Poll: Should Liverpool Sell Fernando Torres to Chelsea?

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The news that Fernando Torres believes that the time is right for him to move to Chelsea comes as a massive blow to Liverpool supporters around the world. However, at the same time, it offers Liverpool an opportunity to take the money from a Torres transfer and use that to buy new players.

What do you think? Should Liverpool sell Fernando Torres to Chelsea or not? Vote in the poll below.

UPDATE: Fernando Torres submitted a written transfer request Friday to Liverpool, but the request was rejected according to the official club website.

53 thoughts on “Poll: Should Liverpool Sell Fernando Torres to Chelsea?”

  1. I say he does it. I think it’s a win win for all parties. Chelsea’s attack is bolstered with a young, fresh face instead of the decrepit Drogba and Liverpool can start afresh with some cash in pocket.

    1. Decrebid Drogba! What a load of rubbish he is the main man and will remain so far a while yet – did you not see his gaollast week? Torres will be the perfect parnter for Drogba and just what Chelsea need to get back om track – I hope the deal goes ahead and after all can Liverpool really benefit from holding a player against his will! Let him go and win trophies as he won’t at Liverpool for a while/

  2. Where’s this “news” that “he believes that the time is right for him to move to Chelsea”? I’ve read this in a few articles today, yet not a single quote to back it up. Would this be “news” in the same sense that “Inter are signing Bale for ¬£40 in the Summer” is “news”?

    As for the earlier suggestion that it’d be a good idea to trade Torres for Suarez and Adam; wow, I like the blog but that was just silly ūüėČ

    It’s no co-incidence that since the team has started passing the ball to team mates (a great tactical decision by Dalglish it has to be said, I don’t know why Hodgson didn’t think of it) Torres has looked like the player of old.

    Selling him sends out only one message, “we’re not serious about making the club great again”. I believe the obvious reason we’ve gone public with this is to make a statement that we’re not in the business of selling our best players, and the new owners are going to build on what we have rather than selling it off to start a new, of course what is obvious isn’t always interesting, far more exciting to say we’re trying to start a bidding war with Madrid, Chelsea and Man City I guess.

    1. D, if Torres does go, who do you think they should sign with the money they receive from Chelsea?

      Liverpool has confirmed that they rejected an offer from Chelsea, so there’s obviously keen interest from Stamford Bridge to buy him. Torres hasn’t come out in the public to state his desire to leave but it’s assumed that he has communicated this information via his agent to the club and press. You can choose not to believe it, but reputable newspapers such as The Guardian (http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/jan/28/fernando-torres-chelsea-transfer-liverpool) are reporting it.

      The Gaffer

  3. Great player as he is, Torres has been dis-interested for much of this season (and last) ……when the going got tough his head went down…….selling for ¬£50m+ would be a great deal

  4. They should sell Torres if they have a solid development plan without him in place. Just look at what happened to Minnesota Timberwolves after they sold Kevin Garnett. It turned out to be a very good change for Garnett though…

  5. This reminds me a bit of my feelings towards Brett Favre on my beloved Green Bay Packers. There were several years where I realized that the Packers weren’t going to win a Super Bowl with Favre; I just wanted to get rid of him and move on with life. We finally did 3 years ago. Next week we are in the Super Bowl. Get rid of Torres. Start rebuilding in earnest with the money. Time to move on.

    1. Packers had Favre replacement in Aaron Rodgers and GM and head coach with guts and knowing what they were doing. Timberwolves on the other hand were exact opposite. They had no clue how to replace Garnett and management with history of bad decisions. As result Timberwolves are one of the worst teams in NBA at the moment. At least they don’t have relegation in NBA…

      Anyway, my position is that Torres is a luxury LFC cannot afford. He is injury prone plus LFC have way too many holes in the squad. They need a replacement for Gerrard pretty soon. They have yet to find replacement for Alonso and Mascherano. And LFC need to upgrade their back-line as well. Apart from Torres and Gerrard the squad they’ve got is only good for Europa League spot aspirations. Besides, do not forget Torres personal perspective – is he willing to put up without CL football and real title challenge for at least next 2-3 years?

      If LFC can get around 50M for Torres now they should jump at the opportunity. He maybe worth a lot less in a year or two.

      1. Why are you people referencing american football and basketball? Honestly? Keep that stupid shit out of here. I read soccer blogs for soccer not for stupid ass football and basketball

  6. “The news that Fernando Torres believes that the time is right for him to move to Chelsea comes as a massive blow to Liverpool supporters around the world.”

