Richard Keys Interview: Sky Sports Presenter Tells His Side Of The Controversy

Photograph: TalkSport

Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys conducted an interview on live radio Wednesday to say sorry and to share his side of the story regarding the controversy that erupted Saturday and continues to this day regarding comments he made about female assistant referee Sian Massey and West Ham United vice-chairwoman Karren Brady.

In the 53 minute interview with TalkSport (available above), Keys said that he didn’t believe the comments he made about Massey and that it was banter instead. “Please accept my apology in the manner that it was offered,” said Keys, as the high-profile Sky Sports presenter groveled over and over again. “I’m here to make a statement… to say sorry.”

Whether or not his public apology is enough to stop his job at Sky Sports, we’ll have to wait and see. But at least he’s going on the offensive by making sure that everyone knows he’s sorry about what happened.

Some of his comments during his interview included:

“We were wrong. It was wrong. It shouldn’t have happened, but there are some dark forces at work here.”

“It’s a possibility, or a probability, that I may go [from Sky Sports].  And I have a decision to make about whether I want to carry on without Andy, who has rewritten the book on sports broadcasting in this country.”

“I was very upset when the comments were brought to my attention, and it was my intention to apologise on Monday night when I was back on air for the Bolton v Chelsea game. Sadly I was unable to do so as I was suspended from the show by Sky Sports and have now been sacked. Football is my life and I am devastated by losing the job that I love.”

“With success comes envy. The clips you have seen are fairly selective. They have targeted two individuals.”

“I made an official apology to Sian on behalf of Andy and myself. This was on Sunday afternoon – not on Monday at 5pm as was later reported. Sian and I enjoyed some banter, and we left on very good terms. I expressed my disappointment that Andy and I, in misguidedly having a little fun, got it wrong. It was wrong.”

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