Premier League Transfer Deadline: Who Do You Want Your Club to Buy Today?

The January transfer window closes tonight in the Premier League at 11pm UK time (6pm ET, 3pm PT). Whether there’ll be a flurry of activity on the final day, we’ll find out today as well as whether Fernando Torres will be moving from Liverpool to Chelsea or not. If that happens, expect a domino of subsequent transfer signings and players being sold to follow.

But who do you want your club to buy today, on transfer deadline day? Realistically, speaking, that is. We all would love to have Lionel Messi on our team after all. Post your suggestions of who your club should buy in the comments section below.

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  • Liverpool’s Paul Konchesky has joined Nottingham Forest on loan.
  • Aston Villa remain confident that Borussia Monchengladbach midfielder Michael Bradley will today become their fourth signing of the January transfer.
  • Birmingham are confident of completing the loan signing of striker Obafemi Martins before the transfer window closes tonight.
  • Bolton are believed to be closing in on the signing of Chelsea forward Daniel Sturridge on loan.
  • Sunderland announce the departure of centre-back Paulo da Silva to Real Zaragoza for an undisclosed fee.
  • Liverpool’s Fernando Torres left Melwood this morning by helicopter presumably to Chelsea to finalize the deal.
  • Wolves have signed former Bristol City goalkeeper Adriano Basso on a short-term contract until the end of the season.
  • Stoke City’s Tuncay is undergoing a medical with Wolfsburg.
  • Liverpool have met Newcastle United’s staggering £35m asking price for Andy Carroll
  • Andy Reid has joined Blackpool from Sunderland.
  • Stephen Ireland has failed his medical at Newcastle so he’s going back to Aston Villa.
  • Ian Holloway says Blackpool are refusing to take Liverpool‘s phone calls over Charlie Adam.
  • 11:26am ET: Newcastle’s Andy Carroll is travelling to the North West to discuss a move to Liverpool.
  • 11:29am ET: Rumors are circulating that Charlie Adam is undergoing a medical at Manchester United.
  • 11:42am ET: Sky are reporting that Newcastle has rejected the second, improved, bid for Andy Carroll.
  • 11:48am ET: Birmingham sign Obafemi Martins on loan for the rest of the season.
  • 12:26pm ET: Tuncay has completed his move from Stoke to Bundesliga outfit Wolfsburg.
  • 12:30pm ET: Andy Carroll has handed in a written transfer request to Newcastle, which has been accepted by the club. Carroll is on his way to Liverpool to sign personal terms.
  • 12:36pm ET: Oh gosh, now Sky Sports News is reporting that Blackpool have accepted a bid from Liverpool for Charlie Adam. I’ll believe it when I see it.
  • 12:43pm ET: More confirmation that Charlie Adam is on his way to Liverpool from Blackpool for roughly £14 million. Liverpool on verge of having Adam and Carroll combined with Suarez in exchange for Torres, who looks likely to move to Chelsea. A 3-for-1 deal that I discussed last week (although I thought Liverpool would nab Forlan instead of Carroll, but Carroll is young and has more promise for the rest of his career).
  • 12:46pm ET: Liverpool’s Fernando Torres has passed his medical at Chelsea. The deal is getting closer to being signed.
  • 12:59pm ET: The deal for David Luiz is not dead and Chelsea are still hopeful of getting him for about £25m.
  • 1:20pm ET: Sky are saying they understand Manchester United have matched Liverpool’s bid for Blackpool’s Charlie Adam.
  • 1:22pm ET: Atletico Madrid are understood to have rejected Tottenham‘s last-minute offer for striker Diego Forlan.
  • 1:49pm ET: Blackburn have signed Ruben Rochina from Barcelona on a four-year deal.
  • 2:29pm ET: Michael Bradley signs for Aston Villa on loan.
  • 2:34pm ET: James Beattie has signed for Blackpool from Rangers.
  • 2:35pm ET: David Luiz has agreed an £18 million switch to Chelsea.
  • 2:40pm ET: Manchester City have rejected a shock enquiry from Liverpool for Micah Richards.
  • 2:54pm ET: Stephen Ireland transfer from Aston Villa to Newcastle may be back on now; he’s reportedly passed his second chance at medical.
  • 2:57pm ET: Several British newspapers are reporting that the transfer fee paid by Chelsea for Fernando Torres is £50 million. Gulp!
  • 3:03pm ET: Stephen Ireland has moved from Aston Villa to Newcastle United.
  • 3:23pm ET: Fulham’s Eddie Johnson is joining Preston on loan until the end of the season.
  • 3:26pm ET: Blackburn have signed Argentine midfielder Mauro Formica.
  • 3:32pm ET: Blackburn’s El Hajdi Diouf is having a medical at Rangers.
  • 3:33pm ET: Benfica is now stalling over the David Luiz deal to Chelsea.
  • 3:39pm ET: Sky Sports confirms that Chelsea’s Daniel Sturridge has joined Bolton on loan.
  • 3:43pm ET: Stoke City’s Eidur Gudjohnsen has agreed terms agreed with Fulham and is undergoing a medical.
  • 3:49pm ET: Tottenham made an offer for Phil Neville earlier today which was rejected by Everton.
  • 3:53pm ET: Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp says that the £140,000 per week wage demands by Diego Forlan were too high.
  • 4:08pm ET: The reported fee for Benfica’s David Luiz is now £21 million plus Chelsea player Nemanja Matic thrown in as part of deal.
  • 5:35pm ET: Newcastle, Bolton, West Ham, Everton and Portsmouth all had loan bids for Man City’s Shaun Wright-Phillips turned down today.
  • 6:47pm ET: Tottenham tried a last dash transfer bid to sign Charlie Adam from Blackpool, but the deal fell through.
  • 6:52pm ET: Wigan turn down £10m bid for Charles N’Zogbia.
  • 6:53pm ET: Window is closed. I’m knackered and calling it a day.

