EPL Weekend Viewing Guide, Gameweek 26

Terry & Torres, now both wearing blue
Teammates now!

I am back with a fresh post for Gameweek 26.  Please note that there were a couple of changes since my Monday posting, including Fox switching the delayed Spurs & Villa matches, and ESPN2 adding the Sunderland-Stoke Saturday morning match.

I’m feeling pretty pleased with my 4-star choice from Gameweek 25, as Sunderland and Chelsea really had a spectacular match.  But this Sunday’s obvious 4-star match may be one of the most-watched ever, with Torres & Luiz scheduled to face Liverpool from the Bridge.  What a great way to start Super Sunday, and you can even see the 4th meeting this season of West Ham and Birmingham to start your morning.

****:  Must-see.  Cancel all other activities.  Do not even DVR as even in America you might hear the score!
:  Strong match; worth watching live; DVR a must if you can’t see live
**:   Flip through quickly to see the goals, red cards, injuries, and perhaps watch the last 5 minutes + injury time if close
*:    Only if you’re a die-hard

Matches shown in chronological order:

Saturday, February 5 (all times EST)

** Stoke v Sunderland, 7:45 am, ESPN2/ESPND & ESPN3.com [Probert]

** Man City v West Brom, 10 am, FS+ & foxsoccer.tv [Atkinson]
City just not good enough this year to contend, but they’ll be thrilled to hold on to a Champions League spot.

*** Newcastle v Arsenal, 10 am, FSC/FD [Dowd]
Newcastle went down and won at the Emirates, nil-1.  They’ve lost their top striker, so you’d fancy the Gunners to get the revenge win.

** Everton v Blackpool, 10 am, foxsoccer.tv & 4 pm (delayed), FS+ [Friend]

*** Aston Villa v Fulham, 10 am, foxsoccer.tv & 5 pm (delayed), FSC/FD[Mason]
I took a star away from Everton-‘Pool and gave it to Villa-Fulham.  Fox clearly agrees with me as they switched this match to “the Channel” from the less-viewed FS+.  Fulham look like they’re finally making the Cottage a tough place to visit again, like in years past.  Can they do as well on the road?  I hope we can see Dempsey v Bradley in this one!

*** Tottenham v Bolton, 10 am, foxsoccer.tv & 6 pm (delayed), FS+ [Spurs’ favorite: Clattenburg]

* Wigan v Blackburn, 10 am, foxsoccer.tv only [Dean]

*** Wolverhampton v Man Utd, 12:30 pm, FSC/FD [Oliver]

Sunday, February 6

** West Ham v Birmingham, 8:30 am, FS+ & foxsoccer.tv [Foy]
Well, some of us knew David Bentley could play, and he showed it with a terrific effort Wednesday night home to City.  Terrible penalty conceded by Vieira; not the makings of a championship side.  The Hammers finally looked terrific, scoring 3 goals, including one from Keane on his debut.  This is an important match for both sides.

**** Chelsea v Liverpool, 11 am, FSC/FD [Marriner]
Pretty big match for Mr. Marriner; Carragher apparently has some unfinished business with Sr. Torres.  Suarez did not score emphatically but the ball ended up in the back of the net on his first breakaway for Kenny.    This one should be fun!

6 thoughts on “EPL Weekend Viewing Guide, Gameweek 26”

  1. My Fox Soccer Plus HD Channel (621-1) seems to have disappeared from the DirecTV guide. Anyone else having that issue?

    1. 621-1 is only valid at the exact time a match is being braodcast in HD. Basically on a Satruday morning at 10am EST that channel is valid in HD.

      Hope that helps

  2. Anyone know if pubs have any way of showing the FS.TV matches on a regular TV? Is there a satellite package that offers that?

  3. When it’s not showing a game, it still usually shows the channel in the guide with a “To Be Announced” on it though. Not seeing that currently. Must be just me.

  4. Ok, my DirectTV does not include FSC. I have to pay an extra $13 per month in order to get a sports package that includes that. I only want that channel to watch the Premier League, mainly Blackburn, even though they only have about 1 out of every 10 matches televised.

    My question, every match appears to be broadcast on foxsoccer.tv. That option comes out to only $0.33 more per month, and I’d get to see every match. Am I incorrect in what I’m seeing? How’s the quality for the online matches? Can I watch every (or nearly every) match live? If not, is there an archive section I can watch them relatively soon afterwards?

    Thanks to whoever can help, and for the weekly viewing guide.

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