?”

  1. Would love to see Torres score a hat trick then run over to where the Kopites are to rub their noses in it by celebrating in front of them Gary Neville style.

  2. Kenny Dalglish seems to have made a difference and Liverpool is playing with more energy. I think Luis Suarez was a great move and he seems like he’s ready to burst onto the big stage.

    I’ve loved to watch Torres in action. His play can be absolutely brilliant when he’s in form. But I hate everything Chelsea, so may he can sink in his blue bog.

    On another note, all the upcoming matches on ESPN3 now say “live only”. What’s up with that? Why no more replay option?

  3. Liverpool are playing with more confidence and attacking more. I don’t think they’ll change that so I can see them scoring at the Bridge. The problem for them is that they are going up against a Chelsea team that are getting back to their best and with the addition of Torres are going to be scoring goals. I think Chelsea might just nick this one by the odd goal. Home-field advantage will rule the day.

  4. “There’ll be plenty of other questions Sunday such as what formation Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti plays with Torres”

    I have read/seen from a couple of sources that Chelsea might play Drogba and Torres up top and deploy Anelka in the trequartista role. Whether that is at the top of a midfield diamond or above a midfield flat three will be interesting to see.

    That being said, come on you Reds!

  5. 41% of people actually think Liverpool will win? Seriously?

    I’m all for supporting your team, but come on – it’s a pretty tall order for the Reds to stroll into the Bridge and come away with three points, especially with the week they (and their opponents) have had.

    1. I will admit, my vote was completely biased.

      What I find more intriguing though is the fact that there have been almost 600 votes now and only seven responses (including this one) to this posting.

    2. What will happen is that gerrard will be kidnapped by aliens who will enhance him with cybertronic limbs and a internal fusion power cell. It will be like watching superman play….then 4 of chelsea’s players will get a red card, including the keeper.

      1. I tried to start a trend of surrealist “predictions” in this manner a while back (since I think it’s extremely lame to simply predict who will win). Glad to see someone else has taken on the baton.

        For what it’s worth, I think Liverpool will win. Torres turn his hair blonde again. Terry will get a knock in the head early in the game after a trademark diving header tackle. As a result, his vision will be impaired, and he will spend the whole game being distracted by “the hot blonde chick” at the other end of the field. As a result, he’ll put in a very absent-minded performance, and Carragher will score the only goal of the game with a scorpion kick from a corner.

        1. Whatever drugs you’ve been taking, send some my way! Based on your post, they must be some pretty darned good hallucenogenics….

    3. The thing about football is that matches like these are bigger than what’s on paper. Go back to when City spanked Chelsea at the Bridge right after the Wayne Bridge debacle. And to be honest, I think Suarez+Carroll is a huge improvement from just injury prone Torres. But then again, Anelka + Drogba + Torres + Kalou is incredible.

  6. I think Chelsea will start with the same team that beat Sunderland in midweek. Torres will come off the bench. Ancelloti will ease Torres into the team rather than change the system right away.

    Liverpool are still a work in progress and have been improving under Daglish. I don’t think they are playing at the level that Chelsea are playing at right now so I cannot see anything but a Chelsea win. The X factor for Liverpool is Suarez. If he plays well Liverpool might get a draw but I think it’s still too early for him to make a difference in the EPL. Given time he might come good. If Carroll were available for Liverpool then I might have given them a chance to get a result at Stamford Bridge.

    Chelsea have improved their squad with the present in mind while Liverpool have brought in players with an eye to the future.

    Prediction: Chelsea 3 – Liverpool 1

    1. I could see that too Jason. But I honestly think he (and Luiz) are going to be plugged in right away and we’re going to see what–if anything–is going to happen with this new look squad.

      My lineup prediction for Super Bowl Sunday:


      That would obviously be a lot of attacking action being thrown forward, but I think we’re going into this game thinking we need to continue to build the momentum heading, not only into the Champions League match with Copenhagen, but also the March make up with United (who we last played in the Community Shield).

      Expect Essien to be glued to Garrard throughout the match; so he’ll more than likely be holding a bit deeper for the most part, while Lamp makes runs down the middle.

  7. While I’m hugely biased, I think Liverpool have a good shot at this game.

    As some people point out, it would be quite a statement if Torres scored against his former club. It would, however, be a bit of a worry if he looked as abject as he has for Liverpool this season.

    Probably a 1-1 is most likely but I could see either team squeak a 1-0 by.

  8. Love to see Kenny Dalglish inspire fear on the opponents, like he did when he played, in a dominating fashion. Wide eyes, big ears, and a lot of knowledge about a game that he played to perfection. Liverpool looks, feels, and plays the way the old reds used to play. I never thought a manager could make such difference, but he does. His players feel the passion, the desire to beat the opponent in all facets of the game; especially mentally. I truly thing the best signing of the season or perhaps the decade, it Kenny Dalglish. No way they loose Sunday, perhaps Chelsea snatches a point late. If Luis Suarez could become Kenny’s protege, I thing he can become a great one. Can’t wait to watch the game!!!!

    PS: That formation he tried against Stoke was a training exercise for Sunday. Maybe with Suarez taking the place of Glenn Johnson or Aurelio.

    1. I doubt Kenny will use that formation on Sunday.

      It can be exposed by a side that can provide width. Due to the fact that Chelsea is actually capable of doing that, playing the way Liverpool did against Stoke would just see the wingbacks essentially playing as defenders. Instead of having three at the back Liverpool would instead be playing five at the back.

      Consequently, Liverpool’s midfield would then be outnumbered. One of the things that made Liverpool’s formation so effective against Stoke was that Stoke’s primary attacking strategy was to hoof the ball up field to Carew in hopes of getting a knock down for oncoming midfielders. The fact that Liverpool outnumbered Stoke in midfield turned that strategy into a pointless endeavour. Playing five at the back means that benefit disappears. Considering that Chelsea’s midfield is significantly better than Stoke’s, I do not think doing such a thing will be wise.

      If Liverpool forgoes using its wingbacks to defend (even though Chelsea can provide width) in hopes of dominating the midfield it will greatly increase the possibility of their centre backs being draw out of position in an attempt to cover the wide areas leaving space for the likes of Drogba, Torres, Anelka, Lampard, et al. to expose.

      Moreover, when Suarez came on Liverpool changed their formation from a 3-4-2-1 to 3-5-2 (or 5-3-2 since those two formations are easily interchangeable depending on whether you are defending or attacking).

      Additionally Liverpool does not currently have the personnel to use a formation like this against higher quality sides on a consistent basis. For one, it requires centre backs on the ends of the back three that are good with the ball. While Daniel Agger is, Martin Skrtel’s panic attack when he had a chance to take a shot on goal against Stokes suggests his ball playing skills leave a little to be desired.

  9. Chelsea have the edge in this game because whenever Essien plays Gerard struggles. In order for Liverpool to have any chance of even getting a draw Gerard has to play big. The fact that Essien always keeps him quiet should be a source of concern for Liverpool.

    Chelsea 3 – Liverpool 0

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