Bob Latchford Tribute: Friday Flashback Videos

This week’s episode of Friday Flashback Videos honors a legend of the game, striker Bob Latchford.

Latchford is best known for his wonderful career at Everton where the number nine excelled as one of the best headers of the ball as well as being clinical with his feet. He was Everton’s top scorer for 1975 through 1978. By the time Latchford left Everton, only Dixie Dean had scored more goals for the club in history.

In addition to being a legend at Everton, Latchford played 12 times for England.

Before playing for Everton, he was a prolific goalscorer at Birmingham City where he scored 68 league goals. At Everton, he scored 106 league goals. And after leaving Everton, he joined Swansea City where I saw him play and dazzle South Wales with his expert touch in front of goal. At Swansea he scored 35 league goals including a hat-trick on his debut in Swansea’s first-ever game in top-flight football against Leeds United.

Even if you’re not a supporter of Everton, Birmingham or Swansea City, I encourage you to watch the video to see highlights of a true legend of the beautiful game.

3 thoughts on “Bob Latchford Tribute: Friday Flashback Videos”

  1. Hey Gaffer, I was really excited to see the headline and thought, finally, someone’s going to write something positive about Birmingham City on here. I mean, Latchford was born in Kings Heath, started his career at the Blues and was a key part of that most exciting of Blues teams from the 70’s alongside Trevor Francis, Hatton, Summerhill. But no, you had to show a video about Everton. Oh well… Anyway it’s a good video and at least we got Howard Kendall in return when Bob went to Everton and I always liked Howard Kendall.

  2. Cheers Gaffer! I admit the footage on the Everton video is better, but it’s good to see the penguin suits in action again!

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