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Cablevision Connecticut to Launch Fox Soccer Channel HD and Fox Soccer Plus HD

cablevision logo med Cablevision Connecticut to Launch Fox Soccer Channel HD and Fox Soccer Plus HDCablevision in Connecticut is scheduled to launch Fox Soccer Channel in HD and Fox Soccer Plus in HD beginning on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 according to a public filing with the state of Connecticut.

Fox Soccer HD will launch on channel 797 and will be available to residential customers (with the proper HD equipment) subscribing to the iO Package and above. Fox Soccer Plus HD will launch on channel 798 and will be available to residential customers (with the proper HD equipment) subscribing to the iO Sports Package.

Customer service personnel have been informed of this change and are available to answer individual subscriber questions. Revised channel line-ups for the Cablevision franchise areas can be viewed at:

Cablevision in Connecticut services the areas of Bridgeport, Litchfield, New Haven and Norwalk.

Is this the first cable provider in the United States to offer Fox Soccer Plus in HD?

If you’re like me and your local TV provider still doesn’t offer Fox Soccer Channel in HD nor Fox Soccer Plus, use the following resources:

Thanks to Jeff S. for the news tip. If you have a news tip for EPL Talk, send it in to me at thegaffer[at]epltalk[dot]com.

UPDATE: We’ve been hearing reports from many soccer fans in the United States that the rollout of Fox Soccer Channel HD and Fox Soccer Plus in HD is not limited to Cablevision customers in Connecticut but is now available for most, if not all, Cablevision regions in the United States. Good news indeed.

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18 Responses to Cablevision Connecticut to Launch Fox Soccer Channel HD and Fox Soccer Plus HD

  1. mark says:

    I have TWC in Raleigh, NC. We have Fox Soccer Plus in HD but FSC is only SD.

    • Steve says:

      Same here in Augusta, Maine. I have Fox Soccer Plus in HD but can only get FSC in SD. The quality of the SD is horrible.

    • Guy says:

      Exactly the same in eastern NC (Beaufort). FS+ is in the Sports Pass for $4.50. A great deal since I am also a rugby fan. :-)

  2. Mike says:

    Cablevision on Long Island also just started to broadcast FSC in HD. Blackpool-Man U game is first game I’ve noticed to be in HD.

  3. Chris says:

    I live in the Bridgeport Area and this is the best news!!! Thanks Gaffer!

  4. JayM says:

    Time Warner Cable in New York City has both FSC and FS+ in HD as well as GOL TV in HD.

  5. Sasha says:

    Cablevision in the Bronx, NY just started FSC in HD today (FS Plus in HD already going)

  6. Ryan says:

    Brighthouse in Tampa added FSP HD about 6 months ago. And about two weeks before Christmas we got FSC HD & Gol HD… Christmas came early.

  7. CTBlues says:

    I live in Milford and this would have been great news 6 months ago before I signed up for DirecTV, but my folks still have Cablevision so I can watch FS+ in HD for free instead of paying $15/month for a part time HD station on DirecTV.

  8. dishcustomer says:

    Does anyone know when dish network will have fsc plus in hd? it had fsc plus from its launch but there is no hd.

  9. Dan says:

    what about F*KING SEATTLE!
    we have more soccer fans than most of the country, F* COMCAST!

  10. Zee112 says:

    Cablevision in Brooklyn, NY now in HD!!!!!

  11. fscfinallyinhd says:

    FSC HD and FSC+ HD are now available in Norwalk, CT – channels 797 and 798!

  12. Jim says:

    Yes, I can confirm that we (Cablevision) this week launched Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Soccer Plus in HD. Here is a link to a press release we issued this morning…. cue the Vuvuzelas!

  13. Steve says:

    I can confirm that Optimum/Cablevision is broadcasting FSC/FSC+ in HD in Milford CT on channels 797 & 798 respectively

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