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Will Andy Gray Be Featured in FIFA 12? Here’s What EA Says

fifa 11 logo Will Andy Gray Be Featured in FIFA 12? Heres What EA Says

Former Sky Sports presenter and co-commentator Andy Gray, who was sacked this week after another damning video was leaked, is synonymous for many soccer fans with the FIFA video game series from Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS).

Gray, for many years, has been the featured English co-commentator used on the successful soccer game. He has appeared as co-commentator for FIFA 97, FIFA 02 and FIFA 06 through 11. So the question is whether EA will decide to include him in the FIFA 12 game scheduled for release this autumn.

“We will not be making any announcements regarding our in-game commentators for FIFA at this time,” said an EA spokesperson. “Those announcements will be made later this year.”

So Electronic Arts is not saying much at this time. My guess is that he won’t be included otherwise people may begin boycotting the FIFA series if his name or voice is attached to the successful game franchise.

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62 Responses to Will Andy Gray Be Featured in FIFA 12? Here’s What EA Says

  1. sucka99 says:

    Do us a favour EA…

  2. Jean-Christian says:

    My guess is that millions of people who play FIFA don’t care about this entire scandal (myself not included), and that EA, who have long proven themselves only to care about profit rather than inconveniences like quality or integrity, will turn a blind eye and keep Gray.

  3. Feehily says:

    The should get Ian Darke and Macca in the booth! Or at least have options… I must say, even though Gray is a knob (always has been), he loves the game and his “banter” with Martin Tyler is as entertaining in-game as it is/was during live games. That will be missed…

  4. Nick says:

    They should sack Gray and hire the best announcer in the game right now…Ray Hudson.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Nick, I agree but the advantage of having Andy Gray in the past was his worldwide recognition. Most soccer fans outside the United States don’t know who Ray Hudson is (sorry Ray).

      The Gaffer

    • King Eric says:

      hahah, ray is hilarious, but he’ll drink barca’s bath water if you ask him to.

    • Dave C says:

      Is this irony, or do people actually like Ray Hudson? I’m not being facetious, but personally I find him ridiculous, on a par with Tommy Smyth, and a sad example of the fact that an unusual accent can get you far in American soccer broadcasting.

      • Essien says:

        I agree with Dave C, Hudson is the reason why I can’t stand watching La Liga games on goal tv.

        • Jameson says:

          Anyone that can’t appreciate the comparison between defending Messi, and trying to nail jello to the ceiling is daft.

          Although, if they sack someone for one sexist remark, then I’m sure they wouldn’t want a commentator that speaks of his physical arousal after a good play, even though everyone else is thinking it too.

  5. Rich says:

    Yeah, people will begin boycotting the FIFA games if he’s in it. More specifically, all the girls who play FIFA will boycott the franchise… Oh hang on, girls don’t play FIFA. And the 10-18 year old boys and older FIFA players couldn’t give a monkey’s less. Was I just being sexist? …. Let the words of war begin!

  6. DeeRexBox says:

    Efan Ekoku/Ray Hudson – Can you help me tuck that in?

  7. John says:

    They recycle so much of the recorded commentary from year to year that it will be fascinating to see what EA does. Fiscally, it’s much cheaper to keep Gray and pay him to just add bits and pieces as he normally would. In fact, they could probably even make him take a pay cut because they’re keeping him during troubling times.

    I’ll be pretty insulted if they go that route, as it essentially tells gamers: “We know you’ll turn a blind eye toward sexism and eat this up.” I bet they ultimately don’t risk it and splurge for a new color commentator.

  8. King Eric says:

    whether he stays or goes won’t effect the sales of the game itself. most who play could care less and there’s not a better competing game out there on the market. those who boycott will simply be missing out and most who play the game aren’t women, so it won’t matter. yawwwnnnn.

  9. Dave C says:

    Fifa 12 comes out when…September/October??? I’m guessing this whole furore will have been forgotten long before then (in fact, by that time, Gray will no doubt have appeared in some reality show going through “rehab” to cure his sexism, and he’ll no doubt reappear on Channel Five or some radio show, and maybe Celebrity Come Dancing on Ice).