    Or it would, if you know, it actually happened. How many stories have to turn out to be utter rubbish before people approach them with a bit of skepticism?

    English “journalism” must be the best gig in the world. Get paid to make it up as you go, as long as you cite “inside sources” you’ll move papers without anyone holding you accountable for how many (99%) of your “rumours” end up being fabrications.

    1. Liam, I agree that there are a lot of British newspapers who make money off the transfer gossip merry-go-round, but there are reputable newspapers such as The Guardian who are more ethical in their reporting. You can choose to ignore it, but I would say that in this case, it would be at your peril.

      The Gaffer

      1. No qualms in admitting that I am bitterly jaded towards the media, as far the perils of ignoring this story, ignorance is bliss. For me and my red-tinted glass house, it’s far for perilous to dwell on the thought of losing ‘nando.

        1. Liam, don’t look at the Liverpool official website right now, but they’re reporting that Torres has submitted a written transfer request but it’s been rejected by the club.

          The Gaffer

  7. Torres should never leave LFC.he should play there till he is 40 & the owner should do something after promising reds evolution

  8. Liverpool Football Club announced this afternoon that they had agreed a fee of up to 26.5million Euros with Ajax for the transfer of Luis Suarez, subject to the completion of a medical.

    The Club have now been given permission by Ajax to discuss personal terms with the player and his representatives.

    Torres is not going anywhere!

    1. It could accelerate it. Here comes a striker who can be Torres’s replacement allowing Torres to leave if the price is right from Chelsea. Or if Liverpool somehow manage to keep Torres, they now have a great new striker partnership up front.

      The Gaffer

      1. Suarez isn’t a centre – forward is he? If the conventional wisdom is that Torres isn’t as effective with a typical 4 4 2 type strike partner, then Suarez would be perfect; as he can play behind Torres or wide. However, as you’ve said, at least there is some cover in case he leaves. I hope he stays at least till the summer.

        1. brn442, for Uruguay, Suarez often played as the man up top with Forlan slightly behind him in a 3-5-2 formation. Whether Dalglish will employ him in a similar role, we’ll have to wait and see but I’m really looking forward to seeing Suarez play for the Reds.

          The Gaffer

          1. Same here Gaffer, I think he will be a success in the Premier League as he is also a very creative player, especially with his link play. Even though, he is ethically challenged (blatant goal tending, biting etc.) I can’t wait to see him in a red shirt.

  9. The money would be nice if they we had an exceptional replacement set up already, but not necessary, (NESV claims to have funds available for the right players should we need it). However, selling Torres to direct competitor for the top of the table is a horrible idea if we are trying to reach UCL football again.

    People take about Fernando being “out of form” or “unmotivated,” but look at the spark he’s become since receiving the service he requires on the pitch. Let’s not forget he still has the best conversion rate in the premiership. I for one am in the camp to try and persuade him to stay even after the summer. My two cents.

    1. Yes, selling to a PL competitor also trying to reach a UCL spot is bad management. Liverpool’s goal should be a top 4 spot. Once they reach that, THEN they should consider other options (selling Torres, buying/replacing him with a less expensive option and pocketing the transfer), and only during the summer months when they have more time and options to consider. Glad to see this move and I hope torres stays–will make Liverpool matches more exciting for the neutral.

  10. They should sell, sell, sell.

    Liverpool have a poor squad. They need to remember that football is a team game and the cash from this sale will not only bring in some cash for a number of players but will also get rid of a player that has become the focus of the criticism of Liverpool as over reliant on one or two players. His sale would signal a new start, an admittance of past failures and the chance for the new regime to do thing in a more balanced and ultimately more successful way.

  11. Yes, but for no less than 45 million pounds.

    If Arsenal had the money they should be going after him as he would make them title-winning favorites. If I were Liverpool I would sell him to Arsenal for 20 million in cash and a couple of players like Wilshere and Walcott. That would be good business as Liverpool have to start rebuilding for the future.

  12. My only thought is how would the addition of Torres actually help Chelsea? OK, they haven’t torn things up like it looked at the beginning of the season, but if you bring him in how does he work with Drogba? Which of them shouts, “I’m #2!” That then makes Anelka, what, fish bait?

    I’d like it to happen just to enjoy watching the process.

