Trials and Tribulations of Mastering Fantasy Premier League and IKTS

Sometimes I wonder if there’s a forcefield that surrounds the Fantasy Premier League and I Know The Score games available on the Premier League website. Why is it, for example, seemingly impossible to have a good week in both games?

With me, it’s exceedingly rare when I do well in both games. Either I have a stellar week in Fantasy Premier League while my I Know The Score points suffer, or vice-versa. Or, as is more often the case, I have a poor to average week in both games.

Perhaps the reason why it’s difficult to shine in both games is because predicting surprises is a integral ingredient? You can have a Fantasy Premier League team featuring proven winners such as Carlos Tevez, Joe Hart, Nemanja Vidic, Nani, Dimitar Berbatov, Rafael van der Vaart, Ashley Cole and others, but you can’t afford to have all of those players on your team. Plus sometimes it’s the surprise player such as Leon Best who nets a hat trick for Newcastle and helps you pick up the needed points to move you ahead of the pack.

With I Know The Score, it’s relatively easy to pick the predictable results but it’s the surprise wins where you pick up the points and can gain advantage over your opponents. If everything was so predictable, most IKTS players would have close to the same score week in, week out. It’s those surprise results where you can pick up the points as well as having a solid base of getting the predictable ones correct.

I often find that I’m willing on a particular team to win because it’ll help my Fantasy Premier League team score. Yet, at the same time, that’ll hurt my I Know The Score points. Maybe it’s impossible to be really successful at both?

What’s your theory why it’s so hard to be a master of both Fantasy Premier League and I Know The Score? Have you been able to master both? If so, how? Share your insights in the comments section below.

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