    Although I imagine that EA might well dump him simply for the fact that if he’s no longer on Sky Sports, he’s no longer seen as the voice of football broadcasting, so it will spoil the game’s authenticity to keep him on board.

  10. Alien says:

    I guarantee you Gray will be in Fifa 12, he’s built up so many commentating lines over all the Fifa series so its unlikely they will just throw all those peices of commentating down the drain and add a newcommentator, he won’t say that many things ruining the Fifa experience for me. The people that buy Fifa every year will not boycott Fifa just because Gray is on it..what an absurd idea.

    Gray and Martin Tyler are the best commentating partnership in the world and its sad to hear that it has broken up. Commentating like “OHHHHHH YA BOOOOOOOOTYYYYY” and “TAKE A BOOOO SON” shall be missed. RIP GRAY

    • nello says:

      andy gray should be sack

      soz gray

    • Matt says:

      i hope he can find a way to earn his place back into the broadcast booth. truly the best color commentator out there…

      at this point i could care less what he said in, what should have stayed, a private conversation. I just want to hear him on tuesday for that quarterfinal. and then again at wembley next weekend.

  11. Kimo C. says:

    They don’t have the time, or the incentive to make the change this season. He’ll be in this seasons game, and depending on where he ends up working, it’s highly likely that this could all blow over and could be featured in future titles too.

    Anyway, PES Jon Champion FTW.

  12. Jim W says:

    Is everybody forgetting they kept the tiger woods series after his adventures, doubt theyll replace gray, the whole thing is a joke anyway political correctness gone mad

  13. elnino says:

    dont think anyone will boycott a video game just because Andy Gray is commentating.

  14. Sean says:

    Does anyone remember the American version of FIFA 2000 where Phil Schoen and Julie Foudy were the commentators?

    God that was awful.

  15. RobDee says:

    It’ll just be the same as FIFA 11 apart from the part where my wife picks up the controller and Gray yells ” Put that down and get back in the f*****g kitchen”!!

  16. Brandon says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they dropped him. EA has changed announcers in Madden quite a bit over the last few years so I don’t see why they would skimp on this franchise.

    • Sean says:

      I don’t know…

      One of the reasons I brought up the American version of FIFA 2000 is because, while there were many things that led to the commentary being an unmitigated disaster, the fact that Foudy and Schoen were starting from scratch in my mind is one of the main reasons it was so bad.

      As Alien pointed out, they already have a large body of work from previous editions of the game from Gray to work with which makes it easier to tweak and add. Starting all over from the beginning requires a world of work in a relatively short amount of time if they do not want to see a drop off in commentary quality.

  17. Robert Hay says:

    Thank you to EPL Talk for this post. One of my first thoughts (as an American consumer) when I heard about the Gray firing was “who will be doing FIFA 12?” I felt bad because I felt like I had been missing the bigger picture, but I am glad others had the same thought.

    I agree with Feehily, Darke and Macca would be awesome but unlikely. If EA Sports wants to test FIFA gamers’ resole, they should use JP Dellacamera and John Harkes. That would be……interesting.

  18. [OPTI] Madschester United says:

    If EA want to ruin FIFA they should put on the quartet of wankers from FSC’s Super Sunday… oh dear…

  19. Mike in Idaho says:

    I agree with the others who say that EA is only interested in profit and that Gray will be in FIFA 12. I play the NHL series much more than FIFA and EA was so cheap this year that they recycled team anecdotes wholesale from last year’s version so that while this season is the ’10-’11 season, the many recycled stories will say things like last year in the ’08-’09 season, they were too lazy to even edit that part out. Then of course you have the whole Tiger Woods thing as well and some of the idiotic marketing campaigns EA has run in the past year and I’d say Gray’s appearance in FIFA 12 is a sure thing.