  13. Why should torres go to chelsea? They are a ageing team on the slide.Liverpool with dalglish at the helm and now with suarez joining in up front are a team on the way back up to where they belong.Saying that ,nando has a clause saying he can get off in the summer if the reds dont achieve champ league quailification so lets see what he does in the then.

  14. So the plot thickens – Torres tonight has submitted a written transfer request, which the club has since turned down. What that will do for the morale of the dressing room or the terraces we will see. Unless the new owners can convince Torres through promises of massive spending in the summer and yet another pay rise; it seems that Liverpool will have to cash in come June.

  15. I hope Carragher breaks his legs with a nice two footed challenge in his fist game for chelski. If LFC could get 45mil and Sturridge for him that’d be too good of a deal to pass up. Take the 45 get a proper LB and winger as well as a long term replacement for Carra.

  16. I think Liverpool missed a chance to sell him to Madrid at the beginning of the transfer window. They’re now less in-need and if Liverpool is genuinely looking to move him, they’re going to have to consider bids from PL clubs.

  17. Now that Torres has handed in a transfer request I would sell him for no less than 50 million. If there are no takers then let him play for the reserves till the summer and sell him to the highest bidder then. He has a contract so hold him to it. Only a couple of weeks ago he said he would be committed to Liverpool. And on the same day the club agrees a fee for Suarez he wants to leave? He has shown himself to be the same as Tevez and Rooney. I’d sell him to Manchester City for 50 million plus Dzeko.

    1. Andy – Play him in the reserves at 110,000 pounds a week? Practically playing youth football out of the public eye the next 5 months isn’t exactly going to keep him in tip top shape for the summer shop window is it? They will be lucky to get 500 pounds.

  18. Now that Torres has handed in a transfer request his Liverpool days are numbered. The fans are never going to be behind him now that they know he is not committed to Liverpool. I just hope Liverpool don’t sell him for anything less than 50 million. If Bent is worth 24 million pounds then Torres must be worth at least twice that, given not only his talent but his popularity in selling jerseys.

    It’s too late for liverpool to buy another quality striker with only 3 days left and now that Suarez is about to be signed there’s no urgency to bring in a replacement now. I’d take 35 million form Chelsea plus Michael Essien as part of the deal. That would be good business for Liverpool. Otherwise sell for nothing less than 50 million to any club who wants to pay it.

    I’ve seen a lot of Torres ever since he came to Liverpool and this season he just hasn’t seemed to care . He has been very poor except for only 2 or 3 games. His body language told that he wasn’t committed to the cause anymore.

  19. After his transfer request Torres is as good as gone. I’d sell him to Chelsea for 40 million plus add-ons (10 million if Chelsea win the CL, 8 million if they make it to the CL finals, 10 million if they win the league, 6 million if they come in the top 4). Torres has basically put Liverpool in a corner and the timing is rotten for the club.

    If Torres had made this request on the 1st of January Liverpool would have had a whole month to get several clubs bidding for his services and getting a good deal. Now it’s only Chelsea and that means there won’t be a bidding war and Liverpool may have to sell for less or risk having a player who doesn’t want to stay. The soap opera that is Liverpool never stops.

  20. Torres was intent on going to Chelsea in the summer but was persuaded to stay after the club gave him a new contract. His performances this season have been off. It’s no surprise that he had his best game against Chelsea, his future employer. Other than that he has seemed to be uninterested. His fallout with Carragher and Gerard (both Hodgson supporters) was all to evident in the first game against Everton when Carragher said something to Torres about a pass and Torres put his finger on his mouth signalling Carragher to shut up.

    The only strange thing about Torres wanting out now is the timing. In time we’ll know more about what’s been going on behind the scenes. Poor Suarez, what must he be thinking? On the day his deal is agreed and when he should be the talking point it’s all overshadowed by the Torres story.

    I believe Chelsea will make an improved bid of 40 million pounds and maybe Daniel Sturridge as part of the deal and Liverpool will accept. After a written request by Torres for a transfer the fans are now expecting him to leave. The only debate is whether the club should wait till the summer when they could possibly get more than Chelsea’s present offer. It’s a gamble. Given his injury problems, and I believe they will hamper him for the rest of his career, Liverpool might want to sell now.

