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If you’re like me, I’m very much in need of new soccer T-shirts. I have work clothes, soccer jerseys and casual clothes, but very few T-shirts that I can wear. At the same time, any old soccer T-shirt will not do. I prefer ones which are trendy, beautifully designed and made out of high quality materials that are comfortable to wear. I guess in that regard you can call me a soccer T-shirt snob.

After looking high and wide for a soccer T-shirt collection that I can get behind, I finally found one. It’s the Studs Up Football Club collection.

You may or may not know about Studs Up. It’s, by far, the funniest football comic strip out there. It’s not PC, but the topics creator Chris Toy covers are right in line with what the soccer world is buzzing about at any given moment.

And now Chris has launched his fashion label, Studs Up Football Club. And you can count Aston Villa striker Darren Bent as one of the fans of the label (see picture above of him sporting one of the logo t-shirts).

Now here are my top 10 favorite soccer T-shirts (click on any of them for more information and to browse the entire collection):

1. Lil Tevez

The Lil Tevez shirt first appeared in a number of Studs Up comics like this one, and this one, and we understand that requests for it to be made in the “real world” immediately flooded in. Who are they to say no?

The design is printed on a super soft 100% cotton tee. Custom SUFC hem and collar tags.

2. Footie Cookie

A cookie. A penguin. What’s not to understand? Cookie and Penguin are mortal enemies, foes whose contempt for each other was only matched by their unwillingness to concede defeat. The relentless march of time has had no effect on the bad blood between those who waddled and those who crumbled. This shirt confounds the very basis of these juxtaposed cultures. Or it’s just a cookie. And a penguin. Check out the Footie Cookie T-shirt.

100% cotton. Custom tags on collar and hem. SUFC logo on back collar.

3. The Greatest Team The World Has Ever Seen

The iconic verse from the iconic song, proudly belted from ground to ground in a defiant demonstration of the essence of football fandom. Because no matter the day, no matter the result, no matter where the club may sit in the league… We are by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen.

The Greatest Team the World Has Ever Seen T-shirt is a 50% cotton, 50% polyester blend for an extremely soft, retro feel. Ink is printed lightly to add to the vintage look and will soften even further after washing. Custom hem tag.

4. Let Em Hang Blue

Studs Up Football Club members love to let them hang loud and proud, swinging around for all to see. Social conventions be damned. Bring em to the pub, to the club or to the beach. People will stare, and quite possibly want to touch them. It’s ok… let it happen.

This Let Em Hang shirt is a 50% cotton, 25% polyester, 25% rayon blend for a buttery soft feel and a vintage look. Custom hem tag.

5. Studs Up Yellow

This Studs Up shirt was inspired by the wonderful cursive text used on beer and lager brands across Europe, and thus is perfect for a lazy afternoon sipping on an ice-cold beverage of your choice, enjoying the football.

100% cotton. Custom tags on collar and hem. SUFC logo on back collar.

6. Studs Up Cyan

This Studs Up logo tee features eye-catching cyan layered with subtle dotting to give it extra pop.

100% cotton. Custom tags on collar and hem. SUFC logo on back collar.

7. Wembley

Home to England international matches, it is Wembley’s significance to club football that earned its place in history as it hosted every English league and FA cup final for decades. Pele even went as far as to say “Wembley is the cathedral of football. It is the capital of football and it is the heart of football.”

This original illustration was painstakingly hand-crafted just for SUFC. 100% cotton. Custom tags on collar and hem. SUFC logo and Wembley Towers on back collar. Check out the Wembley T-shirt.

8. Harry Redknapp Genius

Tottenham have long been reliable for rarely flirting with either end of the table, relegation is rarely a real threat while the top end of the league has proven equally as elusive. That all changed in 18 roller coaster months which started with the club sitting dead last in the table before Harry Redknapp took over and completely turned the club around to a Champions League spot in the 09/10 season. As the media and especially Redknapp himself reminded us seemingly every weekend during that run, Spurs had just “2 points from 8 games” when he took over. Spurs fans have long been trained to expect disappointment following any high, so commemorate the iconic sound byte from Harry’s reign while the iron is hot.

The 2 points, 8 games, 1 hero shirt is 100% cotton. Custom tags on collar and hem. SUFC logo on back collar.

9. Welcome to the Club

Either you’re with the club, or you’re against them.

The Welcome to the Club tee is 100% cotton. Custom tags on collar and hem. SUFC logo on back collar.

10. Taxi for Maicon

To call it a break-out performance would be an understatement, and a little unfair considering his hattrick in the first leg and good form stretching back to last season. But Gareth Bale’s utter destruction of Inter’s Maicon the Champions League set off weeks worth of superlative-laden headlines, breathless pundits and blockbuster transfer rumours for the young Welshman. Despite being at the top of virtually any fan or pundit’s list of best fullbacks in the world as recently as one second before this match kicked off, Bale made Maicon look like a schoolboy for 90 minutes and left many wondering if he had spontaneously become washed up. Not the least were the Spurs fans, whose “Taxi For Maicon” chant was recognised by on-air commentators, in match reports and even by Bale himself.

This Taxi for Maicon shirt is a 50% cotton, 25% polyester, 25% rayon blend for a buttery soft feel and a vintage look. Custom hem tag.

Which one is your favorite? Click the comments link below and share your feedback!

27 thoughts on “Top 10 Soccer T-Shirts”

      1. I’m just kidding around Gaffer. I’m actually glad you pointed out that website as it’s hard to find quality looking T’s outside of objectivo.

    1. Nick get off the gaffer’s back man. He writes all of this free content each day and the least he can do is make a few bucks off cool t-shirts.

    1. Bluebird, you can order any two T-shirts from the website or from the list above to get free shipping. That is only if you’re not a Cardiff City supporter (i.e. your Bluebird nickname). Cardiff City supporters have to pay double! 😉

      The Gaffer

    1. agreed, it’s a t-shirt, so it can only have so much real quality to it. they get them made for $3 and sell for $35 – fair play to them.

      1. Haha… 35 dollars for a custom T-shirt… I am just happy they don’t make more hefty pieces of clothing…

  1. All I know is I’ve been rocking WhoAreYa shirts for $19 with pretty good quality and some great concepts. $35 seems steep.

  2. just got two shirts on sale from these guys to see what they’re like and give them some support. i got confirmation that they were being shipped out a week after i’d paid and that i should expect them within 2-3 weeks. considering i’m within the states and not shipping overseas, a month seems a long time to wait for some t-shirts. wayd way faster. all i can say is, they better be good quality…

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