  20. get IN says:

    they should replace gray with nigel winterburn. if any of you know who that is hes absolutley brilliant

  21. Gonzo says:

    ANDY GRAY WILL BE ON Fifa12 Official check out ea website

  22. charlie says:

    please dont put him on there put differnt one on this time

  23. dd says:

    They should get either Zidane or Ronaldo !!!

  24. james says:

    What about Alan Partridge?

  25. Adrian says:

    chris kamara for commentator, it will make fifa a absolute classic honustly :D

  26. --- says:

    Robbie Savage!

  27. Wrexhamforfifa12 says:

    Chris Kamara would be brilliantly funny and so would Robbie Savage.. i can see someone like Alan Smith(former arsenal player who has been doing co-commentating with martin tyler since Gray was sacked) to probably be the new commentator if they DID decide to get rid of gray(which i doubt)…

  28. Rochie says:

    Ok its obvious they’re going to go with Alan Smith since he’s apeared on it before, and is also “filling in” for gray on sky sports.

  29. gilbert says:

    Andy to me is the most interesting aspect of the game. i can’t imagine FIFA 12 without his voice.

  30. david says:

    Would love to see john Motson make a comeback

  31. tyler says:

    Effan Ekoku and Martin Tyler would be perfection.

  32. Mike says:

    Gray will be included. If they were planning to fire him, they would have done it would have generated publicity. If they are tabling the decision, that can *only* mean that they are consciously waiting for the scandal to die down (which it has), and then quietly keep Andy in the title.

  33. bob says:

    ray wilkins?

  34. Sam Freestone says:

    No i think he should not

  35. Jamie says:

    NOT ray wilkins please, hes so dull. And during last weeks spurs/Madrid game, he kept saying “WE” when saying stuff like WE need to get the ball to Bale, sorry wilkins YOU dont n cant do sh*t

  36. bob says:

    I think alan smith

  37. Nick says:

    I would like Ray Wilkins as an option in the game if it was blatant trolling and the conversation went like

    Tyler: “What more can you say about Lionel Messi, Ray?”
    Wilkins: “Stay on your feet”

    Tyler: “There really is nothing quite like a Cup Final”
    Wilkins: “This is not fair to Harry, this is not fair to Tottenham”

    and other infamous Wilkins catchphrases formed over the last week

  38. Darren says:

    A think they should drop Andy Gray and put some like Ray Wilkins who seems to be alongside martin tyler now. and make other comatators available like Fifa 09 a think it was Clive Tylesley and Andy Townsend just a thought.

  39. Jacob says:

    Alan Smith is quite good in my opinion and he is the man who seems to have become skys main co-comentator so surely he would be the obvious replacement.

  40. Dominic B-B says:

    Is it just me or were the FIFA World Cup 2010 commentators MUCH better??

  41. Flynny says:

    It will be whoever takes his place as chief nutball on skysports. Which at the moment seems to be unclear, they are giving a few people a try. I would like the option to choose from a few commentators, and not preset partnerships but make your own. E.g. martin tyler, rob hawthorne etc as commentatr and the expert could be who you want such as ray wilkings, sam allerdyce (oh please god no), gary neville (as an option so calm down) or jamie redknapp (who I think will get the gray job). That would be good, chose your own commentators, and maybe have jeff sterling (I kno he is the host like keys so what I like his random emphass on random words)

  42. ya mom says:

    put gazza in that would be amazing with a drunk commentator

  43. Zak George says:


    (Chris Kamara for those who don’t know who I’m talking about.)

  44. Chris says:

    i think EA should change it around and not have the same commentators for every game, rather have 3 pairs or something on random rotation

  45. George says:

    iThink They Should Spanish/Mexican Commentators like Andres Cantor or El Perro Bermudez . Andres Cantor isthe one that says “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL” for a really long time. And El Perro Bermudez Jst Has A Deep Voice

  46. harry says:


  47. Mentao says:

    pablo ramirez for spanish commentary!!!!!!!!!!!!!take off el perro bermudez

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