  21. Liverpool should come out and say that Torres will only be sold for the 50 million pounds that supposedly is the amount in his buyout clause. No use keeping a player who wants to leave and who has not been very inspiring this season. Even with Kenny Daglish as manager I haven’t seen him play anywhere near what he is capable of. His play has seemed loosey-goosey. A lot of people have suggested that he is back to his best after seeing him score twice at Wolves. Those were easy tap-ins that anyone could have scored. I encourage those who think he is back to his best to watch the last few games again and you will see what i mean. He hasn’t been really very good at all. Lots of poor passes, poor shots, etc. On his day he can be unstoppable. Unfortunately he doesn’t want to be at Liverpool anymore so it’s time to let him go. Use the money to buy young, talented players who will be around for a while and who’ll give their everything for the cause.

  22. Very disappointing that Torres wants to leave at this critical moment. At a time when we’ve started picking up points and just agreed a deal for Suarez and possibly Charlie Adams what else could he want. In any case i think e new owners shd show their intent by keeping him and offer a new and improved deal of at least ¬£150.000. We need him now more than ever.YNWA

  23. How ironic would it be if “El Sulko” gets his dream move to Chelski and:
    1. They get knocked out of CL in the next round
    2. They finish 5th or lower in the league this year
    3, The scumbag Terry tries to shag his wife

  24. King Kenny, and LFC should let him go, but only for a minimum of 60 million pounds. It’s not individual players that win league titles, it’s teams, and after watching and supporting Liverpool for most of my life, it’s time to rebuild LFC into the best team England has ever seen, a team that Europe will fear. I believe King Kenny will do this.

  25. Why should Torres go, he’s part of LFC and infact one of our best players, if not the best. Torres is the the heart at Liverpool and he should stay.

    1. I don’t think Liverpool really have a choice when there’s 50 million pounds on the table. They don’t have money from the Champions League this season, and they probably won’t have it next season either. That Torres sale will allow the club to strengthen other areas of the squad, and keep them in the race for a top four spot. Torres is out of form and he’s clearly not got his heart at Anfield anymore. It’s time to say goodbye.

  26. Torres is as good as gone to Chelsea. The only thing standing in his way is whether Liverpool can use the money from the sales to buy a couple of quality players. Even though Blackpool have rejected Liverpool’s latest 6.5 million pound offer for Charlie Adams, it’s very possible that a deal can be worked out before Monday’s deadline. Liverpool would like to buy Ashley Young from Aston Villa and if a deal can be reached by Monday then I think that will pave the way for Torres to leave. Liverpool might also be looking at trying to buy another striker but that might be more difficult this late in the transfer window.

  27. 1) I’m new to the Chelsea faith but I’m thinking no to Torres as this is Malouda’s team (IMO) and there is something to be said about chemistry.

    2) Help me out EPL (& CL) fans. Why do the bigger teams even have 25 man rosters, reserve squads & academies? It seems to me that quite a few teams need a roster of 16 or so players and a big pile of cash along the touchlines. Why even pretend to develop players if all teams are obsessing over the same 100 or so players not named Messi, Rooney, Ronaldo. If you’re telling me that the Kakutas, Sturridges, McEachrans are not good enough to play more this season loan them out or its just poor scouting.

  28. i think liverpool should sell off torres…he has not been wining any trophies ever since he join liverpool and its sad to look at a world class player like him lacking in trophies. and what a better way to do it in young history team like chelsea. chelsea has all the players…even its academy players are on the rise. Liverpool would benefit hugely on the financial sense, and with the recent crisis that the club suffers….it’ll do them a huge favor.

  29. The news that Fernando Torres believes that the time is right for him to move to Chelsea comes as a massive blow to Liverpool supporters around the world. However, at the same time, it offers Liverpool an opportunity to take the money from a Torres transfer and use that to buy new players.

    What do you think? Should Liverpool sell Fernando Torres to Chelsea or not? Vote in the poll below

  30. I think Liverpool and Newcastle got the better end of these deals.

    It’s difficult for me, as a Chelsea fan, to think that Torres for 50 mil is a good deal when we still have no true RW and no youthful playmaker in the midfield. Liverpool, on the other hand, have just gotten two good strikers and are probably looking to sign a defensive midfielder and a new CB in the future. Newcastle only need to worry about staying up and continuing to build their squad. Chelsea should inject youth into their squad soon and hope that Torres can run at his full speed and make cuts as he did prior to 2009.

  31. he had plays som real game for liverpool…………but chelsea is not gettin him on track ……………i think liverpool should take him back ………..i swear to god he would play good for liverpool……………….i luv u torres:)

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