53 thoughts on “Premier League Transfer Deadline: Who Do You Want Your Club to Buy Today?”

  1. C’mon you Blues!!! Go get Fernando!!

    On Monday morn, he’ll be a blue, Torres! Torres!
    At weeks end, he’ll put in two!, Torres! Torres!

  2. I want Spurs to get somebody at striker – Aguero, Forlan, Llorente, Carroll – somebody!! I worry that if Spurs let this window pass without getting anyone, they’ll find themselves in fifth and out of Champions League at the end of the season. And who knows when they’ll be able to find the top 4 again…

  3. I want Milner to come slinking back to Villa Park with his tail between his legs. Seriously though, I would still like to see Charlie Adam in claret/blue. UTV!

  4. that photo just made a bad morning worse. if the question was “who do you not want to get sold today?” i’d have a clear answer.

  5. For that kind of money, Kenny Daglish is personally dropping him off. Especially for a star player that no longer desires to be at Liverpool and wants to be at Chelsea?! Props to Lpool to making some money during a lacklustre year. Saurez will soon make Liverputians forget about Torres.

  6. As I had suspicions of last week, United is reported to have begun to bid against Liverpool for Charlie Adam’s services. Unclear where he will be by the end of the day, but betting lines have swung ManUtd’s way.

  7. 35 million for Andy Carroll? Has the world gone mad? Great 1ST season in the top flight, HE’S HOMEGROWN, excellent potential but 35 million? Also, I don’t see him as a Liverpool type striker. But if they are going to get 50 million for Torres then it’s play money I guess. A+ for ambition to King Kenny, Commolli, and NESV though.

  8. Rumor has it that Man U will buy Charlie Adam from Blackpool and then loan him back to the Seasiders for the rest of the year.

    If that’s the case, no wonder Karl Oyston isn’t returning Liverpool’s calls about Charlie Adam.

  9. While I was at first totally against the Torres sale, I’m eager to get rid of him now. I initially didn’t think we could replace him but, given that he handed in a transfer request, we need to get rid of him. If he doesn’t want to be at the club, let’s get as much money as possible.

    If we hold out for 60 million, we will have gotten Suarez (~25 million) and Carroll (~35 million) for next to nothing.

    While neither have hit the heights of Torres yet, Suarez is 24 years-old and Carroll is 22 years-old and seem perfectly capable of doing so.

    I’m personally eager to see Carroll come to Liverpool. Outside of Bent, I rate him as the best English striker playing. He’s a great front-man that is a throwback to the old-school number 9s.

  10. Latest news seems to be that Newcastle has rejected Liverpool’s latest bid for Carroll. If Liverpool doesn’t get Carroll, is the Torres deal off?

  11. i’m new to this so please bear with me. can someone help me understand the process where NUFC rejects two offers from liverpool, but andy carroll then submits a transfer request and NUFC accepts it?

    1. It could be, as AdaminDallas, states a bit of maneuvering whereby “Andy Carroll’s transfer request’ is a PR stunt by Newcastle so they can keep justify the sale and keep the fans somewhat calm.” By rejecting the second offer, it makes Newcastle look like they’re playing hard ball until Carroll hands in the transfer request and the club then agrees to finalize the deal. All assumptions of course, but great question.

      The Gaffer

      1. gotcha — thanks. is there anything that would prevent andy from dispelling the transfer report immediately after signing w/liverpool — to at least save a part of his own reputation? otherwise it seems like a pretty short-lived PR stunt.

