No MLS, No NASL, We Talk USMNT (and the Division II Void): Major League Soccer Talk Podcast

subscribe-to-podcast1Camp Cupcake is over. What ever are we doing to do? Talk about the match against Chile, for one. That’s the main dish in this meal, being served-up by myself and co-host Christopher Riordan on this edition of the Major League Soccer Talk podcast. The U.S. drew Chile 1-1 at Home Depot, a series of new or fresh faces go playing time, but what’s it all mean? Does it matter? Can we even must the passion to consider our passion?

Things we are passionate about: Clint Dempsey – under-appreciated! We adopt Dempsey’s spectacular season for Fulham as our first cause of 2011 and consider why Dempsey is continuously overlooked. Also, the USSF’s decision to revoke NASL’s sanction. We get me started.


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