Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 24: Open Thread

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I can’t remember the last time I had a chance to watch Liverpool play in the early Saturday kick-off, so it’ll be a treat to see them play in the early match against a Wolverhampton Wanderers side who are cruising after they recent victories against Chelsea and Liverpool. To me, this will be a true test of where Liverpool stands right now. Do they deserve to be higher in the table, or are they playing on a level of a Wolves who are second bottom in the table. And can Kenny Dalglish get his first win for Liverpool or is Mick McCarthy able to do the double over the Reds?

It’s the first of several matches on Saturday. Newcastle United against Tottenham should be an entertaining affair. Spurs seem to have trouble on the road so I wouldn’t be surprised if Alan Pardew’s side can continue their good form by picking up a home win here.

In the other matches, many are predicting that Arsenal are going to score a bevvy of goals against Wigan but the one thing about Wigan is that you should never count them out. I don’t think Wigan will win the match, but they’ll give Arsenal a run for their money.

Blackpool against Sunderland should be a treat to watch especially to see how Sunderland cope without Darren Bent, and to see if Blackpool will wilt under the pressure after clubs have been moving in for Charlie Adam.

Fulham against Stoke has a nil-nil draw written all over it. Everton against West Ham United will be a good test to see whether the Hammers have any life left in them. And Manchester United should cruise to a home victory against Birmingham City.

In the last but most important match of the day, high-flying Manchester City travel to Villa Park for a match that will feature the debut of Darren Bent in claret and blue. Houllier is banking a lot of his chips on the England international to bang the ball into the back of the net, and all eyes will be on him to see if he can prove in quick measure that he’s worth the millions that Randy Lerner spent on him. It’ll also be interesting to see who the starting eleven will be for City and whether Edin Dzeko will get the nod to partner Carlos Tevez up front. I certainly hope so since I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about a new player in the Premier League as I’ve been about Dzeko.

You know the drill. Before, during and after the matches today, feel free to post your questions, rants and observations in the comments section below. Let’s hope it’s another great day in the Premier League.

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  1. Man, ESPN2 took their sweet time exiting the Australian Open tennis coverage before handing it over to Ian Darke for the Wolves match. It almost felt like watching a Fox Soccer Channel broadcast where you get dumped into the lineups right before kick-off with little to no build-up.

    The Gaffer

    1. this was bugging me as well. I guess once they finally turned it over there was still another five mins til kickoff so it ended up fine, but it definitely felt like FSC.

    2. They had it on ESPN CLassics, which I happened to get as part of the $5 package which includes FSC. The tennis commentators mentioned it but I am not sure if they bothered putting anything on screen. I was upset I was going to have to watch the match in non HD, but they switched it back to ESPN2 just as the game started so I only had to watch the pre-show in non HD.

  2. Good start by Wolves. It’s a classic old school English football style today by Mick McCarthy’s side. Lots of pressure, lots of route one football. Liverpool are going to get a lot of bumps and bruises today and it’ll be fascinating to see if Wolves can keep the Reds off their game.

    The Gaffer

    1. Ugly ugly first 20 mins, but much more quality from Liverpool after that. Happy to see Poulsen with the great pass releasing Meireles for the goal.

    1. It was a pretty picture. This is my first extended view of Liverpool since the change at the top and they look much more at ease and more flowing in their style.

  3. Looking forward to seeing Andy Hamill make his appearance for Wolves. The former Barnsley player was the subject of repeated offers from my club Swansea City to pick him up but we were never able to get him. He’s highly rated.

    Also looking forward to seeing Jonjo Shelvey playing again. I thought he had a great game against Everton with some beautiful through balls late in that match.

    The Gaffer

    1. Was able to login but not able to watch any videos. Keeps giving the same error – “Oops! Sorry, something went wrong We couldn’t find the page you were looking for.”

      1. Yep. Saw the first half of Newcastle Tottenham and then got hosed with the same page you mentioned in the second half. Tried on 2 dif. computers with high speed broadband…something on their end went down. Thinking about cancelling until they get it together.

  4. Looks like is having some problems. Unable to watch any games today? Is there a customer service number? Are others experiencing issues?

    1. I can’t get any games on either. I thought maybe my subscription was out, but I checked and that’s not it. I’m in Texas and I have U-Verse. Any body think that might be the problem? A comcast/netflix type thing?

      1. I am in New Jersey on Cablevision. I don’t think it is an issue with the cable company … owe us some kind of refund or free month.

    1. I just sent an e-mail to customer support at as well as an e-mail to the head of Let’s hope they can fix it soon. The e-mail address for customer support is

      The same issue is happening on the FoxSoccer iPhone app too, so I’m going to watch Man United against Birmingham on Fox Soccer Channel until the issue is remedied.

      The Gaffer

  5. Site is down across the board. I tried to send an email to customer service and I got the same error message as I did when trying to access a live game. Brutal.