      2. There is usually some financial issues involved as well. Typically, if a player does NOT hand in a formal transfer request, then he’s entitled some kind of pay-off from the selling club. However, if he DOES hand in a request, then he forfeits this right.

        So it might well be that Newcastle will begrudgingly let him go, but only if he forfeits the right to any sort of pay-off from them (and thus maximizes Newcastle’s profit from the deal).

  12. Anyone think Andy Carroll’s “transfer request” is a PR stunt by Newcastle so they can keep justify the sale and keep the fans somewhat calm.

  13. Liverpool are in panic-buy mode with the imminent departure of Torres. They have just had a 35 million pound offer for Carroll accepted by Newcastle. Yes, 35 million pounds! Now if Torres is not sold for 70 million it will mean Liverpool were shafted. Carroll is a decent striker but nowhere nearly as good as Torres or any of the other top strikers in the world.

    1. as a friend said…”If Kenny wants him for 35, he must be worth 50.”

      Seriously, right now my math says LFC have spent a net of ~16 mill…Torres who?

      I’m guessing the Torres deal will be done as soon at Terry finishes with his wife.

      1. From a Guardian commentor:

        “In his time Kenny has bought Barnes, Beardsley, Aldridge, Shearer and Sutton. When he signed Speedie people were perplexed, but forget Dalglish then resigned him as his first Blackburn signing, with Speedie going on to score the goals that got Blackburn into the Premier League. Moral of the story is that goals win trophies, not transfer fees. Only time will tell if Carroll is worth the money but Dalglish has a good track record.”

        I don’t think it’s such a bad deal given the profit we make off of Torres. We just got Suarez and Carroll for ~10 million after the sale of Torres.

        But that’s kind of besides the point. If he’s going to get us loads of goals, he’s worth whatever money.

          1. I’ll say it again. As a Yank (and a Spurs fan) I would hate to be in a position where I have to actually root for that carpetbagging Italian-American !$&#.

            Quality player, yes. Good for Spurs, yes. But dangit, I hate the guy.

          2. Love him or hate him, it’s sickening to see the Spurs look like they’re getting nothing today. If this holds, we’ll look back on this day a decade from now when the Spurs are a mid-table team as the day they couldn’t make a move to really join the upper echelon of clubs. I think they won’t sniff the top four this season if they can’t get something done. This is future-defining stuff.

  14. I like today – a lot.

    Despite the rumbling, I think this is a good bit of business on the owner’s part. They’re really looking to do good on the promise of investing smartly in the club.

    We got Carroll for ~35 million, Suarez for ~25 million, and will close the day by (hopefully) getting Adam at ~10 million. That’s (reaches for calculator) 70 million quid.

    So if we sell Torres for ~50 million and Babel for ~5 million, we will have spent 15 million on those three players. I’m still thinking Torres will go for closer to 60 million (and thus reduce that cost to 5 million).

    If even just one of those three turns into a decent player in three or four years (they’re all in early 20s) and we can recoup our costs with one transfer.

    1. Well said Gaz. Carroll has the potential to be the most devastating english centre-foward since Shearer but I still have my doubts about his present valuation. Saying that – I prefer to see Liverpool “overpay” up front to get a quality player as opposed to buying 2-3 average players for the same amount – the Souness era at Liverpool Football Club has finally come to an end.

  15. Can’t wait to see the look on Roman’s face when Torres strains or tears something this weekend, most likely. It’s inevitable.

  16. torres will lead the CHELSEA to an trumping championship. el niiiiiiiiiiiiiiino…………………………….

    liverpoll also rocks……………

  17. This just in! Liverpool spend copious amounts of money on glossy forwards without addressing their horrible defense and lack of midfield bottle! GFG

  18. I like what Liverpool have done personnel-wise. Not sure I would have spent the amount they did, but that’s another story. Bringing in Suarez and Carroll could work out really well. If Adams comes that will also be a welcome addition.

    That said, I still think not bringing in defensive players could hurt the club for the remainder of the season. Left back is still a problem. Only Agger is solid in the middle. Skirtyl has been poor, Kyriagos is OK and Carragher is too slow.

    Liverpool’s only hope of moving up the table is to hope to score lots of goals because they will be letting in quite a few themselves. Defensively, Liverpool have looked terrible all season long.

  19. I’m putting my money on either Carragher or Torres to get the first yellow card on Sunday. They hate one another and now that they’ll be lining up against one another it will make for a terrific subplot. I can see a red card or two or three in this match on Sunday. Can’t wait!

  20. Torres will be so pumped up against his old club that he will run tirelessly and end up getting a hamstring injury. Has to happen :) .

  21. I love that fact that Chelsea picked up Torres and Luis! It may be too late for the EPL title, but it’s certainly going to help in the CL!

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