Live Blog: February 2 Matches

Have a day off and stuck under a few feet of snow that seemingly won’t be cleared out until the middle of next week? Just need a place to chat during the matches while pretending to work? As yesterday, join me again this afternoon for a live blog of today’s 6 EPL matches. We should get a debut for Liverpool’s new Uruguayan striker, Luis Suarez. We’ll be live at 2:30 PM eastern time for a bit of buildup. See you then!

2:40pm ET – Birmingham City vs Manchester City – ESPN2
2:55pm ET – Liverpool vs Stoke – FSC
2:55pm ET – Bolton vs Wolves – FS+ &
2:55pm ET – Blackburn vs Tottenham –
2:55pm ET – Fulham vs Newcastle –
2:55pm ET – Blackpool vs West Ham –

EPL February 2 Live!

10 thoughts on “Live Blog: February 2 Matches”

  1. I am watching Birmingham V Man.City on ESPN live, STUPID ME! I am recording the Liverpool V Stoke game. I was really looking forward to watching it.
    Except…. it’s pointless watching the Liverpool game now as 2 minutes from time ESPN just gave me the result of that game.


    1. I feel your frustration but why would ESPN keep the score of a match that’s being shown on another network secret? If you are a Liverpool or Stoke fan, then that’s the match you should have been watching.

  2. FSC is in trouble….

    Nielsen C3 delivery Q4 2010

    Total Day: 0.02 rating; averaged 24,000 households
    Prime Time: 0.02 rating; averaged 27,000 households

  3. it’s not surprising. is it/

    1) ESPN broadcast earlier in the day than FSC and spoil all the results live in real time.
    2) FSC broadcast in Non HD in 99% of all markets
    3) FSC Plus subscription is pointless as ESPN spoil “EVERY RESULT”
    4) FSC Plus continue to show the S**TTEST choice of games live in NON HD and then show them on delay on FSC HD (NOT) , guess what ESPN spoiled the results 12hrs before.
    5) ESPN don’t give a shit, I spent over 3 months complaining, they couldn’t care less.
    6) FSC Plus HD games are actually 536p stretched, they have barely 20% games in true 720p.
    7) ESPN broadcast in 720p the majority of the time.

    All in all ESPN & FOX are idiots.

    I pay for HD , they have it, they chose not to show it. ESPN & FSC spoil the results live.

  4. FOX and FSC explain this to me please

    Why show Bolton vs Wolves on FS+, no one gives a sh*t!
    Why not broadcast the Liverpool V Stoke on FS+ in HD instead of FSC HD(not HD)

    This is happening all the time with the choices of games. FSC+ should be showing the premium clubs in the Prem and not Wolves V Bolton. Liverpool should have been shown.

    this is why FSC is be destroyed, choice of games and lack of HD.

    1. I disagree.

      They should be showing the big games on FSC as many, many more people (like me) only have access to that channel. Keep your base happy.

      FSC+ is the plus channel and FSC is the main platform. Sometimes FSC+ gets big games – often, however, is for the rest of the games.

      You say “no one gives a sh*t” but you’re talking about yourself not everyone. Generally, the people that pay for this premium / plus version of a very niche channel do care. For your part, if you only care about the big games then why are you paying for FSC+?

      Be happy you have access to both channels as most of us don’t even have FSC+ on our provider – and let’s not even mention HD.

  5. fsc is not in HD.

    I have to pay extra for FSC+ and should carry the better games.

    If FSC was worried about customer retention why do a deal with ESPN and create FSC+ if you think they care about you?

    i said espn doesn’t give a s**t.get it?

    as far as being happy because you tell me to be is just dumb, then again what should i expect.

    the spoilers are hurting the quality of the programming.

  6. Cudos to Fox for starting the Liverpool match 30 seconds in. I had no idea where Johnson and Aurelio were playing the first 10 minutes. For a network that fills it’s daily programming with 4 month old Champion’s League matches – God forbid, they actually have a couple of minutes before a live event.

    1. But if FSC were to show the starting lineups, that could possibly ruin any chance of me knowing about or see the real face of Mesothelioma. And I wouldn’t possibly know how to get cheap phone rates to talk to my relative in India about some woman getting married (although from what I’ve heard, it won’t last).

      And in other news, Suarez played on the field for a little bit, impact immediately. Oh, Suarez transfer will be sweet.

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