    1. Looks like they’re trying to fix it, which is encouraging. Before, when I tried to log in, I got an error message. Now it accepts my username/password but still gives me an error message when I try to access one of the live games. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

      The Gaffer

  6. To think, I get up at 6:30am for this. Sadly, no alternatives here as we ditched cable due to them being a bunch of thieving so-and-sos.

  7. Having the same problem with as everyone else. Let’s hope they fix it asap or they should give us some type of credit.

  8. The Fox Soccer twitter account says they are aware of the problem and they are working on it. So I guess i will follow the Fulham game through twitter.

      1. I’ve been in touch with and they’re aware of the issues and are working on fixing them. Hopefully all of the games will be back online asap.

        The Gaffer

  9. Gaffer, I’m still getting the same message: “Oops! Sorry, something went wrong
    We couldn’t find the page you were looking for.”

    Hope they fix it soon as I’d like to watch the Newcastle vs Spurs match.

  10. Can’t believe I’ve missed 7 goals and 40+ minutes of action from six games. We better be getting money back or a credit for this.

  11. Dempsey and Spector! American dominance

    Al Habsi right now reminds me of Given against Liverpool two yrs ago. 5-0 but still man of the match. Arsenal is gonna run away with this soon, but it could already be 4-5 nil at least.

  12. UPDATE: Looks like the following streams on the FoxSoccer iPhone App are working. If you have a account, download the FoxSoccer iPhone App for free and log in using your same username/password to access:

    Arsenal v Wigan,
    Newcastle v Spurs,
    Fulham v Stoke.

    Blackpool v Sunderland and Everton v West Ham is not coming up for me yet.

    I’m still experiencing the same issues as the rest of you with The live games there aren’t working for me at all, but they’re working on fixing it asap.

    The Gaffer

      1. Ok games on FoxSoccer iPhone app are working for me now. Feel like a yo-yo. Watching Newcastle v Spurs. Hope it’s more open than the one-sided Man United match.

        The Gaffer

  13. How much of a killer is one event like this to a business like Fox Soccer TV? This is the one time thing that probably causes a lot of people to go in a different direction. I have loved the service, but you can’t charge their prices and then have this happen.

    1. I’d have to imagine it’s pretty bad right? I mean Facebook refuses to go down for more than a minute because they know they lose users when it happens and that’s free. For the prices of…it has to be pretty damaging.

    2. Problem is, what are the alternatives? To get FSC on cable or satellite is expensive too. ESPN3 only has one game on a Saturday. This weekend it was a 5:00am kick off for folks on the west coast.

  14. They are aware of the problem as I got this reply:

    “Thank you for contacting us,

    We are currently experiencing technical issues. We are working on the problem at this time and aim to have this resolved as soon as possible.

    We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.

    Kind Regards

    Web Support “

    1. I’m trying to keep positive too.

      Maybe it’s better that I’m not going to actually see the inevitable Arsenal collapse in the final 10 minutes?

  15. Steady Cluedweasel – that’s the highlight of my day!

    You’ll see more passing than you did in that garbage Wolves v Liverpool match.

    Come on you Clarets!

  16. jesus, I already know the score of the Fulham game there is no sense in me trying to watch the game now in the early part of the second half.

    Dempsey puts Fulham up 2-0 with 2 goals of his own

  17. I figured something was up when I saw 66 replies to this thread before clicking on it…

    Man United is terrorizing Birmingham. Even Rooney has made a couple of nice passes to set up goals…even if he did miss a point-blank header shortly after half.

    Berbatov still can’t stop scoring.

    1. I doubt anyone was of the opinion he was as good as Bale. If they were they were deluded Everton fans. He a good squad option and gives Spurs something else, he certainly wouldn’t get in above Bale, or Lennon, or Van Der Vaart or Modric all things considered, but if you are trying to compete in europe and the league you aren’t going to be able to play your strongest side every game so someone like Pienaar should still get plenty of playing time.
      That said, he has been off-form all season for Everton.

      1. Pienaar is a totally different type of player. He’s more versatile whereby he can play on either wing or in the centre of midfield as well as a defensive midfielder, if needed. Bale is in a different universe while occupying the same position today as Pienaar.

        I agree with Dominjon. Pienaar looked off form today, but I’m sure Redknapp will get him firing on all cylinders soon.

        The Gaffer

  18. Beckham is no longer at the Emirates? I’m surprised they didn’t just cut away from the coverage to like Football Superstar or something. I mean, if he’s not there what will they show?

  19. Gaffer, any word on if FoxSoccertv will be doing and crediting to user accounts for their screwup on Saturday. A Saturday without games seems like a pretty hefty technical difficulty to expect people to keep paying 15/month for. I have e-mailed but my only response was that “they are aware of the technical difficulties”

    1. Their email confused me. It said do nothing and the credit will be added automatically. At the end though it said if you know anyone affected have them email customer support to get the credit.

  20. “Oops! Sorry, something went wrong
    We couldn’t find the page you were looking for.”

    Anyone have had issues accessing the site after the first 30 minutes of Bayer vs Inter match, not even a replay.

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